A Lonely Backpacking Trip

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Day 1, the backpacking trip.

I have often thought of myself as a lonesome person. I really don’t think I am, because I have a wonderful family life. I’m a very successful type of person.

In fact my job requires me to meet strangers most everyday, and get into their minds by asking them questions and making them substantiate their answers.

What I do for employers of various fields of endeavor are applicant verifications for employment.

But once a year, I like to get away from my family and my job. I’m all by myself. Growing up, I had a younger brother, so I always had a playmate. I was never alone.

After finishing high school I joined the military. The military really taught me how to work, and the rewards for doing extra hard correct work. Again, I was never by myself while spending those years in uniform.

This past summer I wanted to return to Colorado and do some backpacking. The summer before my buddy and I went out to the Rocky Mountain National Park and spent two nights and three days without seeing anyone else, except at the start and finish of the trip.

I had used some old heavy equipment that year and when I returned I set out to find the lightest, best backpacking equipment a guy could have.

I shopped the net, I shopped the local stores until I made up my mind which brands and models I wanted. Then I ordered all my stuff. As it came in I checked it over, making sure it was the item best suited for me.

I picked an area in Colorado as my destination; it being a mountain pass above Crested Butte ski area, called Paradise. I have been near the pass a couple of times but never could get through because of the snow bridge.

This year I would wait until the end of August. By the end of August the snow is almost all melted at this altitude, I was really hoping for a clear passage. I loaded up my gear into my Jeep and set off for 10 days of solitude.

With a start up time before the sun comes up I can get to the mountains in time for a late dinner in the daylight. All the way across the state I had no one to talk to, so I listened to the radio. When I got tired of the music I would switch to talk radio. Then when I was tired of that, I would turn off the radio and think about sex.

Sex is always entertaining. Once I felt my cock getting hard, so I unzipped my shorts, pulling it out and held it trying to make myself cum while driving. That just never works for me. Then I saw the billboard along side of the highway. XXX Adult Movies. 10 miles.

I kept my eye open for the exit. Sure I’m in a hurry to get to the mountains, but I countered that goal with the thoughts or blowing a good hard load so I could relax during the long drive.

I saw the exit number and took the turn. Across the exit ramp was this old worn down what use to be a service station, pumps and all still standing. Now that old building has a red and black sign with nothing but XXX Adult on it.

Guess you don’t have to be too smart to figure what goes on in there. I pulled my jeep in under the awning’s shade, locked it up and enter the building. No one but the guy behind the counter was there. After all it was just after noon. I looked around the place. It was old and worn.

They’re where magazines and VCR and DVD movies everywhere I looked. Then I saw the sign, “Preview Booths”. Now, that was what I needed.

I walked back to the dark hallway and entered the first one I came to. I opened the door and entered the small space. The T.V. monitor was a bright blue. Next to it was a sign to place a dollar bill into the slot to activate the movies. I took out my wallet and pushed in a couple of dollar bills.

The screen came to life, with two blonde, big titted women in the 69 position. I sat down and stared at the firm, of course fake breasts. The two women where using all kinds of nasty language, which doesn’t really do a thing for me, so I turned the volume down and just watch them licking and flicking each others clits.

I felt my cock getting too tight for my shorts once again. This time I was going to be more comfortable. I stood up, unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts down to my knees and sat back down. Now with my cock in my hand I started the up and down motions or jacking off, slowly.

One of my screen whores was now squatting over the others face, backing her ass into the other ones nose. Without missing a stroke I started turning the channels.

The next film looked as it was just starting, no sex just preliminary stuff, so I moved the channel down a notch. The next one was of a black guy fucking a very small white woman. His cock looked as big as her arm. She was on her back, holding her ankles with her hands. Legs spread wide with this guy’s cock pointing at her pussy.

I had to stop here and hold my breath. With his hands he parted her pussy lips and stuck the very tip of his dick in her. With his other hand he was wiggling his cock head in a circular motion trying to wet the area to trabzon escort be able to plunge the rest of it in her. I knew it was just a game for us watching, I knew it would fit, with room to spare.

Slowly he fed his hard black cock into her pussy. In a bit, and back out some, then a little farther in. Finally it was all the way in.

I could see her flat stomach bulge for his huge cock inside of her body. Without knowing it I had picked up my momentum of my own. I looked down at my cock; I took my finger and checked for wetness. I had precum on the tip of my dick. Using my fingertip I spread the cum around my cock’s head.

When done, I tasted myself. In the mean time the guy had pulled his midnight black cock from the little tiny woman and was jacking it off in front of the little nymphs face. The first load hitting her eyes. Her face turned, the second shot went to her head into her hair. The man’s massive hand turned her face back to his cock, where he placed it at her lips.

She finished off the rest of his cum. She took her time and it appeared it was pleasurable for her to clean off his dick. I went back to the button to change the channel and found another movie. This movie had a woman on the bed being taken care of by two men. One feeding his cock into her mouth, the other eating her pussy.

For some reason I turned the volume back on. She was quite; I could hear the guy moaning. There was a close up shot of the guy licking her clit. It was interesting as her clit was about one inch long.

This being an unusual movie for me, I leaned back and was content to watch it while I pumped my own cock. Which I once again felt for precum and found it. But this time I collected all of it onto my finger and took in my own nectar, feeling ever so sexy with myself, alone with a fuck movie playing in a dark closet.

The two guys traded places. The clit licker knelt to her side and stuck his dick into her mouth as the other guy got on top of her and stuck his cock into her pussy. The guy fucking her really started going after it. His speed picked right up. Then he pulled out and leaned forward. His cock bounced on her abdomen and his sperm spewed all over her lower body.

The sight of all the white cum on her tan body started my own cum to boil. I felt it moving and slowed my pace some to hold off. But what happened next, killed that idea. While the guy pulled out of the pussy and fell forward on top of the honey, his face ended up at her face, where she was sucking the other guy’s cock. The fucking guy then started licking the side of the cock while she was taking in the head of the prick.

I watched in amazement as the two of them sucked the one cock. I started cuming myself; I felt my own hot jizz splashing on top of my hand. The other guy in the movie was now pulling his cock back and jacking it while the other guy and the woman where cheek to cheek waiting to be fed the cum.

When I recovered my whit, I cleaned up, pulled my shorts back up and left the XXX Adult Theater. Again on the road west, I was taking deep relaxing breaths.

Hours later I pulled into a campsite just west of Denver near Mount Evans. The campground was crowded with tents. I did find a space, but was glad I was not spending more than eight hours there, because of the lack of privacy.

I would have to watch where I peed tonight. As the sun went down and it become dark I could see small fires and lanterns burning around the campground. Opened my tent door and sit on the floor and was taking my shoes off when I noticed a young woman walking to the tent next to mine.

Because of the darkness I was unable to really see her. But I could tale she was a well-built woman. She entered her tent and turned on her light. I know what happens when a person turns a light on, inside of their nylon tent. There are unmistakable silhouettes on the tent walls.

I watched her as she pulled her shirt off over her head. Then she got onto her knees and started removing her shorts. I felt my own need to remove my shorts once again. My cock was enlarging at a rapid rate. Then was still watching she sat sideways to my view and removed her bra. I could see her fling it into the corner of her tent. Then I’ll go to hell if I’m lying, she started rubbing both of her breasts. Then the light went off.

I sat there in silence, listening for sounds coming from her tent. My mind was racing with erotic sexual thoughts of this young woman fingering her pussy with me just 15 yards away.

After maybe five minutes and not hearing anything, I crawled into my sleeping bag. I removed my short and underwear. I felt some dry cum in the fly of my tightie whities. I threw them into the corner of my tent and laid back trying to clear my mind as to fall asleep.

I felt exhausted; I had a full day tomorrow and wanted a full night of sleep. My fucking mind kept going back to the image, now burnt into my brain, of the young woman doing the strip in front of me.

I uşak escort might of fell asleep, but just for a second when I was awaked by a noise. It was not a loud noise by any means. Just loud enough to wake me up. I held my breath listening. I heard it again. It was a low whimper or moan. Then again, this time I knew it was my sexy neighbor. Damn her to hell, if she was so fucking horny why did she just come over here and fuck me.

My dick hard now, I started stroking it. I was racing with speed, my cock skin burning from the fast friction from my hand on my shaft. I could only now hear my cock skin and hand flapping against each other. Her little cries where lost in my own self-pleasure.

I lifted my ass off of my high dollar, super lite weight sleeping bag and started shooting cum onto my chest. With the last drop, my ass once again on the sleeping bag. I reached for my already cum stained underwear and wiped the cum from my chest. When my breathing returned to normal, I listened. No sounds could be heard from the campground. All was quiet and I feel into a deep sleep.

Day 2

I slept very will during the night, at about 2AM I had to zip up my sleeping bag because of the cold. I awoke at the very first light in the mountain sky. I reached to the corner of my little tent for my shorts and underwear. After touching my under shorts I decided not to wear them. The underwear felt like the laundry had starched them.

I pulled on my hiking shorts and fleece top. Lacing up my hiking boot in the doorway of my tent, I then stepped out and stood up. The first thing I looked for, you guessed it, the young woman’s tent. No movement there.

I lit my little stove for some hot coffee, placing a pan on the flame to boil my water; I started breaking up my little camp. With my sleeping bag stuffed away, my mattress rolled tight and my tent taken down I had my first sip of coffee.

The coffee was really hot, but delicious. I laid the cup down and walked to the jeep with some of my gear. I returned to my coffee for another sip, and picked up the rest of my gear. With everything packed away, I picked up my coffee cup and climbed into my jeep and started it. I unfolded the map to make sure I knew what roads I would be taking.

Just as I was shifting into reverse, the young woman’s tent door opened. She sat Indian style on her sleeping bag, bare breasted. I dropped one of the jeeps tires into a small hole and spilled some of my coffee. I stopped, putting my coffee down. When I looked again, the door was closed on the tent. I pulled forward and left the camping ground.

Four hours of driving, most of which I adored a blue vainer from thinking about that young girl in the tent, the adult theater movies and my sexual life. I finally arrived at the trailhead above Gothic, Colorado.

No one else was parked there, so I would be alone.

I pulled on my backpack, locked my jeep doors and set out up the trail. The weather was perfect for hiking. Some afternoon clouds had covered the sun and cooled of the all ready cool trail.

I took in all of the wonderful plants, trees and little chipmunks. Climbing at a slow pace for 3 hours I arrived at my destination.

Now all I had to do was pick out the most wonderful location to place my tent. I wanted to be fairly close to the little stream for water, plus I wanted at least one tree to get under if the sun became too hot. I was planning to spend two nights at this location, before moving on.

I found the perfect spot, with water, a shade tree and a semi flat boulder to use as a table to cook on. With everything set up and in order I now wanted to explore the general area.

I hiked down stream; it had a few of those little brook trout swimming around. Some times the trout would come out of the water and take the flying bugs for food. I rounded a curve in the stream and saw a deer. She stood looking at me for a few seconds before leaving my alone.

As I hiked I noticed that the stream noise was getting a little louder. I went to investigate and found a five-foot waterfall, with a small pool of water under it. I started thinking about the last time I had a shower. Even without soap with me I knew a cool shower during the hottest part of the day would be nice.

I took off all of my clothes laying them on the small bushes near the stream and climbed into the water. The water was cool on my feet and lower legs as I stepped slowly towards the waterfall. I took a deep breath and braced myself and stepped under the falling water.

I knew it would be a shock so I made quick work of rubbing my skin with my wet hands.

As quickly as I could I stepped back out onto the bank of the stream where the sun was shinning down on me. Funny, I didn’t notice it while I was in the water, but the coolness of the water gave me a boner. My cock was rock hard and pointing towards the peak of the mountain above me. I took my fleece and patted my skin dry and pulled on my clothes.

The van escort refreshing cool shower had made me hungry, so I quickly walked back to my camp. I lit my stove and started boiling water for my freeze-dried food. I was almost done eating, when I heard them.

I heard many voices coming from down stream. I say voices, but it was really screams. Some sounds where masculine, others feminine.

I stood and started towards the sounds. A quick walk back to the little waterfall where I could hear the voices more clearly.

They where talking now, but sometimes with excitement invoked in their speech. I slowly approached a large boulder that was over looking the deep pool under the waterfall. I peered over the big rock and down into the stream. My eyes bugged out of their sockets.

There below me were three naked people. One guy and two girls. One of the girls was petite; the other you would say voluptuous. The guy was built like a lumberjack.

As I watched them I became aroused, my cock was pressed hard against the boulder. They flirted with each other by splashing water; swinging each other around and just a regular grab ass fun time. The three of them started towards the bank, I knew from experience that they had to get out of the cold water.

I could see the girls better now, their nipples stood erect and both of their pussies where shaved clean. He was also shaved was sporting a hard cock, much like mine, pointing towards the mountain peak.

After drying each other’s backs off, the three of them stood closely together. They started kissing.

He kissed the girls; the girls kissed each other and then back to him. Both of the girls had a hold of his cock and balls. He was fondling the girl’s tits, leaning into them and kissing their nipples. He reached over, placing his hand behind the voluptuous one’s head, pulling her toward his lips, the two of the now locked into a deep passionate kiss.

The little petite girl squatted at their feet and took his cock into her mouth. They remained in that threesome position for a few minutes. The little one stood, and the guy reached down and placed both of his hands on her ass and lifted her up.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and ass. The other girl had her hand in between them; I think she was placing his cock in to her friend’s pussy. She started lifting herself up and down on his cock, his hands under her armpits for support, they began a rhythmic fuck.

The voluptuous one was in the mix also, doing her best to kiss both of her partner’s nipples and using her hands and fingers to feel and probe the other two’s bodies. I could no longer stand it. I unzipped my shorts and pulled out, with some difficulty, my cock and started stroking it.

I was puzzled at first when the voluptuous girl placed herself behind the girl being fucked. She appeared to be helping the other girl by pushing up on her hips during the out thrust of the cock. I heard the petite girl whimper with an orgasm. Just then, the voluptuous girl got on her knees, under the other girls ass, and was rewarded with the spray of the guys cock hitting her in the face.

Both girls now where kneeling at the feet of the guy, clean the last of his cum from his cock. My own cock was now spraying the hard boulder that I was resting against. Thick cream had been stuck to the rock but now long strings of drips coming off the rock into the grass below, one narrowing missing my boot.

The threesome started dressing, and I made my escape back to my camp. All the while thinking of the super erotic things that had been displayed before my eyes.

Back at my camp I tried to relax. Thinking of the nymph’s sexy bodies my cock was still twitching in my shorts.

I remembered my whiskey in my pack. My hand reached down in to the pack and found the plastic bottle of Canadian Club. I pulled the bottle out, twisted the cap off and raised the bottle to my lips and took a swig. My lips burnt with the first taste, as I swallowed the warm glows grew all about my head. I was just raising the bottle to my lips again, when I heard voices.

I recapped my bottle and put it down. I stood still and listened for the voices. Then looking down stream at the rise that comes up to the level of my camp there they came.

I saw his head first, then the girls’ heads. As they continued towards me I saw that all three where wearing backpacks. I stood waiting for them to walk down the trail. I spent all that time waiting looking at those girl’s legs as they lifted and sat down their hiking boots onto the dusty trail. Beautifully formed legs, “perfect legs” my friend always said, “feet on one end and pussy on the other.”

When they reached me the three of them stopped. He spoke first, introducing himself as Ken. Then he introduced the ladies, first the petite one as Amy and then the voluptuous one as Valerie.

I told them my name, Erwin. He and I shook hands. They asked how long I was staying, I replied “two nights”. He looked disappointed and I asked him why he was asking about my stay. Ken said that this spot was his favorite place in the mountains, and he was bringing Amy and Valerie here for the first time, as he had always talked about this place.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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