What had started out as some fun flirting on the Internet ended up far more than I had bargained for! We have met innocently enough in the chat room, some good-humoured fun, and a little bit of gentle flirting. You don’t come in here for anything serious or mind blowing, or at least that’s what I thought. The chat had become a little bit more intense, still fun and flirty but I soon realised that there was a sensual undertone to the witty one-liners and the quick responses. That chat became a little more urgent, not needy but you could definitely feel the ‘heated edge’ to the chatter. The off hand – “Catch you later” as she signed off, threw me but the friendly poke the next day confirmed that it hadn’t all been me. So gradually over the next few days the two-way chat continued to be flirtier and certainly more direct. A not so innocent question here, an observation there – we started to push the boundaries out a little further, testing the water. When it became clear that there was more than a little mutual attraction and the social barriers had started to come down, we felt far more comfortable to chat and discuss more or less anything. Apart from the usual preamble – the normal day-to-day stuff, the clear sexual chemistry between us started to surface. As we dwelt on our innermost thoughts porno and shared secrets, bit by bit the safety of our normal lives began to be eroded – we were sliding deeper and deeper into a very sensual relationship. The real turning point came one day, as our now daily chat became playful. As we chatted away, Michelle innocently mentioned that she was ‘home alone’ and feeling more than a little turned on. We had several chats like this before but I sensed that this was a bit different. I could tell by her comments that there was definitely some sparks flying. Michelle described in great detail what she was wearing that day and more importantly what she had on underneath. I said it was unfair, as I couldn’t she what she had on and that was it:- “Turn on your cam and skype me” – the words burnt into me as I read them on my screen. The next few minutes were a blur as we logged on to catch the first glimpse of each other for real. Of course we had seen pictures of each other but this was different, there we were, face to face for the first time. It felt perfectly normal; as we had spoken so many times before but this time it was just so much more highly charged. There before me was Michelle. She looked stunning in her black dress, high heels, and, I knew, seamed stockings. Her long anime porno dark hair perfectly framed her lovely face and sensuous lips. “Want to play?” she asked in a sultry manner as she pulled out a pack of playing cards. Where was this going? I thought to myself, but what the hell, Michelle looked far too good to refuse. Before I knew it Michelle had dealt two hands of cards on the table. “You choose,” she said, as she smiled mischievously into the camera. I selected the left hand pair of cards and she turned them over for me. I watched nervously, as I saw a Jack of hearts and a 9 –“Hold,” I said eagerly and waited for Michelle to turn over her cards. My heart skipped a beat as Michelle flipped her cards – a 7 and a 5? I knew she had to turn another card, so I willed her to turn a high number. To my delight the next card was a King, one up to me! I waited to she what Michelle would do next. Slowly she stood up and turned her back, reached behind her and very slowly and deliberately undid the zip on her dress. I knew from her photos, that Michelle had a great figure but as she stood there before me, slowly peeling the straps from her shoulders, I could see just how nice it was. Michelle pulled the dress down over her waist and pushed it over her hips, stopping arap porno to look over her shoulder and into the camera. I was spell bound. Michelle looked stunning, as I stared at my screen. She let the dress fall from her hands and swiftly stepped out of it. Michelle turned to face me and at last I had the perfect view. My eyes wandered down her body – she had put on a lovely black lace bra with matching thong. Her wonderful slim legs were clad in sheer black stockings, set off with high heels. It was definitely a sight to behold. Quickly, Michelle picked up the cards and dealt another hand, my heart was pounding as I hoped for another good hand. Unfortunately it was not to be, and I lost the next two rounds. My luck soon changed, as the cards eventually fell my way. Michelle stood facing the camera, folded her arms and gently cupped each breast in her hands. I saw her thumb brush across the delicate fabric of her lacy bra, with slow deliberated motions; she gently circled her now hardening nipples, stopping briefly to pinch them in between her thumb and forefingers. Letting out an involuntary gasp, Michelle flipped the thin lacy strap from her shoulder, turning away from the cam, still smiling. Her hand quickly dipped behind her as she undid the back of her bra and turning once more she held it in place with her hands. My breathing grew deeper as I watched her pull away the flimsy garment to reveal her perfectly formed pert breasts. Her small but perky nipples standing erect and hard, so tantalizingly close yet so untouchable.

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