Losing It to My Best Friends

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It’s only a week before I head off to college. I had never been away from home for more than a few days and was more apprehensive than I wanted to admit. Unlike some, my family and I had never taken any big trips. What would school be like? What about my room-mate? Would I make some new friends?

My parents are driving back to Pennsylvania for a funeral. My two best friends, Jimmy and Bobby are coming over in a few minutes. We had grown up together, going clear back to early grade school. Of course I had other good friends. But they were extra special.

“Hey, come on in,” I shouted as the twins came to my door. “Dad still has some beer in the frig. Get some. I’m out here by the pool.”

Jimmy handed me a cold one and sat next to me. Bobby stood nearby. “All ready for school, Linda?” he asked. “I guess. Mom and I did some shopping; I’ve got most of my things together. How about you?”

“About the same,” Jimmy responded.

“I’m really going to miss you guys. You are my very best friends. Too bad it didn’t work out with the scholarships. It sure would have been nice if we all went to U of M together.” “Yeah, but the money was really important. Dad said without it Bobby and I would likely have to go to community college.”

I finished my beer. “I’m going to put on my suit and get into the pool.”

“Damn, we forgot ours. Totally slipped my mind. I guess we could go back home and get them.”

“Don’t bother. Your underwear should be fine. Certainly more than some guys’ swimwear. Hang on, I’ll be right back.”

I jumped in the pool. “Come on, guys, get in here.” I watched as my two best friends shucked their shirts and pants. “You know, you both have filled out over the last year. What hunks!” I said with a laugh.

Jimmy jumped in next to me, followed by Bobby on the other side. Jimmy ducked under the water and came up between my legs, hoisting me onto his shoulders. I squealed with mock terror as he flipped me backwards. I had no sooner come up for air as Bobby spread my legs and hoisted me on his shoulders. I was flipped a second time.

“You guys! OK, I’m getting out before you do anything more to me.” I pulled myself up and sat on the pool edge at the shallow end. Jimmy and Bobby horse played and batted a beach ball back and forth. I enjoyed watching them. Until recently we had only been best buddies but in the last few months I took note of their ripped bodies. My girlfriends agreed and said they were studs.

Bobby came up to me, still standing in the pool. I blushed and giggled. “What?” I giggled even more. “Your underwear is almost transparent. I can see your stuff.” “My stuff?” he asked playing dumb.

“Yeah, you know, your penis. Your cock. Whatever you call it.”

“Hey, Jimmy. Come over here,” he yelled at his brother. “Linda says she can see my cock through my underwear. See if she can see yours.”

Wearing underwear in the pool wasn’t such a good idea, was it?

I started to giggle again. “Now what?” I continued to giggle. “What?” “Bobby, you’re growing. Are you getting a hard-on?” Bobby looked down. Sure enough, his underwear was starting to tent. The head of his cock pressed against the fabric.

“Yeah, I guess I am. Not my fault, Linda. You look very sexy in that tiny bikini.”

Jimmy’s underwear was now tenting as well.

I was shamelessly teasing them. “After all these years I have never seen your cocks. In a week we go our separate ways. I’d like to know what I’ll be missing. Don’t think bad of me, but will you show me?” They both stared at me. “Come on, guys. When’s the last time a girl asked?”

“You mean you really want to see my cock?” “And mine?”

“Yeah, unless you guys are too shy to show off to a pretty girl.”

That did it. Both guys stood proudly in front of me, their big cocks growing hard.

“Well, I can tell you guys are twins. But Jimmy, I think yours is bigger. Oh, wait, maybe yours is bigger, Bobby. No, I guess they both look alike,” I teased.

I reached one hand to each and pulled them toward me by their cocks. “I’ve never seen a cock before, except of course in X rated stuff. Your cocks are at least as big as any of those. It’s amazing how much bigger they got in just a minute. Interesting. Stiff but soft. I like how they feel.”

Taking advantage of the opportunity I rubbed their cock heads and slid my hands up and down the shafts. “I can’t believe I’m doing this! Does it feel good?” “Yeah!”

“Can I feel your balls?”

“Be really careful and don’t squeeze.”

I cupped one hand under Bobby’s testicles and one around his cock. “God, this is so sexy. OK, now you Jimmy.” As I played their cocks reached full hardness. “Does it hurt when they get so hard?”

“No, but it gets me horny,” Bobby responded.

“Look, there’s some stuff leaking out. Are you going to squirt your stuff?”

“Not yet. That’s just some stuff that comes out first,” Bobby responded.

I was turned on. I was playing with the cocks of my two best friends. Damn, I was bad. “I better stop, guys, I don’t want you Resim Yükle to make a mess.”

“Can’t you keep going a little longer? It feels so good.”

“Nope, sorry guys,” I teased.

“In that case, Linda, take off your bikini. We showed you, now it’s your turn.” I guess that was only fair. And besides, I really wanted to. I was proud of my newly enlarged breasts. And I had recently shaved my pussy.

I stood up, removed my bikini and sat back down at the pool edge. My guys stared first at my pussy and then at my breasts. “I shaved my pussy. Do you like it that way?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve never seen a bare pussy before,” Bobby exclaimed.

“You’ve never seen a pussy, period,” Jimmy laughed. I teased them by opening my legs a bit.

“So you like my pussy, huh? How about my breasts? They have grown in the last year.”

“They are perfect, absolutely perfect,” Jimmy responded.

“Is it ok if I touch?” “Sure.” He placed a hand on my right breast and Bobby fondled my left one. It felt good.

I stared at their hard cocks as I leaned back giving them a clear view of my bare pussy lips. “Wow, Linda, you have the sexiest body. Your pussy is beautiful.”

I bent my knees and spread my legs further apart. Running a finger up and down my slit, I felt so naughty. “Do you like what you see? One day some guy’s going to put his cock in there.”

They watched, mesmerized, as I pushed my index finger into my pussy. “Some guy’s big cock is going to go there, right where my finger is. Maybe some college guy, do you think?

“Bobby, come stand between my legs.” I held his cock and pulled it towards my pussy. I rubbed the head up and down my slit, masturbating both of us. “Look, that stuff is still coming out of your cock. Feels slippery.”

I held his cock up against my pussy, moving it up and down my slit. As it passed my hole the head momentarily dipped in just a little. Only a couple of minutes later Bobby yelled out, “Oh, Linda, I’m going to come. Oh, man, here it comes!”

I pulled his cock away from my pussy and he shot several spurts of cum onto my belly. He sheepishly backed away and his brother took his place. I rubbed his cock head on some of Bobby’s cum and then up and down my slit. Jimmy started thrusting but I held his cock so only part of the head entered my pussy.

A few minutes later he jerked his cock away from me. He rapidly stroked it, squirted on my pussy.

“What a mess! Now I need to clean up. Come inside and get another beer.”

After a quick shower I rejoined my friends. I was nude. “How come you put your clothes back on? I want to play some more.”

Bobby was quicker getting undressed. I knelt in front of him and licked the head of his cock.

“That feels so good, Linda. God, I can’t believe we are doing this.”

“I waited long enough, too long. Now we just have a few days. Am I doing this ok?”

“Feels wonderful. You look so sexy with my cock in your mouth. I have never before had a blowjob.”

“This is my first too. God, I can’t believe I have your cock in my mouth.”

I made love to his beautiful cock and wanted so much to please him. I took more into my mouth until it hit my throat. That caused me to gag so I backed off a bit. Since this was my first time I tried different things. I pursed my lips and sucked just the head. I swirled my tongue around and around, circling the head in my mouth.

“Oh, that feels good, Linda.” Then I fucked him, using my mouth as a pussy.

I glanced over at Jimmy on the sofa as he slowly stroked his cock, intently watching us.

“I’m getting close, Linda.” I pulled his body towards me, wanting his cum in my mouth. The first blast of cum caught me by surprise and I almost choked. The second and third spurts dribbled out the side of my mouth. I didn’t swallow fast enough.

“Damn, Bobby, that was a huge load. You already came once; I sure didn’t expect that much this time. Tastes pretty good!”

Jimmy was next. I tried to take him deeper but still gagged. A few minutes later he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock deeper as he came. I somehow managed not to choke and he shot his cum into my throat.

“Damn, Linda, that was so good. You know Lidia? I went out with her a couple of times. She tried to suck me once but quit after just a minute and made me jerk off instead. What did my cum taste like?”

“Hard to say, warm, salty. Not great but not bad either. Both of you taste the same. Now, guys, it’s my turn.”

“What do you want us to do?”

“I want your tongues in my pussy. Eat me.”

I lay on the sofa, placing one leg on the sofa back and the other on the floor. My legs were spread to expose my pussy.

“Who wants to be first? Bobby?”

He scooted between my spread legs.

“What do I do?”

“Stick your tongue out and put it between my pussy lips. Yes, like that. Now lick up and down my slit. Oh, my, that feels so good. Oh, baby, you’re turning me on. I never expected it to feel this good.”

I reached down and spread my lips. “Go deeper with your tongue. You are a natural. Yes, keep going.”

Our sex play during the last hour had brought me to the pinnacle of arousal. My whole body tingled as my climax approached. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him between my legs, mashing his mouth on my pussy. “Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh. Oooooh.”

Poor Bobby, I had practically smothered him and a burst of pussy juice covered his face.

I slumped on the sofa.

“You ok, Linda?”

“Yes, just give me a minute.

“Oh, Bobby, that was wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. That was my very first climax ever. Wow, was that ever good! We could have been doing this long before now. I’m an idiot.

“Jimmy, I also want you to do me but I need a little time to recover.”

Still nude, we grabbed some beers and went in the pool. As we horsed around Jimmy grabbed me from behind. I felt his hard cock sandwiched in the crack of my ass. “What’s that thing poking me,” I joked.

I climbed onto the pool edge and pulled my knees apart. “I’m ready for your tongue.”

Afterwards we stayed nude by the pool, sipping more beers as Jimmy and Bobby fondled their half-hard cocks.

“Forget it, guys, even if you get them up again, I’m done for the day. But there’s always tomorrow.”


“Yesterday was the best day of my life,” I exclaimed as I gave them big hugs. “My very first and second climaxes ever. You guys were great!”

“Our day was also pretty good,” Jimmy responded deadpan. I slugged him in the arm. “Our first, too. That was so much better than our usual jerking off. You are so exciting to be with. Who would have thought our childhood friend could mature into such a sexy woman?”

“You guys are so sexy. You’re going to get lots of pussy in college. And speaking of pussy, I want you to eat my pussy again. Will you do that?”

“Absolutely!” “You bet.”

“And then we fuck.” The guys looked at each other with big smiles.

“Ok, Jimmy, you go first. I just took a shower so my pussy’s nice and clean.” I quickly discarded my clothes and lay down on the sofa. Jimmy started to move between my legs.

“No, Jimmy, take off your clothes. You too, Bobby. I like to look at your cocks. Bobby, come over here. I want to play with your cock while Jimmy eats me.”

Jimmy scooted between my wide open legs. My pussy was already dripping with anticipation as he gently inserted his tongue between my lips.

“Oh, that feels good, Jimmy.” I reached over and grabbed Bobby’s stiff cock. It was so big. I hoped it would fit in my tight pussy. I continued to stroke it as Jimmy became more aggressive with his tongue.

“God, you are so good. Even better then yesterday. Yes, get in deep.” Poor Bobby, I forgot all about his cock as my excitement increased.

“Jimmy, I’m going to come. Oh, baby. Oh, god. Ohhhhh.” I mashed his face into my pussy as I climaxed.

I lay there in a daze. Who would have guessed it could feel so good. “Wow, it gets better and better,” I exclaimed. A few moments later I was ready to be fucked.

“Who wants to take my virginity?”

Bobby and Jimmy looked at each other. Neither responded.

“Well, I can’t take both of your cocks into my pussy. Who’s going first?”

“I’ll go first,” Jimmy spoke up. “I’m older.” “Yeah, by 15 minutes, brother,” Bobby retorted.

I lay down on my tummy and spread my legs. “There’s some lubrication there on the night stand. It might make it easier to get your cock into me. You have to be gentle and go really slowly. Are you ready to make me your woman?”

Jimmy placed the tip of his cock at my pussy hole.

“Wait! Stop! You don’t have a condom on, do you?”

“No, I didn’t think about that.”

“I didn’t either. God, I sure don’t want to get pregnant. And you guys squirt so much stuff. Let me figure, it’s been three days since my period ended. So, if I remember correctly, that means at least a week before my fertile time. It’s chancy but I’m not going to stop now. Besides, if I get pregnant one of you will have to marry me,” I added with a laugh.

“Oh, wait a moment.” I came back with two towels and spread them on the bed. “I might bleed when you do it,” I explained.

“Oh, Linda, I want to fuck you so bad. But I don’t want to hurt you.”

After another hesitation, I was ready. “OK, Jimmy. Do it. Fuck me. But go slowly.”

He pressed his cock to my hole and gently pressed, pushing the head between my lips. He backed out and pushed again, this time going a little further. I could feel the pressure as his cock filled my pussy.

“Oh, wait a minute. Stop! Can you feel that? It’s my hymen. Give me a moment.” Did I want him to do it? To make me a woman. Yes! “OK, push. Oh, god. Push harder.” I held my breath and winced as he broke through.

I’m a woman. My virginity is gone. And I gave it to one of my two best friends. I will always remember this day.

After pausing a bit he proceeded to slowly stroke in and out, gradually increasing the tempo. I was so caught up in my own feelings that I completely forgot that this was Jimmy’s first time too.

“Feels really good, Jimmy,” I encouraged him. “Your cock is so big. I just love it. Take it nice and slow. Fuck me deep. Yes, like that. Slower. Oh, my. Feels so good. Do you like my pussy?”

“Linda, your pussy fits my cock like a glove. God, you are tight. I’m so proud to be your first. Do you think it would be ok if I came in you?”

“I want that. I want your seed in my virgin pussy. Keep going.”

He kept up a steady rhythm, sliding all of his cock into me, then back out until just the head was inside. I was impressed with his new-found skill.

“Oh, I’m coming,” he suddenly announced and grabbed my hips, shoving his cock deep. I felt it pulse as he squirted deep. I grabbed his ass and held him tight.

“Stay in me.”

Gradually I felt his cock shrink until it came out. I hadn’t come but that’s ok. Jimmy’s cock was coated with cum and blood.

“Oh, Linda. You are bleeding. It must have hurt. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok, it only hurt for a moment. Bobby, look at my pussy.”

“I can see into your hole, Linda. And there’s stuff starting to leak out. A little blood and some creamy stuff, Jimmy’s cum.”

“Yeah. Take a picture with your phone. This is a special moment to remember. Now I want your cock. Are you ready? Stick it into my slippery tunnel. Fuck me, but be careful. I’m a little sore but I want you.”

One push and Bobby was easily inside. I guess Jimmy stretched me out some. Having had the benefit of watching his brother Bobby quickly established a nice, easy rhythm. My excitement was building with each thrust.

“Slowly, Bobby, slow and deep. Oh, baby, that feels so good. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Ooooooh”.

I thought my climax yesterday was good. This was awesome. Bobby hadn’t cum yet and continued thrusting. He held my hips and slammed into me. He was like a machine, a fucking machine. And I was on the receiving end of his fabulous cock. He thrust deep into my pussy and held his cock there. I felt his cock pulse as it squirted deep in me. I shut my eyes and grabbed his ass, holding him inside. I wanted to stay linked but soon his cock grew smaller and he withdrew.

I was limp with emotional exhaustion. Reaching down with my fingers, I probed my stretched pussy, gathering our combined fluids.

“You guys have filled me up. I can’t believe your big cocks fit. Look at my dripping pussy! And look, I can get easily get two fingers inside. I hope my pussy will return to normal. I liked how tight it felt with your cocks.”

“Linda, thank you. You are the greatest friend we could ever have.”

“We’re more than friends now, Bobby. We are lovers! I love you both so much.”

We made the most of that last week together. Their skill increased as we “practiced”. I wanted to feel their cum squirt into me so we never did use condoms. Risky but it worked out ok.

And then the week was over. We hugged and cried that last day. I wished we could have stayed together forever but knew that wasn’t possible. We went our separate ways and became absorbed in school activities and new people. Thanksgiving we had one chance to get together for a replay. Christmas was even better. We had almost two weeks. Back at school I met a guy and we dated. I made him wait until our fourth date before he got into my pants. It was nothing special compared with Bobby and Jimmy. I moved on and tried out several more guys.

Bobby and Jimmy seduced a series of girlfriends.

By spring break we shared details of our accumulated sexual conquests. It was fun relating our adventures and misadventures. Comparing cocks and pussy. Laughing about best and worst sex.

“Well, guys, I’ve had four different cocks in me since last summer. Not counting you. I have decided sex is really neat and plenty of guys are interested. No surprise, I guess. I like getting fucked and don’t waste time just playing around. I was surprised that about half of my friends were still virgins. Most of the others had only done it with their boyfriend.

“The guys were ok but only one had much experience. He went down on me but only for a few minutes. Bummer. But at least he knew how to use his cock pretty good and got me going. The others kind of fumbled around and I had to show them what I liked. But it was still fun. You’ll be glad to know that your cocks are the biggest. How could I be so lucky? And I sure missed your tongues.”

“God, Linda, your pussy is so perfect,” Bobby gushed. “I love tasting you. The best is when you get excited and squirt. I know then I did it well.”

“Yeah, I like it too when that happens,” Jimmy added.

“How many girls have you fucked, Jimmy?”

“Three, not counting one girl who thought my cock was too big. After several tries I ate her pussy to try to get her going. She thought that was wonderful. Then I tried again to put it in. Still no dice. I would have settled for a blow job but only got jerked off. I told her she needed to find some guy with a small dick. I couldn’t help it, I was pissed. Later I felt bad and decided that she was probably a virgin, or nearly, and got scared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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