Alternate Reality Ch. 03

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“What? How the fuck can I get pregnant?” I asked myself.

Dressed in some new, experimental VR body-wear equipment, I am my avatar Krystal. I’m stuck in the SIM: Slut City VR game because I skipped reading the manual on how to exit. I asked my VR lover Renee to help me out. She came over to my VR apartment where I found out she changed herself from a female who fucked me with a strap-on to a shemale with a big, fully functioning, uncut cock. Of course she used it on me and continued to use it on me until I collapsed unconsciously. When I awoke, my avatar was feeling a bit queasy. Renee insisted on going to the hospital where the doctor gave me a thorough examination. When I read the doctor’s report diagnosing my sudden nausea it said Krystal was pregnant.

I looked at Renee who was grinning from ear to ear. I felt a needle prick in the arm as the doctor gave me a shot of something, I could barely move my mouth to speak but managed to ask Renee. “How the fuck can I be pregnant?”

“Super sperm!” Renee simply answered. “I told you when I reconfigured myself, I boosted everything including virility. You should see what happens if I fuck some guy in the ass!”

“Super sperm? What the hell is that?”

“Come. Let’s go to your place and I’ll explain it to you.” Renee beckoned me.

I still had no clothes to wear on the way home. We left from the hospital but I was having some difficulty with moving. My balance seemed off. I saw my reflection in a store window. My tits had grown from the D’s I initially gave Krystal to a double D. My nipples were big cranberries. My hips looked wider and my belly already looked a bit more around.

“So super sperm not only will impregnate any female I fuck, it also accelerates the gestation time. Months are weeks. Your kid will be popping out in a couple of months instead of nine.” Renee told me as we entered the crowded bus. “And in Slut City, weeks are accelerated too so it will be less than that.”

“In the hospital, you said ‘You should see what happens if I fuck some guy in the ass.’ What happens?” I asked.

“Well, the guys that get fucked in the ass by super sperm enhanced shemales are reconfigured to shemales, but without the super sperm option.” Renee explained. “They can always change themselves back but most don’t. At least none of the guys that I’ve (air quotes) impregnated did.”

Then I noticed what felt like a hand infiltrating between my ass crack. It wasn’t Renee since we were face to face on the over-stuffed bus. A finger pressed against my hole. I moaned. “Uuh!”

“What’s a matter, Krystal?” Renee asked knowingly.

By that time, whoever it was, had a wriggling digit deep inside my rectum. “Someone has their finger up inside my asshole!”

Renee smiled. “Welcome onto the Chikan Bus!”

Someone else’s hands were freely groping my enlarged breasts. They tweaked my nipples and juices flowed from my cunt.

Renee unzipped herself and pulled out her massive boner. She pushed it back and forth between my greasy thighs and lubed her thick shaft against my leaking slit which did little to abate the fluid that oozed from me. Renee pulled back enough so she could enter my aching pussy.

“Uuugh!” I grunted as she slid it all the way into me. “Wait! What about the baby?”

“No worries.” Renee said as she continued to fuck me. “It will actually help in the future. Trust me!”

I didn’t want any of this bus assault to stop; not that I could have done anything about it anyways. It was a humongous turn-on. I so excited and just allowed myself to enjoy the sensation until Renee ejaculated inside me.

Reluctantly we got off the bus. I had difficulty walking to my apartment since both niğde escort my asshole and my cunt hole were so sore, but we finally made it there.

“Well get a good night’s sleep.” Renee led me to my bed. “You’re going to be busy over the next little while.”

“Wait!” I said excitedly. “How do I exit the game?”

“I’ll send you back but I’ll see you here tomorrow.” Renee did something and a panel appeared seemingly out of nowhere. She pressed a number of buttons and everything blacked out.

The next thing I realized, I was staring as a blinking cursor. Although I couldn’t see anything, I sensed the familiar surroundings of my IRL apartment. I pulled off the VR goggles and looked around my room. My body still tingled from the VR adventure I just experienced. As I started to take off the VR body suit, I realized my groin and ass were incredibly sore; my engorged, swollen nipples ached from all the abuse they had taken.

“Holy shit! That was incredible.” I exhaled aloud. I flopped on my bed and thought to myself as I fell asleep. “But I’m not doing that again!”

I awoke the next morning. It was a regular Saturday morning, but I felt different. I couldn’t figure out what, but it was something. I went to the bathroom to piss but for some reason felt the need to sit as I peed.

Next, I jumped in the shower. The hot water felt great and made my body tingle. As I soaped myself, the tingling increased. My skin felt softer even silky. Mindlessly, I closed my eyes and played with my nipples. I didn’t notice how much bigger they were. When I pinched them, I ejaculated onto my feet without even touching myself.

With shaky knees, I stepped from the shower to dried myself and came twice more. I looked my reflection in the steamy mirror. Something weird looked back at me. I wiped the condensation off but it only distorted the image more. I returned to my bedroom and looked myself in the full length mirror.

“What the fu…?” I stared at my image.

My entire body was hairless. My nipples were hugely engorged. My chest looked bigger. My hips looked fuller. My bum looed rounder.

I used my hands to discover my new body. I reached between my legs and stroked my hard dick. “At least that didn’t change!”

But as a result of feeling myself, I fell to my knees and spurted cum onto the floor.

After I was able to recover, I noted some other changes. The hair on my head seemed lighter in colour. My hands seemed more delicate and my fingers were more slender. The nails were shiny and longer than I normally kept them. My legs were well proportioned and shapely. And my feet were… were… pretty. They were perfectly shaped with high arches.

I felt the urge to dress but not in my boy clothes.

I hooked my triple A bra around my back. It felt a little tight and I actually filled the cups. My new bubble butt filled the pretty panties I put on. Stockings made my legs look slick and sexy. The strappy 4 and a half inch high heels made my feet look fantastic. They made my bum stick out more, my back curve in more and my tits more prominent. Just looking at me in the mirror made me cum again. I couldn’t be bothered to change my panties. It actually felt pretty nice walking around in my cum-filled panties.

As I drank my morning coffee and read the Saturday coloured comics, I thought about what occurred in VR land. The more I thought of it, the harder I got. The harder I got, the more I was drawn back towards the game until I found myself in front of my PC. The blinking game cursor was hypnotic. I cleared my thoughts and tried to retrieve the user manual.

> Please put on the SIM: Slut City Virtual Reality wearable control ordu escort system. Be sure not to wear any regular clothing between you and the suit for maximum enjoyment.


I wanted to ignore the instructions, but obediently stripped down and donned the body suit. I pulled the stretchy material hoodie over my head so only my eyes were exposed. Carefully, I placed the VR goggles on my head and over my eyes. Instantly, I was transported into Krystal’s VR bedroom.

“O…Kay…! Now how do I access the manual?” I asked myself. I was still without a clue on how I was supposed to exit the game on my own.

Bring! Bring!” The phone rang.

I picked it up knowing it was Renee.

“Hello Krystal!” Renee’s voice on the other side of the line greeted me. “Glad to see you back.”

“Hello Renee.” I answered. “I still don’t know how to get out.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that now. Besides we have a busy day… And night!” Giggled Renee. “Put on a nice short dress. Don’t’ worry about underwear. You won’t need it. But if you like, you can wear stockings and garters! I’m sure they will be a hit!”


I hung up the phone and did as she instructed. After I selected some white stockings, I wrapped the garter belt around my waist. My pregnant belly had already grown in size. My tits too were even bigger and heavier than when I exited the game earlier.

I picked out a white halter dress that fell low enough to just cover my stocking tops. The shoes were white high heeled strappies.


I opened the door and Renee walked right in. All she said was. “Nice!”

Automatically I spun around. My hem flipped up and showed that I wasn’t wearing panties.

“Very sexy, Krystal.” Smiled Renee. “Now part your legs, bend over and grab your ankles.”

I knew what was coming next and did as I was told. My pussy was already wet with anticipation. Renee moved behind me and lifted the back of my dress over my bum. Renee ran her erection along my slit a number of times before she started to push it inside me and used long slow in-out strokes to fuck me.

“Oh gawd! It feels so good!” I moaned.

I pushed my ass back into Renee as she held my hips and thrusted forward. Her pace quickened. Her intensity increased. “Krystal! I’m going to cum inside you!”

“Yes! Give it to me. Fuck me hard and give me your cum!” I screamed back at her.

I felt the spurts enter inside me. “Uh! Uh! Uh…!”

“There that should keep your cunt satisfied for a little while at least.” Renee told me. “But with the baby coming, you’ll need to earn more credits to support it.”

“Huh?” I didn’t understand. Any game purchases and money transactions were done against my PayPal account.

“Oh. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that your account has been modified so that only money you earn in the game can count towards purchases. It’s still charged to your account but you need to earn credits to use it.” Renee explained.

“Ding-dong!” Rang the doorbell.

“Oh, your first client is here!” Renee smiled at me. “Come.”

She led me to the living room and told me to stand in the middle as she answered the door. In walked this tall, gorgeous blond with huge, firm breasts. She wore an open-front shirt and a short skirt “This is Wanda.”

“Yes, she’ll do.” Wanda grinned. “Her baby bump is pretty. How much along is she?”

“About a couple of days, but I’ve accelerated her so she is much more along.” Renee explained. “I would say she’s about a couple of months.”

Wanda walked up to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her snake like tongue tasted inside my mouth. A hand crushed my rize escort sensitive breasts and pinched my big hard nipples. The other hand went under my dress and between my legs. Her finger entered me and I reacted with a spasmic orgasm.

“Her cunt is already soaked.” Wanda notice. She grabbed my dress and ripped it off of me. “Add it to my bill.”

Wanda dropped to her knees and placed her mouth against my pussy. Her lips kissed mine. She used her fingers to pull me open and slithered that snake tongue inside. “Oh god!” I came again.

“What a nice surprise! A hot cream pie just for me!” Wanda dug Renee’s cum from my cunt. “Mmmm.”

My legs no longer supported me and I collapsed to the floor. Wanda held my legs up in a Vee and continued to eat me out. I needed to feel her inside me. I begged her. “Please. Please fuck me? Renee please let her use the strap-on in me?”

“Wanda. Remember the condition. You can do anything you want to her but you can’t come inside her cunt.” Renee warned her.

Wanda pulled up the hem of her skirt and said to me. “No need for a strap-on dearie.”

Between her thighs hung a hard, eight-inch, cut penis. She pushed it inside my hot hole and started slamming it into me. After I came a couple of times, Wanda pulled out and jammed it in my ass. She reamed me hard and fast. My body was flopping about as she dumped her load into my shit hole.

Empty and satisfied, Wanda unceremoniously pulled out and brushed down her skirt. “That was well worth it. How much?”

“We agreed on 300 but you ripped her dress so an extra 50 credits will be good.” Renee told her.

Wanda made some typing moves in the air. “Done. I’ve transferred 350 credits to your account. Plus an extra 5 tip.” And she left.

“You did well, Krystal.” Renee praised. “I think Wanda liked you very much.”

“I made 350 credits?” I exclaimed while still trying to recover on the floor. Wanda’s cum oozing from my asshole.

“No, I made 355 credits.” Renee told me. “They pay me and I pay you. Your pay is 5 credits.”

“5 credits! I did all the work and you get all the money? How is that fair?” I shouted at her. “And what do you mean ‘they’?”

“Well I do all the work to find and arrange for the clients. That’s hard work considering I don’t know who they are. Like us, they are all VR wearable users too. And if you want to learn from me how to get out of here on your own, you’ll need to pay for it.” Renee explained. “Now clean up. Your next client will be here in a while.”

I had two more clients that day before Renee said she returned me to real life. “See you tomorrow! It will be another busy day!”

Back in my real apartment, “Fuck, I’m never going back again!” I collapsed exhausted on my chesterfield. My chest heaved as I gasped for breathe to recover. My chest, groin and ass felt sore and abused as I struggled to remove the VR suit. Naked, I staggered to my bedroom to sleep. I was unconscious as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Early Sunday morning, I began my morning routine. It was then I noticed my body had changed even more. My breasts were bigger; almost a size A. My nipples harder and bigger than yesterday. My body was curvier than yesterday. My butt was tight and round. “What the fu…?”

I walked past my PC. The monitor blinked its cursor at me. I stood there and stared at it. I found myself putting on my VR suit and then found myself back in Krystal’s bedroom. Renee already there waiting for me.

I stood the naked trying to figure out why I kept returning.

“You can’t help yourself, can you? You need to come back.” Renee smirked at me. “Remember that needle you got at the hospital? It will continue to make you come back until I give you the antidote. It’s like cocaine. Once you’re hooked…”

“When will I get the antidote?” I asked.

“When I want to give it to you.” Renee said angrily. “Now get ready. Another client will be here in a little while.”

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