As We Collide

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You get dropped off in a limousine wearing a sheer white dress. Before you is an idyllic setting. There is one table with a white table cloth laid out on it. On the table lay one note, propped up with your name on it. And Behind it lay three small bowls. To the right of the bowls lay a spoon and on the bench there is a pad. Each bowl

is filled with a different item in it. There appear to be strawberries in one, although the other two look a dark red or purple and a white creamy substance of some kind.

Behind this picnic table there is a small pond that looks like it is part of a small cove. At the back of the cove is a very tall rock wall and cliffs above them. In the center of the rock wall there is a small waterfall coming from above. The water is coming down to drench a person but not enough to harm someone were they under it. There seems to be some clouds in the sky broken up by blue patches, and it is misting everywhere. The mist falls on your white summer dress and no longer hides your soft curves. As it gets wet from the mist it hangs from your body and

clinging around your waist and butt. It quickly becomes obvious that you aren’t wearing any underwear.

You sit down at the table and see the word read me right next to your name on the envelope with the note inside. You feel a little like Alice in Wonderland, curious as to what you have gotten yourself into. As you open the letter a strong musky scent reaches your nose. It’s obviously cologne but there seems to be more to it. The effect is intoxicating as you get a little light headed. You let the paper slide into your hands from the envelope. There turns out to be 4 sheets of paper. One of the pieces of paper has INSTRUCTIONS in big bold letters typed on it. You turn to that letter as your eyes are drawn to three words written on the paper. The first word is Sweet, the Second is Savory, and the third is Sensual.

You begin to read the note:

“Welcome lover,” it begins. “Welcome lover to my fantasy. When I think of you, I think of you in three ways. The first way is sweet. Your kind, friendly caring nature touches me. The second way I call Savory (Spicy). Just the very thought of you sends shivers down my spine, wanting to touch you. And you are playful in the best sort of way. You bring flavor to life and all around you. The final flavor is Sensual. I enjoy you in every sense: taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing and thought. The three bowls in front of you represent each of those visions. The first bowl is fresh strawberries, the second bowl is filled with Syrah a rich red wine, and the final bowl is filled with heavy whipped cream. I want you to feel what I feel every time I am with you. Take the spoon right next to the note and scoop out the top of one of the strawberries. Put the strawberry in the syrah and let it soak in there until the strawberry is filled with the wine. Finally, take a spoonful of cream and put it on top. Put the whole strawberry in your mouth all at once.”

You follow the instructions and put the strawberry in your mouth. The strong spicy wine combined with the sweet strawberry and the luscious whipped cream overwhelms your senses. All at once you are feeling tingles up and down your spine and warmth that spreads down your body. It goes all the way down to your soft glistening wet pussy. Your nipples become erect and press up against the top of your dress. You begin to shudder with pleasure. Then you remember that the note is not finished and a tingle and warmth fill you as you pick up the note to continue.

“I love how you shudder in ecstasy.” You put down the note to look around knowing deep down that someone is watching, knowing that someone is me, getting wet thinking about how well I know you.

You continue on, “Follow each instruction to the letter and pleasure awaits. Begin with the wine note, follow it with the cream note, and end it with the strawberry note. But before you begin, take off your dress.”

The words pleasure awaits begin to reverberate inside you as you slowly slide out of your dress. You are thankful for the forethought of a nice pad to sit on at the table and then get an erotic charge knowing that I knew you would wear no underwear. The mist now runs down your soft flesh. You begin to feel as wet inside as you are Bycasino out.

You pick up the note that reads wine. The wine note does not appear to have much written on it. It says please go under the table and find the wine and wine opener. Open up the bottle of wine. It is the same wine that you just drank There is just enough for a glass in there, although there isn’t any here. So you must drink it all down with your mouth on the bottle. It seemed a little crazy at first but you do it. And as you do it some spills down your mouth and all down your body. You begin to realize that licking you all over might be part of my plan. You get even wetter thinking about it.

The wine drips down your nipples and its warmth turns you on as it drips down your body. You warm up inside as well as out, and your pussy gets very very wet. You now smell of warm sweet wine mixed with the perfume you wore there. You then reach over for the second note with whipped cream. It says to take the cream out with your hands and spread it all down by your hot pussy. Be sure to lather it all over it as it’s a bit misty now and I want to be able to taste it on you and not watery cream.

You take a large clump of cream and lather it over pussy. . It feels soft against your flesh. You almost wish that I was taking it and rubbing it all over your body. You lick the cream from your fingers and pick up the final note. It says, how do you like the cream? I knew you would. Now stand up and pick up the seat cover. Underneath it is a blindfold. Take it and cover your eyes. Make sure you have your strawberries on your lap easily accessible to what comes next, which is sliding the strawberries in and out of your hot wet pussy. It is wet by now isn’t it? You nod

without even meaning to.

After the blindfold goes on you pick up the strawberries. Part of you is surprised to find how easily the strawberries go in and out of your pussy, and another part of you is surprised at how big the strawberries I picked out are… you actually feel very turned on when all of a sudden you feel a presence next to you .. First sticks crunching and then breathing, and then warmth along your skin without even touching.

You know I am there right next to you. But don’t stop sliding the strawberry inside and out of you for fear I will run away. Your body jumps with excitement and wetness as my hand touches yours grabbing the strawberries from your fingers.

You audibly moan in excitement, anticipating what I am going to do next. I lick your lips, and slide the strawberries inside you and a little finger as well, and pulling them all the way back out, you can hear me licking and eating the strawberry with a little cream that came off as it was being pushed into your wet pussy. I let you lick the juice off of my fingers.

I slowly start to lick the edges of your wet pussy as it’s a mingling of the cream, the strawberry juice and your own sweet juice. I clean off all of the cream and juice with my tongue, occasionally sliding my tongue all the way inside you as I make sure to get off all of the cream. You taste so sweet salty and a little creamy with every lick. Just as I finish licking off all the cream I begin to suck your clit into my mouth. You spasm slightly as the electric shock of my tongue hits you and sends a jolt down your spine. And just as you start to relax and enjoy the feeling of your clit in my mouth, I slide a couple of fingers inside you, slowly at first. I find that there is still strawberry juice coming out of you a little as my fingers have a little red coloring to them as they go in and out of your soft moist pussy.

The thrusting, in and out, in and out as my tongue begins to flick all over your clit. Every action that I do is intensified by the fact that you can’t see what I am going to do next. I can feel your orgasm building up inside you and I start to slow down how fast my fingers are moving inside you. You moan a little as your body just wants more and more. You can feel the orgasm coming and the delicious torture I am applying to you. You are ready to cum. My tongue continues to lick wildly at your clit and then applies some pressure on it as I pull my fingers from your pussy.

You feel a little disappointed until you realize my hand is moving up to your Bycasino giriş clit to continue to massage it and my tongue is beginning to slide into your pussy again, faster and harder inside you. The image of my tongue sliding in and out of you in your mind is such a turn on, and you are turned on even more knowing that I want you to cum in my mouth.

I want to feel your juices run down my face as I slide the tongue in and out. My fingers rubbing so fast over your clit, faster and faster the run and you can feel the orgasm coming again… faster, my tongue goes into you harder and harder. You are beginning to feel your body lose control on the bench as the spasm in your wet pussy is clenching around my tongue. Faster and harder your heart is going wild. Little beads of sweat begin to drip down your body as your body is a fire that is about to explode. Wildly my tongue thrusts in you as your feel yourself finally reach your climax.

“AAHHHHHHHHH, I’m commmminnnngg,” escapes your lips in wild abandonment.

Your pussy spasm over and over again as juice from it flies into my mouth and down my tongue. A wry smile escapes my lips as I just love the taste of you, luxuriating in the sensuousness of the moment I caress your body while you are on the bench, almost trying to cool you down, but the feel begins to send electric shocks up and down your body as you crave more and more. I lift you up from the bench, and put my hands around your cheeks as I pull your ear to my mouth.

“That was so sweet of you,” I say, with the intended double meaning fully clear. “I am not taking the blindfold off just yet.” I tell you this as a finger slides into your pussy one last time, just to make sure I have gotten every bit of juice I can. I lick my finger and enjoy the juices from your last cum. There is intensity about your face as you wonder what is going to happen next. I grab your hand and put it into my arm.

“Follow me,” I say as you begin to follow in my footsteps.

You are a bit nervous and hesitant, but knowing that more pleasure is coming, deep down in your heart you know that you would follow me anywhere. You realize that we are walking at a slight decline when you feel your foot touch water. Another moan escapes your lips as you hear the waterfall getting closer and closer. All your senses are heightened, not just from the lack of being able to see, but from cumming just a few moments earlier.

As you make each step into the water and the water level rises it balances the heat within your body. It’s not the ice cold water, but a kind of cool soothing water that the pool is made of. The sand beneath your feet is extremely soft with only

the smoothest of stones mixed with the sand so that you don’t feel in danger of hurting yourself. When we finally come to a stop you can feel the water just barely touching your pussy.

“Reach out your hand,” I tell you, and you begin to feel water pouring down from up above. Even though you could sense the waterfall getting louder, you didn’t realize that you were this close. The mist from the air hid the natural mist from the waterfall. I begin to nibble at your ear, and press my body up against yours. You realize that I am fully naked now with you. You weren’t sure when or if I was ever

wearing any clothing, but now you know for a fact that I am not as the head of my cock begins to press up against the lips of your wet pussy from behind. You begin to moan again as you can feel yourself getting so wet inside. And even though you are in the water you know that your juices are going to be flowing into that water very soon.

I move up to your ear and whisper, “you are the most amazing woman. I am going to take the fold off now.”

Even though you have loved every minute of this so far, there is an excitement in the air as you can feel my hands behind your head sliding the blindfold off. It’s as if you are coming out of a tunnel and you can see yourself in the light again. Your

eyes are slowly readjusting to all the surroundings, and they are beautiful, when you feel the head of my cock slide into your wet pussy.

“AHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMM,” you moan as you can feel my cock slide all the way inside you.

The mist of the waterfall is all around you and you notice Bycasino güncel giriş that the skies have turned a bright blue as the clouds have begun to roll away. The mist makes it looks like there are all sorts of rainbows around you filling your whole vision with color as I begin to bend you down slightly in order to fit my cock all the way inside your pussy. I thrust into you again and again. All your senses being turned on so greatly that you begin to come again with barely a few thrusts inside you, your pussy

clenching tightly around my cock. You hear me moan and that turns you on even more. Thrusting again and again, you begin to feel my cock expanding inside you and pulsating inside you. You can feel the beat of my heart resonating in your

thoroughly soaked pussy. Juices are running down your thigh and right into the water as I continue to thrust with abandon.

Growing a little more daring, and a little more confident you pull my cock out of your pussy from behind. You make sure that your pussy is constantly clenching at my cock as you know this is driving me wild. The tables have been turned somewhat. You pull me back underneath the waterfall and behind it as water rushes down my body drenching me and yet turning me on even more. You can see my cock dance in the air, as it seeks to find your pussy around it again. Not wanting to let the moment go, and yet knowing that your pussy is spasming needing to feel me inside you again you half jump into my arms with your legs wrapped around me. Somehow you end up sliding down slightly and my cock slides right into your pussy.

A deep moan escapes your lips as my hands cradle your ass to make sure that we can rock and grind against each other without you falling off. You begin to bob up and down on my cock with your glistening pussy. The vision surrounding you is dark and mysterious and the water a bright color as the sun strikes down on it. The water and your moans echo off the walls of the cliff as you continue to bob up and down on my cock. . I begin to moan loudly.

“AAAHHHHH . . . MMMMMMMM you are so very hot,” I shout as the echo of it all turns you on even more.

Your pussy begins to spasm and clench again and again knowing you are ready for another orgasm. I thrust into you again and again, and our bodies would be full of sweat were in not for the cool water raining down next to us and covering us in a wet mist. Our bodies glisten as I continue to thrust up into you again and again and you grind against my cock. We both moan together as your pussy spasms again and again and you begin to notice the head of my cock begin to expand and twitch inside you, letting you know that we are both on the verge of cumming together. I thrust again and again, harder and faster as our bodies grind into each other… again, harder, faster you feel it building, pulsating inside you, thrusting inside you… faster, harder, and we are wildly bucking into each other when you hear me make the loudest scream. It turns you on so much that you feel yourself begin to explode as your juices run down my hot cock. The explosion inside your pussy with all the spasming and clenching of my cock causes a big explosion in me I cum so very deep inside you as you can feel both of our juices running down your legs and the length of my cock.

“MMMMMMMMMMM,” we both moan as I slowly slide you down my body and off of my cock.

Resistant to let it go, I can see pouty lips come across your face. You are wanting more and more, and yet you know that your body is spent, for the time being. We both slide under the cool water and around the waterfall loving the feel of the waters cool pool around our bodies as we take the time to clean off everything in the water. We are playful and loving of each other, and just enjoying the wondrous surroundings.

You feel me grab your hand and you look into my eyes, with tenderness. A tear escapes your eyes as you have enjoyed the passion the intensity of it all. That tear warms my heart as we walk together to the waters edge to get our clothing and leave this idyllic scene. Our hearts never wanting to leave there but knowing gratefully that we would definitely be coming back to this place again and again, to experience more of each other. You cuddle up into my arms naked after we walk out of the water as I caress your butt and sides.

You pull my ear down to your lips and whisper,” next time, it’s my turn,” as you pull away and wink at me and walk away.

My cock jumps as I whisper underneath my breath, “I can’t wait.”

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