Walking by the pool I see her lying there catching a tan. I think to myself, damn she looks good, hoping that she doesn’t see me staring. I walk back up to my room to get my swimming trunks on so I can go back down to the pool. I see her sitting by the pool alone.

“Can I join you?” I ask, looking into her eyes. She just looks at me and smiles, so I sit down next to her. As I take off my top, I introduce myself and ask her name.

She responds, “Ashleigh,” and goes on to describe the unique spelling of her name to me.

“Ashleigh, have you tried out the water, or are you just tanning your beautiful body?” I ask.

She responds, “I’m just laying here soaking up the sun.”

I stand up, check out the water and it feels warm. I decide to jump in and do a cannonball, splashing water all over Ashleigh.

She looks at me in shock and I say, “You’re all wet…. You should come and join me.”

Ashleigh looks at me like I’m crazy and I watch the water roll down her beautiful chest. I shrug my shoulders and start doing a backstroke, just relaxing. I work my way down the pool and return. As I’m getting closer to the steps, my hands run across her skin. I quickly jump up to apologize and Ashleigh is there laughing. When I turn around, I’m almost touching her. As I look into her eyes, my mind is running through what this could mean. I keep looking into her eyes and pull Ashleigh against me. As I crush Ashleigh’s body against mine, I lean down and start to slowly brush my lips over hers. She freezes against me in shock of my boldness.

I slowly continue brushing my lips over hers, until I feel her start to move again. Ashleigh pulls my bottom lip into her mouth and gives me a little nip. Feeling this, I start to slide my hands down her back. Deepening our kiss, my hands cup Ashleigh’s beautiful ass, as I pull her against me. She feels me start to grow against her. Her lips are so soft and warm as I kiss her. Starting to kiss my way to Ashleigh’s ear, I start to suck her ear lobe into my mouth, teasing and nibbling. Suddenly I hear someone else walking into the pool area.

I whisper, “We were caught by the cleaning lady,” as I try to act innocent. “Grab me a towel.” I request, hoping to hide my erection from the cleaning lady that interrupted us.

As Ashleigh hands me a towel, I slide out of the water and ask, “Do you want to join me for a drink and a shower?”

Ashleigh looks into my eyes and says, “I’d love to.” I hold her hand as we leave together, leading her to the elevator. The door opens and I pull her in with me trying to close the door before anyone can join us. As the door slides shut, I see a hand pop the door open, and a family joins us. I pull her into the corner and slide my hand under her towel teasing her ass with my nails, hoping they are none the wiser. I see them push the button for four and I’m relieved since I’m on the twelfth floor. As the family exits and the doors fully close, I pull Ashleigh into a deep kiss, crushing her lips against mine. I hear the ding for my floor, and I reluctantly release the kiss. I lead her to my door and open it, inviting her to join me. Ashleigh shyly steps through the doorway as I pull her towel off. escort bayan Looking hungrily at her beautiful body in her bikini. I notice her nipples harden as I gaze at her.

After a few seconds I snap out of it, remember my manners and say, “I promised you a drink didn’t I, beautiful? I apologize for my rude behavior but your body just mesmerized me. Can I offer you an old fashioned?”

As I move towards my travel mixing kit, I pour the ingredients in and top it with ice. I start to stir our cocktails and look her in the eyes. She looks questioningly at me as I only pull out one glass. I scoop some ice into her glass and start to pour her cocktail. Handing it to her so she can enjoy it, but she still looks at me questioningly.

I look back at her and ask, “What are you pondering?”

Ashleigh asks me, “Are you going to have one?

I wink at her and tell her, “I’ll have mine in a minute.”

She nervously takes a sip, smiles and says, “This is delicious.” I slowly reach for her drink and take a sip from it. Now it’s time for me to enjoy mine as I set the glass down. I pick up the shaker and walk towards her, guiding her against the wall. I slide the glass up her right side and run my nails down her left side.

Raising her hands above her head, I tell her, “Be a good girl and don’t move.” I pick up the cocktail shaker and tell her it’s my turn. I take a drink and then start to let the liquid pool on my tongue. I set the cocktail shaker down and lick her cleavage, letting the liquid run down her chest. As she shivers, I lick and suck my way up to her neck, reaching up to rip her top off. I hear her squeal from the shock, as her body tenses. By this time, I’ve worked my way to her ear.

I whisper, “Don’t worry naughty girl, I’ll take good care of you tonight.” Even though it’s early afternoon I’m thinking of the plans in my head.

As I start to move my fingertips to explore Ashleigh’s body with my nails, I remind her to be a good girl and not to move her hands. Seeing her respond to my statement, I add, “If you’re naughty, I may have to punish you.”

Ashleigh automatically replies, “Yes, Sir.” I start to tease her neck with my teeth and lips. Sucking on her neck, just lightly enough not to leave a hickey. I work my way down her to her collarbone, kissing my way across, as I hook my fingers on her bikini bottoms.

I lean back and pour some of my drink down Ashleigh’s belly, making sure an ice cube falls into her bottoms. I let go of the band and start to rub the ice cube against her, through her bottoms.

Looking up at her I say, “That’s for when I get thirsty later.” I’m so close to kissing her beautiful hard nipples, but I need to tease some more. So I take a sip of her drink, pulling an ice cube into my mouth. Letting it rest on my tongue, I start to lick and tease around her beautiful breasts. Watching the goosebumps form and her squirm around. Gasping for breath, I grow closer to her nipple. As I let the ice cube start touching her areola, I use my nails to start circling her other areola. Brushing her nipple with my fingers, I suck her nipple into my mouth, running what’s left of the cube over her nipple.

As altıparmak escort bayan the last of the ice melts, I start to nibble on her nipple and pinch her other nipple. I spend minutes alternating from nipple to nipple, switching mouth with fingers. I hear her moaning as I tease her nipples mercilessly. Her breathing gets louder, and I decide it’s time to move further down. I pull her nipple deep into my mouth, as I start to pull her bottoms down. I let off with a popping sound and move to her hip bone. I attack her hip bone with my lips, sucking, licking and nibbling my way across.

I take a deep breath, and I can smell her aroma mixed with bourbon. It’s an intoxicating aroma. I finally pull off of Ashleigh and look to see what she was hiding underneath her suit. I look and it’s bald, except for a little patch of hair. So beautiful I want to bend her over and thrust my cock inside of her, but it’s not time yet. I want to make her cum for me, so I can taste her sweet nectar.

Kissing my way down her hip, I move my lips to her thigh. I feel the heat radiating off her. Sliding my tongue closer, I can taste her. As her juices hit my tongue, I let out a low growl. Sliding my tongue up and down her lips, giving her a tease and treating myself by tasting her. Slowly I start to pick up my pace and slide my hand up her calf to her thigh. I feel her clit with my tongue, sucking it inside and flicking it with my tongue. I slowly start to slide a finger inside her, going in and out, and getting it nice and wet. I feel her loosening and I slide a second finger inside. I back off of her clit, and start teasing her lips with my fingers.

Ashleigh starts to relax and I twist my fingers, curling them to seek out her g spot. As I hear her moan, I know I’ve found it. I give her a second to adjust and then I suck her clit back in my mouth. Starting slowly, I match the pace of my tongue with my fingers. As my fingers speed up, I wait to match the pace of my tongue to her moans.

Looking up at her beautiful body, I watch her moving, listen to her moaning and tell her, “You’re going to cum for me.” I slide my thumb over her clit and start playing, moving my fingers back over her g spot.

I start to kiss my way back up her body, as I feel her tightening around my fingers. My fingers move quicker, as I find her nipple with my mouth teasing her. Feeling her chest move against me forcing her nipple deeper into my lips and against my tongue. I feel her getting tighter and louder watching her strain to keep from moving her arms.

I let her nipple go, look into her eyes and say, “Cum for me now, like a good girl.” Then I kiss her as I feel her lose control, pulsating around my fingers. She screams into my mouth, as I kiss her harder. I keep pushing her harder, keeping my fingers going and then I start to slow and slide my fingers out of her. I feel her relaxing against the wall and sliding against my hand as I move it away. Picking Ashleigh up, I move her to the bed and lay her with her legs over the edge of the bed.

As I slide my trunks down I look at her and say, “It’s my turn.” Ashleigh watches as she is still coming down from nilüfer eskort her orgasm, I start to stroke my cock with my hand still slick with her juices. I then lick her juices off of my fingers. Growling as I taste her sweet nectar again. I start moving towards Ashleigh, slowly stroking my cock for her. As I reach her, I lower myself down and find her pussy waiting. I start to slowly slide my cock up and down her lips. As I feel her move her hips towards my cock to pull me inside of her, I slide my cock to meet her thrust, slowly working myself deeper inside of her. As she takes me fully inside, I lean down and start to grind my pelvis against her clit. Slowly grinding and moving inside her feeling how wet and tight she is.

I reach up and guide her arms back above her head, telling her, “Grip the sheets. Don’t move. You’ve been a naughty girl, Ashleigh. I didn’t tell you that you could thrust into me yet.” I start to slide my cock out of her dripping with juices. Climbing onto her chest, I start stroking my cock again, slowly letting her see her juices shine on my cock.

“Ashleigh, now you’re going to see how deep you can take my cock in your mouth. If you’re a good girl for me, I’ll fuck that pussy good and make you scream my name for everyone to hear. Do you understand Ashleigh?” I ask. As she nods her head I say, “Tell me.”

“I understand John and I’ll be a good girl,” she agrees. I see her open her mouth for me and I slowly slide my cock in just a bit feeling her lips wrap around me.

“Fuck!” I moan, “You are too good at that Ashleigh.” I start to move my cock in and out of her mouth as she licks my head. Starting to test her gag reflex a bit, I know I can’t last long.

“Fuck Ashleigh you feel so good,” I moan. As I go a little too deep, she gags a little and I slide out of her mouth.

“Ashleigh you were a very good girl and now you get your reward,” I tell her. I slide back down and off the bed. Slowly, I lift her legs and she opens her beautiful pussy to me.

I look into Ashleigh’s eyes and say, “You have such a beautiful pussy.” I slide my head in and back out, a little more, and I feel her pulling me to go deeper, but not yet. I slide back out of her and quickly thrust back inside of her. I let my cock finish sliding into her until I feel my pelvis against her ass. Giving her ass a little slap, I grind into her pushing myself deeper. Slowly sliding back out, I grip Ashleigh’s thighs and start to thrust inside of her. Feeling how tight her pussy is around my cock.

“Ashleigh I’m going to cum inside of you and you’re going to cum with me,” I tell her. I can see her gripping the sheets as I thrust harder and faster. Going deeper with each stroke, I lean over her so I can keep going deeper inside her. Gripping her ass as I fuck that beautiful pussy.

I lean down and growl in her ear, “Baby I’m close are you?”

She moans, “Yes.”

“You can move your hands,” I tell her. She quickly grips my back and digs her nails into me. She starts to scream as I pound her; pulling her into me as I thrust.

“Now! Cum with me now!” I tell her. Ashleigh screams again and starts to pulsate around my cock. This pushes me over the edge.

“I’m cumming baby,” I say and keep thrusting, making our orgasm last longer. She’s thrusting into me moving around my cock. We slowly start to cum down.

As I lay down against her, I whisper in her ear, “Ashleigh you’re a very good girl and once we recover a bit I’m going to clean you up.”

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