Gigi was a flirt. Her flirtations had cost her two marriages when the targets of her flirtations took them seriously and she had ended up in bed with them.

She had convinced herself that she had not minded the divorces even as she admitted to herself that the fucks had been pedestrian at best. In truth she very much regretted losing her second husband and if pressed would have admitted to have loved him. Nobody pressed her on that.

She was forty-two years old but still had the body and the looks to attract anyone she wanted. She had been divorced for over fifteen years now and her flirtations were more subdued, at least until she noticed she was horny then it was full steam ahead. In the previous fifteen years none of her affairs had made it past the three-week mark and most did not make it past a weekend.

At her sexual peak she rued the fact that she seldom got laid. She had not admitted it to herself but she simply had lost interest. A long succession of disappointments had her sex life on hold.

All in all she had become comparably well behaved, probably because no one had pushed her to be otherwise.

Her daughter Glenda however had now become famous for her own scandalous behavior. She had volunteered for gangbangs, fucked on dares, had been arrested for public nudity.

She had somehow attracted the love of a very fine man and he had asked her to marry him. Her daughter did not love him but accepted thinking that he was a good enough to be her husband and take care of her.

He was so taken with her that he did to heed any of the warning signs. He treated Glenda like a lady even though there were obvious signs she was not.

Exactly one month before he had heard rumors that she had fucked three guys at a wedding shower thrown by her best friend. He had gone to her apartment the next morning to give her the opportunity to deny it. In his mind he had already accepted whatever story Glenda told him.

Instead he found her fucking one guy in her bed while another slept on her sofa, nude.

He went to her and took off her engagement ring while she was still fucking the guy. She looked surprised by his action but never made a move to stop the fuck. The guy fucking her barely noticed his presence, likely assuming he was just the next in line.

Two weeks later Glenda apparently decided that she had made a grave error and had spent three weeks trying to talk to him. He had not answered her calls and denied her entry into his house. When she persisted he moved into an extended stay hotel and had his house fumigated. She got the message after that.

A month had passed since then and Gigi had been talked into interceding for her daughter. She was a bit surprised he had allowed her into his home since he knew why Gigi was there. However they had always had a cordial relationship. Her daughter knew that he would talk to her mother.

His name was Ted and Bycasino he was handsome and polite. Gigi had always thought her daughter needed to do her best to hang on to him.

At twenty-seven he was five years older than her daughter and conservative in bearing. He was a section manager at a large advertising agency and made a good living.

“As you probably know I am here on behalf of my daughter. She wants you to give her a second chance,” Gigi said to Ted.

Ted said, “Sorry, no. It is clear she has no respect for me. If I give her another chance all it would do is convince her I do not deserve her respect.

You would be shocked at the things I am hearing about her now that my friends are not worried about my learning the truth about her from them.”

Gigi nodded and told him she probably knew even more stories about her daughter than he had heard.

Gigi admitted she was well beyond being shocked by her daughter’s behavior.

Ted suddenly apologized for his lack of manners and brought out some wine and cheese for her. As he stood next to her and poured the wine she glanced at the crotch of his gym shorts and saw a clear outline of his cock. “Nice,” she thought to herself. “Stupid kid. She gave that up too.”

She took a second and third look at Ted and said, “You know, I have always known my daughter was wild and reckless but it never occurred to me she was stupid until she drove you away.

To tell you the truth I am not convinced she understands that you were the best thing that ever happened to her, to us.”

“Thanks, that is kind of you. I just wish she was more like you.”

Gigi said, “Ouch. The truth is there is a lot of me in her when I was her age. She is wilder and less discriminating than I ever was but I can assure you there are people in this town that can tell you some very embarrassing stories about me.”

By the time Gigi and Ted had finished off the bottle of wine she had related to Ted some of her earlier adventures and even though they were quite salacious they paled in comparison to what her daughter had done in just the previous three months.

Ted surprised her by admitting that her daughter had talked him into having sex in some very risky places, some of which were the same places Gigi had mentioned in some of her stories. They were laughing at anything by then so Ted opened a second bottle of wine.

When Ted stood up Gigi noticed that their conversation had given him a partial erection. Without thinking things through she asked to use his bathroom and while there took off her bra and panties. When she returned to the living room she sat next to him on the sofa and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

“Thank you for not killing her,” Gigi said. “Under the circumstances you last saw her I admit I probably would have.

I am not surprised and do not blame you for deciding not to have anything to do with her. I Bycasino giriş will again tell her that she has made the biggest mistake of her life and there is no second chance. I am not as sad for her as I am for me, I liked having you around.”

“Hopefully that wont change,” Ted said as he gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

Ted intended it to be a short sweet kiss to confirm his fondness of her. He expected Gigi to withdraw from the kiss soon.

She did not.

The kiss became more ardent and gathered strength until it was passionate, hungry. Gigi’s hand slid to his cock and gripped it as Ted’s’ hand found a breast. Before either one could put a stop to it she was straddling his hips and plunging her pussy over his cock. His hands went to her hips and a furious fuck was suddenly in full thrust.

Gigi was hoping that her daughter’s stories about Ted’s control were true, she wanted, she needed a big orgasm.

The stories were true and Gigi was soon suffering and enjoying her best orgasm in years. She slowed to a stop and kissed Ted lovingly. As the kiss ended she felt Ted’s cock jump inside her pussy. He had not cum.

Gigi slid to the floor and engulfed his cock into her mouth. Ted made the first sound she had heard from him, a deep moan.

She made love to his cock until she heard him grunt.

Gigi quickened her pace expecting to soon have a mouth full of cum. Instead Ted slid off the couch and maneuvered his body over hers. His cock did not need to be shown the way and he was soon fucking her with force.

In her mind Gigi saw it as his fuck, his reward for what he had given her. She wrapped her arms around him and encouraged him to take her, to cum in her.

Then she lost it.

What she believed was the biggest orgasm of her life burst into her and all she could manage was to hold on, and scream.

When her world regained focus she was covered in sweat. Ted’s cock was slowly withdrawing from her sopping wet pussy. He was kissing her neck.

For several minutes they just lay on the floor, learning to breathe again. Eventually Ted stood up and helped Gigi to her feet. Gently grasping her hand he led her to the shower and after adjusting the temperature they got in together. They kissed.

Gigi briefly wondered when they had become nude.

They each assisted in the washing. He was most impressed with her breasts, which had retained most of their firmness over the years.

The feel of his ass in her hands fascinated Gigi.

They were dry and in his bed before either spoke their first words since the kiss that wouldn’t end. In unison they each said to the other, “Thanks.”

A few giggles and chuckles later Ted confessed that he had wanted her from the time they met. That although he was soon in love with her daughter he had never managed to stop wanting her.

Gigi sighed and admitted to wanting him since she Bycasino güncel giriş met him.

They kissed softly and caressed each other. Twenty minutes later he had another erection.

“Apparently I have just now become a cougar,” Gigi said as she caressed his cock. “The recuperative powers of young guys are such a blessing.”

“Thank you but I am at the tail end of being young. This has been my shortest re-erection in a long while. I think you can take all the credit for that.”

“Me?’ asked Gigi. I do think I look OK for an old broad but my daughter and her two accomplices have the knockout bodies.

I believe you have seen all of all three.”

“Yes, I have. Yet yours is sexier, and I have proof.”

As soon as Ted said that he was over her and sinking his cock slowly, gently, into her pussy.

Gigi groaned and moved her hands to his ass.

Ted varied his pace from nearly frantic to full stop.

Gigi succumbed to a long series of orgasms, which were accompanied by loud groans.

Ted did indeed have great control and since he was on his second fuck inside an hour he was cruising.

After two orgasms in quick succession and a third particularly deep orgasm and groan engulfed Gigi she begged Ted to stop.

As soon as Ted was on his back Gigi slid down his body and began a no doubt about it blowjob. Ted allowed himself to let go and after a few minutes Gigi won the mouthful of cum she had worked for.

She slid up to him and kissed him, her usual test of her sex partner’s satisfaction with their sex. If they returned the kiss he was deserving of another time. If not it was a once and out.

She regretted doing it to Ted as soon as their lips met. She realized that if he did not like it she would be the one out of luck. He had just given her the top three orgasms she had ever remembered having and the last thing she wanted was to push him away.

He kissed her back. He allowed her tongue into his mouth but her tongue just barely touched his lips. He plunged his tongue deep into her mouth and caressed it.

Gigi did not quite hold back a sob.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yeah, you pretty much tenderized my pussy but that actually feels good. I apologize for being such a slut tonight but it has been a while, if ever, since anyone took me where you did. Thanks.”


Anytime?” she asked with a grin.

“Anytime,” he repeated with a soft kiss.

As they returned to the living room Gigi she saw her sundress draped over the back of the couch. Ted’s t-shirt was on the floor but neither could immediately find his gym shorts. He slipped on the shirt and she slipped on her dress.

As he walked her to the door Gigi wondered out loud what exactly was she was going to tell her daughter.

Ted said, “Tell her it’s too late, that I have already found someone else.”

He opened the door for Gigi but before she stepped out he scooped her into his arms and kissed her. She melted into him and her hands soon found his bare ass.

Ted ended the kiss and closed the door.

“How do you like your pizza?” he asked her as her dress hit the floor.

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