This is the prequel to A Deal with Grandpa. Sorry they’re out of order. Everyone having anything even remotely related to sex is at least 18. The story included incest, lesbian, and group sex. If that bothers you, please stop here.



A Deal with Grandpa – The Beginning

Wanda pulled into the driveway of the large house and parked. Her former father-in-law had invited her to go out to dinner. He wasn’t actually her former father-in-law. Wanda had lived with his son Len, and they had a daughter. After they split up, she and Chris had stayed in touch. He had been a father figure to her, and she was a like a daughter to him. He opened the door before she had a chance to ring the bell.

“Hi there,” he said grinning.

“Hi, dad.”

“Come in,” he said, taking her hand.

Chris was a very successful businessman with a lot of money. He had a huge house and a couple of very nice cars. His wife, Len’s mother, had died a few years earlier from a brain tumor. As far as Wanda knew he didn’t date or look for female companionship. A couple of times every year he did go on some exotic vacation. She knew of trips to India, Greece, and Africa he had taken alone. She envied his ability to do that. It would be a long time before she’d be able to afford anything beyond necessities.

Wanda worked full time in the HR department of a medium size company and made a decent salary. Len gave her four hundred a month to help support Ellie, his daughter who was now thirteen. Beth, her oldest, at sixteen, got no support from her dead-beat father. Money was tight.

“Where would you like to go to dinner?” he asked.

“I’m open. You pick.”

“Okay. I vote for either steak or seafood. What sounds best?”

“Seafood,” she replied.

“Red Lobster or my new favorite, Eddie V’s?”

“Am I dressed for Eddie V’s? I heard it’s upscale,” she asked.

“You look upscale to me. You make that dress look hot as hell.”

“Well, thank you,” she replied, smiling.

Wanda was a looker. She was about five-eight, slim, and shapely. Her long dark brown hair accentuated her big brown eyes and pretty face. She didn’t look her thirty-six years.

It was a beautiful day, so they climbed in his BMW Z5 and put the top down.

“I love this car. My Kia is about on its last leg.”

“Getting a new one?” he asked.

“Not right now. I got a great deal on baling wire and duct tape.”

“Is it that bad?”

“No. It’s pretty dependable. Beth has her license now. It worries me when she uses it.”

They pulled onto the toll road and conversation ended. It was too noisy with the speed and top being down to carry on a conversation. Once at Eddie V’s, Chris handed over the keys to the valet and they went inside.

They were seated quickly, ordered drinks, and an appetizer, then looked over the menu.

“What do you recommend?” she asked.

“I’m having a steak and lobster tail,” he said.

“That sounds great.”

The server returned shortly, and they ordered dinner.

“Wanda, from the way you talked earlier, I got the impression you’re having money issues.”

“I’m barely breaking even. There’s no way I can put back anything for the girl’s college. The car is about to fall apart, and I can’t afford a car payment. It sucks right now.”

“I’ll tell you what. I plan on paying for the girl’s college anyway, so that’s a non-issue. I’ll buy you a new car and give you a thousand every month to help with the rest.”

“That’s wonderful of you, but I can’t accept it,” she said.

“Why? You’re family. Families help each other.”

“I’m too independent for that. I pay my own way and want the girls to grow up the same way. Thanks for the offer, though?”

“Okay, how can I help?” he asked.

She chuckled. “Want to be my sugar daddy?”

“What’s a sugar daddy? I’ve never heard of it.”

“You’re kidding? As wealthy and good looking as you are, I figured you would have had lots of offers.”

“From whom?”


“I don’t come in contact with many women. What’s a sugar daddy.”

“The woman provides companionship and services in exchange for being subsidized,” she said.

“What services?” he asked, innocently.

“Sex. I accept your offer and in turn give you sex.”

“Wanda, I see you as my daughter.”

“Okay, incestuous sex,” she replied, grinning. “We aren’t related. Len and I were never married.”

“You are joking about this, right?”

“I was when I first mentioned it, but the more I think of it the better it sounds,” she told him.

“Wanda, it just doesn’t seem right to me. Let me do this for you.”

“I can’t. I need to pay my own way. We’re both single. I don’t think either of us has a social life. I’m sure I don’t. I haven’t gotten laid in so long I think I got my virginity back. There’s nothing illegal about it. nurdağı escort It’s a simple business deal. Think about it. If I do say so myself, I’m pretty damn good in bed too.”

Dinner arrived and they were quiet as they ate. She could tell he was thinking about what she had said and gave him a knowing grin several times.

“I forgot to mention earlier, I love giving blowjobs,” she said.

It was cooler outside by the time they left so he left the top up.

“Let me ask you something. Let’s say after Beth or Ellie come of age, they decide to make an agreement like this with someone. What would you tell them?” he asked.

“I’d tell them that when you make an agreement you honor it.”

“You wouldn’t be upset or disappointed?”

“No, I wouldn’t. Dad, we’re all sexual creatures. The girls are going to be sleeping with someone sooner or later anyway. It makes more sense to me that they get something out of it.”

“Give me some specifics. If we were to make a deal, what would you include in it?”

She thought for a moment. “It would be my responsibility to be on birth control. We would have to agree on protecting each other from disease. Like if we also saw other people. I’d give you at least one blowjob every week on a scheduled basis. Full on sex at least every two weeks. I love all kinds of sex, so I’d leave what we do up to you. If you want sucked or fucked more often you let me know. We put a time limit to it. Three to five years, depending on what we agree on. If either of us fail to honor the contract, the other can void it.”

“What if I’m too kinky for you?” he asked jokingly.

“You aren’t. Trust me on that. I imagine you usually do contracts in writing. I don’t think that would be a good idea in this case. Are you kinky?”

“I like some things that are a little, shall we say, non-traditional.”

“Such as?” she asked.

“I don’t know, anal.”

“I like anal as long as I’m lubed. What else?”


“As long as it’s kept private, I have no problem being recorded. Next?”


“Dad, you can tie me up anytime you want. I like to be used, spanked, throated, tickled, hogtied, vibrated; you name it, I probably like it. I don’t like to be marked up or bruised.”

He looked at her. “Let’s say we were out somewhere, and I wanted it.”

“Don’t get me arrested and I’m good with it. Do you like bare or with hair?”

“Bare probably. How about you?”

“I like a man’s bush to be trimmed or bare, but I really have no preference. I don’t want to be shared with other men, but I might bring an attractive female friend with me for us to share.”

“Do you like women?”

“Uh huh. My absolute favorite thing is sucking cock. If you decide not to go for my offer, I’ll still suck you every chance I get.”

“What about the girls?”

“When they turn eighteen. Before that, is an absolute no.”

“I was referring to how do we keep it from them?”

“Oh, sorry. We just keep it to ourselves. I meant what I said earlier, though. When they’re old enough, I have no problem if they make an agreement with you. I’d even join you if they agree.”

“Your daughters?”

“I told you, I’m kinky. I like young pussy. And I love watching.”

“What if you find someone a year from now?” he asked.

“Depends. If it’s a friends with benefits thing they don’t need to know. It it’s serious, I don’t know.”

“What about Len? What would he say about this?”

“He has no say in it. He had his shot and blew it. If Ellie gets involved, it might be wisest not to tell him.”

“I don’t think anyone needs to know besides those involved,” he said.

“Are you going to do it?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll admit it’s tempting. You really are serious?”

“I’ll suck you right now if you need proof.”

“Not while I’m driving, but thanks for the offer.”

“I’ll suck you when we get to your house.”

Chris had been sporting a semi since the topic first came up in the restaurant. That grew to a full erection with her last comment.

They hadn’t gotten more than a few feet inside the door before she was on her knees unfastening his pants. His boner was staring her in the face as she leaned forward and took the head into her mouth. She pulled off a moment later.

“Believe me now?” she asked.

“I’m convinced.”

“Good. Grab your camera and come with me,” she said.

Chris pulled up his pants and she led him to the bedroom. She undressed him then sat him on the side of the bed. He pulled out his phone and recorded as she undressed in front of him then pushed him back on the bed.

“Pull your legs up. I want access to everything,” she said.

He did as she instructed and she leaned in, licking his balls and perineum. Her lips and tongue were magic as she licked, probed, and sucked nurdağı escort bayan from his asshole to the base of his cock. Wanda took her time as she explored.

“Anything special you’d like, dad?”

“No, you’re doing just fine.”

As she cupped his balls in her hand, she slid her tongue up the length of his cock and licked away the precum. Her tongue teased the frenulum as she took the head into her mouth then began swallowing him. She moaned softly as her lips reached the base and stayed there. He felt her tongue sliding on the shaft before pulling off.

“On my face or in my mouth?” she asked.


It only took a few minutes before he was moving with her every stroke. As he exploded, she used her hand to milk him as her tongue was bathed in warm cum. She spilled nothing. When she pulled off, Wanda opened her mouth to show him, then swallowed it all.

“Did you get a good video?” she asked.

“I think so. Come up on the bed so I can eat you.”

He dropped the phone on the bed as she straddled his face.


Over the next two years they did most everything. Wanda was every bit as adventurous as she had told him. Both kept up their ends of the bargain.

It was Beth’s eighteenth birthday. She and her mother had gone to grandpa’s house to swim, get her birthday present, and go to dinner. Her little sister, Ellie, who was 15 now, was at a friend’s house for the night.

Beth had fallen asleep in a lounger by the pool, so grandpa and her mother had gone inside. When she woke, she went inside to shower and change. Hearing strange sounds at the end of the hall, she followed them. The French doors to the bedroom were slightly ajar. She peeked inside. Her mother was nude and on her back with her head hanging off the bed. Her legs were pulled up to her chest. Grandpa was eating her mother’s pussy as he fucked her mouth. She could see everything and couldn’t believe her mother could swallow his entire cock as he thrust in and out. Both were oblivious as Beth stepped into the room watching.

Her mother saw her, but rather than stop, she put her hands on grandpa’s legs to keep him in her mouth. Beth and her mother locked eyes. A moment later Wanda began bucking as her orgasm overtook her. Grandpa’s thrusts seemed to go even deeper then he pushed hard and came in her throat, finally pulling out and standing.

“That’s a position I haven’t tried,” Beth said to them.

Her grandfather turned his back to her quickly in embarrassment. Wanda laughed.

“It’s one of my favorites,” her mother said. “It does take some practice, though.”

“I’ll bet it does. How long have you two been practicing?”

“Today about ten minutes. All total, about two years,” her mother said, sitting up and grabbing a towel to wipe her face. Chris sat on the bed next to her.

“Is this where you go on Tuesday evenings?” Beth asked.

“And every other Saturday,” her mother replied, glancing at Chris.

“Are you two an item now?”

“Honey, grandpa is my sugar daddy. Didn’t you notice that about two years ago we got a new car and were suddenly able to buy nice clothes and do things?”

“I wondered about that but didn’t expect grandpa was behind it,” she said.

“Sorry, we thought it better to keep it quiet,” he said. “I hope you aren’t upset.”

“Upset? I’m wondering how to get in on it. I’m not upset.”

“Are you serious about getting in?” her mother asked.

“Do I get a car out of the deal?”

“You might. What are you offering in return?” her grandpa asked.

“Well, I don’t think I can do what mom just did but I’m a willing student. What else do you want?”

“I come over every Tuesday and give him a blowjob, usually more. Every other weekend we have a party for two here in the bed. In turn, I got the car. We agreed on a three-year term,” her mother replied.

“What happens when the three years runs out?”

“The debt is clear, and we can let it go or make a new contract,” grandpa advised.

“Sounds like a hell of a deal, grandpa. Any interest in working with me?” Beth asked.

“There’s more to it. You keep our contract between the people in this room. You’re required to use birth control. You can have other partners, but you have to protect yourself from STIs. I can video but I promise not to share them outside this room,” he told her.

“I have three questions. When do I get the car?”

“Tomorrow if you pick one in stock. Fifty thousand or less. Next question?”

“What if something happens and I can’t keep up my end of the agreement?”

“The car will be in my name until the three-year mark. I simply take back the car and our agreement is void.”

“Where do I sign,” Beth asked.

“I haven’t seen what you’re offering yet?” he said.

She smiled. “Mom, would you excuse us for escort nurdağı a few minutes?”

“Your mom stays. Our weekends will be three of us now if we agree.”

“Uh, okay,” she said hesitantly. “Oh, what the hell.”

Beth unhooked her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Her grandpa smiled at her small but perfect breasts. She untied both knots on the bottom and let it fall, revealing her hairless pussy to them both. A mild blush appeared on her face and chest.

“Turn for us,” he said. His granddaughter did a slow turn. “Very nice. How much experience have you had?”

“One boy.”

“Do you orgasm?” he asked.

“With my fingers or a vibrator.”


“A few times but I haven’t let him finish in my mouth,” she said.

“That’s required. So is swallowing,” her mother advised.

“Is it gross?”

“I love it. How about anal?”

“You mean in the butt?”

“Yes,” grandpa said.

“I have with the vibrator, but not with my boyfriend.”

“Have you been with a girl?” he asked.

“Touching only.”

“Did you taste her?”

“I licked my finger afterward.”


“I liked it,” his granddaughter replied, blushing again.

“Do you agree to my terms?”


“Come here and sit by me. I want a closer look.” Beth walked over and sat next to him. “Scoot back and lay down.”

She did as he said, laying with her legs together. He pushed her legs apart then looked over at Wanda.

“Ladies first,” he said grinning.

Wanda rolled over and got between her daughter’s legs. Beth froze.

“Mom?” she said, then moaned as her mother’s tongue swiped between her labia. “Oh, fuck,” she sighed.

Grandpa watched as she was eaten.

“Have you had this before?” he asked

“Oh god, no,” she replied as she squirmed appreciatively.

Wanda went to work on her. Having a pussy of her own, she knew exactly what she was doing. When Wanda slid two fingers inside her daughter, Beth moaned loudly. It was just minutes before her entire body was responding. Her body tensed and fingers grabbed for the mattress as her legs drew up and shook.

“Fuuuuck!” she screamed. “Uh…uh…uh,” Beth grunted repeatedly as she came.

Wanda backed off and started kissing her labia as she recovered, finally pulling off and letting her relax.

“My turn,” her mother said. “Trade me spots.” Beth didn’t hesitate and was soon attacking her mother’s clit. “Whoa, slow down. Use your lips and tongue to explore the whole area. Yeah, much better.”

Grandpa watched for a few minutes then got up behind his granddaughter. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up then guided his cock into her already wet pussy.

“Oh, god!” she said, as he began a slow in and out.

He continued for a few minutes and pulled out. “Beth turn around so you can eat each other.” Beth moved into position quickly. Grandpa got up behind her and slipped back inside. She was being eaten by her mother and fucked by her grandfather. The eighteen-year-old had never experienced anything so intense and was soon unable to concentrate on licking her mother’s pussy.

Her body was literally rocking from the stimulation. Her mother moved her leg pushing her daughter’s face back into her pussy and she began licking again. Both Wanda and Beth were soon ready to explode. Grandpa pushed his thumb into his granddaughter’s asshole, taking her over the edge. She let out a single long moan at first then as her mother came, Wanda sucked hard on her daughter’s clit. Beth was shaking so hard; grandpa had a hard time keeping up his pace. Both women finally collapsed.

Grandpa went to the kitchen and grabbed three bottles of water for them. It took several minutes for them to recover.

“That was amazing,” Beth said.

“Your grandpa still needs his blowjob,” her mother told her.

“Give me a minute first,” she said. “Can I do it from the top? I’m not ready for what mom did,” she asked.

“That’s fine with me. Wanda, can you video it?”

Wanda nodded and grabbed her phone from the dresser. “Ready when you are.”

Beth and her grandfather took up their positions. She seemed nervous.

“You’ll do fine. Use your mouth and tongue to explore like you did on me. That’s it. Easy with his balls. Now, tease the tip with your tongue.”

“You taste like pussy,” Beth told him.

“Your pussy. Go deeper now. Slow and easy.”

That was the last of her instruction as she sucked him. Beth never got past halfway but compensated by using her hand and mouth together. Grandpa soon rewarded her efforts with a mouthful. She drooled a little then swallowed. After a moment, she licked up what she’d dropped and swallowed that.

“I thought it would be gross. I like it. When can we do this again?”

“Come over about ten then we’ll go pick out your car,” he told her.

“Any chance we could 69 before we leave tomorrow?” she asked.

“I think that can be arranged,” he said.

“I’d like to see the video too. We can airplay it on the TV.”

Beth was the only one of the three that understood airplay. She set it up and they watched it together before showering.

Everyone dressed and they went out to dinner.

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