April Fools’ Luck

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Author’s Note: This is my entry for Lit’s April Fools Day Story Contest 2023. I do hope you enjoy it.

Fair warning – This story is mostly college sex with a smidgen of plot. April Fools’ is a joke of a holiday and so it ‘mostly’ just gets fucked. (We should all be so lucky!)

“Well, I should have figured, right? I mean, it is the first. Why?”

He wanted to ask if she was going to give him a pity blow job or something, but he would never be that crass, not out loud. Smiling at her, he tried in vain to forget about all the times he’d jerked-off imagining her pouty lips around his cock, her vibrant eyes locked on his. They’d never said more than five words to each other before tonight. Now here she was, looking somewhat flustered. And as cute as that was, it was making him uncomfortable.

“I don’t know. Josh’s stupid prank seemed nasty to me, not funny. You talk about that convention a lot, not that I was eavesdropping or anything…and I know you would have loved to win those tickets. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. That’s all.”

“Oh, okay…”

“So? Are you? Okay, I mean.”

“Yea, I’m fine! Are you, Emilia? You’re being kind of weird. Not that I’m calling you weird! Fucking hell, Brian! Why do you have to be so awkward?!”

He was one of the founding members of a gaming club, SWORDs, Students Who Occasionally Roll Dice. He’d started it with D&D in mind, but it quickly evolved from there to include all sorts of games. This was his Senior year, and he’d spent nearly every Saturday night in the club room, playing one game or another. She’d only started coming this year, this semester actually.

And she only ever played chess.

It was technically a game after all. He did most of the purchasing for the club and didn’t actually remember ordering the set. After seeing her that first night, he was more than thrilled it was here. Not that she ever had too many people to play against. More often than not, she sat at the table with the set assembled, casually reading a book. She’d make polite small talk, smile at you, she was cordial enough. Maybe she was just shy, but lately she seemed a bit standoffish.

It could have been how she dressed, too. That sort of thing didn’t really matter to him, not to someone who always threw on jeans and a plain t-shirt. But she did dress slightly prim. It was usually something pretty similar to tonight. Loose, flowy skirt that swayed and hit right above her knees. A modest blouse with the barest hint of cleavage and lately some kind of cardigan or wrap or jacket that she’d use to cover the girls well. Reserved was the word for it.

Not that he had room to talk. He’d also been somewhat reserved with her. Thinking about joining her once or twice, he always opted for one of his own campaigns or a stand-alone game that he had going. In his defense, she made him nervous as all hell. Though she always seemed to be positioned in a way that whenever he’d look up, he was looking up at her. Her, and her magnificent, snowy-white breasts. (At least the tops of them.) She’d only really started covering them up in the past few weeks, but his memories were quite vivid. Whenever she’d need to concentrate on a move she’d cross her arms in front of her and her breasts would just kinda ‘pop!’ More than once he’d been not-so-subtly teased about it. Often he was grateful for the table that covered his lap.

Besides, she wasn’t always quiet. When someone did ask to play against her, she was lively and talkative. Not to mention her smile, the way her eyes would shine! He’d gotten teased plenty this past semester. The new guy, Josh, was a tool, but at least he’d keep the club going. That’s how Brian rationalized putting up with him, anyway.

He was the one behind the April Fools’ prank. Josh had made it seem like a group effort, but even Emilia saw through that. Brian had been looking forward to this indie convention, one artist in particular was having a small scale panel with a limited number of in-person tickets. They’d put together this elaborate lottery system online, that part was real. Josh had tricked Brian into thinking he’d won for most of the day, only for him to show up at the club and find out it was all a prank.

“Hey! Don’t be so mean to yourself!” she grabbed for his hand as he was about to smack his own forehead with it, being slightly extra after calling the cute girl he’s been crushing on ‘weird.’

She held his hand as she self-consciously searched for the right words, “You’re not wrong.” Brian’s face flushed as he had a moment of hope that he really was about to get a pity blow job, before he realized he hadn’t actually asked that out loud. “I was being a little weird.”

“No! You weren’t! I was—”

“Brian, can you just shut up for a minute, please?” She’d surprised herself almost as much as him. The room had mostly emptied at this point, but now the few stragglers quickly headed out as Brian uncomfortably cleared escort bayan bursa his throat, crossing his arms in front of him as she timidly let go of his hand.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything. I was being weird because I don’t know how to do this!” Her eyes popped as she spat out the word ‘this,’ as though she’d confessed to something lewd.

He wanted for all the world to ask what ‘this’ was, but he wasn’t an idiot. He’d find out soon enough, likely sooner if he kept his mouth shut.

“I don’t know. I like guys that don’t have lines. Too many guys use the same old thing. ‘You’re not like the other girls, you’re different, special, blech, I can tell.’ That sort of thing. You don’t do that. You’re an absolute sweetheart. I’ve been coming here for months now and not once have you given me a cheesy line. Although maybe something would be nice, so I would know if you were interested in me or not? You can let someone know you’re into them without manipulating them, shocker, I get it. But I’m rambling, and assuming.

“Josh is an asshole. I’m sorry he played that prank on you. Personally, I think April Fools’ is fucking stupid. Anyway, I’d like to make your day better, if that’s something you’d like?” She stared at his feet, as though they were going to give her an answer.

Brian’s mouth hung open as his mind blanked and his cock jumped.

“You don’t have to,” she mumbled nervously, “and if you’re not saying anything because I told you to shut up before, please stop that.” She still hadn’t looked up, but he really was at a loss for words.

When he still hadn’t said a thing she looked up into his surprised, widened eyes. Seeing his bewildered expression, her nervous one settled into something he hadn’t seen from her before. Seductive wasn’t quite the word, but it was close.

“Come on, let’s go get dinner,” she purred while tugging gently on his arm. He nearly tripped as he stood upright, realizing she meant a date, not a blowjob. He was still more than ready to follow her anywhere. “I promise, no pranks, jokes, or teasing.” For a second Brian had a moment of panic, certain this had to be yet another April Fools’ shenanigan. He quickly decided any possible reward far outweighed the risk.

She tucked her arm around his as she asked, “So, what are you in the mood for?”

Swallowing hard, he found some semblance of nerve. “If I were to say ‘you,’ would that be too much of a line? Or just enough to let you know I’m interested?”

It was Emilia’s turn to falter as she stopped dead in her tracks. She looked up at Brian’s half smile as he laughed nervously, unsure if he’d pushed his luck too far.

Biting the inside of her cheek, a habit Brian had noticed she did when thinking a move through, she looked him up and down. “There’s a psych honors’ study room on the next floor down. I need to show you something.” He wasn’t about to argue as she laced her fingers in his and led him towards the stairs.

The room was dark inside as she swiped her student id on the locked keypad. Walking in set off the motion sensor lights as she continued pulling him along. It was a wide open room with several tables, dozens of chairs, walls lined with bookshelves, and a row of private study rooms off to the side.

She headed for one of the study rooms, holding his hand tightly despite his growing perspiration. As she pulled him into the room she shut the door behind him, not minding to turn on the light that was still a physical switch for this room. No one in the honors’ program had complained. Having a generally soundproof, dark room at your disposable was ideal for an intense study session on your computer, a midday nap after an all-nighter, or to let off some steam whenever the mood hit.

Emilia pulled Brian’s hand to her, placing it low on her hip as her own hands gently brushed over his neck, almost tickling him in the dark.

“I thought you said no more teasing…” his voice nearly cracked as his excited cock twitched.

She leaned up and kissed his neck, leaving her lips to linger as his body stiffened under her touch. “Teasing would imply you weren’t going to get anything. That’s certainly not my intention.”

He let out a long and heavy sigh as she pressed herself against him and his hardening erection. She kissed his neck again. This time he pulled her body closer to him, pressing himself against her and eliciting a little moan.

He looked down to see her face illuminated from the sliver of light coming through the narrow window in the door. His own courage began to take shape. He leaned down to kiss her, prompting an even louder moan as they explored one another.

When their lips finally broke free from their breathless kiss, it was as if she remembered why she brought him down here. She yanked off her cardigan, tossing it onto the table. She guided Brian over to the couch, not so gently sitting his tall stature down the length of it. It was bursa sinirsiz eskort a small, uncomfortable couch, clearly meant for studying and nothing else.

She straddled him, her flowing skirt easily accommodating the necessary flexibility. What little light they’d had suddenly disappeared as the motion sensor light in the main room shut off. He couldn’t see, but his hands skimmed the outside of her thighs as she sat up on top of him. For a moment she was wiggling about, but nothing seemed to be happening. She came down to kiss him again, pressing her chest against his as she buried her hands in his hair. Gradually his hands moved from her thighs to her waist to her… her shirt was half way down her torso. There was no bra to be found.

Tentatively he placed his hands on her bare back as she gently nipped his tongue. He let out a breathy, “FUCK,” as she sat up. He still couldn’t see, but she’d moved his hands for him. He was reveling in the sensation of each hand grasping a plump breast with a tout nipple poking at the centers of his palms. She was barely grinding against his cock, but he couldn’t stop his body from shaking and jerking at the sensation.

“Is this okay?” she asked, some of her earlier hesitation having returned to her voice.

“Yes! Em, fuck, yes! Thank you.” She couldn’t help but giggle at his emphatic appreciation. Though it was short lived as he clasped her nipples a bit too tightly all of a sudden, drawing a gasp as her whole body shuddered. This wasn’t the first time she’d used one of these rooms like this one, but she’d never moved so fast with anyone before. She could only hope he’d give her the time to explain later, and really, she had no reason to think he wouldn’t.

He bucked his hips lightly and pulled her back down to him. After another impassioned kiss she began to make her way down his jawline, and further, while he repeatedly moaned out his nickname for her, “Oh Em, Em, Fuck yes, Em…” Her lips caressed down his neck, his chest, until his shirt was too intrusive. She slid to his side, much to his chagrin as her loss of weight and heat almost felt painful against his hard, throbbing cock.

About to say something, unaware of her working up her courage yet again, his breath caught when he felt her slender fingers sliding underneath his t-shirt. She smiled into his chest, feeling and hearing him react to her. She fumbled with his belt buckle for an interminable amount of time before he volunteered his services. She had been considerate enough to remove one of his biggest obstacles, after all. She kissed his chest as if by thanks once he was done, and immediately her hand dipped into his jeans to stroke his hard cock through his boxers.

The instant she made contact he gritted his teeth, groaning, and had to keep himself from cumming. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. He knew Josh was in the same program and had to have access to these rooms. When was he going to jump out and take a picture, whisking Em away from him? That thought was certainly enough to settle his load.

She didn’t move the boxers aside or slip under them. Instead she moved, positioning herself between his legs as he placed one foot solidly on the floor, giving her ample room to comfortably situate herself. Her hands rested on his hips as she nuzzled his excited cock through the material. At least he thought she was nuzzling his cock. Until he felt her tongue slide up and down his shaft through the slit in the boxers. He had to grit his teeth and grab at the couch frame to stop himself from bucking into her face.

When she got to the head, twirling her tongue, savoring and sucking up the precum, without thought his hand jolted to grab ahold of her hair. With an ‘oof’ she squelched a small yelp as he grasped too hard. He immediately let go, sputtering out sorry after sorry. All of which she ignored, hungrily pulling down his boxers to be able to fully take his cock, unhindered. His head fell back as he moaned her name, and she again grabbed his sides, her tongue adoring, worshipping every inch, groove, and ridge.

She’d started slowly, methodically, and steadily worked up a good speed. Brian was no slouch, drool worthy girth, but Emilia’s ex had an inch or two on him in length. She knew she could take him all, in every way. Nothing she was worried about, especially not right now. She worked him all in, down to his base, sucking with just the right amount of pressure, tongue wriggling and writhing, pressing against his throbbing…too throbbing…

“Em…I’m—” he moaned as rope after rope of his cum shot down her throat.

A warning would have been nice, but it wasn’t necessary. Especially with him practically down her throat. She readily swallowed as she continued to eagerly milk his dick, her nose pressed into his crotch, deeply inhaling his musk. She was surprised at how much he came and wondered how long it had been for him. Making escort bayan sure he was squeaky clean, she worked her way off of him and tenderly tucked him back in to his boxers.

Heavy panting echoed through the room as he came back down from that high. The only other sound was Emilia’s light footsteps as she walked across the room to grab her cardigan. “Now what are you in the mood for?” Her voice was filled with laughter as she walked back to him.

“If I say ‘you’ again, what happens then?”

Their eyes had somewhat adjusted to the dark, the light from the neon EXIT signs enough to find one another without fumbling, she leaned down and kissed him. It was different this time, deeper, more passionate. She started to pull away, but he came with her, not letting her lips leave his.

Scrambling to his feet he backed her up to the wall. He grabbed for her ass, pulling skirt material up and out of his way as his hands frantically explored every part of her he could manage, his lips yet to leave hers. She grabbed at her skirt, pulling it up for him. His fingers dove for her panties, now practically soaked through. He groaned into her mouth feeling how wet they were as he stroked her pussy through the material. Her legs quivered and she dropped the skirt, throwing her arms around his shoulders for support.

Fingers slipped around the side of her panties, past her lips, plunging into her slick cunt. They both groaned at the sensation, he couldn’t believe how warm, no – hot, wet, and tight she was, she couldn’t believe how much she needed his touch. Even if it was slightly inexperienced.

“Em, do you…uh, have a condom?”

“Oh… Do you want one?”

“Shouldn’t we—”

“I’m on birth control and haven’t slept with anyone in months. I’m safe, what about you?”

“Yea, same. I’m good.” He didn’t want to tell her it’d been years, almost three. Or that she’d just given him the best blowjob of his life, even if it had been one of the quickest. (Though he was very grateful to have gotten that dry spell causing hair trigger out of the way already.) He wanted to impress her, he wanted to please her, and he was already more than ready to go again. But he’d also never had sex without a condom before, and a part of him was freaking out.

Her hands were roaming all over his body, under his shirt, over his arms, massaging his once again hard cock. Her lips were constantly on some part of him or another as she moaned against him and his steady ministrations as they made her weak, her legs trembling when he’d hit just the right spot. He loved making her gasp like that. The way she’d clutch onto him was driving him wild. He’d hold onto her with his other arm to help stabilize her, but it was so fucking hot, and he’d keep at it until she started to shake. As much as he was enjoying this, he needed more. “I, um, I’ve never not used a condom…”

“Oh…” was all she said, letting the word linger in the air like a heavy smoke as she stilled her caresses. She knew he was inexperienced, but she hadn’t been quite sure ‘how’ inexperienced. Something he was quickly becoming aware of as their bodies pressed together, needing one another, and he wasn’t sure how to proceed.

His heart raced as she gently grasped his forearm, removing his fingers from inside her. He didn’t know what he’d done, but he desperately wanted to fix it. “Em, I—”

“Let me take care of you. Okay?” she asked as she again kissed his neck.

Without waiting for an answer she stood up from the wall and walked over to the light switch. “I’m getting the light. Figured you might want to see this time?” Again she didn’t wait for an answer before proceeding. The lights came on and they stood motionless, staring at one another. Emilia’s hair had gotten quite messy, her eye makeup smudged faintly from slightly wet eyes caused by her efforts earlier, and his just now. It was enough to make Brian’s breath catch as he stood there, his hard cock straining against his boxers as they protruded from his unbuckled and unzipped pants.

“Give me a minute,” she mused, grabbing one of the seemingly ironic ‘hang in there’ posters off of the wall and reapplying it over the narrow window on the door. “It won’t block out all the light, but no one will see anything from the hall. And everyone who uses these rooms knows what it means.” He nodded nervously. “I don’t want you to have the wrong idea about me. I’ve only ever used a room like this once before.”

“I’m not thinking anything like that. I just, I’m still waiting for this to all be another prank. You’re too good to be true, and when that’s the case, it usually is.”

“You really don’t remember, do you?”

“Remember what? What didn’t I do? Fuck, I’m so sorry!”

“It happened months before I started coming to the club. You kind of saved me. Okay, that’s definitely being grandiose. But Josh was being super pushy at that bar down on Main. You stepped in from out of nowhere. ‘Is this guy bothering you, Miss?’ You were being funny about it, I guess you two kinda know each other in passing? But honestly, I was actually really scared. Then I don’t know, it got the bouncers attention enough that he backed off. He started telling everyone I was a prude, but what do I care? As long as he leaves me alone.

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