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Goddess Mina: Banished

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August Ames

I miss her terribly. I have dreams of her so vivid I wake up with an erection of steel and the taste of her feet on my lips. It is awful, devastating, I have been cast out, let go…banished. I no longer am able to have an audience with my goddess Mina. I think about her night and day and because of a drunken email tirade I no longer have the relationship that meant the most to me. I am lost without her but know that in my heart it is because of me and only me. I have lost the most important relationship I have ever known. I am rudderless and lost. I have reached out and apologized but I have insulted my goddess and there is no coming back. I dream about her quite frequently. I will share a recent episode. I woke up so hard I thought it would rip out of my skin. I love her and miss her and I am going through a withdrawal that is utterly profound. I am heartsick.

Let me set the picture. I am in her lair, my forehead lying against the instep of her bare feet. It is a nice day and there is classical music on the speakers and the sun is pouring in through the windows. My goddess is dressed in a beautiful outfit a sexy blouse and short skirt. I can feel my breath getting ragged and short because I will soon be in the place that is my favorite in this universe under her wonderful and meaty soles. My goddess stands and walks around me. She uses her strong and muscular legs to position me on to my back. She has yet to say a word. I am breathless and anxious it’s only a matter of moments and I will be in nirvana, my home…under her feet her glorious feet.

My goddess steps over me as I lay on my back she sits and takes a deep breath. I see her toes come into my vision and they are spread for an attack. All at once the light in the room is blocked out. Her feet take their natural place over my lips and eyes. I sigh deeply and have never Bycasino known this satisfaction ever in my life. I am satisfied and at home my goddess begins to slide her feet around my face with expert precision. She is a true master and I am putty under her. She dances around my face as I breathe in short breaths. I am so excited I feel my cock about to burst through my pants. My goddess gets my nose to run long the underside of her toes and she tells me to sniff. I breathe in her odor and I am pushed to the brink. I can feel my cock drooling uncontrollably and I fear I may not be able to contain myself. She has me sniff the underside of both feet and captures my nose between her big toe and second toe. I have never wanted time to stand still before; I was praying it would now. I wanted to spend eternity right there. My goddess rubbed her feet on my face in a circular motion and did so with some force. She didn’t care if it hurt me or if I liked it. It made her feel good. That is why I was there.

My goddess asked me to sit up. She said “if you’re going to use your mouth to insult me, you are going to use it to please me do you understand?” I said anything you wish goddess. She had me open my mouth. She inserted the heel of her right foot forcefully. She told me to open my mouth wider or she would break my jaw and push it in. I opened as wide as I could and she told me to lick. I did so with love and with my eyes watering and struggling with intense jaw pain I bathed her beautiful rounded heels. I made sure to gently scrape her heels with my teeth to give her joy. When my jaw was about to give out she removed her heel and when I was relieved and joyful that I was out of pain she inserted her other heel for the same lengthy treatment. I struggled but gave her heels a proper loving with my tongue. My goddess put her right Bycasino giriş foot to my mouth and told me to open. She inserted her big toe and told me to suck. I did so with my cheeks withdrawing giving her adequate suction and pull. She moved her toe in and out of my willing mouth like a cock. I gave her toe head that would have made a pro blush. I did so with love and without the slightest bit of shame. I sucked all ten of her cocks lovingly and with care. I licked the balls of her feet like a pair of balls and lovingly washed them from heel to toes and back with my mouth. The taste and aroma was exquisite and I was in love with her. I was foot drunk, a full on foot addict for her feet. I was in an absolute trance.

Goddess stood up and faced away from me. She raised her skirt to reveal one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen. Classically beautiful, alabaster and perfect in shape and skin. Her bottom is flawless in every way a true ass man’s delight. She rubbed her ass on my face and moved it around my face to have my nose find its home in her crack. I was in heaven she told me to breathe her in. I did so fully. I was told to move my lips around her bottom softly; I traced every inch of her ass and would have done anything in the world for her. She told me to kiss it I did so she told me to use my tongue and I did so bathing every inch of her ass. I was told to lean in and lick her well. I did so without hesitation.

Goddess sat down and put her feet on my thighs. She told me to remove my pants she wanted me to perform for her. I did so quickly. For the record I have never been nude in front of her and I was embarrassed. My dick was like steel and I was drooling precum like a teenager. I was told to lie on my back and she put her feet around the base of my cock. She didn’t touch it but they were Bycasino güncel giriş there to push me over the edge. Her steely gaze met mine and she told me to pull my cock. She wanted to watch me cum. She wanted a tribute and my cum would be the payment. I began to pull my cock as tears filled my eyes. I was so happy to be there under her feet as I worked to cum for her. Her eyes were locked on mine. I was so close to losing it and she knew it. She moved one foot to my balls and the other to my face. With her toes spread over my nose she uttered the command I was waiting for…CUM! I came so hard I almost passed out. Ropes of cum came out of my cock like a roar. I have never had an orgasm like that my dick kept spitting. As the twitching died out my goddess nodded her approval for both the volume and intensity of my load.

As I laid there catching my breath I knew what was next. She moved her toes and feet around my deposit and she laughed like a kid jumping in a mud puddle. She covered both feet completely and told me to get ready. I had made this terrible filthy mess I was now going to clean it up. She brought the first foot to my face and the smell of my load with the mix of bleach musk and sweat made me recoil. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick with determination I wanted her to be proud of me. I worked at it as she moved her feet around to accommodate my effort. I continued till my job was complete. Her feet were a shimmery sight and clear of my mess. She then placed them on my face for me to understand my place. My senses were never more alive and I was never so happy…until I woke up. I was horrified by the realization it was a dream and that I was not in her presence as a matter of fact I was still banned. I looked down and saw that my cock was a rock and drooling precum I started to pull it with tears welling in my eyes. I came as I began to weep. I was never so far away from her. I was so lonely and missed her so much.

I am truly regretful and filled with pain. If you find a goddess like this in life don’t ever let her get away.

I will love her forever! My Goddess Mina!

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Muslim Lesbians In Toronto

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As Salam Alaikum, dear readers. May the Most High bless your path on this very day. My name is Mariam Alzahrani and I am a young Arab Muslim woman living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. I was born in the City of Dammam, somewhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but grew up in the United Kingdom. For the first few years of my life, Berkshire was my home. And then we left this wonderful place. That’s life, I guess.

In 1999, in the tenth summer of my life, my parents Mahmoud and Amina Alzahrani left the United Kingdom and moved to the City of Toronto, Ontario, and we’ve lived here ever since. Ontario is the most immigrant-friendly area of Canada. I am a proud Saudi-Canadian Muslim woman with one helluva story to share with you. The story of a Muslim lesbian trying to get by in a tough world. My story.

Does that surprise you? The fact that a Saudi Arabian Muslim woman living in Ontario identifies as a lesbian? It really shouldn’t. I am a pious Muslim woman who wears the hijab and prays five times a day, as required by the sacred rules of Islam, my religion. I go to the Masjid every Jummah or Friday, and pray fervently in the ladies corner of this sacred place. I am a proud Muslim, just want to make that abundantly clear.

I’m studying civil engineering at the University of Toronto, and hope to make an impact in the world of science someday. We need more Muslim women in the sciences. People seem to think that all Muslim women, especially the ones from Saudi Arabia, are passive and helpless. That is not the case, ladies and gentlemen. I am very much an empowered woman. There’s more than one way to be a strong woman, something I try to explain to white feminists time and again.

I believe that western feminists mean well, but they don’t understand women from other parts of the world. I am a Muslim woman and a feminist. They don’t get it. To them, because I wear the hijab, I am not a strong woman. To white feminists, a Muslim woman is a victim Bycasino of Islamic patriarchy. I wear the hijab by choice, not because anyone forces me.

Let me make certain things clear to you, dear reader. My father is a feeble old man who’s lived at home ever since his stroke, and my mother is stuck taking care of him. I don’t have any siblings. My parents depend on me financially. See? No strings on me, folks. I do what I want. Does that shock you? A Muslim woman who wears the hijab, leads a pious life, considers herself empowered and free, and answers only to the Most High? It really shouldn’t. Dear westerners, stop believing in stereotypes. Use Google to educate yourselves instead of making assumptions. It’s, um, free.

I’m really passionate about my civil engineering studies at the University of Toronto, but all work and no play makes me a dull gal. I am really thankful for the presence of Fatoumatta Ali in my life. I met the cute Somali gal while walking around the University of Toronto library, looking for a quiet spot to study. We just clicked, became friends, and sparks flew between us. Fatoumatta Ali and I have been together since.

Fatoumatta Ali and I are both Muslims, and we’re women-loving women, but we’re from very different worlds. Fatoumatta was born in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, to Somali immigrant parents. The gal has it all, beauty and brains. I love my brilliant and beautiful Fatoumatta, and can’t get enough of her. She did her undergrad in criminal justice at the University of Calgary and came to the University of Toronto’s prestigious Faculty of Law last year. I’m glad Fatoumatta Ali came to Toronto because my life honestly sucked without her.

I, Mariam Alzahrani, am proud to be Fatoumatta Ali’s girlfriend. When I see her, I always greet her joyfully with a kiss on the lips and a tight embrace. Lots of hijab-wearing Muslim women walk around together in Toronto but people assume they’re just friends, even Bycasino giriş though in a lot of instances, they’re lesbian couples hiding in plain sight. With Fatoumatta Ali, I don’t have to hide because, like me, she’s proud to be both a Muslim and a woman-loving woman. I don’t like the term lesbian. I find it outdated. Woman-loving woman is a better term, I think.

Labels such as gay, lesbian, bisexual or whatever are so politically charged and boring. As a Muslim woman, I find them too westernized and filled with way too many negative connotations. I am a servant of the Most High, and I am as the Creator made me. I am a woman who loves women. That does not mean I hate men. In fact, most of my friends are male. I’ve always gotten along better with men than with women. I think it’s because I’ve always been a die-hard tomboy, and most of my playmates were athletic young men. Of course, my fondness for males is not sexual or romantic in any way. I have always been sexually and emotionally attracted to other women. I’ve always known this about myself. I am what I am, I guess.

Last week, after Friday evening prayers at our favorite Masjid, Fatoumatta Ali and I went to the Eaton Center and ate some delicious Chinese food in the food court. Afterwards, we went to watch The Equalizer at the movie theater, and delighted in Denzel Washington’s performance. We went home, talking and laughing, holding hands while riding the train. Once we got home, Fatoumatta and I had some wonderful fun together.

A lot of people say that I’m a very bossy gal, and I think the fact that I am five feet eleven inches tall, not fat or thin but sturdy and curvy, and kind of outspoken, has a lot to do with it. I am a very submissive woman in the bedroom, though. Just ask Fatoumatta Ali. The five-foot-four, curvy and sexy, gorgeous dark-skinned hijab-wearing Somali sister is one of the bossiest women I know, whether in the bedroom or out of it. I really, really Bycasino güncel giriş like that about her.

My sweetie delighted me that night, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself thanks to Fatoumatta Ali’s sexy brand of domination and discipline. My Somali goddess introduced me to the pleasures of BDSM, and I’ve been addicted to them ever since. Fatoumatta laid me down on our bed, stark naked, and tied me up. Gently Fatoumatta kissed me, then licked my tits while fingering my hairy cunt. Oh yeah, I cried out happily as Fatoumatta worked on me.

Fatoumatta spread my thighs and licked my pussy hungrily, and I found myself moaning in pleasure and crying out her name. Love it when you’re helpless, Fatoumatta whispered, and then she whipped out her strap-on dildo and put it to good use. Translation? Fatoumatta fucked me silly, raising my bound legs in the air and pounding her strap-on dildo into my cunt as I screamed in ecstasy. Hard and fast we went at it, as is our custom.

After fucking me real hard for a while, Fatoumatta switched things up. The sexy Somali gal worked her fist into my asshole, after lubricating me good and proper and cleansing my rear end with an enema. I screamed loudly, and Fatoumatta smiled wickedly while fisting me. Anal fisting is something I really enjoy, but it is not the easiest thing in the world. It takes a lot of lubricant, and patience, and of course, the one thing that influences every human interaction, chemistry. Fatoumatta Ali and I definitely got chemistry, and the bossy Somali cutie made me how in sweet pleasure and agony as she fisted my asshole. This Fatoumatta did until I begged for mercy.

Much later, I lay in Fatoumatta Ali’s arms, with tears of joy on my face. You’re welcome my angel, Fatoumatta whispered into my ear. Gently she kissed me, then pulled the covers over the two of us. Just another night of fun in our little household. Couples like Fatoumatta Ali and I aren’t exactly rare out there. I strongly doubt we’re the only Muslim women who love other women in a big town like Toronto. We’re together, and we’re happy, and we are proud Muslims. We don’t apologize for being who we are. Live your life your way and we’ll live our lives our way. Peace be upon you.

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This story is somewhat false with some truths thrown in and is for your reading enjoyment!

My niece was separated from her father when she was a very little girl through a divorce. She never really got along with mother over the years of her growing up. She ran away from home several times and ended up living here on a couple of occasions. She had a hard time with following rules and eventually ran away from our home. By the time she was 15 years old she had gone to work and had her own apartment. Funny thing was that every time she needed something or just needed to talk our phone would ring and there would be Cindy.

Cindy grew up to be a beautiful girl. Tall, slim and always had a smile and big hug for me, Uncle Pete. She was an accomplished artist and at age 24 she decided to go back to school and pursue this field. She was accepted at very prestigious art school. Only the very best gets accepted here.

As time went on Cindy decided that it was time to find her father, whom she had not seen in some 22 years. Through the internet and with help of a friend she found him back in the old town where she was born. The only problem was he lived 3 days away and she had no way of getting there. That is where Uncle Pete comes in again.

I’m retired now and had time on my hands so Cindy asked if I would be interested in helping to track down her dad. Of course I said I would. The day we were to leave had arrived and with excited but cautious anticipation we set off on our journey.

We talked about everything from the weather, to wine and sex. We were both very open about everything, besides who was going to hear us. As it turned out both loved the same smooth jazz sound so that was not even a problem. We laughed and talked until night began to fall. Knowing Cindy didn’t have lot money I took upon myself to make her expenses was as low as possible. We checked into our motel for our first night.

Now Cindy has a great body, she came out the bathroom after changing in here pj’s. I wore just a pair of jogging shorts and ‘T’ shirt. She came around her bed and gave me one of her big hugs and gentle kiss on lips and said goodnight.

The next morning we were off again. Cindy was dressed in her usual tank top with a red bra underneath it to hold those pretty breasts of hers. Cindy is not large in that department but what she had were perfect. She likes to lean forward when she talks to you so I was enjoying the view and so was my dick. After awhile Cindy looked into my eyes and asked if I was enjoying the view to which I honestly Bycasino replied “very much so”. With giggle and peck on the cheek she sat back and continued to talk my ear off.

As night time grew again on the horizon we made plans to stop and get some dinner and place to stay the night. Cindy suggested we go see a movie before we turned in. After dinner we headed for the theater around the corner from our motel. The movie was ok but having Cindy leaning close by was even better. She gentle took my hand and held it then whispered it was like being on a date. She gently leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then rested her head on my shoulder. When the movie ended we walked hand in hand back to motel together.

Once in our room we got ready for bed. I was lying on my bed watching a little TV while Cindy had a shower and got ready for bed. She came back in the room with one towel around her and another one wrapped around her hair. She looked great dressed in only a towel.

“Your turn Uncle Pete.” As she walked by drying her hair

I remarked that I liked her outfit and she gave me a slap as I walked by for my shower. When I came out Cindy was lying on my bed still in her towel. I asked if she was going to wear that to bed.

“I think I just might” replied Cindy.

With that I sat on the edge of the bed a tried to watch the TV but was too distracted with view of my niece lying there with just a towel on.

“Uncle Pete could you rub my back for me? I think I have kink from all the driving we did today.”

“Sure honey” As I started to rub her back she threw the towel of on the floor!

Now I was looking at the greatest backside of all time. I suggested that it might be a good idea to cover her butt, but Cindy just said it would get in the way. Something else was getting my way right now. As I started to massage her shoulders and down the center of her back, Cindy just laid there and purred like a kitten.

As reach the small of back she said “Right there.”

I turn a little bit to get an easier grip on her back and got a better view of her ass and those bald pussy lips.

The lips were starting to become wet. She was really enjoying this back rub. As moved lower, Cindy asked if I would mind doing her legs too. Of course what was I going to say? I turned and got fully on the bed and continue the massage. Now everything was in full view. As worked my way up her legs I gently rubbed against her now very wet pussy lips. Cindy was now moaning in low purring sound. I didn’t move my hand Bycasino giriş away but instead continue to slowly rub up down her lips. Cindy began to rock her butt back towards me and she had now buried her face in the pillow she had under her. I gently leaned forward and started to lick her wet lips. This sent her flying!

She rose up on her knees and pushed back into my face as my tongue entered her. My fingers were busy with her clit and Cindy was about to blow. She shook and trembled as her orgasm over took her. By this time I was ready to blow too. My cock was frothing and the front of my jogging shorts was wet with pre-cum.

As Cindy settled down after her orgasm I continued to lick her from her little rosebud asshole to pussy lips.

“Enough Uncle Pete! I need a rest.” Cindy moaned.

With that she turned over to lie on her back. Her cute titties rose and fell as breathing started to return to normal. She reached up and pulled me to her as her lips met mine. This was not a niece and uncle kiss. It was full open mouth and tongue kiss. Cindy ran her hand down my front and into my shorts grabbing hold of my throbbing cock.

“Better be careful. It might go off if you keep that up.” I said.

She kissed me once more and slowly kissed her way down to take off my shorts. Cindy then lay between my legs and proceeded to slowly stroke and lick my cock. Her tongue was hot and wet and I knew I was not going to last long. Cindy knew that to as my cock was throbbing in her hand. She just popped it in her mouth and started sucking for all it was worth. I erupted in less than a minute and my cum poured down her throat. Cindy never stopped suck or swallowing until I was dry.

Cindy made sure that I was done and then crawled back up and laid down next to me. We fell asleep on top of the covers, snuggled together.

Around 2:00 am I felt something warm on my cock. As I opened my eyes I found Cindy lazily sucking on my cock again.

I looked into her eyes and said “Come, get on and let’s go for ride”.

She slowly crawled up and inserted my cock into the tightest pussy I have ever felt. Cindy slowly pushed down until there was nothing left to go in. She proceeded ride me to another orgasm. I lasted much longer this time and enjoyed every minute of it.

We took off the next morning after fucking our brains out in shower and we were now behind our schedule by four hours. It didn’t matter much to us as her father had no idea we were coming. We stop a couple times to sight see and have a quick Bycasino güncel giriş blowjob and Cindy loved getting her pussy licked on the hood of car in a rest stop. Lucky for us no one saw us.

We finally arrived at our destination late that night. After diner and showering together Cindy decided to call her dad and let him know he still had a daughter. She talked to him for about an hour. When she finally hung she looked at me and jumped me on the bed. As she was not wearing anything but a towel it didn’t take long to get naked. I slow rubbed her back and her great butt for awhile. When I couldn’t take it anymore I just went down on her. Since this is her favorite it didn’t take long her to cum again.

I rolled her over on stomach and had her get up on her knees.

“Uncle Pete you devil you like to fuck me anyway you can don’t you?”

“Oh yeah and tonight we are going try something new sweetie”

I then entered her from behind, sliding deep into pussy. As I slowly pumped from behind, using my thumb I started to play with her little rosebud. Rubbing it at first then entering slowly to first knuckle. Her head jerk up and she turn her face to me with a grin.

“Going to try some backdoor Uncle Pete? I have never had anything in that hole so you had better be gentle back there.”

I continued to push my thumb in and out a little to get her use to it. I then pulled out and inserted a finger and worked it around. The second and the third finger followed. Cindy was moaning and shaking her butt to new feeling.

I had been slowly fucking her from behind and she was really wet. I pulled out her pussy with ‘pop’ and started to insert my throbbing cock into her anal passage.

“Go slow and let me get use to it.” Cindy moaned.

That I did. After what seemed like an hour I was buried balls deep in her ass. I start to fuck her ass with long slow strokes until she started to slam back into me on each down stroke. I played with her clit until she took over and I just grabbed two handfuls of ass cheeks and held on.

After about ten minutes my balls started tighten up and I was ready to blow a load deep in Cindy’s ass.

“Uncle Pete is going to cum in your ass sweetie”

Cindy had been rubbing her clit and was ready to cum too.

“Oh yeah come in my ass. I’m cumming too Uncle Pete!!”

With that I let go with one of most powerful cum’s I have ever had. Cindy was screaming loud enough to wake the dead.

I laid across Cindy’s back and both of us came down from her first ass fuck. It was off to shower again. After another slow blowjob and pussy licking to was off to bed. God I love this gal.

Well Cindy met with her dad and they have become good friends again. If dad only knew that Uncle Pete had tasted his daughter charms or maybe he does……

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As We Collide

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You get dropped off in a limousine wearing a sheer white dress. Before you is an idyllic setting. There is one table with a white table cloth laid out on it. On the table lay one note, propped up with your name on it. And Behind it lay three small bowls. To the right of the bowls lay a spoon and on the bench there is a pad. Each bowl

is filled with a different item in it. There appear to be strawberries in one, although the other two look a dark red or purple and a white creamy substance of some kind.

Behind this picnic table there is a small pond that looks like it is part of a small cove. At the back of the cove is a very tall rock wall and cliffs above them. In the center of the rock wall there is a small waterfall coming from above. The water is coming down to drench a person but not enough to harm someone were they under it. There seems to be some clouds in the sky broken up by blue patches, and it is misting everywhere. The mist falls on your white summer dress and no longer hides your soft curves. As it gets wet from the mist it hangs from your body and

clinging around your waist and butt. It quickly becomes obvious that you aren’t wearing any underwear.

You sit down at the table and see the word read me right next to your name on the envelope with the note inside. You feel a little like Alice in Wonderland, curious as to what you have gotten yourself into. As you open the letter a strong musky scent reaches your nose. It’s obviously cologne but there seems to be more to it. The effect is intoxicating as you get a little light headed. You let the paper slide into your hands from the envelope. There turns out to be 4 sheets of paper. One of the pieces of paper has INSTRUCTIONS in big bold letters typed on it. You turn to that letter as your eyes are drawn to three words written on the paper. The first word is Sweet, the Second is Savory, and the third is Sensual.

You begin to read the note:

“Welcome lover,” it begins. “Welcome lover to my fantasy. When I think of you, I think of you in three ways. The first way is sweet. Your kind, friendly caring nature touches me. The second way I call Savory (Spicy). Just the very thought of you sends shivers down my spine, wanting to touch you. And you are playful in the best sort of way. You bring flavor to life and all around you. The final flavor is Sensual. I enjoy you in every sense: taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing and thought. The three bowls in front of you represent each of those visions. The first bowl is fresh strawberries, the second bowl is filled with Syrah a rich red wine, and the final bowl is filled with heavy whipped cream. I want you to feel what I feel every time I am with you. Take the spoon right next to the note and scoop out the top of one of the strawberries. Put the strawberry in the syrah and let it soak in there until the strawberry is filled with the wine. Finally, take a spoonful of cream and put it on top. Put the whole strawberry in your mouth all at once.”

You follow the instructions and put the strawberry in your mouth. The strong spicy wine combined with the sweet strawberry and the luscious whipped cream overwhelms your senses. All at once you are feeling tingles up and down your spine and warmth that spreads down your body. It goes all the way down to your soft glistening wet pussy. Your nipples become erect and press up against the top of your dress. You begin to shudder with pleasure. Then you remember that the note is not finished and a tingle and warmth fill you as you pick up the note to continue.

“I love how you shudder in ecstasy.” You put down the note to look around knowing deep down that someone is watching, knowing that someone is me, getting wet thinking about how well I know you.

You continue on, “Follow each instruction to the letter and pleasure awaits. Begin with the wine note, follow it with the cream note, and end it with the strawberry note. But before you begin, take off your dress.”

The words pleasure awaits begin to reverberate inside you as you slowly slide out of your dress. You are thankful for the forethought of a nice pad to sit on at the table and then get an erotic charge knowing that I knew you would wear no underwear. The mist now runs down your soft flesh. You begin to feel as wet inside as you are Bycasino out.

You pick up the note that reads wine. The wine note does not appear to have much written on it. It says please go under the table and find the wine and wine opener. Open up the bottle of wine. It is the same wine that you just drank There is just enough for a glass in there, although there isn’t any here. So you must drink it all down with your mouth on the bottle. It seemed a little crazy at first but you do it. And as you do it some spills down your mouth and all down your body. You begin to realize that licking you all over might be part of my plan. You get even wetter thinking about it.

The wine drips down your nipples and its warmth turns you on as it drips down your body. You warm up inside as well as out, and your pussy gets very very wet. You now smell of warm sweet wine mixed with the perfume you wore there. You then reach over for the second note with whipped cream. It says to take the cream out with your hands and spread it all down by your hot pussy. Be sure to lather it all over it as it’s a bit misty now and I want to be able to taste it on you and not watery cream.

You take a large clump of cream and lather it over pussy. . It feels soft against your flesh. You almost wish that I was taking it and rubbing it all over your body. You lick the cream from your fingers and pick up the final note. It says, how do you like the cream? I knew you would. Now stand up and pick up the seat cover. Underneath it is a blindfold. Take it and cover your eyes. Make sure you have your strawberries on your lap easily accessible to what comes next, which is sliding the strawberries in and out of your hot wet pussy. It is wet by now isn’t it? You nod

without even meaning to.

After the blindfold goes on you pick up the strawberries. Part of you is surprised to find how easily the strawberries go in and out of your pussy, and another part of you is surprised at how big the strawberries I picked out are… you actually feel very turned on when all of a sudden you feel a presence next to you .. First sticks crunching and then breathing, and then warmth along your skin without even touching.

You know I am there right next to you. But don’t stop sliding the strawberry inside and out of you for fear I will run away. Your body jumps with excitement and wetness as my hand touches yours grabbing the strawberries from your fingers.

You audibly moan in excitement, anticipating what I am going to do next. I lick your lips, and slide the strawberries inside you and a little finger as well, and pulling them all the way back out, you can hear me licking and eating the strawberry with a little cream that came off as it was being pushed into your wet pussy. I let you lick the juice off of my fingers.

I slowly start to lick the edges of your wet pussy as it’s a mingling of the cream, the strawberry juice and your own sweet juice. I clean off all of the cream and juice with my tongue, occasionally sliding my tongue all the way inside you as I make sure to get off all of the cream. You taste so sweet salty and a little creamy with every lick. Just as I finish licking off all the cream I begin to suck your clit into my mouth. You spasm slightly as the electric shock of my tongue hits you and sends a jolt down your spine. And just as you start to relax and enjoy the feeling of your clit in my mouth, I slide a couple of fingers inside you, slowly at first. I find that there is still strawberry juice coming out of you a little as my fingers have a little red coloring to them as they go in and out of your soft moist pussy.

The thrusting, in and out, in and out as my tongue begins to flick all over your clit. Every action that I do is intensified by the fact that you can’t see what I am going to do next. I can feel your orgasm building up inside you and I start to slow down how fast my fingers are moving inside you. You moan a little as your body just wants more and more. You can feel the orgasm coming and the delicious torture I am applying to you. You are ready to cum. My tongue continues to lick wildly at your clit and then applies some pressure on it as I pull my fingers from your pussy.

You feel a little disappointed until you realize my hand is moving up to your Bycasino giriş clit to continue to massage it and my tongue is beginning to slide into your pussy again, faster and harder inside you. The image of my tongue sliding in and out of you in your mind is such a turn on, and you are turned on even more knowing that I want you to cum in my mouth.

I want to feel your juices run down my face as I slide the tongue in and out. My fingers rubbing so fast over your clit, faster and faster the run and you can feel the orgasm coming again… faster, my tongue goes into you harder and harder. You are beginning to feel your body lose control on the bench as the spasm in your wet pussy is clenching around my tongue. Faster and harder your heart is going wild. Little beads of sweat begin to drip down your body as your body is a fire that is about to explode. Wildly my tongue thrusts in you as your feel yourself finally reach your climax.

“AAHHHHHHHHH, I’m commmminnnngg,” escapes your lips in wild abandonment.

Your pussy spasm over and over again as juice from it flies into my mouth and down my tongue. A wry smile escapes my lips as I just love the taste of you, luxuriating in the sensuousness of the moment I caress your body while you are on the bench, almost trying to cool you down, but the feel begins to send electric shocks up and down your body as you crave more and more. I lift you up from the bench, and put my hands around your cheeks as I pull your ear to my mouth.

“That was so sweet of you,” I say, with the intended double meaning fully clear. “I am not taking the blindfold off just yet.” I tell you this as a finger slides into your pussy one last time, just to make sure I have gotten every bit of juice I can. I lick my finger and enjoy the juices from your last cum. There is intensity about your face as you wonder what is going to happen next. I grab your hand and put it into my arm.

“Follow me,” I say as you begin to follow in my footsteps.

You are a bit nervous and hesitant, but knowing that more pleasure is coming, deep down in your heart you know that you would follow me anywhere. You realize that we are walking at a slight decline when you feel your foot touch water. Another moan escapes your lips as you hear the waterfall getting closer and closer. All your senses are heightened, not just from the lack of being able to see, but from cumming just a few moments earlier.

As you make each step into the water and the water level rises it balances the heat within your body. It’s not the ice cold water, but a kind of cool soothing water that the pool is made of. The sand beneath your feet is extremely soft with only

the smoothest of stones mixed with the sand so that you don’t feel in danger of hurting yourself. When we finally come to a stop you can feel the water just barely touching your pussy.

“Reach out your hand,” I tell you, and you begin to feel water pouring down from up above. Even though you could sense the waterfall getting louder, you didn’t realize that you were this close. The mist from the air hid the natural mist from the waterfall. I begin to nibble at your ear, and press my body up against yours. You realize that I am fully naked now with you. You weren’t sure when or if I was ever

wearing any clothing, but now you know for a fact that I am not as the head of my cock begins to press up against the lips of your wet pussy from behind. You begin to moan again as you can feel yourself getting so wet inside. And even though you are in the water you know that your juices are going to be flowing into that water very soon.

I move up to your ear and whisper, “you are the most amazing woman. I am going to take the fold off now.”

Even though you have loved every minute of this so far, there is an excitement in the air as you can feel my hands behind your head sliding the blindfold off. It’s as if you are coming out of a tunnel and you can see yourself in the light again. Your

eyes are slowly readjusting to all the surroundings, and they are beautiful, when you feel the head of my cock slide into your wet pussy.

“AHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMM,” you moan as you can feel my cock slide all the way inside you.

The mist of the waterfall is all around you and you notice Bycasino güncel giriş that the skies have turned a bright blue as the clouds have begun to roll away. The mist makes it looks like there are all sorts of rainbows around you filling your whole vision with color as I begin to bend you down slightly in order to fit my cock all the way inside your pussy. I thrust into you again and again. All your senses being turned on so greatly that you begin to come again with barely a few thrusts inside you, your pussy

clenching tightly around my cock. You hear me moan and that turns you on even more. Thrusting again and again, you begin to feel my cock expanding inside you and pulsating inside you. You can feel the beat of my heart resonating in your

thoroughly soaked pussy. Juices are running down your thigh and right into the water as I continue to thrust with abandon.

Growing a little more daring, and a little more confident you pull my cock out of your pussy from behind. You make sure that your pussy is constantly clenching at my cock as you know this is driving me wild. The tables have been turned somewhat. You pull me back underneath the waterfall and behind it as water rushes down my body drenching me and yet turning me on even more. You can see my cock dance in the air, as it seeks to find your pussy around it again. Not wanting to let the moment go, and yet knowing that your pussy is spasming needing to feel me inside you again you half jump into my arms with your legs wrapped around me. Somehow you end up sliding down slightly and my cock slides right into your pussy.

A deep moan escapes your lips as my hands cradle your ass to make sure that we can rock and grind against each other without you falling off. You begin to bob up and down on my cock with your glistening pussy. The vision surrounding you is dark and mysterious and the water a bright color as the sun strikes down on it. The water and your moans echo off the walls of the cliff as you continue to bob up and down on my cock. . I begin to moan loudly.

“AAAHHHHH . . . MMMMMMMM you are so very hot,” I shout as the echo of it all turns you on even more.

Your pussy begins to spasm and clench again and again knowing you are ready for another orgasm. I thrust into you again and again, and our bodies would be full of sweat were in not for the cool water raining down next to us and covering us in a wet mist. Our bodies glisten as I continue to thrust up into you again and again and you grind against my cock. We both moan together as your pussy spasms again and again and you begin to notice the head of my cock begin to expand and twitch inside you, letting you know that we are both on the verge of cumming together. I thrust again and again, harder and faster as our bodies grind into each other… again, harder, faster you feel it building, pulsating inside you, thrusting inside you… faster, harder, and we are wildly bucking into each other when you hear me make the loudest scream. It turns you on so much that you feel yourself begin to explode as your juices run down my hot cock. The explosion inside your pussy with all the spasming and clenching of my cock causes a big explosion in me I cum so very deep inside you as you can feel both of our juices running down your legs and the length of my cock.

“MMMMMMMMMMM,” we both moan as I slowly slide you down my body and off of my cock.

Resistant to let it go, I can see pouty lips come across your face. You are wanting more and more, and yet you know that your body is spent, for the time being. We both slide under the cool water and around the waterfall loving the feel of the waters cool pool around our bodies as we take the time to clean off everything in the water. We are playful and loving of each other, and just enjoying the wondrous surroundings.

You feel me grab your hand and you look into my eyes, with tenderness. A tear escapes your eyes as you have enjoyed the passion the intensity of it all. That tear warms my heart as we walk together to the waters edge to get our clothing and leave this idyllic scene. Our hearts never wanting to leave there but knowing gratefully that we would definitely be coming back to this place again and again, to experience more of each other. You cuddle up into my arms naked after we walk out of the water as I caress your butt and sides.

You pull my ear down to your lips and whisper,” next time, it’s my turn,” as you pull away and wink at me and walk away.

My cock jumps as I whisper underneath my breath, “I can’t wait.”

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How I Became a Cock Whore

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My heart raced and my nostrils flared as I stood wide eyed and nervous before them. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air and my mouth watered. My eyes were affixed to the spectacle before me and I slowly lifted my shirt over my head. My hands trembled as I nervously fumbled with my pants pushing them, and my underwear, down my strong muscular legs allowing my hard cock to spring free announcing my eager excitement to them all.

“Nice,” one of them said with a bright knowing smile. His tone and the approving look in his dark eyes sent a shiver down my spine.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I’d never been with a man, much less three, in a sexual way before but I’d fantasized about touching and sucking cock since a beautiful, open minded woman had opened my eyes to the eroticism of male bisexuality. Like most men I had long espoused the beauty of female bisexuality but until her I’d never considered male bisexuality an option.

“Thanks,” I said sheepishly as my eyes moved from one well-built man to the next. I’d met them downtown at a gay bar which I’d gone to unknowingly. When I’d realized what it was I began to consider that I might take advantage of my error and maybe make my fantasy a reality.

I knelt before them as they sat side by side, naked and ready, on the couch. I couldn’t decide which cock I wanted first but I moved to my left and grabbed the smallest cock in the room first. It was above average in length and girth and I was shocked at how warm it felt. It was much different than touching my own erection and the smooth flesh silently beckoned me closer.

I gazed into his warm friendly eyes and slowly ran my tongue up the underside of his granite shaft. He was a good looking man, almost pretty in fact, with a muscular and hairless body that looked like it had been torn from the pages of Men’s Health magazine.

He sighed softly and I opened my mouth as I reached the tip of his circumcised dick. The salty flavor of precum and sweat danced on my tongue and my cheeks bowed inward from the suction as I sealed my lips around his shaft and savored the taste and feel of my first cock. I knew in an instant that I was hooked and a low, guttural moan rose from my chest as I eased him deeper. I’d occasionally practiced sucking my wife’s big black dildo and I’d secretly become adept at taking it to the hilt. His cock was smaller than her toy and my lips reached the root of his delicious tool with relative ease.

His hands clutched at my head and his breathing quickened. My head bobbed and I pressed my tongue against the underside of his shaft. Saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth and I felt his legs tremble.

His body tensed and he grunted softly as his balls tightened and his cock grew momentarily bigger in my mouth. I felt his cum surge through the shaft and he erupted violently in my mouth filling my cheeks with his warm thick cream.

I swallowed quickly, trying hard not to lose any of his delicious treat but several drops spilled from my lips and I scooped them into my mouth with my fingers and smiled brightly as I moved on to the next guy.

He was bigger, broader and more manly than the first guy. His taut athletic body was covered with a layer of downy fur but his cock and balls were neatly groomed and for that I was grateful. I’d been drawn to hairless men since I’d first acknowledged my bisexuality but I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t hot as fuck. His cock, though the same length as Bycasino the first guy’s, was extremely thick and I had to stretch my lips to circle the unclipped head.

His cock tasted different too. It was more earthy and visceral but no less enjoyable and I sucked and slurped noisily for several long minutes until my jaw ached. I released his dick from my lips and lapped at the frenulum making him moan and squirm in his seat. His breathing labored and I felt his pulse quicken through his throbbing cock.

My fingers closed around his saliva slickened shaft and I sucked hard on the tip as my free hand teased his soft heavy balls.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned in a deep masculine voice. He grabbed hold of my head and pushed his cock deep. The fat bulbous tip filled my throat and I felt ribbons of cum pump into my gullet.

Tears streamed down my cheeks and my nose watered as I released his fat, spent dick from my hungry mouth. I felt ravenous and randy. My hands were shaking with excitement when I moved between the third and final guy. He had a strong muscular physique and a big beautiful cock. It looked enormous with a long straight shaft and a pretty pink head that glistened from a generous coating of clear viscous precum.

My mouth watered profusely and I gripped his shaft with both hands. My tongue slithered from between my eager lips and I dragged it up and down his shaft several time as I looked into his warm pretty blue eyes. I felt an odd, unfamiliar connection with him and it drove me to a place I’d theretofore never dreamed of going with a man. He had been the one who had approached me in the bar. He was cocksure and confident but his tone and mannerisms were comforting and disarming. He had an easy way about him but there was a subtle undertone that made it clear that he was used to getting what he wanted and that was me. But it went beyond that. He was strong and dominant and while I was a typical alpha male in everyday life I had long craved the freedom of being truly sexually submissive to someone. My fantasies, which included the bisexual ones, centered around a strong dominant woman who would coerce me into the bisex lifestyle. I’d never before considered submitting to a man but at that moment I was his for the taking and we both knew it.

I buried my face between his thick powerful legs and planted soft butterfly kisses over his smooth shaved flesh. The fresh intoxicating scent of his natural musk engulfed me and I breathed deep, drawing it into my lungs. My hands moved up his taut thighs and I slid lower, taking his big balls into my mouth.

I sucked gently on his soft warm orbs, letting my tongue swirl around them as I stroked and squeezed his long, thick shaft.

He moved to the edge of his seat giving me better access to his nether regions and I released his balls from my lips and dragged my tongue across his taint. He moaned in a low velvety tone and I shuddered with wanton desire.

I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and spread his cheeks. He was, thankfully, fresh and clean and I pushed the tip of my tongue against his tight rubbery sphincter making him groan and squirm. My hand continued to work his gorgeous cock while I surrendered to something raw and primal inside of me. I was vaguely aware of my hard dick bouncing between my legs but every ounce of my energy was focused on pleasing him.

He sighed and moaned. Every sound from his elicited a visceral response from me. I read his reactions Bycasino giriş and reacted accordingly. He was the puppet master and I was his muse.

I kissed his thighs and nuzzled his balls. My fingers raked down his legs and I popped up between them and rubbed my lips up his shaft. I looked back into his eyes and felt a flutter in my belly. My lips opened and I moaned deep and loud as his cock slipped between my lips. He tasted great and I sucked hard drawing precum from his cock like a milkshake from a straw.

His hand rested on my head and he guided me down his shaft until it filled my throat and I gagged. He was bigger than my wife’s black beauty dildo. I had laughed when we bought it because she had insisted that it was the size and shape rather than the color which appealed to her. She had, to the best of my knowledge, never been with a black man but I suspected that she was intrigued by the thought.

Tears again streamed down my cheeks as I fought hard not to choke on his big delicious cock. My head bobbed and my hands worked their magic on his shaft and balls. I loved the feel and taste of his cock and I savored every nuance and I sucked and slurped noisily on it.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he said firmly. It wasn’t a request. He wasn’t asking, he was telling and that excited the hell out of me.

“Please,” I groaned wantonly. I’d never imagined being fucked by a man. My homoerotic fantasies had theretofore been oral-centric but I could think of nothing hotter than surrendering my anal virginity to him.

I continued sucking and slobbering on his manhood for several more minutes covering every inch of it with slippery spittle before he guided me off his tool and bent me over the edge of the sofa. The other two, clearly versatile, were in a 69 on the floor. Their slurps and grunts created and erotic soundtrack as he poured lube down the crack of my ass.

His thick fingers plunged into my ass, stretching my sphincter and sending jolts of pleasure and pain through my body. I felt an incredibly pleasurable pressure each time his fingers stroked my prostate and I panted and moaned like a bitch in heat.

He added a third digit to his anal assault and I groaned as a sharp pang of pleasure and pain threatened to buckle my knees. I was breathing heavy and I felt the familiar spiral of a building climax deep in my loins. It was simultaneously familiar yet different from every previous climax and I looked back at him over my shoulder with a ravenous hunger in my eyes.

“Fuck me please,” I moaned. My voice was so thick with lust that it sounded foreign to me and my bottom lips trembled with wanton desire.

He flashed a confident grin and aimed his slick, lubricated dick at my gaping asshole. I figured his fingers had prepared me for his huge dick but I was wrong.

The flared tip of his cock ripped me apart and my knees quivered. He grabbed my hips, holding me steady, and slowly fed inch after inch of his warm throbbing manhood into my depths until he was at long last balls deep inside me.

He backed out with agonizing slowness, leaving just the tip inside me and then thrust hard and deep. I winced in pain and he slapped my ass hard making my head spin. I couldn’t believe what was happening nor how good it felt. Even the pain felt good and he fell into a steady rhythm letting my body respond to his hard deep thrusts.

The sound of slapping flesh rang in my ears and my grunts Bycasino güncel giriş became urgent and pleading. They mixed with the moans and wet slurping sounds from the other guys to create a symphony of sexual music which filled the room.

I felt myself fast approaching the point of no return and I worried that I might cum before him.

“May I cum Sir?” I asked obediently. My head was spinning and I tried desperately to stem the tide of my building climax. My breathing labored and my eyes closed tight.

“If you cum before me I will punish you,” he replied in a firm unyielding tone. I knew he was serious and I fought even harder to quell my growing excitement.

His cock pistoned into my depths like a jackhammer and I heard his breathing deepen. He was close too and I squeezed my ass, milking his cock as we both built to our respective crescendos.

He buried his cock inside me and it grew bigger and harder as cum pumped from his balls. Hot cum splashed into my bowels and he grunted and groaned like an angry boar before resuming his powerful thrusts.

My eyes rolled back and cum erupted from my cock onto the floor. My knees buckled and I slumped forward as he ravaged my asshole for several more moments until his spent rod slipped from my ass. I felt his seed ooze from my butt and a momentary wave of remorse washed over me once my pre-orgasm bliss was replaced the post vlimax doldrums.

The remorse was short lived as I rolled onto the couch and watched the other guys continue to play. The hairy athletic guy was kneeling over the more effeminate one with his dick up his ass as the bottom lay on his back and stroked his dick. I’d never watched two people fucking before, hetero or homo, and it was an incredibly erotic sight.

My balls were empty and my cock was spent but my eyes were glued to them. They moved with a combination of fluid grace and raw power and I instinctively rubbed my dick while they fucked.

I heard the Dom return and he sat beside me. He had washed his dick and freshened up and I reached over with my free hand and cupped his warm package as I continued to watch the show.

“They will both take your ass before you leave,” he whispered firmly. He placed his hand on my shoulder and guided me down onto my knees between his legs. He nodded at them and then smiled as I nuzzled his big flaccid cock. He hung an easy six inches soft and I took him into my mouth as the hairless guy moved behind me.

His cock slid easily into my cum filled rectum and he pounded me hard and fast from behind while the hairy guy left the room. My head rested on the Dom’s lap and his cock slowly grew hard in my mouth.

I heard the pretty guy grunt and he deposited a fresh load into my ass while I sucked eagerly on my Sir’s big dick. He pulled his spent dick from my ass and the manly guy took his place, fucking me hard and emptying his balls inside me.

I sucked hard on Sir’s cock until he rewarded me with a fresh batch of his thick seed and I eagerly swallowed it all. The taste of his cum was fresh on my lips and three loads of man butter oozed from my well fucked ass as I dressed and Sir led me to the door.

It was a short cab ride from their apartment to my hotel during which I looked at his number in my phone and pondered my future. I was no longer bicurious, having satisfied my curiosity and I was sure that I was bisexual, though who cared about labels. I still felt that I preferred women. They were prettier to look at. They smelled and tasted better but there was certainly something erotic and appealing about a hard bodied well hung man and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last time I sucked cock and hopefully not the last time that Sir fucked me.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Gigi was a flirt. Her flirtations had cost her two marriages when the targets of her flirtations took them seriously and she had ended up in bed with them.

She had convinced herself that she had not minded the divorces even as she admitted to herself that the fucks had been pedestrian at best. In truth she very much regretted losing her second husband and if pressed would have admitted to have loved him. Nobody pressed her on that.

She was forty-two years old but still had the body and the looks to attract anyone she wanted. She had been divorced for over fifteen years now and her flirtations were more subdued, at least until she noticed she was horny then it was full steam ahead. In the previous fifteen years none of her affairs had made it past the three-week mark and most did not make it past a weekend.

At her sexual peak she rued the fact that she seldom got laid. She had not admitted it to herself but she simply had lost interest. A long succession of disappointments had her sex life on hold.

All in all she had become comparably well behaved, probably because no one had pushed her to be otherwise.

Her daughter Glenda however had now become famous for her own scandalous behavior. She had volunteered for gangbangs, fucked on dares, had been arrested for public nudity.

She had somehow attracted the love of a very fine man and he had asked her to marry him. Her daughter did not love him but accepted thinking that he was a good enough to be her husband and take care of her.

He was so taken with her that he did to heed any of the warning signs. He treated Glenda like a lady even though there were obvious signs she was not.

Exactly one month before he had heard rumors that she had fucked three guys at a wedding shower thrown by her best friend. He had gone to her apartment the next morning to give her the opportunity to deny it. In his mind he had already accepted whatever story Glenda told him.

Instead he found her fucking one guy in her bed while another slept on her sofa, nude.

He went to her and took off her engagement ring while she was still fucking the guy. She looked surprised by his action but never made a move to stop the fuck. The guy fucking her barely noticed his presence, likely assuming he was just the next in line.

Two weeks later Glenda apparently decided that she had made a grave error and had spent three weeks trying to talk to him. He had not answered her calls and denied her entry into his house. When she persisted he moved into an extended stay hotel and had his house fumigated. She got the message after that.

A month had passed since then and Gigi had been talked into interceding for her daughter. She was a bit surprised he had allowed her into his home since he knew why Gigi was there. However they had always had a cordial relationship. Her daughter knew that he would talk to her mother.

His name was Ted and Bycasino he was handsome and polite. Gigi had always thought her daughter needed to do her best to hang on to him.

At twenty-seven he was five years older than her daughter and conservative in bearing. He was a section manager at a large advertising agency and made a good living.

“As you probably know I am here on behalf of my daughter. She wants you to give her a second chance,” Gigi said to Ted.

Ted said, “Sorry, no. It is clear she has no respect for me. If I give her another chance all it would do is convince her I do not deserve her respect.

You would be shocked at the things I am hearing about her now that my friends are not worried about my learning the truth about her from them.”

Gigi nodded and told him she probably knew even more stories about her daughter than he had heard.

Gigi admitted she was well beyond being shocked by her daughter’s behavior.

Ted suddenly apologized for his lack of manners and brought out some wine and cheese for her. As he stood next to her and poured the wine she glanced at the crotch of his gym shorts and saw a clear outline of his cock. “Nice,” she thought to herself. “Stupid kid. She gave that up too.”

She took a second and third look at Ted and said, “You know, I have always known my daughter was wild and reckless but it never occurred to me she was stupid until she drove you away.

To tell you the truth I am not convinced she understands that you were the best thing that ever happened to her, to us.”

“Thanks, that is kind of you. I just wish she was more like you.”

Gigi said, “Ouch. The truth is there is a lot of me in her when I was her age. She is wilder and less discriminating than I ever was but I can assure you there are people in this town that can tell you some very embarrassing stories about me.”

By the time Gigi and Ted had finished off the bottle of wine she had related to Ted some of her earlier adventures and even though they were quite salacious they paled in comparison to what her daughter had done in just the previous three months.

Ted surprised her by admitting that her daughter had talked him into having sex in some very risky places, some of which were the same places Gigi had mentioned in some of her stories. They were laughing at anything by then so Ted opened a second bottle of wine.

When Ted stood up Gigi noticed that their conversation had given him a partial erection. Without thinking things through she asked to use his bathroom and while there took off her bra and panties. When she returned to the living room she sat next to him on the sofa and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

“Thank you for not killing her,” Gigi said. “Under the circumstances you last saw her I admit I probably would have.

I am not surprised and do not blame you for deciding not to have anything to do with her. I Bycasino giriş will again tell her that she has made the biggest mistake of her life and there is no second chance. I am not as sad for her as I am for me, I liked having you around.”

“Hopefully that wont change,” Ted said as he gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Ted intended it to be a short sweet kiss to confirm his fondness of her. He expected Gigi to withdraw from the kiss soon.

She did not.

The kiss became more ardent and gathered strength until it was passionate, hungry. Gigi’s hand slid to his cock and gripped it as Ted’s’ hand found a breast. Before either one could put a stop to it she was straddling his hips and plunging her pussy over his cock. His hands went to her hips and a furious fuck was suddenly in full thrust.

Gigi was hoping that her daughter’s stories about Ted’s control were true, she wanted, she needed a big orgasm.

The stories were true and Gigi was soon suffering and enjoying her best orgasm in years. She slowed to a stop and kissed Ted lovingly. As the kiss ended she felt Ted’s cock jump inside her pussy. He had not cum.

Gigi slid to the floor and engulfed his cock into her mouth. Ted made the first sound she had heard from him, a deep moan.

She made love to his cock until she heard him grunt.

Gigi quickened her pace expecting to soon have a mouth full of cum. Instead Ted slid off the couch and maneuvered his body over hers. His cock did not need to be shown the way and he was soon fucking her with force.

In her mind Gigi saw it as his fuck, his reward for what he had given her. She wrapped her arms around him and encouraged him to take her, to cum in her.

Then she lost it.

What she believed was the biggest orgasm of her life burst into her and all she could manage was to hold on, and scream.

When her world regained focus she was covered in sweat. Ted’s cock was slowly withdrawing from her sopping wet pussy. He was kissing her neck.

For several minutes they just lay on the floor, learning to breathe again. Eventually Ted stood up and helped Gigi to her feet. Gently grasping her hand he led her to the shower and after adjusting the temperature they got in together. They kissed.

Gigi briefly wondered when they had become nude.

They each assisted in the washing. He was most impressed with her breasts, which had retained most of their firmness over the years.

The feel of his ass in her hands fascinated Gigi.

They were dry and in his bed before either spoke their first words since the kiss that wouldn’t end. In unison they each said to the other, “Thanks.”

A few giggles and chuckles later Ted confessed that he had wanted her from the time they met. That although he was soon in love with her daughter he had never managed to stop wanting her.

Gigi sighed and admitted to wanting him since she Bycasino güncel giriş met him.

They kissed softly and caressed each other. Twenty minutes later he had another erection.

“Apparently I have just now become a cougar,” Gigi said as she caressed his cock. “The recuperative powers of young guys are such a blessing.”

“Thank you but I am at the tail end of being young. This has been my shortest re-erection in a long while. I think you can take all the credit for that.”

“Me?’ asked Gigi. I do think I look OK for an old broad but my daughter and her two accomplices have the knockout bodies.

I believe you have seen all of all three.”

“Yes, I have. Yet yours is sexier, and I have proof.”

As soon as Ted said that he was over her and sinking his cock slowly, gently, into her pussy.

Gigi groaned and moved her hands to his ass.

Ted varied his pace from nearly frantic to full stop.

Gigi succumbed to a long series of orgasms, which were accompanied by loud groans.

Ted did indeed have great control and since he was on his second fuck inside an hour he was cruising.

After two orgasms in quick succession and a third particularly deep orgasm and groan engulfed Gigi she begged Ted to stop.

As soon as Ted was on his back Gigi slid down his body and began a no doubt about it blowjob. Ted allowed himself to let go and after a few minutes Gigi won the mouthful of cum she had worked for.

She slid up to him and kissed him, her usual test of her sex partner’s satisfaction with their sex. If they returned the kiss he was deserving of another time. If not it was a once and out.

She regretted doing it to Ted as soon as their lips met. She realized that if he did not like it she would be the one out of luck. He had just given her the top three orgasms she had ever remembered having and the last thing she wanted was to push him away.

He kissed her back. He allowed her tongue into his mouth but her tongue just barely touched his lips. He plunged his tongue deep into her mouth and caressed it.

Gigi did not quite hold back a sob.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yeah, you pretty much tenderized my pussy but that actually feels good. I apologize for being such a slut tonight but it has been a while, if ever, since anyone took me where you did. Thanks.”


Anytime?” she asked with a grin.

“Anytime,” he repeated with a soft kiss.

As they returned to the living room Gigi she saw her sundress draped over the back of the couch. Ted’s t-shirt was on the floor but neither could immediately find his gym shorts. He slipped on the shirt and she slipped on her dress.

As he walked her to the door Gigi wondered out loud what exactly was she was going to tell her daughter.

Ted said, “Tell her it’s too late, that I have already found someone else.”

He opened the door for Gigi but before she stepped out he scooped her into his arms and kissed her. She melted into him and her hands soon found his bare ass.

Ted ended the kiss and closed the door.

“How do you like your pizza?” he asked her as her dress hit the floor.

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Going Down Under Ch. 02

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As always an immense thank you to my editor, without whom my stories would never be accpted. Thank you my Love, you truly are awe inspiring!

Enjoy part 2!

Samantha led John into the shower room, her hand still wrapped around his hard cock. He could feel the exquisite softness of her palm on his shaft and his cock twitched every time she sashayed further into the bathroom. Her perfect ass moving in time with his twitching cock, his eyes locked onto her supple behind. With every second step she took he caught glimpses of her butt plug. His mind reeled with all they had done, and all that was going to happen. They had 2 weeks to explore each other’s bodies sexually while they were on vacation together.

Sam released John’s cock from her grip and reached to turn the shower on, teasing the taps so the water was hot but not scalding. Her ass on full display for John, her back bowed, and she turned her head to look over her shoulder at him. Sam was inviting him to explore her hungry ass, John didn’t hesitate. John dropped to his knees and Sam could feel him pushing his tongue deeply into her soaking cunt, her juices were running freely over his chin. He gripped the end of the butt plug and gently teased it in and out of her ass, making Sam gasp and moan with each tug.

“Oh sweets, pull it out baby, I want to feel your cock in my ass, not this toy,” she whimpered. Her tone or whimper made her sound like she was begging. Begging to be ass fucked.

John grunted into her sopping quim and slowly pulled the plug from her ass dripping in her juice. The combination of having the plug pulled from her tight little asshole and John’s tongue buried deep in her pussy was too much and Sam came hard on his face. John had a hard time keeping all of the juices that squirted unexpectedly from her in his mouth. He gulped and lapped at her cunt like a thirsty dog.

The plug was out by the time Sam calmed down, but John didn’t give her much of a break. Within seconds he was rimming her ass, flicking his pussy coated tongue against her tight hole. He then pushed his tongue into her tight ass, deeper each time, knowing this would make her squeal. He was right!

Sam loved the attention he paid to her ass, gasping when she felt two of his fingers push into her pussy, then being withdrawn and pushed up against her tightest hole. Slick with her cunt juice his fingers slid inside her ass easily, deeper and deeper each time he pushed them home. Sam was close to another orgasm, and started fingering her clit furiously. John watched with a grin on his face as her fingers rubbed the length of her wet slit before finally she sank two slim fingers inside her own dripping cunt.

She Bycasino gasped loudly as she penetrated her own body; the feeling of having both her holes filled with something was amazing. Her entire being shook hard as another orgasm ripped from her ass and pussy up her body and exploded in her skull. The rush was unbelievable, she felt her head spinning and heard screaming. It took her a few moments that in fact she was the one screaming!

John was amazed at the intensity of Sam’s orgasm, her screams reverberating inside his head bringing a smile to his lips. He slid his fingers from her ass and picking up the butt plug washed it under the hot running water. Cleaning it thoroughly a wicked idea forming in his mind, a smile making his mouth twitch as he turned and faced Sam, butt plug in hand!

John turned the shower taps off again and whispered into her ear, “Go to the bedroom and lay on the bed, on your back baby.”

Sam did as she was told and walked hurriedly back to the bedroom and positioned her self on her back, one leg raised at the knee demurely. John spread her legs with his foot and dropped to his knees, his hand stroking his cock. He lifted Sam’s legs, pushing them back, exposing her glistening asshole rubbing the slick tip of his cock against her. Sam moaned and gasped as she felt him apply pressure, slowly easing himself into her hole. She pushed her ass up to meet him, so get him inside her faster and deeper. Her ass was ready to be fucked, and she wanted his whole length in her as soon as possible.

In no time John had his balls resting on the soft cheeks of Sam’s ass. His cock was buried to the hilt deep in her ass. He could feel her muscles clamping onto him, and she could feel his cock twitch deep inside her.

“Fuck me John, please fuck me now!” Sam gasped as she felt his fingers slide into her dripping honey pot.

“Oh baby that feels so good” Sam moaned, gripping the sheets with her fingertips in pure bliss.

John just smiled and slid his fingers from her. He looked her in the eye and slowly brought his wet fingers to his mouth. Watching Sam’s eyes glaze with filthy lust as he sucked her juices from his own digits.

“While I fuck my cock in and out of your ass, I’ll fuck your pussy with this,” John grinned wickedly as he picked up the butt plug.

Sam’s breathing caught as she felt the tip of the butt plug sink into her gaping cunt. That feeling of being utterly stuffed returned and she thought she was going to cum then and there. With Sam’s ankles over his shoulders he started thrusting his cock in and out of her ass. He was delighting in the tightness and the look of pure bliss on his lover’s face. He could feel Sam’s Bycasino giriş pussy gripping the butt plug tightly, not wanting him to take it out. They stared into each others eyes as John pounded her tight ass, his fingers having trouble keeping a grip on the base of the plug. Sam’s juices had coated everything and John’s rhythm built until the noises in the bedroom were those of pure sex, filth and hot as fuck!

Sam had had a couple of orgasms since John had entered her ass, but nothing prepared her for the orgasm building inside of her. Suddenly it fired through her body, making her body tingle in ways it never had before. Her silent scream John’s only indication of what was happening. He sped up, pounding harder, faster, and deeper. Sam loved it every single moment, her body screaming for this and more until her head cleared and she started moaning, deep and low. Her breath catching every time John plunged inside.

John had let the butt plug go it was so slick, but Sam was happy to just have something stuffing her cunt while she was ass fucked. John had started paying attention to her clit and every time he rubbed or flicked it she would have another orgasm. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and she wanted to be able to watch as she squirted her juice at John.

“Take the plug out baby,” she moaned to him.

“I want to watch myself squirting on you while you fuck my ass!”

John didn’t need a second invitation as his pulled the plug from Sam’s pussy with a wet sucking noise. As soon as the plug was out a stream of Sam’s hot clear pussy juice was splashing against John’s stomach. He could feel it running down over his balls, coating his cock as it slid in and out of her. He knew after seeing and feeling that he wasn’t going to last much longer. He grabbed Sam’s ankles and pushed her legs back, exposing her cunt and ass even more, driving his cock a little bit deeper.

Sam knew he was very close to filling her ass with his hot seed, and she could hardly wait. She so wanted to feel his cum splashing her insides once more. The tightness on his shaft was too much for John to take and he let out a loud groan before his cock erupted, filling Sam’s tight hole with his cum. She could feel it, filling her, coating her ass. She pinched her nipples hard while closing her eyes in lust.

John leant down and their lips met, tongues flicking in each other’s mouths. Sam could feel his cock softening inside her ass, and then he slid out. A gush of his spunk followed his cock and he watched, smiling as it dribbled along her ass crack. He helped Sam to her feet and they kissed for a while longer before Sam turned and walked to the bathroom again, turning Bycasino güncel giriş on the taps. John followed his angel and closed the shower screen behind him.

John picked up the bar of soap and asked Sam to turn around. She felt the soap glide across her shoulders and John’s fingers gently kneaded the flesh; she couldn’t help the small groan that escaped her lips. John continued to wash Sam’s body from head to toe, Washing and rinsing her hair. Smiling enormously as he soaped her big breasts, running his thumbs over her hard nipples causing her body to quiver. Sam took the soap from John and proceeded to wash him. By the time she reached his cock he was hard once again.

“Your insatiable Sweets,” she smiled up into his eyes.

“Are you complaining?” John asked with mock shock. Sam just smiled and run her soapy hand up and down the length of his shaft.

“Fuck my clean cunt!” Sam whispered.

John picked her up in his strong arms, and pushed her back against the tiled wall. He could feel Sam’s legs wrap around his waist as he gripped her ass and aimed his cock at her dripping hole. With neither thought nor hesitation he thrust his cock upwards, deeply embedding himself inside her juicy cunt.

Their voices cried on high as they both felt the warm sensations of love and lust envelope them once more. The water from the shower head spraying down on them both as John pounded into Sam’s body. Their mouths crushed together as they fucked and cried out in bliss. Tongues licking, flicking, mouths sucking and nibbling. John kissed down to Sam’s stiff nipples and teased them both in turn with his tongue. The sounds coming from Sam’s body, indicated to him to continue.

Sam knew she was about to cum, she could feel the build up. She could feel John’s cock sliding in and out of her well fucked cunt; she could hear the liquid squelch as his balls bounced on her ass. She didn’t know if the moisture on her pussy was from the shower or her own pussy leaking like a tap. Without a second thought she shuddered and tightened her grip on John, bracing herself for her orgasm. Just as she started to cum she felt John’s huge frame tense and spasm. He groaned into her mouth that he was going to cum and they fucked each other through their respective orgasms.

Sam’s juices were running freely from her hot slit, dripping off John’s balls. Her pussy was clamping onto his length, milking his cock of all his cum. She could feel him twitching deep inside her; feel his cum splashing her depths. The knowledge sent tiny shock waves of pleasure through her.

John slid his cock from her and gently lowered Sam down from the wall. Sam stood on shaky legs and grinned up at her big man. They kissed, lost in each others love, whispering all those special names they had for one another.

“I think we might need another shower after that” smiled John, kissing his Sami on her flushed cheek.


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HotLanta Ch. 02

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HotLanta Chapter 2: Turned Out

As most the guys stood around looking at the screen Errol stood beside Dre with a looks of dismay. He said sipping on his drink as Dre watched the enjoyment the others seem to be getting out of the video. Errol went back to tending to the bar as he patted Dre on the back and smiled at him. “Incoming.” He said with a smile as Dre looked at him oddly before turning to look back.

(One-Week Ago)

The night before had been a bust, Dre was sitting at the bar drinking drinks he hadn’t paid for. No several guys scattered about the bar had been sending him drinks all night, while normally he would have found at least one he was interested, but last night was still on his mind. Errol walked over sitting another one in front of him. “What’s up little bro?” Errol asked as Dre simply looked down at the glass. “Oh finally humbled?”

“I don’t need this right now E.” Dre replied quickly downing the drink. “Had a rough night.” Dre says looking around Seven. The sound on the tribal beat coursed trough the club. As the bodies moved about the dance floor their energy could be felt by everyone here, everyone but Dre, he just wasn’t feeling it.

“What happened?” Errol asked. He and Dre had been like family since he came to town. He was one of the few people who hadn’t been impressed by the charm of Dre. “You fuck up and fall in love.” He says with a slight giggle.

“Na, just was this kid’s first time”

“Please tell me you didn’t!” Errol cut him off with.

“NO asshole I didn’t.” Dre replied with a hint of resentment. Errol loved Dre but he was known for the line friends don’t let friends date Dre. “I sent him home; as a matter of fact I kicked him out.”

“Like kicked him out kicked him out.”


“Then you did him a favor,” Errol said popping open a beer and handing it to another bartender. “Look Dre, I know you are a nice guy in there some where, but let’s not get it wrong, you would have fucked him over in the end cause that’s just how you are, you wouldn’t have meant to but it would have happen. Like I said you did him a favor this one is on me.” Errol sat a drink down in front of Dre walking off. Dre know that Errol was right; he had done that kid a favor.

“Yo what’s up?” A low voice said from behind him. Dre glanced over his shoulder. There stood a guy who had to be about 6’2″ and 210lbs, he had long dreads and was wearing blue jean shorts and a wife beater shirt, and there was an Omega brand on his arm. Dre had seen him around the club but normally he stuck to those who dealt in trade, Dre was out of his league even if he didn’t know it yet. “Can I holla at you cat?” He asked as Dre turned fully around.

This guy was cut, if Dre didn’t know he was trade he could see himself hooked up with him. Dre simply stood walking to a less crowded area of the bar. Errol glanced over almost with a look of disbelief. Wendell watched as Dre walked away never looking back. He had heard this cat was tight and it was clear Dre know it. Wendell smiled at the idea of turning this cat out and leaving him sprung as he followed. “So what cha about?” Wendell asked stepping around Dre before he could sit down. Dre watched as Wendell sat on the stool he had planned to sit on.

“I don’t do trade.” Dre replied looking Wendell right in his eyes. “If I ain’t getting head at least you aren’t getting ass, that simply playa.” Wendell dropped his head slightly with a laugh.

“Yo you listen to everything kids say around here?” Wendell wasn’t used to the idea that someone wasn’t up for his game. He also wasn’t going to give up. Fast link Dre was right, he was just here for the nut, he didn’t kiss or any of that other gay shit, he was just willing to bust a nut where ever he could when his girl got her ass up on her back. “I mean no I ain’t here looking for love, but yo what I do I am sure will be more then enough to keep you happy.” He said taking Dre’s hand and sliding it inside his own pants. Dre smiled as he caressed the soft dick of Wendell. Dre stepped forward between Wendell’s legs as his hand stroked Wendell to a full erection. Wendell smiled as he looked into Dres eyes. “Just think about how that will feel gunning you down after you get it all wet sucking and pulling on it.” Dre smiles as he keeps stoking Wendell who starts to breathe a little heavier. “Yo kid I hope you plan to finish this.” Dre stopped pulling his hand from Wendell’s pants tasting the pre-cum.

“Follow me.” Dre says as the finger exits his mouth with a slight sucking sound. Dre glanced towards Errol who looks a little shocked as Dre and Wendell leave the club. Dre walks to his truck Wendell follows with a smile knowing he has gotten what he wanted. Dre was the kind of guy he really wanted that cocky fag who didn’t understand he was still a cock-sucking bitch. As Wendell got in Dre pointed towards the back seat and Wendell simply hopped to the first row of seat in the Expedition. Dre knelled between the seats pulling down the shorts of Wendell and his boxers. Dre began to play with the base of Wendell’s nut sack causing his dick to almost spring right up. Dre flicks his tongue across the head then suddenly Wendell grabs the back of his head and forces him down.

“Yo, don’t play suck that my shit.” Dre begin to suck like he had never sucked before. His tongue darting all over all 11 inches of Wendell’s shaft, as Wendell begins to moan his hand moving to the back of Dre’s neck his hips trusting forward. Dre enjoyed the energy Wendell was putting off. It was pure aggression as Wendell fucked his face harder and harder. Dre could feel his control over this whole thing getting tighter. Suddenly Wendell leaned forward straddling Dre’s head pushing it against the floor and his dick exploded in Dre’s mouth. Load after load of cum filled his mouth as Wendell moaned loudly. “Agh SHIT.” He said sitting back on the seat his head falling back. Dre spit into the ashtray quickly more then a little pissed off.

“You trying to choke a nigga!” Dre said as Wendell looked down at him wiping his mouth.

“You know you liked that shit bitch.” He said smiling “That was hot as all shit kid.” He went on leaning forward kissing Dre on the foreheads. “Sorry yo, got carried away.” He said seeing Dre’s annoyance. As Dre slipped to the driver’s seat. “Yo what about me drilling that ass?” Dre looked over at him as he fixed his pants. “Yea,” Dre said starting the truck “but not here.”

As they walked into Dre’s loft Wendell was mostly shocked. The place was unlike anywhere he had seen before. This surely wasn’t where he had grown up, and it wasn’t where he had expected. As the door closed Wendell pushed Dre against the wall behind the door and seems to show passion he hasn’t before. His hands run all over Dre’s body as he puts his arms around Dre’s neck almost chocking him as he uses his other hand to undo Dres pants and the fall to the floor. He bites on the back of Dres neck as he seems to be over come by something more primal then himself. Dre turns final returning a few of the bites before speaking “Not here hold up a sec.” Wendell backed off as she slipped out of his shoes and Dre fast links walked up the stairs leading to his bedroom. “Give me a sec,” he said.

Wendell really liked the place, hell maybe if he turned this cat out right he could hang here for a while, maybe even fuck his girl over there on the couch, yea that would be hot as hell. He turns this cat out, stays for a few days and fucks his girl right there on that couch, the idea made Wendell smiled. “Yo my shit is hard here kid I got shit to do.” He called out.

“Come on up.” Dre replied as Wendell rushed up the steps skipping a few steps. Most his cloths lay up the steps. As he entered the room wearing only the wife beater he was happy to see Dre standing near the bed with nothing on. As he walked towards him Dre simply pushed him to the bed and began to give him head again. DAMN was all Wendell could think as he watched Dre take his entire dick in his mouth. Yea it was hot as hell, but it wasn’t what he wanted. As Dre began to climb up his body Wendell crawled back onto the bed. This cat was different, he was smooth as hell, plus he had everything here. Maybe Wendell would do what it took to really work this one. Dre slowly slid the condom onto Wendell’s rock hard 11-inch dick.

The smile on Wendell’s face was that of a king. As Dre slowly lowered his perfect body, slowly he took all of Wendell inside of him. As He rolled his hips Wendell braced his hands on them and seemed to enjoy the fact Dre took all of him without more then a moan of pleasure. Dre enjoyed the idea of what was happening more then the event, but hell it was good. Wendell’s trust where well timed and Dre hadn’t been with a good aggressive top in a while and Wendell proved if you wanted just good hard dick that didn’t talk he was perfect.

Wendell sat up wrapping his arms around Dre and began to pull Dre down by the shoulders trying to get even deeper inside Dre. With Wendell’s face right in his Dre kissed him and Wendell didn’t pull back. Hell his kiss was explosive. As Wendell rolled them over He began to drill Dre like he was trying to break him. Dre had been trying to not make sounds but this was too much as he began to moan. This was hot Dre hadn’t been with someone who was this aggressive ever and as he lay pinned down being fucked he moaned louder and louder as Wendell drove his dick harder and deeper into Dre. For Wendell this was the part he wanted more then anything, this was all about him proving he was more of the man here. For him fuckin’ another guy was about making him his bitch.

As he found himself kissing Dre he wasn’t sure what was happening here but it didn’t matter, he was still the man here, he was after all the one driving his dick into the guts of this bitch laying here moaning like a old hoe. Wendell pulled back bringing Dre to his knees as he trusted harder then he had even with his girl. As Dre moaned Wendell let slip a primal growl as his seed felled the condom and he collapsed onto Dre drained. It was a few moments before Dre got out of the bed and walked to the foot of it. Wendell simply rolled over not thinking much about it. As he felt Dre get back onto the bed he looked towards him only to see Dre’s head about to be buried in his ass. He has never been rimmed before and he sure as hell wasn’t going to stop him. This Cat had been the best one yet; hell Wendell might even make his one regular to see what he could get.

The rush of pleasure Wendell felt come from his asshole was unreal. As Dre’s tongue pressed against the tight hole of Wendell ass he felt all the control slip from Wendell. He had done that which few would believe. First he had kissed Dre, that’s was outside of the normal for his type, and he was sure from the fact that Wendell was in a whole other world right now as his tongue probed deeper and deeper into a hole he could tell nothing had ever entered. As Wendell with every sound expressed how much he was enjoying it with every sound he surrendered more control to Dre. As he began to trust his ass back into Dre’s face his moans got louder and louder.

Dre slowly reached for the lube which he coated his finger with and in an instant everything changed. As Wendell began to grind onto his finger which he had began to slowly insert into this trade ass. As the second entered and Wendell’s body rippled with vibrations from head to toe Dre know he had done it, he had turned out a Trade. As he listened to the thug panting he moved into position and with in a few moment Wendell was trying to crawl away from the dick, which he was, enjoying all too much. Dre placed his hands on Wendell’s shoulders and pulled him back. Wendell’s seemed to loss his mind as he bucked back taking more and more of Dre’s iron rod.

Dre braced himself so that he could ensure that every inch of his dick was inside of Wendell, as he began to drive deeper and deeper inside Wendell simply moaned as the pleasure rushed trough his body Wendell exploded releasing his third nut that night all over the place. Dre followed suit as he pulled out pulling the condom off and sent his seed all over Wendell’s back. As Wendell collapsed Dre simply rolled to his back beside him. “Yo that was unreal,” Wendell said “but you can’t tell a soul about this aight.” He said curling up closer to Dre.

“Fo sho.” Dre said with a slight smile. Wendell got up heading toward the shower. Dre really wanted him to leave but he knew he had to put up with at least a few more hours before this would be over. As he heard the water start as he walked slightly down the steps stopping to pick up Wendell’s wallet. As he looked trough the photos he stopped on one, which read “To my baby daddy.” He smiled to himself as he turned to see what she looked like. As he looked at her picture he could only fall to the floor and begin to laugh. Dre replaced the wallet as he stopped laughing and simply walked up the steps and into the bathroom where the shower was still going. He just laughed to himself, looked like he was a mother fucker as well as a father fucked in just two nights.

(One Week Later Better known as the Present)

Dre was proud of himself as he listens to the sound or Wendell yelling as the bouncers kicked him out. He was glad he hadn’t driven other wise he was sure he would be worried his truck was getting fucked up right now. As Errol stepped from around the bar to look at the videotape of Dre fucking the hell out of Wendell he just looked at Dre “You really fuck his baby momma?” Dre smiled and laughed.

“Last week at Insomnia, in the bathroom.” He stated very matter of the fact. He picked up the drink and looked back to the video screen. Well now the other half of the gay men in the city knew what Dre’s ass looked like. Errol laughed as he shock his head. “You went way over board with this one Dre, you shouldn’t have taped it, and I would have believed the story.”

“He came in my mouth.” Dre said as most the guys stood around looking at the screen Errol stood beside Dre with a looks of dismay. He sipped on his drink as Dre watched the enjoyment the others seem to be getting way to much enjoyment out of the video. Errol went back to tending to the bar as he patted Dre on the back and smiled at him.

“Incoming.” He said with a smile as Dre looked at him oddly before turning to look back to see Martice just looking at him before turning and leaving the club.

(More to come)

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Losing It to My Best Friends

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It’s only a week before I head off to college. I had never been away from home for more than a few days and was more apprehensive than I wanted to admit. Unlike some, my family and I had never taken any big trips. What would school be like? What about my room-mate? Would I make some new friends?

My parents are driving back to Pennsylvania for a funeral. My two best friends, Jimmy and Bobby are coming over in a few minutes. We had grown up together, going clear back to early grade school. Of course I had other good friends. But they were extra special.

“Hey, come on in,” I shouted as the twins came to my door. “Dad still has some beer in the frig. Get some. I’m out here by the pool.”

Jimmy handed me a cold one and sat next to me. Bobby stood nearby. “All ready for school, Linda?” he asked. “I guess. Mom and I did some shopping; I’ve got most of my things together. How about you?”

“About the same,” Jimmy responded.

“I’m really going to miss you guys. You are my very best friends. Too bad it didn’t work out with the scholarships. It sure would have been nice if we all went to U of M together.” “Yeah, but the money was really important. Dad said without it Bobby and I would likely have to go to community college.”

I finished my beer. “I’m going to put on my suit and get into the pool.”

“Damn, we forgot ours. Totally slipped my mind. I guess we could go back home and get them.”

“Don’t bother. Your underwear should be fine. Certainly more than some guys’ swimwear. Hang on, I’ll be right back.”

I jumped in the pool. “Come on, guys, get in here.” I watched as my two best friends shucked their shirts and pants. “You know, you both have filled out over the last year. What hunks!” I said with a laugh.

Jimmy jumped in next to me, followed by Bobby on the other side. Jimmy ducked under the water and came up between my legs, hoisting me onto his shoulders. I squealed with mock terror as he flipped me backwards. I had no sooner come up for air as Bobby spread my legs and hoisted me on his shoulders. I was flipped a second time.

“You guys! OK, I’m getting out before you do anything more to me.” I pulled myself up and sat on the pool edge at the shallow end. Jimmy and Bobby horse played and batted a beach ball back and forth. I enjoyed watching them. Until recently we had only been best buddies but in the last few months I took note of their ripped bodies. My girlfriends agreed and said they were studs.

Bobby came up to me, still standing in the pool. I blushed and giggled. “What?” I giggled even more. “Your underwear is almost transparent. I can see your stuff.” “My stuff?” he asked playing dumb.

“Yeah, you know, your penis. Your cock. Whatever you call it.”

“Hey, Jimmy. Come over here,” he yelled at his brother. “Linda says she can see my cock through my underwear. See if she can see yours.”

Wearing underwear in the pool wasn’t such a good idea, was it?

I started to giggle again. “Now what?” I continued to giggle. “What?” “Bobby, you’re growing. Are you getting a hard-on?” Bobby looked down. Sure enough, his underwear was starting to tent. The head of his cock pressed against the fabric.

“Yeah, I guess I am. Not my fault, Linda. You look very sexy in that tiny bikini.”

Jimmy’s underwear was now tenting as well.

I was shamelessly teasing them. “After all these years I have never seen your cocks. In a week we go our separate ways. I’d like to know what I’ll be missing. Don’t think bad of me, but will you show me?” They both stared at me. “Come on, guys. When’s the last time a girl asked?”

“You mean you really want to see my cock?” “And mine?”

“Yeah, unless you guys are too shy to show off to a pretty girl.”

That did it. Both guys stood proudly in front of me, their big cocks growing hard.

“Well, I can tell you guys are twins. But Jimmy, I think yours is bigger. Oh, wait, maybe yours is bigger, Bobby. No, I guess they both look alike,” I teased.

I reached one hand to each and pulled them toward me by their cocks. “I’ve never seen a cock before, except of course in X rated stuff. Your cocks are at least as big as any of those. It’s amazing how much bigger they got in just a minute. Interesting. Stiff but soft. I like how they feel.”

Taking advantage of the opportunity I rubbed their cock heads and slid my hands up and down the shafts. “I can’t believe I’m doing this! Does it feel good?” “Yeah!”

“Can I feel your balls?”

“Be really careful and don’t squeeze.”

I cupped one hand under Bobby’s testicles and one around his cock. “God, this is so sexy. OK, now you Jimmy.” As I played their cocks reached full hardness. “Does it hurt when they get so hard?”

“No, but it gets me horny,” Bobby responded.

“Look, there’s some stuff leaking out. Are you going to squirt your stuff?”

“Not yet. That’s just some stuff that comes out first,” Bobby responded.

I was turned on. I was playing with the cocks of my two best friends. Damn, I was bad. “I better stop, guys, I don’t want you Resim Yükle to make a mess.”

“Can’t you keep going a little longer? It feels so good.”

“Nope, sorry guys,” I teased.

“In that case, Linda, take off your bikini. We showed you, now it’s your turn.” I guess that was only fair. And besides, I really wanted to. I was proud of my newly enlarged breasts. And I had recently shaved my pussy.

I stood up, removed my bikini and sat back down at the pool edge. My guys stared first at my pussy and then at my breasts. “I shaved my pussy. Do you like it that way?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve never seen a bare pussy before,” Bobby exclaimed.

“You’ve never seen a pussy, period,” Jimmy laughed. I teased them by opening my legs a bit.

“So you like my pussy, huh? How about my breasts? They have grown in the last year.”

“They are perfect, absolutely perfect,” Jimmy responded.

“Is it ok if I touch?” “Sure.” He placed a hand on my right breast and Bobby fondled my left one. It felt good.

I stared at their hard cocks as I leaned back giving them a clear view of my bare pussy lips. “Wow, Linda, you have the sexiest body. Your pussy is beautiful.”

I bent my knees and spread my legs further apart. Running a finger up and down my slit, I felt so naughty. “Do you like what you see? One day some guy’s going to put his cock in there.”

They watched, mesmerized, as I pushed my index finger into my pussy. “Some guy’s big cock is going to go there, right where my finger is. Maybe some college guy, do you think?

“Bobby, come stand between my legs.” I held his cock and pulled it towards my pussy. I rubbed the head up and down my slit, masturbating both of us. “Look, that stuff is still coming out of your cock. Feels slippery.”

I held his cock up against my pussy, moving it up and down my slit. As it passed my hole the head momentarily dipped in just a little. Only a couple of minutes later Bobby yelled out, “Oh, Linda, I’m going to come. Oh, man, here it comes!”

I pulled his cock away from my pussy and he shot several spurts of cum onto my belly. He sheepishly backed away and his brother took his place. I rubbed his cock head on some of Bobby’s cum and then up and down my slit. Jimmy started thrusting but I held his cock so only part of the head entered my pussy.

A few minutes later he jerked his cock away from me. He rapidly stroked it, squirted on my pussy.

“What a mess! Now I need to clean up. Come inside and get another beer.”

After a quick shower I rejoined my friends. I was nude. “How come you put your clothes back on? I want to play some more.”

Bobby was quicker getting undressed. I knelt in front of him and licked the head of his cock.

“That feels so good, Linda. God, I can’t believe we are doing this.”

“I waited long enough, too long. Now we just have a few days. Am I doing this ok?”

“Feels wonderful. You look so sexy with my cock in your mouth. I have never before had a blowjob.”

“This is my first too. God, I can’t believe I have your cock in my mouth.”

I made love to his beautiful cock and wanted so much to please him. I took more into my mouth until it hit my throat. That caused me to gag so I backed off a bit. Since this was my first time I tried different things. I pursed my lips and sucked just the head. I swirled my tongue around and around, circling the head in my mouth.

“Oh, that feels good, Linda.” Then I fucked him, using my mouth as a pussy.

I glanced over at Jimmy on the sofa as he slowly stroked his cock, intently watching us.

“I’m getting close, Linda.” I pulled his body towards me, wanting his cum in my mouth. The first blast of cum caught me by surprise and I almost choked. The second and third spurts dribbled out the side of my mouth. I didn’t swallow fast enough.

“Damn, Bobby, that was a huge load. You already came once; I sure didn’t expect that much this time. Tastes pretty good!”

Jimmy was next. I tried to take him deeper but still gagged. A few minutes later he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock deeper as he came. I somehow managed not to choke and he shot his cum into my throat.

“Damn, Linda, that was so good. You know Lidia? I went out with her a couple of times. She tried to suck me once but quit after just a minute and made me jerk off instead. What did my cum taste like?”

“Hard to say, warm, salty. Not great but not bad either. Both of you taste the same. Now, guys, it’s my turn.”

“What do you want us to do?”

“I want your tongues in my pussy. Eat me.”

I lay on the sofa, placing one leg on the sofa back and the other on the floor. My legs were spread to expose my pussy.

“Who wants to be first? Bobby?”

He scooted between my spread legs.

“What do I do?”

“Stick your tongue out and put it between my pussy lips. Yes, like that. Now lick up and down my slit. Oh, my, that feels so good. Oh, baby, you’re turning me on. I never expected it to feel this good.”

I reached down and spread my lips. “Go deeper with your tongue. You are a natural. Yes, keep going.”

Our sex play during the last hour had brought me to the pinnacle of arousal. My whole body tingled as my climax approached. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him between my legs, mashing his mouth on my pussy. “Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh. Oooooh.”

Poor Bobby, I had practically smothered him and a burst of pussy juice covered his face.

I slumped on the sofa.

“You ok, Linda?”

“Yes, just give me a minute.

“Oh, Bobby, that was wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. That was my very first climax ever. Wow, was that ever good! We could have been doing this long before now. I’m an idiot.

“Jimmy, I also want you to do me but I need a little time to recover.”

Still nude, we grabbed some beers and went in the pool. As we horsed around Jimmy grabbed me from behind. I felt his hard cock sandwiched in the crack of my ass. “What’s that thing poking me,” I joked.

I climbed onto the pool edge and pulled my knees apart. “I’m ready for your tongue.”

Afterwards we stayed nude by the pool, sipping more beers as Jimmy and Bobby fondled their half-hard cocks.

“Forget it, guys, even if you get them up again, I’m done for the day. But there’s always tomorrow.”


“Yesterday was the best day of my life,” I exclaimed as I gave them big hugs. “My very first and second climaxes ever. You guys were great!”

“Our day was also pretty good,” Jimmy responded deadpan. I slugged him in the arm. “Our first, too. That was so much better than our usual jerking off. You are so exciting to be with. Who would have thought our childhood friend could mature into such a sexy woman?”

“You guys are so sexy. You’re going to get lots of pussy in college. And speaking of pussy, I want you to eat my pussy again. Will you do that?”

“Absolutely!” “You bet.”

“And then we fuck.” The guys looked at each other with big smiles.

“Ok, Jimmy, you go first. I just took a shower so my pussy’s nice and clean.” I quickly discarded my clothes and lay down on the sofa. Jimmy started to move between my legs.

“No, Jimmy, take off your clothes. You too, Bobby. I like to look at your cocks. Bobby, come over here. I want to play with your cock while Jimmy eats me.”

Jimmy scooted between my wide open legs. My pussy was already dripping with anticipation as he gently inserted his tongue between my lips.

“Oh, that feels good, Jimmy.” I reached over and grabbed Bobby’s stiff cock. It was so big. I hoped it would fit in my tight pussy. I continued to stroke it as Jimmy became more aggressive with his tongue.

“God, you are so good. Even better then yesterday. Yes, get in deep.” Poor Bobby, I forgot all about his cock as my excitement increased.

“Jimmy, I’m going to come. Oh, baby. Oh, god. Ohhhhh.” I mashed his face into my pussy as I climaxed.

I lay there in a daze. Who would have guessed it could feel so good. “Wow, it gets better and better,” I exclaimed. A few moments later I was ready to be fucked.

“Who wants to take my virginity?”

Bobby and Jimmy looked at each other. Neither responded.

“Well, I can’t take both of your cocks into my pussy. Who’s going first?”

“I’ll go first,” Jimmy spoke up. “I’m older.” “Yeah, by 15 minutes, brother,” Bobby retorted.

I lay down on my tummy and spread my legs. “There’s some lubrication there on the night stand. It might make it easier to get your cock into me. You have to be gentle and go really slowly. Are you ready to make me your woman?”

Jimmy placed the tip of his cock at my pussy hole.

“Wait! Stop! You don’t have a condom on, do you?”

“No, I didn’t think about that.”

“I didn’t either. God, I sure don’t want to get pregnant. And you guys squirt so much stuff. Let me figure, it’s been three days since my period ended. So, if I remember correctly, that means at least a week before my fertile time. It’s chancy but I’m not going to stop now. Besides, if I get pregnant one of you will have to marry me,” I added with a laugh.

“Oh, wait a moment.” I came back with two towels and spread them on the bed. “I might bleed when you do it,” I explained.

“Oh, Linda, I want to fuck you so bad. But I don’t want to hurt you.”

After another hesitation, I was ready. “OK, Jimmy. Do it. Fuck me. But go slowly.”

He pressed his cock to my hole and gently pressed, pushing the head between my lips. He backed out and pushed again, this time going a little further. I could feel the pressure as his cock filled my pussy.

“Oh, wait a minute. Stop! Can you feel that? It’s my hymen. Give me a moment.” Did I want him to do it? To make me a woman. Yes! “OK, push. Oh, god. Push harder.” I held my breath and winced as he broke through.

I’m a woman. My virginity is gone. And I gave it to one of my two best friends. I will always remember this day.

After pausing a bit he proceeded to slowly stroke in and out, gradually increasing the tempo. I was so caught up in my own feelings that I completely forgot that this was Jimmy’s first time too.

“Feels really good, Jimmy,” I encouraged him. “Your cock is so big. I just love it. Take it nice and slow. Fuck me deep. Yes, like that. Slower. Oh, my. Feels so good. Do you like my pussy?”

“Linda, your pussy fits my cock like a glove. God, you are tight. I’m so proud to be your first. Do you think it would be ok if I came in you?”

“I want that. I want your seed in my virgin pussy. Keep going.”

He kept up a steady rhythm, sliding all of his cock into me, then back out until just the head was inside. I was impressed with his new-found skill.

“Oh, I’m coming,” he suddenly announced and grabbed my hips, shoving his cock deep. I felt it pulse as he squirted deep. I grabbed his ass and held him tight.

“Stay in me.”

Gradually I felt his cock shrink until it came out. I hadn’t come but that’s ok. Jimmy’s cock was coated with cum and blood.

“Oh, Linda. You are bleeding. It must have hurt. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, it only hurt for a moment. Bobby, look at my pussy.”

“I can see into your hole, Linda. And there’s stuff starting to leak out. A little blood and some creamy stuff, Jimmy’s cum.”

“Yeah. Take a picture with your phone. This is a special moment to remember. Now I want your cock. Are you ready? Stick it into my slippery tunnel. Fuck me, but be careful. I’m a little sore but I want you.”

One push and Bobby was easily inside. I guess Jimmy stretched me out some. Having had the benefit of watching his brother Bobby quickly established a nice, easy rhythm. My excitement was building with each thrust.

“Slowly, Bobby, slow and deep. Oh, baby, that feels so good. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Ooooooh”.

I thought my climax yesterday was good. This was awesome. Bobby hadn’t cum yet and continued thrusting. He held my hips and slammed into me. He was like a machine, a fucking machine. And I was on the receiving end of his fabulous cock. He thrust deep into my pussy and held his cock there. I felt his cock pulse as it squirted deep in me. I shut my eyes and grabbed his ass, holding him inside. I wanted to stay linked but soon his cock grew smaller and he withdrew.

I was limp with emotional exhaustion. Reaching down with my fingers, I probed my stretched pussy, gathering our combined fluids.

“You guys have filled me up. I can’t believe your big cocks fit. Look at my dripping pussy! And look, I can get easily get two fingers inside. I hope my pussy will return to normal. I liked how tight it felt with your cocks.”

“Linda, thank you. You are the greatest friend we could ever have.”

“We’re more than friends now, Bobby. We are lovers! I love you both so much.”

We made the most of that last week together. Their skill increased as we “practiced”. I wanted to feel their cum squirt into me so we never did use condoms. Risky but it worked out ok.

And then the week was over. We hugged and cried that last day. I wished we could have stayed together forever but knew that wasn’t possible. We went our separate ways and became absorbed in school activities and new people. Thanksgiving we had one chance to get together for a replay. Christmas was even better. We had almost two weeks. Back at school I met a guy and we dated. I made him wait until our fourth date before he got into my pants. It was nothing special compared with Bobby and Jimmy. I moved on and tried out several more guys.

Bobby and Jimmy seduced a series of girlfriends.

By spring break we shared details of our accumulated sexual conquests. It was fun relating our adventures and misadventures. Comparing cocks and pussy. Laughing about best and worst sex.

“Well, guys, I’ve had four different cocks in me since last summer. Not counting you. I have decided sex is really neat and plenty of guys are interested. No surprise, I guess. I like getting fucked and don’t waste time just playing around. I was surprised that about half of my friends were still virgins. Most of the others had only done it with their boyfriend.

“The guys were ok but only one had much experience. He went down on me but only for a few minutes. Bummer. But at least he knew how to use his cock pretty good and got me going. The others kind of fumbled around and I had to show them what I liked. But it was still fun. You’ll be glad to know that your cocks are the biggest. How could I be so lucky? And I sure missed your tongues.”

“God, Linda, your pussy is so perfect,” Bobby gushed. “I love tasting you. The best is when you get excited and squirt. I know then I did it well.”

“Yeah, I like it too when that happens,” Jimmy added.

“How many girls have you fucked, Jimmy?”

“Three, not counting one girl who thought my cock was too big. After several tries I ate her pussy to try to get her going. She thought that was wonderful. Then I tried again to put it in. Still no dice. I would have settled for a blow job but only got jerked off. I told her she needed to find some guy with a small dick. I couldn’t help it, I was pissed. Later I felt bad and decided that she was probably a virgin, or nearly, and got scared.

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Are Memories Enough

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The trip was uneventful but the flight was smooth and relaxing and I was looking forward to getting to the hotel and taking a hot shower and relaxing. I came down a few days early so I’d be able to see some of the city before the conference and expo started the following Monday. Beside being a cop all these years I also had my own business on the side and I was here more for the expo and learning new ideas and what my fellow brothers and sisters on the street needed to make their jobs safer and less stressful than the conference part of it, but the city was picking up the tab for the week so these next two days were mine to just see the sights.

The driver of the limo felt the need to give a running history of places to see and where to find willing ladies but my days of being on the hunt was past so I closed him off and looked at the history this city provided and thinking of my younger days when trips such as this were little more than drinking and finding someone to screw and I was relived when we pulled into the hotel drive and I could escape his banter. The lobby was busy with other cops and exhibitors checking in and unloading their cargo and there was the normal share of badge bunnies looking for someone wearing a uniform so fulfill their own desires, and some were very lovely and inviting, but I wasn’t looking for that this time, and I guess that’s why when I saw her walking thru the lobby she drew my attention.

Some men might turn towards a women that’s 135 lbs, blonde with long slim legs, and never look up beyond their tits, and that’s the sad part, they don’t take the time to see the face, the smile and the glint in a ladies eyes that says I am someone special. She was a little more than half a foot short than myself, I’m 6 foot 2, and she had large breasts and a very shapely ass, but it was her hair which to me look auburn and her infecting smile and eyes that made me stop and stare. I knew then that I had to met this lady, not hoping for sex but just to say hello, but as fate had it the clerk at the counter was ready to get me checked in and with the line growing longer by the minute I turned to get my room.

I upgraded to a suite and was surprised to find the room not only had a large hot tub but a four poster canopy king sized bed. I unpacked, called room service and ordered a light snack and took a hot shower while waiting on the food to arrive. I had just slipped into some shorts and a lose shirt when there was a knock at the door, so as I opened it knowing I looked like hell but not caring, I saw her again entering the room across from me and my heart beat faster knowing she was also staying here and right across the hall. The bellhop got me attention by coughing, I had forget her was standing there with the food and she turned at the noise and looked right into my eyes, and smiled a smile that made me weak. She closed her door, then opened it slightly, looking at me again and I know I blushed like a kid before she closed her door once more. Once I signed the slip for the food, I knew that I had to do something, too many times I had let things pass by not and this was one time I knew what I wanted, so I dried and combed my hair, put on a better shirt and taking a breath, crossed the hall and knocked on her door.

She opened it and smiled and asked if she could help me, I said “Hi, my name is Matt and I just ordered way to Web Tools much food and wondered if she’d care to join me”, and I knew my the grin and tilt of her head she would. She told me her name was Kathleen and that she would love to, but could I give her a few minutes so she could freshen up, which of course I did and reentered my room and called for more food, chilled shrimp, wine, olives and other finger foods and told them an extra large tip was theirs if they got it here within 10 minutes, which they did.

It was just a few minutes later when Kathleen knocked at the door and she stood there looking stunning in a soft open neck blouse and shorts. I couldn’t help but be drawn to her cleavage even though I was not really a boob kinda guy. I knew this was a smart lady and was looking forward to talking with her. We sat and after a few minutes of awkward chit chat, we began discussing things we had in common. I told her I was a cop but also had my own business selling supplies for law enforcement and other public service types and Kathleen told me she was there to promote recent developments in the area of investigations using the internet. We settled into a casual conversation and soon as was as if we had known each other for years. The food was all gone and it was soon dark, and I had smiled so much that my jaw was sore, so when I asked if she would like to take a walk along the inner city river she agreed.

The evening was warm but there was a slight wind which made for a chill in the air and now and then I caught a peek at her erect nipples under her blouse which only reminded me of how long it had been since I was with a women, and I hoped she hadn’t noticed the bulge in my pants. We stopped at one of the clubs along the river and ordered drinks and talked some more and we really got to know each other in a short time. She was about 14 years younger than I was but we both had many of the same ideas and wants and I found it very comfortable to be open with her and she was with me. We had a few more drinks then resumed the walk back towards the hotel. It had chilled down more and she moved closer to me and I could feel the warmth and her scent which only added to the desires I was beginning to have. The walkway was crowded with all kinds of people and at times I would fall behind her to let others pass, and my oh my she did have a shapely butt and at one point she stopped fast and I didn’t notice till I bumped into her and felt my erection push against her, but she just turned her hear towards me, smiled, and pushed back slightly, making me want to take hold of her then and there, but we continued and made our way back to the hotel, but I was surprised and happy when she let her hand slip into mine, and I felt something again that I hadn’t in many years and we held hands walking back.

Once at her door, I asked if she’d like to have a nightcap but she said she needed to get some things done, but maybe later. I thanked her for a delightful evening and gave her a kiss on the cheek and waited till I heard her lock her door before going into my room. I had just sat down when I head some thunder in the distance, and walked out to the private balcony and watched a large storm off in the distance. I have always been intrigued by storms and the view from the 21st floor proved an excellent view. I heard a knock at the door and was pleased Online Web Tools to see Kathleen standing there but wondered what was wrong and asked her. She said nothing was wrong, that she knew a storm was coming but couldn’t see it from her side and wondered if I could. We went out to the balcony and she was delighted the I had such a view and asked if it was okay if she watched for a little bit if I wasn’t too tired. Now, I’m not stupid so I said stay all night if she wanted to which she just grinned and said, “maybe.”

I got her a drink and told her I was going to take a soak in the hot tub to ease the flights and days aches away and to just make herself at home. I had just settled in and closed my eyes when I heard the door open, and there stood Kathleen, nude, looking to see if what she had presented might be desired. I reached for her hand and helped her into the water. Seeing her large breasts and trimmed downy hair between her thighs made me hard instantly but I wanted this to happen slow. She eased down beside me and I took her into my arms and we kissed, first soft and light then hard, with a passion we had both gone without for too many years. Our tongues explored each others and I don’t think anything was missed. Her skin felt so tender and worm and tasted so good I wanted her then and there, but I also knew what I did best and how good it would feel, so I told her to sit on the edge and just enjoy.

Kathleen leaned back against the wall as I slowly kissed her lips, her eyes, ran my fingers thru her soft hair, then I kissed her ear, running my tongue up and around her lobe, feeling her shudder and knowing this was something she enjoyed, then trailing down her neck and feeling her legs tighten around me as she shudder again and I had to smile, knowing now she was into the touch, and hoping that when I finally reached the softness of her pussy she would enjoy that as well. I trailed my tongue down her breast, circling her large nipples which we a treat for me, taking one between my lips, drawing it in and flicking it with my tongue till it became erect and then moving to the other, sucking it, nibbling it, softly biting it till she moaned. She had large soft tits and I enjoyed the reaction she was having while I kissed and licked them, but I wanted to taste her and began to move down, kissing her stomach, trailing my tongue around her belly button, feeling her thighs part at my touch.

I was stroking her thighs and watching as she reached down and touched herself, sliding her finger between her lips and rub her clit before sliding it inside her and this was too much for me and I lower my mouth and slowly let my tongue lick her lips, and slide up and down, feeling her finger which she was gliding in and out of herself, tasting her juices and flicking her clit fast and hard. She used her fingers to hold herself open for me and I dove in with a hunger, taking her clit between my lips and biting down but not too hard, sucking it and she began to thrash and moan, my god she was wet, her moistness and scent was making me harder and harder. I began to lightly slap her pussy and clit with a few fingers and that mad her cum fast and hard and drove me on too. I slide a couple fingers into her and turned my hand to find her g-spot and once there began to arouse it till she began to gasp, then working it hard and fast I felt her Çevrimiçi Web Araçları begin to cum over and over, feeling her juices hit my waiting lips and tongue, tasting her and licking her till she was panting , oh yes, this is what I like, making a women cum so hard they beg you to stop so they can get their breath.

The water was still hot but I let some drain and since it was a rather large tub, I was able to almost lay down. She stood over me and lowered herself over my mouth and then bent forward to take my cock in her hands, and as she grasped my shaft and began stroking me, knowing just how hard to grasp me and how fast to stroke, I felt myself expand and grow even thicker before she took me into her mouth. Feeling her tongue work on the head of my cock as she pumped her hand up and down soon had me ready to cum, but I focused on her pussy which was open and waiting for me, and as I probed her with my tongue, I gave her ass some light slaps which she must have enjoyed by her reaction, and when I flicked her ass with my tongue she came again with such a passion that she screamed out. My fingers were very wet from her cum and I had no trouble easing a finger slowly into her ass while I slide another into her hot pussy and began slowing fucking her with my hand. She was still sucking and pumping my cock but I could tell she was about to cum again so I pumped her fast, letting my hand slam into her and she screamed over and over, fuck me, fuck me hard, and I did, and she took me deep into her mouth and sucked hard and I felt my balls tighten as I began to pump stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth, and she took it all which was something I hadn’t had done before and it felt awesome. We both continues to lick and suck each other till we relaxed and just sat back and held each other till the water cooled.

We showered, washing each other, enjoy this moment, then walked out to the balcony again to watch the storm which had moved closer. It was enclosed so we didn’t bother with cloths and just sat there, enjoying each other. It felt good to hold a women in my arms again after so much time alone. The lightening was bright and somewhat arousing, so when she reached for my cock again it wasn’t long before she had me hard again. I laid down on the recliner and watched as she faced me, smiled and lowered herself onto my hardness. Feeling her pussy engulf me was so good it’s hard to describe, but sometimes words just aren’t there, so I just watched and enjoyed as Kathleen rocked up and down, feeling my balls push against her. My hands were all over her legs, her stomach and tits and we took our time, letting each other get lost in the feeling, but when she took her breasts and bent to lick her own nipple, that took me over the edge and I felt it in my toes first as I felt my cock grow really thick, the head so wide she told me she felt it grow bigger, and I came, slow long explosions as she rocked and I felt her pussy tighten as she came again as well.

We laid there most of the night, watching the storm, holding each other, talking about anything and everything till the clouds moved off and the sun began to lighten the sky. It was one of those things, those moments that just felt right, and we shared many more moments the remainder of that week and it was good.

I think about the week often while I’m on patrol, and things aren’t as bad as they were knowing that I know where Kathleen is and she knows where I am, and that we’ll be seeing each other again soon, and we stay in touch and in time maybe we might be able to share a life together, but for now, we have our memories and sometimes, that has to be enough.

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Get Drunk with Me

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It has been long since I wrote something but to make up for the lost days to my funs I think is about time I give you a true story about my friend and I. I changed her name in the story, just in case.

This happened of late about a month ago, but I think I should start from how it started.

Lydia has been my best friend since I was in standard five. At first I felt intimated because she was very good looking. She was an early bloomer, having a really nice set of tits so early into puberty. In standard seven, she was head over heel for my best friend, Joseph. I won’t lie, Joseph was one of the more good looking guys in my school. We always hung out together and he would tell me how he wanted to fuck Lydia. Joseph had a girlfriend though, and he wouldn’t cheat on her for Lydia. Being my best friend, Lydia would complain about Joseph and his girlfriend to me all the time-which to be honest was annoying. This actually lasted until forth form of high school, but that’s not important.

Anyways, in our first term in high school as by chance we joined the same school, Lydia was very lonely I assume, and always depressed. She would come over to my house all the time and cry and talk about her teething troubles. She didn’t have many friends besides me, which kind of shocked me because she was VERY attractive. Many of the other girls didn’t like her because of her clothing. She dressed in mini- skirts and low cut shirts and tank tops. Overall she looked pretty skanky, I won’t lie. But that wasn’t really a problem for the guys, who always used cat calls and such. She hated that, she was not a slut or anything. She was very normal, but many didn’t see her that way.

One day when she was at my house, she was sitting on my brother’s bed and I was on mine. Nobody was home except the two of us. We were facing each other and just talking about something, I can’t remember. I just remember for some reason, she stood up and grabbed my hands and way swaying them back and forth asking me to stand up. I got up and I remember we were laughing and I fell back and landed on my bed, laying down. She suddenly leaned forward and placed her lips against mine. She hadn’t fallen, she climbed on top of me. She had both her hands on my neck, and we were instantly making out very intimately. She bit my lips gently and licked the roof of my mouth. I can still vividly remember this scene, as it was my first kiss.

I placed my hands on her ass, slowly lifting her mini-skirt (which didn’t need to be lifted that far), and grabbed her small, but tight ass. I squeezed harder than I should have, but she seemed ok with it. This was very intense for me, especially since neither of us had been with anyone before. I tried to take off her shirt, but she stopped me and immediately got off of me. She just walked out and we never talked about it again.

She got a boyfriend soon after, but we still remained best friends. I got a girlfriend in my second year in high school. We still hung out every day, never experiencing any awkwardness or regret from our little make out session. However, in our last term of high school, I began noticing that she would flirt with me a bit. She would call me stud and sexy, etc. sometimes she’d sit in my lap and even pretend that she was my bride at my “future wedding”. I never objected to this, since we hadn’t shown any signs of affection or sexual interest for over three and a half years.

We graduated high school and nothing changed, since we both went to very close colleges. I saw her a little less, but enough to remain close friends.

One day, she sends me a text, which I will copy and paste.

This is the actual text conversation:

Lydia: omg man, like we seriously need to get drunk together one of these days! Me: lol, you’re suddenly an alcoholic now? Lydia: no haha, but I have drunken before with my bf at parties! It’s total fun 🙂 Me: well get a bottle and we’ll see what happens then lol Lydia: really??? Yay! You have to see me drunk! I get really friendly :))) Me: lol friendly? Like how? Lydia: you’ll have to wait and see 😉

After this we changed the topic.

After reading that little mini conversation, I thought only dirty thoughts. I was actually getting turned on by the idea of us drinking comment backlink together alone, imagining what might happen.

I didn’t go crazy thinking about it, but I kept the idea of us possibly hooking up in the back of my mind.

A few weeks passed and she sends me a text, this time a picture of her in a thong.

Lydia: what do you think of these panties? Me: wow what the hell lol. All of a sudden you’re asking me to check you out? Haha but yea, you look sexy as hell in those. Lydia: omg it doesn’t even matter lol, it’s not like anything would ever come of it anyways: P Me: true, but still- imagine if Faith saw them? That would suck lol Lydia: well then just don’t tell her lol

Faith and Lydia became best friends after I started dating Faith, which actually began to worry me now.

Lydia kept sending me pictures of herself in very provocative clothing and asking when we would get drunk together, until we finally decided to schedule our little drinking date.

I live at a rented house with my two cousins and a friend from a school which was actually few miles from the college so that I can commute to my school. So as right now, it’s really hard to get any alone time from the house of four.

Eventually, the perfect day came where my cousins were going to visit my other relatives and my friend was going to go out drinking with friends.

I tagged along with my friend so could buy me a bottle, since he was loaded than I was. He got me Jack Daniels, which I didn’t object to.

Dropping back to my place, I headed off to pick up Lydia.

She told me to wait until she was ready, finally she walked out wearing another mini-skirt that was barely covering anything. When she walked where I was waiting for her, I could see that she was wearing the thong that she had sent me a pic of her wearing. She also had on a red tube top that showed off her almost D cup sized boobs. I seriously had I ever looked at her the way I was right then. I had a boner so intense, it was clearly noticeable through my pants. When we got outside her house to the bus station, I tried to hide it, but quickly she glanced at it. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t even look at me. She just gave me a small smile, and looked down.

We got to my house and small talked for a bit. In due course, we began talking about high school and how we hated our math’s teacher, etc.

She finally brought up what we hadn’t talked about for 4 years now. We talked about that make out session we had and how we were both surprised at how it was never awkward after.

I poured us both some drinks and we continued to talk on the couch. She started asking me about Faith and how she can’t believe we are still together, and that she is really happy for us. That was a little weird, especially since she had asked me to lie to Faith about us drinking together, which I obviously agreed to.

She talked about her boyfriend and how she hated him now, and that she’s only with him because she doesn’t like being alone.

She puts down her drink and lays her head on my shoulder, telling me how I’m the only guy that ever treated her right, and never tried to make a move.

We sensed it was getting a little too romantic, so we both quickly changed the subject.

Ultimately, we both started to get buzzed, especially after we both decided to take shots.

After about 4 shots of jack and 2 drinks, it was safe to say that we were both pretty drunk.

She’s very active when drunk, she gets hyper and likes to move a lot. She got off the couch and was just slowly bobbing her head and dancing in a goofy way while holding her drink that still seemed extremely sexy because of her outfit. I could see her ass bounce every time she turned around and her tits seemed to almost be popping out of her top.

Finally, and it must have been the drunk me talking, I laughed and said how cute her small ass was. She got jokingly mad and objected, saying that she had a great ass.

She stood in front of me and bent over, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her left ass cheek. I heart froze. She looked at me and asked “You can’t tell me that THAT is not a nice ass!”

I pulled my hand away and laughed

“ok, yea comment backlink Botu that ass is pretty damn hot”

We both laughed, and she took a seat on my lap.

Her ass felt so soft on my leg, I really wanted to keep squeezing it, but I was afraid she might get bothered.

She quickly got up and was suddenly all excited

“Oh My Gosh! I totally made up a dance! I’m gonna do at your wedding party when you get married!”

I laughed at her and said that she couldn’t dance right now since she was drunk.

“Please! I am NOT that drunk” she said, laughing at herself because she knew that wasn’t true.

She stopped laughing and turned away from me, slowly lowing her ass onto my groin. I couldn’t move, I wanted to stop her but I felt like my body was totally against me at this point. I knew if this continued, we might end up doing something we would both regret.

She lifted her skirt so her small but firm ass was in clear view. She placed it on my boner, slowly moving it in a circular motion.

She turned around and began taking off her top.

“What are you doing?” I asked her calmly, as I was beginning to feel the drinks hitting me a lot harder now.

She whispered to me while now taking off her bra, “You cannot expect me to bend over without me giving you a sneaky peak of my boobs.”

She sat on my lap facing me, her legs wide open on each side of me. Her tits kept rubbing up against my chest. I really wanted to fuck her, but I knew it was wrong. Too bad the liquor wasn’t going to let either of us stop.

She continued grinding my member and wrapped her arm around my neck while leaning back and putting her other arm behind her head. My hands were to my sides, not touching her at all. She finally leaned forward and told me that it was ok to touch, but I was really nervous about cheating on my girlfriend.

She put her chin on my shoulder, right next to my ear and whispered to me in a very sad and gentle voice- almost as if she was begging and about to cry, “You can touch me anyway you want to.”

I tried to move her back, but she was still wrapped around me tightly, still grinding her hot body against mine.

I was totally against it at this point, I knew what we were doing was wrong and that I shouldn’t have ever aloud this to happen, but my body was not letting me do what I wanted to.

She began kissing my neck and gently nibbling my ear lobe. She was still grinding me. I finally got overwhelmed and placed my hands on her ass, just like I did my first year of high school.

I squeezed her ass and moved her thong over so I could have full access. I reached down and found her beautiful pussy, slowly prodding it with my middle finger.

I don’t know if she felt it or not, she was going crazy on my neck and ear. She kissed me like as if she hadn’t had sex in years, which I know was not true.

I stuck my finger into her pussy, slowly moving it in out repeatedly. Finally, she gave off a small moan, her head still buried in my neck.

Her pussy was so tight and warm, I had done this before to Faith but doing it to Lydia was so incredible.

She began to take off my shirt and I took my finger out of her pussy so I could pull it off. She threw the shirt to the side and started liking my chest and nipples, which, Faith had not ever had done to me before.

My dick began to throb and couldn’t stop myself from letting out a small grunt of pleasure. She reached down and started to massage my cock over my jeans, which felt amazing. She came up and starts kissing me wildly, with intense amounts of tongue. I clearly remembered the taste of her lips- and I felt like I had died and went to heaven. Her lips were so sweet and juicy, if it weren’t for the taste of the Jack Daniels, they would have been perfect.

She got off me and got on her knees, unbuckling my belt and lowering my pants to my ankles.

She grabbed my cock and looked at for a few seconds, slowly jerking it up and down. She placed her glossy lips onto the head of my cock and I could feel her tongue wrap around it. She gently sucked and licked my head, then she reached down and grabbed my balls, slowly massaging them.

She continued massaging comment backlink Programı my balls while licking my dick for about three minutes and then stopped and stood up. I opened my eyes to see her facing away bent over, taking off her panties. She lifted her left leg, reaching down to pick them up. She then tossed them aside and turned to face me. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her shaved pussy. I looked at her eyes which seemed to be glistening.

She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

I stood up and began to kiss her, my hand still placed on her pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to play with my tongue.

I stuck both my index and middle finger into her and began to finger her. Her mouth opened wide and she began to moan. I wasn’t being slow and gentle like she had been with me, I fingered her fast and hard, letting all her wet fluid soak my fingers and fall onto the floor. I took my middle finger out and began to rub her clit. Her legs began to shake and her moans got louder- and she got harder to kiss because her mouth wouldn’t stop opening wide.

She finally stopped kissing me and put her face into my neck. She tugged on my hair as I spend up and her leg lifted and wrapped around me.

I pulled her off and bent her over the couch in doggy style position. I immediately went down and started licking her pussy from behind her. She forced her face into the cushions as a searched her juicy wet pussy with my tongue, tasting her sweetness.

After a few minutes, Lydia pressed her body to mine. “Make love to me, James. I want you inside me.”

We went to my bed. She lay down on her back, her arms outstretched to hold me. I lay down with her, and began to worship her body. My hands stroked every inch of her. My mouth enveloped first one of her breasts, then the other. As I licked and suckled her nipples, she moaned her delight.

I moistened the head of my cock by stroking it over her shiny, wet slit. Slowly, I began to ease my way inside. She was as tight as I had expected she would be. Using short, slow strokes, I advanced. When I was all the way inside, I leaned down to kiss her. We stayed like that for a while, our loins joined but still, enjoying the love we shared, expressing it only with our lips and tongues.

“I will forever want this, Lydia” I said. Very slowly, I withdrew about half way, and then, just as slowly, pushed myself inside her again. We had all the time in the world, and we both wanted this, our first lovemaking, to last. We moved together, my slow thrusts answered by the luxurious movement of her hips to meet me. It was a long time before she wrapped her legs around me, but after she did, our pace increased. Her breath became more rapid, and her pussy muscles began to pulse around me. But we never hurried. We had too great a need to express the kind of love we didn’t know what it was.

I had never made love quite this way before not even with my girlfriend and my ex-girlfriends. It may be that I never had sex with a woman who I have loved as a friend since childhood. It took some time for her to cum, but when she did, the wave-like clamping of her muscles around me brought me to the end.

As we cuddled after our lovemaking, Lydia said, “That was the best birthday gift I ever had.”

I kissed her and held her tight against me. “Lydia, HBD. I hope to receive the same birthday gift as you in my birthday.”

She looked at me and smiled, laughing a bit.

“Damn that felt good.” I said.

She giggle, “I didn’t know you are so perfect in making a woman feel whole.”

“Now you know,” I said with a huge smirk on my face.

We both laughed and got dressed. We relaxed for a few hours and eventually passed out.

Waking up mostly sobered up, we saw my cousin Dan already sleeping on couch.

I decided that I would take her home in the morning, just in case I was still drunk.

The next morning I took her home and we didn’t really say much. It wasn’t awkward, just quiet.

Yesterday she texted me, telling me she had fun and that she broke up with her boyfriend. She also told me that she’s transferring to a prestigious private school, one which is far greater than the one she attends now. This school is hours away, so I probably won’t be seeing a lot of her until semester breaks.

I doubt we will have any more encounters such as this one, but if we do- you can expect another story from future me.

Thanks for reading!

*****THE END*****

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From Co-worker to Student Ch. 02

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This is part two of the first story I have written and felt compelled to put online. It is a work of fiction based heavily on events that I’ve experienced, a couple female friends, and other things that have shaped me as a person. While many people seem to prefer writing stories that get down to business, so to speak, I wanted this one to feel somewhat more realistic in terms of dealing with personal issues that come into play with a sexual relationship. Thanks for reading! I appreciate any comments, feedback, or advice.


“Okay?” She responded a little surprised and unsure what I meant.

“I want to do it.” I smiled timidly.

“You’ve decided? Are you sure? I guess I am asking you to make a big decision.” She said. “Maybe you need more time to think about it.”

“Ann, I’ve always fantasized about losing my virginity to an older woman. I just never thought it would actually come true. So, yes, I’m sure.”

She put her chin back on her knees and peered at me thoughtfully making me feel rather uncomfortable.

“I want you to be absolutely sure about this, Scott. I think you need more time. I’d feel terrible if you woke up on Monday morning filled with regret.” She spoke slowly, as if she’d thought through every word and didn’t want to misspeak. “Why don’t you go home and pick up some clothes and anything else you think you might need if we spend time together. Take your time and think about it. If you don’t feel right about coming back, it’s okay.” She smiled as if to assure me she’d understand that decision. “If you come back, I’d be thrilled. Seriously Scott, I once felt the way you do about sex, and I understand where you’re at right now. But I think what you’ll gain from this would be more than just a weekend of sex. I hope we can become more than just co-workers.” She paused again, and shook her head slightly. “I don’t mean romantically. Just good friends…with benefits.” The smile returned to her face.

Of course I had already been considering what she was offering. My mind raced as she spoke. She was right, I decided. I would head home and figure out what to do. Being able to do so alone, free of the psychological pressure of her nearly naked body, would be a good thing.

We said our goodbyes and I walked to my car. As I started it up I saw her watching me from the front door. I don’t remember much about the ten minute drive other than thinking the whole time. I was back at my previous point of making a decision. I knew that the right thing to do was decline her offer. However her comment about what I’d gain had stuck with me. As I considered her meaning, I realized that I could come away not only with her as friend, one unlike I’d had before, but she might approach the situation as something of a teacher. I could ask her to go slow, and show me how to please a woman properly, things I could use when I finally marry. I knew there were plenty of questions that I could ask her on top of that.

I threw some clothes and toiletries into a bag, took a quick shower, and put on some clean clothes. I was ready, and still didn’t feel like I was set on what to do. So I flopped on my bed and stared at the ceiling. It was obvious that I couldn’t decide one way or the other just by thinking about it. And that’s when my longing for the physical sensations of a woman’s company took over. I stood up, grabbed my bag, and headed back to Ann’s house.

My way back to her house went fast. I made a point to put my decision out of mind. Dwelling on it was just going to distract me from the experience. I cranked up the volume of the CD I was listening to and thought about the next few days. “Oh crap!” I thought as I remembered that I was supposed to help a friend of mine move the next day. I didn’t need to do that until after lunch, so it would still give Ann and me some time to be together. I hoped it wouldn’t be reason enough for her to change her mind.

I pulled up to her house and saw the garage door opening so I pulled inside. She was standing next to my car as I got out. I wondered if she had been watching for me the whole time.

“I’m so glad you came back.” She whispered in my ear as she hugged me. She hadn’t put on any clothing while I was gone, opting to stay in only her bra and panties, but did have a blanket draped over her shoulders. As she hugged me tightly, I felt her breasts press against my chest. She smelled so good. Any remaining indecision I had at that point faded away. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

She grabbed one of my hands and led me into the house, not forgetting to close the garage door on the way inside. As she walked in front of me I notice a spring in her step like that of an excited little girl who was just granted a request that she’d long been denied. I dropped my bag near the kitchen table as she led me through to the living room.

We sat on the couch, facing each other. The television was on low volume and provided some nice background noise at a time when I really didn’t want to experience any awkward silences. There was only one light turned on, and it shone Cami Halısı softly such that it would have been hard to read a book, but one could still see everything in the room just fine. Ann shed the blanket, and sat at the end of the couch opposite me with her legs pulled up in front of her again and her chin on her knees. I couldn’t help but look down at her dark blue panties that were again pulled tight against her pussy lips. That sight alone stirred my hormones.

“I’m so happy Scott.” She spoke as we sat down. “I didn’t think you’d come back. I want you to know that I’m honored that you’re willing to let me be your first partner. It’s been a while since I last was intimate with a guy, so if I go too fast, tell me, okay?” I nodded and let her continue speaking. “I want to show you everything. God, that idea excites me so much. I still can’t get over the idea that you’ve never experienced so many things! I’m eager to show you the ropes. I promise I won’t disappoint you.” A huge smile formed on her beautiful face.

“When I was at home, that was the only thing I decided I wanted us to agree on. I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about going slow and letting me understand everything.” I must have had a look of relief on my face because she reached out and put a hand on one of mine. “But there’s only one problem. I have to help a friend of mine move tomorrow. It’s not until after lunch though.”

“That’s okay.” She said, and then thought for a moment before continuing. “Would you want to come back after you’re done?”

“Oh. I hadn’t thought about that, but yeah, I’d love to.” I replied, thrilled by the idea.

“Good,” She replied, grinning. “I want you as much as I can have you this weekend. I hope you’re a night owl, because I think it’s going to be a late one for us.”

She stood up on her knees on the couch, and put a hand on the arm of the couch and another on the back of it, so she could lean over me. For a few seconds she was still, studying my face. I caught a glimpse of her modest cleavage out of the corner of my eye, and looked down at it. My mindset of the two of us being professionals threw up a red flag, and I blushed and muttered a quiet apology. As if to accept the apology, Ann leaned over more and put her lips to mine.

The kiss, or “The Kiss” as I remembered it since it was really my first really long passionate one, started slowly. True to her word, Ann took her time, keeping her lips shut as she pressed them against mine. I closed my eyes and sat up straight to meet her. The new sensations sent my head spinning. Her lips felt warm and soft like a down pillow. The perfume she was wearing was very mild and had a slight vanilla smell to it.

As we kissed her nose pressed against mine causing me to open my eyes. She still had hers closed, so I took the moment to watch her face. Her bangs hung over one side of her forehead because the way she parted her hair, for lack of a better way of describing it, wasn’t down the middle of her head. Her eyebrows were thin, and more of a dark blonde compared to that of her hair. They had a nice arch to them and were obviously something she took to grooming carefully. She was wearing just a little bit of eyeliner, but not much other makeup, which I found refreshing. I’d never really noticed it before, but she had lots of faint freckles on her cheeks. And her cheeks were accented by high cheekbones that weren’t too angular. Her nose was short and came to kind of a stubby point. I thought it was cute.

I brushed her bangs back and cupped the right side of her face in my hand for a moment before she pulled away. I watched her lips in anticipation of the kiss continuing. They weren’t exactly thin, but weren’t puffy either. Her top lip had a cupid’s bow in the middle, and her bottom lip was a little thicker and always seemed to be pursed as if she was going to speak. Sometimes at work I had noticed that, depending on her mood or what she was doing, her lips would have a slight pout to them.

“That was nice.” Ann said softly and gazed into my eyes before getting off of the couch. She motioned for me to move towards the middle cushion. I moved over and she sat on my lap in such a way that her legs were bent all the way, her knees were by my hips, and her crotch was resting above my thighs. She pressed her chest against mine and bit her lip. “You ready to do that again now that we’re a little more comfy?” She didn’t give me a chance to reply, not that I would have declined. Her arms went around my neck and she put one hand on the back of my head. I wrapped my arms around her and let my hands rest on her lower back.

This time the kiss grew much more passionate. Her head tilted slightly and her mouth opened right away, poking my lips with her tongue. I had no intent of resisting her progress, and gladly welcomed her exploratory gesture by shooting my tongue her way. The taste of a woman’s mouth was something I had often wondered about, but eventually assumed that unless she was a smoker or had recently consumed something, that her mouth would Cami Halıları probably not taste like anything. I would say that held true with Ann. Aside from the wonderful passion of the kiss, it was the wet warm feel of her tongue and lips that I noticed.

“God, I feel like I’m in high school again.” She said as she paused for a breath. “I just wish those guys were as patient a kisser as you seem to be.”

She kissed my cheek and then my neck as she scooted her body even closer to me. Her crotch was now pressing against mine. My cock, which I hadn’t noticed while we were kissing, was now very hard and pointed upwards. She noticed it and let out a little “Mmm” as if to give her approval of my arousal. Her chest was now pressing hard against me as well. Those soft breasts of hers sandwiched between us. I wrapped my arms around her again and hugged her tightly. This simple feeling of having a woman’s weight pressing against me was something I had often longed for on nights when I was feeling lonely. It was just as good as I had hoped.

When she finally pulled away I had leaned my head back and my eyes were closed. I was getting so into how it felt having her laying kisses on my neck and ears that I felt a little disappointed when she stopped.

“Oh Scott, I’m so horny right now.” She spoke softly. Her words were a far cry from the professional choice of words I was used to hearing from her at work. “You’ve made my panties wet now. You promised not to get any more of my clothes dirty, naughty boy.” She smirked at me and pressed her nose against mine. I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment. “I guess I can let it go this time.”

“I hope so. All I was doing was sitting here.” I said and laughed again.

“That’s not how it feels to me.” She said as her eyes darted down for a moment, her way of pointing out my erection. “It’s good to know you’re enjoying this too.” She sat back a bit and laid her hands on my chest. “Can I take off your shirt?”

“Sure.” I said.

She took her time undoing the buttons and then pulling it out from being tucked into my pants. I helped her pull it off of my arms. Then she expertly removed my t-shirt by pulling it up over my head.

“Much better.” She stated while examining me. I’ve always been kind of a skinny guy. Most of my strength is in my legs thanks to running regularly. But my upper body was still in shape, just a bit on the thin side. I also had a fair amount of dirty blonde hair on my chest. She ran her hands from my shoulders down to my elbows, and then over to my pectorals where she stopped and looked into my eyes.

“You feel good Scott.” She was about to say something more, but stopped for a moment. “Do you want to see mine now?”

I smiled slightly and just nodded. I’d seen plenty of breasts while browsing the internet, and had copped a feel here and there in the past. But I never had this type of up close and personal encounter with them before.

“Okay, I didn’t think you’d say no.” Ann laughed. “I hope you like them.”

She lifted her arms up and put her hands behind her head making her chest pull upward and her breasts swell a bit. I was actually surprised that they looked smaller than what I was expecting after seeing her figure in her work clothes. And even though she’d been in just the bra this whole time, I didn’t take time to really look at her chest closely. Regardless, I was not disappointed at all. I’d never been very interested when seeing pictures of big breasted women before.

“I want you to take off my bra. Just reach around behind me and unhook it.” She instructed me. I reached around her back to manipulate the hook mechanism, and in doing so found us face to face again. She kissed me on the lips as I quickly learned how this bra worked. It took a few moments of fiddling with it, but I managed to unhook it. Ann felt that I had been successful, broke the kiss, and lowered her arms so that she could hold the straps.

“Okay, now sit back again.” She ordered as she placed her hands on the cups of the navy blue bra. Slowly she pulled the cups downward while watching my face closely. I bit my lip anxiously as her tits were fully exposed. They were, as I theorized earlier, smaller than I was thinking, but nothing for her to be ashamed of. They fit her frame and build very nicely.

“Do you like them?” She asked quizzically.

“Very much,” I said. “They’re perfect on you. Now you get to see just how inexperienced I am. What size are they?”

“Oh hon, lots of men don’t have a clue about bra sizes.” She chuckled. “Mine are about a 32B right now, but that changes as my weight changes. Sometimes they’ll get up to a 34C, sometimes they get a little smaller. But this is pretty average for me.” She cupped them in her hands and looked at them with me. “You really like them? I’ve always thought they were a little small.”

“No, they’re perfect. And I’m not just saying that because you’re letting me see them. They really look good with how you’re built.” I hoped she believed that I was being completely honest with her. “Besides, I never thought fake ones looked that good.”

“Well if a young man like you approves, that means a lot. I do have to admit that I think they’ve aged well.” She said, and I nodded in agreement. They didn’t sag much, and the little sag that was there didn’t do anything to make them look bad.

Ann watched me intently as I inspected her now bare chest. Her breasts were very symmetrical. The areolas were between and inch and an inch and a quarter in diameter, and her hard nipples were maybe a touch under a half inch across. The tits as wholes were firm enough that the profile of each looked like a half pear pressed against her chest. The area between her breasts and her upper chest was covered with freckles like those on her face. I smiled at her after observing all of this, and she returned it with a big grin. I think she finally believed my comment about them being just right for her.

“I’m glad you like how they look. But I want to you know if you like how they feel and taste and smell, okay?” She had taken my face in her hands as she said it.

“I’d love to.” I admitted.

“First I want to tell you a few things though.” She said as she put her hands on my shoulders. “Never forget that to give the entire thing attention. Many guys just play with the nipples, and while the nipples are sensitive as hell, the whole tit feels good when it’s touched.” Then to demonstrate she put her hands under the breasts and cupped them again and roughly ran her hands over them as she said this. “The nipples are much more sensitive, like I said. A friend of mine once described them as being hotwired to the clit, and I’m inclined to agree with her. If you want to get a woman hot down below,” She said as she gave her pussy a firm pat with one hand and then brought her hand back up to the bare breast. “Make sure you start by pleasuring the nipples and the rest of the breasts.”

I had given her my full attention as she told me this stuff, and now took a moment to digest all of it. I already felt that her knowledge was well worth knowing. My smile grew as I thought about it.

“Now,” She continued. “I want to feel your hands and mouth on them.” Her hands went to my shoulders again for a moment and she smiled at me as she anticipated the upcoming pleasure she was going to receive. Then she rose up so she was standing on her knees and her tits were level with my face. She brought her arms around my neck and laid them on my back and gently pulled me towards her.

I didn’t want to use my mouth right away, so I had to nudge her away from me. I quickly and carefully took her breasts in my hands. I was surprised at how soft they were.

“Wow, they’re so soft.” I said quietly. My wonderment was obvious in my voice.

“Yes they are.” She said, and sighed as I continued touching her.

First I simply held them in my hands. The only thing that I can think of to compare them to is the softest loaf of bread you might find at the market. Not so soft that they flatten under pressure, but very soft nonetheless. As I finally got over this new discovery, I slowly traced my fingertips along the underside and then around the top of each one simultaneously. After that I took them in my hands so that the undersides pressed against my palms and the nipples were against the middle of my hands. I still couldn’t get over how soft they were.

“Don’t be afraid to be a little rough with them. Not too much though, they’re sensitive. But some nice firm squeezing feels really good.” She said as she watched my hands.

Understanding what she meant, I put the webbed part of my hand between my thumb and index finger under each one and pushed up so I could hold each breast completely in my hands. Once I had a comfortable grasp on them, I gave a gentle squeeze, bringing a satisfied sigh from Ann.

“There you go hon. Use your mouth too.” She whispered to me.

“I will. I want to take time to enjoy this.” I told her. But I was ready to taste these lovely mammaries. I pulled my hands away, licked my lips so that they were softer, and kissed each nipple very gently. No need to get her too excited too quickly. At that moment I wished I had two mouths so that I could give both nipples attention at the same time, but decided that I would do my best to give them both equal time in my mouth.

When I was about to begin exploring with my mouth, I decided that I needed a better angle at which to do it. I put my hands on Ann’s hips and pulled her to me so that her crotch was pressing against mine. Then I put my hands behind her lower back and started to lean forward. Ann knew what I was trying to do, and she put her arms around my neck and leaned back. Now I was able to suckle her chest and have her body snuggly pressing against me.

Her nipples were hard, and the way they reached straight up almost seemed like an invitation for a passing mouth to stop and spoil them with pleasure. I started on her left breast. Taking one hand from behind her, I cupped the tit from underneath and pushed it upwards slightly, making it swell more and causing the nipple to protrude even more. While I used my mouth on it, I did my best to continue a gentle massage with my hand. Finally I was ready to let my lips and tongue make contact.

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