This is a fiction story. All characters are 18 or older. Also, I remain adamant, unprotected insemination is completely unadvised and meant for serious couples that want to have kids. There is a real responsibility. But this is just a fun fantasy that explores the erotic part of unprotected sex.

A DOME APART Chapter 4


A young group of female-only scientists are picked for a thorough research assignment in a sealed-off Dome. But through some small mistakes on both sides, a guy ends up paralyzed and unable to exit the dome before it is shut off from the world for a year.

Now, Yumi catches Sayuri mid orgasm and confronts her, not knowing of why her sister came so hard. And Tim doesn’t know it yet, but an innocent game would throw a curve ball, while a dare of panties would start turning gears that never turned before.

Not written as a stand-alone. So, just know it’s best read as a series.

Important notice: I’m also NOT writing this to be scientifically accurate in practice or jargon. It’s just a fictional story.

Part 1

~Sayuri Ozawa~

Sayuri stared in disbelief at her sister having caught her in the act. Of her biggest orgasm ever, no less.

She couldn’t keep her hips and pubic area from getting aftershocks, with the clear feeling of her unprotected vagina happily sucking on the sperm on her panties’ crotch.

The danger of that caused her to reach down to yank the offending panties away before doing more damage, but then…

The light in the room flashed on and Sayuri hurriedly covered her crotch with her hand, her bare titties bouncing in the air.

“Yumi! Put the light out!” She whined.

Her sister just stared at her, quite a bit dazed.


Finally, the girl shook out of her trance.

“That was so hot! My gosh! I have to know what made you cum like that!” Yumi said with excitement. “I’ve never seen anyone cum that hard.”

Sayuri groaned in embarrassment, and all too aware, in covering her crotch, she was pressing more sperm into her vagina.

She bit her lip as her perineum still contracted alongside her vagina opening that kept sucking all too happily on the offending material.

“You know I can’t tell you that…” Sayuri finally said almost too distracted by what was happening between her legs.

“Not can’t, I’m sure!” Yumi said. “Now spill it!”

Before Sayuri could further tread into Yumi’s court of play, her mind snapped to something her sister said,

“You said, you’ve never seen someone cum that hard! Do you watch many people masturbate?” Sayuri asked, knowing she evened the playing field.

“I… you… Fudge! Fine, I like watching my friends cum when they think everyone is asleep. There, now you know another secret of mine.”

Sayuri’s eyes widened, she did not know that side of her sister.

“Just watch. I’m just into boys. Though, I like watching them cum thinking about boys.” Yumi said quickly before she could respond, her cheeks red.

“Wow… I didn’t know that about you.”

“Well, I didn’t know you had these wild masturbation sessions. Mind telling me why you came so hard?” Yumi asked staring at her.

“I… as much as I want to tell you at the moment, I just can’t,” Sayuri said, pressing the crotch of her sperm-covered panties deeper into her vagina. Not that it could go any deeper being blocked by her hymen.

“Look at you, your nips are completely swollen, and I can still see your hips jerking. Can’t you just tell me? You know I’m super curious, I won’t be able to sleep.”

Sayuri knew Yumi wouldn’t drop it, but she could NOT tell her sister she inseminated herself with Tim’s sperm and that’s why she came that hard.

Not a chance she would tell her that. She would have a fit. Though Yumi also was still a virgin, she had played with cocks before, so she knew they had meaning. The risky kind.

Yet, at the same time, Sayuri knew she had to give her sister something.

“I saw Tim and Cora masturbating together while watching us three in the baths!” Sayuri blurted, and then utterly regretted it. Why did she tell her that!

She groaned, inadvertently pressing the crotch deeper again. Her hips trembled once more.

“NO FRIKKEN WAY! I don’t believe you.” Yumi said wide-eyed.

“Yes ways! I saw it with my own eyes!” Sayuri fired back.

“So, he…”

“Saw us naked? Yeah.”

“And Cora um made him cum while he watched us naked?”

Sayuri nodded, and then she saw Yumi shiver.

She took a breath to say something, but she saw her sister’s hand reach down and rub her cameltoe through her pink panties.

“Hey! You are getting off on the idea.” Sayuri accused.

“No, I’m not!” Yumi gasped without thinking.

“Liar liar, pants on fire!” Sayuri shot back, totally surprised that her sister even denied it. They didn’t do that to each other.

“Crap! I’m sorry Say. I… I was just embarrassed. I shouldn’t have lied.” Yumi said, her eyes sincerely remorseful, but her hand was by no means slowing down on her pussy.

“I forgive you. But, olgun gaziantep escort honey, I can see you want to cum after I told you that. You didn’t have to hide it.”

“I really do need to cum, Say. Tell me, did you see his cock?” Yumi muttered, her fingers sliding wetly over her now cum-soaked panties.

Sayuri nodded.

“Oh!… A-and how big was it?”

She held up her hand from her one knee, generally showing the size she thought it was.

“No, way! That’s so much bigger than the guys I’ve sucked off.” Yumi said wide-eyed.

“It’s true. Just by the way, how many guys have gone down on?”

“Two.” Yumi blushed.

“Just two… could’ve sworn… Anyway, you just went down on them?” Sayuri asked.


“You’re not lying?”

“No, Say. I won’t after earlier. I just pulled them out of their zips and blew them to orgasm several times, but it never went further than that. You know how strict mom was about us having sex without serious consideration.”

Sayuri nodded. That was the truth, to be honest, she was actually surprised Yumi went that far after Mom caught them making out with boys that once and laid the hammer down. No sex!

“You say serious consideration, I distinctly remember ‘don’t either of you dare get a penis close to your vaginas or there will be war in the household’.”

Yumi thought back and suddenly remembered the moment.

“Yeah! You are right. But I think Mom was still very angry at catching those boys making out with us. One even was fondling my breasts. I did ask her later about that night and that’s where she said the serious consideration thing. Yet, now that I think about it, she did still give me a very intense look…”

Sayuri stared at her sister rubbing her covered pussy and something bubbled in her until she couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I gave Tim the panties I masturbated in!”

“Oh fuck!” Yumi sucked in a breath, her hand flicking over her clit.

“It’s not the time to swear.” Sayuri admonished.

“Why the heck not? You gave him your cum drenched panties?!!” Her sister asked incredulously.

“Yeah, and I really, really liked how it made me feel all naughty,” Sayuri said, biting her lip.

“Whoa… How did you end up doing that? It seems like a lot.”

Sayuri shook her head.

“To be honest…” She said, not knowing why she was spilling so much to her sister, yet not able to stop herself.

“What?” Yumi asked her hand suddenly still on her pussy.

“We masturbated together in the sauna!” She blurted.

Suddenly Yumi’s eyes went wide and she flopped back onto her bed and giving no heed to her sister, fingered her wet vagina with three fingers until her hips shuddered a few moments later in her own orgasm.

Sayuri gaped. Her sister looked so wanton.

“Whoa, sis. You could have told me to leave.”

“Oh…. Pheeeew. Ngh. No… I’ve been secretly watching you cum for years now, so it’s only fair.”

Sayuri just shook her head at the revelation. No wonder the girl went that far with boys already, she was a horny little girl. Which made her think about what she saw…

“Yumi, you fingered yourself with three fingers. Where is your hymen?”

Yumi blushed covering her soaked pussy with her pink panties once more.

“Well… I found mom’s vibe the one day. And it’s a little bigger than two fingers and well, it tore my hymen. Hurt like crazy, though it didn’t stop me from cumming on it only a minute later.”

“That’s wild. Mom would have a fit, you know. A hymen is important, to give to that special someone.”

“I know. To be fair, it was an accident.” Yumi said, her cheeks a little rosy. “But hey! You and Tim masturbated together! What gives?”

Now it was her turn to blush.

“Well… It was those days we started eating the leaves with the spines, you know?”

Yumi sat up on her elbows and nodded.

“So what happened?”

“Well, I was all horny from the leaves, and not having cummed when I entered the sauna and well, he was just in his towel as well. But what triggered it all was when my pussy juice started plopping down on the wood boards below me and Tim clearly knew what it was.”

Yumi pressed her clit right then.

“Wow, that is crazy hot. I guess he couldn’t resist then.”

“Yeah, it happened so fast, I came under my towel and then ran away.”

“Aw, no kisses?”

“No, but I did go again and we came together under our towels.”

“Sis! I never knew you had it in you! So naughty. And so hot…” Yumi rubbed her pussy faster again.

“Yumi!” Sayuri gasped. “You are totally a voyeur! You’re wishing you could have watched, aren’t you?!”

Yumi shuddered under her fingers in her pink pussy.

“I aa-mmm- hh-hh. Okay?”

Sayuri could just stare at her cumming sister watching her vagina contract over and over.

She licked her lips, and she wondered how it would look to push her finger covered in Tim’s sperm into Yumi’s contracting vagina…

The thought caught her so completely gaziantep olgun escort left field, she gasped and fell off the bed before she hurried to the bathroom to clean up.

Part 2

~Tim Harmony~

He sat on the bed, still a bit taken aback by what happened in the bathroom, it had been so fast. His cock had touched Sayuri’s pussy… A Japanese girl.

He had been surprised she was mostly clean-shaven. But that wasn’t what really caused his mind to whirl.

She had asked him to cum in her panties! It was so odd… Yet, the fact that she wanted it in the crotch was such a turn-on to him. Like she wanted his cum against her wet clit. Oh, and he knew how wet Sayuri got…

He smirked. It hadn’t taken him more than a couple dozen strokes to fill her panties with cum then.

Wondering what on earth she would do with them, had left him in a state of constant arousal during the afternoon duties.

And this time there was no one to cum with. April had thrown Cora into one of the many lesser documented sections.

And Sayuri was nowhere to be found. Everybody was just busy. So he watered plants in the chill sections where nothing needed to be carefully planned. He trimmed some plants with red and green veins. Throwing into the basket of edible leaves for that evening.

Cone to think of it, he hadn’t tasted these yet.

He took a leaf and nibbled on it, it had a minty flavour to it. But immediately a little rush washed through his body. But after a few bites, the rush wasn’t there anymore, yet…

He felt his cock stiffen to rock solid.

Tim laughed, that was hilarious!

It caused erections.


“What’s so funny?” Emily suddenly asked from behind him.

He blushed deeply, keeping his back to his sister. They only shared a mom, but still! He did not want her to see his raging boner.

He willed it to go down, but nothing.

“Nothing, I just saw something funny.” He said truthfully.

“What was it,” Emily asked also busy trimming the red and green-veined plants.

“You know, it’s hard to explain.” He started chuckling, not sure why he felt so giddy in the situation. “I think going to skip eating tonight.”

“Hey now! Oi, don’t keep walking. Hey! Don’t think you can worm yourself out of the massage! Look at me.”

Tim freaked, it would be hard to hide it from her.

Luckily just then, he got to a fork in the path and he stepped behind a bush, hiding his big erection.

Emily was angry, her eyes a fiery passion.

“Chillax, little sis. I won’t worm out of it. But be sure to get your cute but back to the room by 7 if you want me to give you the massage.” Tim said looking down at the bobbing crotch of his pants.

“Okay, I’ll be there- hey! Stop looking down so much.” Emily said puffing her cheeks.

Tim just couldn’t take her seriously when she did that. She looked beyond cute.

His cock throbbed harder.

Oi, hey now… He willed himself not to respond like that to his sister’s cute puffed-up cheeks.

It throbbed again.

Tim shook his.

“Just be there!”

With that, he turned and walked off briskly.

As he got to the middle close to the eating area, he was about to go to his and Emily’s room, when Yumi came from the side.

Time gasped and quickly sat down at the table. Trying desperately to stay calm and keep his crotch hidden below the table.

Unlike normal, Yumi didn’t go sit on the other side.

No, she came around the table to Tim.

He was sweating bullets.

Then she sat her cute ass on the side of it propping herself up.

“You like doing rounds with my sister, don’t you?” She asked sweetly.

“Uh, yeah. She is fun to work with.”

“Fun?” Yumi said with a little smile on her face. “Why fun?”

“You know, she has a certain energy about her? I feel at ease in her presence. ” Tim said sincerely, but he couldn’t help but keep the more sexy side of her out of his mind.

“Oh. She seems to like your ‘energy’ as well.” Yumi said smirking.

Tim’s leg was twitching by then. He sat there not knowing what was up or down with her at the moment.

“Get… I mean, is there a point to this, conversation?”

Yumi actually blushed then, and the Japanese chick got all fidgety then, right until she sighed deeply and stood back up.

“I left you a little present in the bathroom on my pink hamper.” She whispered in his ear.

Then as she walked off, she stopped and pulled her skirt up on side of her leg until Tim was completely sure she was not messing about, she had no panties on under her skirt. Though he didn’t see her pussy, the way she lifted it left no doubt in his mind.

She sat down at the far edge of the eating area as more girls filtered in.

It was not all of them, since April had started to rotate herself and some of the other girls to study and tend to the more nocturnal plants.

Still, Tim sat there nervous as his steel-hard cock still gaziantep olgun escort bayan bobbed about under the table.

Then he looked at Emily as she brought bowls of the red and green-veined plant leaves and plopped them on the tables.

Tim was about to stand up and say it was not so good idea when he remembered his state.

He stayed quiet. Watching the girls eat the leaves.

The first symptom was quite visible as each of the girls got a sudden flush to their cheeks. And the girls with a cleavage? Well… Tim could just stare as the flush coloured the tops of their breasts.

But then he wondered what the secondary effect would be on women.

He scratched his chin as he pondered the fact.

Then he saw. One by one their nipples started making hard points through their clothes.

It was then that Emily jumped up gasping.

“Oh my gosh! Okay… um, Tim. Can you go finish your dinner in the room? I’ll be there in a short bit.” She said, her own nipples making points in her shirt.

Tim briefly glanced at them, before he decided it was the best opportunity to slip away as most of the girls seemed preoccupied.

He jumped up and could hear a single gasp before he dipped.

As he got to the room, he went to the bathroom and it took literally 10 minutes for him to take a pee as he had to push down the steel pipe that was his cock. It hadn’t gone down for one second for the last half an hour.

Then his eyes flashed down to the two hampers of Sayuri and Yumi, on them both was a pair of panties.

He was so flustered by everything, he hardly noticed that the panties on the pink hamper were blue panties and the panties on the blue hamper were pink.

He didn’t think, he grabbed the ones on the pink hamper, remembering Yumi’s words, she left them for him to find. If he had been more clear-headed, he might have thought the colours weird, but he wasn’t clear-headed.

There was a really big wet spot on the crotch of the blue panties.

He brought it to his lips and tasted it with the tip of his tongue.

The taste of horny girl pussy assaulted his senses. He licked the crotch with the broad length of his tongue.

His steel-hard cock leaked precum. He was tasting Yumi’s delicious.

Just, he wasn’t.

Then he took the pink panties from Sayuri’s hamper and started rubbing that wet crotch under his cock head.

She had already told him to cum in her panties. So he was going to cum in them again.

He just didn’t realize last time they were blue and the pink wasn’t matching their colour theme.

Tim just grunted and groaned as he jerked off with the pink panties while licking up the slimy wetness from the crotch of the blue panties.

Finally, with a groan he filled the pink panties with sperm, the crotch was covered with his white spend. But it continued past normal amounts as more and more sperm flowed into the fabric.

Finally, his orgasm ebbed and he tentatively put the panties back where he found them.

The pink ones, now with a lot of cum in them, he placed on Sayuri’s hamper. And the blue ones he licked, he placed on Yumi’s hamper.

Then he stuck his still iron-hard cock back in his shorts.

Just as he got to the door of Emily’s side, there was a knock from Sayuri and Yumi’s side.

“Come in, I’m finished,” Tim said.

Sayuri stuck her head in.

Then she smiled.

“Had fun?” She asked huskily.

Tim just nodded, a little embarrassed.

Just then Sayuri looked towards the hamper.

It was clear as day, the pink panties on her hamper were absolutely drenched in sperm. While the other one was pristine.

“Oh! Goody!” the girl beamed.

Tim felt a little awkward, so he slipped out of the bathroom, not at all seeing Sayuri switching the panties.

He missed that detail.

Tim was nervous. Never before after an orgasm did he stay that hard. He felt like he hadn’t cum at all.

To top it all off, Emily wanted a massage…

Tim looked around, he had to find some way to hide the grand erection in his shorts.

Just as he heard the door open, he grabbed a towel folding it over his left forearm and letting it hang in front of his throbbing crotch.

Emily entered, looking more than a little flushed.

Tim’s eyes naturally dropped to her breasts.

The tips of her nipples clearly still protruding under her shirt.

“Hey, Tim. Sorry for the rush to get you to leave earlier, something a little bit… urgent came up.” Emily said, playing with her hair somewhat nervously. “Anyway, I’m quickly going to get ready. So, I hope you’ve stretched your fingers, Tim. I need a good massage after today.”

“Yeah… I’m as ready as I’m probably going to get.” Tim said just as his half-sister entered the bathroom.

A short while later, Emily emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Her bra straps were still there over her bare shoulders.

It wasn’t strange for him to see her that way, as she often walked down the hall like that back home.

Problem was, she didn’t go back to her wardrobe, instead, she plopped down on the big bed laying on her belly as she deftly undid her towel.

Tim suddenly coughed wildly as his spit went into his airways when he sucked in a sudden gasp.

“You okay?” Emily asked sincerely.

Tim could just nod as he regained his breath.

There was Emily in a lace underwear set, with a bra and boyshorts.

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