Yeliza Awakens Pt. 02

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Part 2 of 2, hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments or thoughts. Or not, all good.

Part four: The reveal

Seeing him fully dressed, submissive, and made to look like a girl, her power was readily apparent. She reveled in it. He was patiently sitting on the bed, waiting for her direction.

This power was becoming addictive. She enjoyed it more every time they did something like this, her pussy was wetter than before. She was making him wait, excruciatingly long, on purpose. To show him who was in charge. He dare not fidget, or move. All he did was wait submissively, gazing at her. Longing in his eyes.

She knew all he wanted is to please, she could see it in his eyes, all that was missing from his ensemble was his collar with his female name on it, it lay beside him.

“Stand up, slut. And turn to the mirror, eyes closed.” She ordered. He stood and turned to the mirror trembling on his black heels, he towered over his mistress, even without heels. Despite his height, he knew exactly where the power was, and it was not in his heeled feet.

He had not seen himself yet, the reveal which was to come was incredible to him, he felt nervous, excited and very submissive. He felt the collar click around his neck.

“You may look now, my pretty.” She said, he opened his eyes slowly. They had done this before. Not like this, however. The whole image was perfect in his eyes, an effeminate creature stood. Not a man nor a woman. He was her wannabe girl. Her sissy. His cock throbbed at the sight. His state of mind plunging him into his alter ego. He was fully hers, fully submissive and fully aroused.

The collar around his neck read his name in silvery bling letters. YELIZA. He loved what he saw, the long blonde wig fell past his shoulders. Normally they were broad but the dress made them look much more petite and feminine. The make up gave him an unfamiliar feminine face. The breast forms gave him the false impression of cleavage, and the corset gave him the silhouette he craved. Everything working together. He was no longer himself. He was Yeliza.

He was speechless in the mirror for what felt like forever. All he could do was gape at the beautiful girl in the mirror. His cock aching. He felt so feminine, so controlled. This had been his fantasy for years, and it had never been realized. Until right now.

“Well, Yeliza how do you feel?” She asked.

“I feel beautiful, mistress.” He answered back after a while. Collecting his thoughts.

Her hand moved down under his dress, feeling his erect cock in her hand, and some leakage in his panties. He was so aroused, that without touching his member he was leaking precum.

“Oh such a naughty slut, getting all wet for mistress.” She grinned at him, he felt his body go limp from the attention his dick was getting, still looking in the mirror he could see his mistress maneuver around him, holding his dick firmly. It sent pleasure through him. He would do anything for her, anything she wished. Her hand let his dick go free in his panties, the bulge not visible. “Well my beautiful girl, I think it’s time for some fun.” She said.

“Yes, mistress.” Was all he could answer to her.

Part 5: Playing with Yeliza

“Clear the bed, and lie down, Yeliza.” She commanded. He moved quickly to clear the bed of the blankets and pillows. He nervously lied down. Not knowing what would be happening next.

While she was deciding what to do with her sissy, she saw the desperation in his eyes, the submission on his face. Ever since she felt the leaking in his panties, she had become very hot herself. Her pussy could use some well-deserved attention, and she had just the slave to do it for her. However, he would have to earn such a great reward. She waited, testing her slave’s patience.

She started to lightly trace his exposed thigh, rubbing her long fingernails along his body. He was very sensitive and shuddered in enjoyment. Not knowing what it could lead to. Suddenly she pinched his thigh. He jerked his leg back a little as a reaction. She looked down at him.

“Well, slave, you decide to pull away from your mistress?” She asked.

“I’m sorry mistress, I just hadn’t expected you to pinch me so suddenly.” He replied sharply, thinking he would justify his action. She slapped her hand down on his thigh with full force. He knew he should not test her further.

“Your backtalk doesn’t please me at all slut. I am going to punish you, I think I am in a good mood. I şişli travesti will let you decide how many slaps it will be.” She said.

The seconds counted down, he had no idea how many slaps to give himself, he didn’t know if any number would be good enough, would he start high? Or low? What if it was too low and she would make him say a ridiculous number?

“Well Yeliza, I will need that number from you.” She said smiling. She saw the doubt in his eyes, this turned her on even more. She saw him trying to make a decision that would please her. He didn’t know that she didn’t care. She was going to do anything she wanted anyway. Making him sweat like this just made it more enjoyable for her. Her smile wavered into a fierce look.

“T-t-ten?” He finally answered.

“Is that a question or a statement?” She asked him sternly. He felt her gaze into him. Making him feel so submissive.

“F-f-five then?” He said again. Sounding hopeful after her response.

“Poorly done, Yeliza.” She said, anger in her voice. “I liked your first offer a lot more, although, I think you ruined my mood, and you ruined your own salvation. I will slap you as many times as I please. You are going to apologize and thank me for every one, and if you bitch… and moan… and cry… and beg… I am going to keep adding slaps until you complete your punishment properly.” She stated.

“Yes, mistress.” He replied weakly. Bracing himself for the punishment.

The first slap, not that hard for him. He was prepared and he felt like he could endure,

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The second slap, she slapped harder, on exactly the same spot.

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The third slap, harder still. He was having trouble controlling his pain, it was starting to hurt.

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The fourth slap, not any harder, but accurate. Stinging, pain and powerlessness.

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The fifth slap, same spot, misery, he really was sorry now. Five would have been fine?

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The sixth slap, of course. No end in sight for him,

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The seventh slap, he had serious trouble holding himself back.

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The eighth slap, was this ever going to end? Or was she trying to break him?

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry”

The ninth slap, how weak was he? Only 9 slaps in and feeling like a vulnerable little bitch boy?

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The tenth slap, this could have been it if he had been more steadfast. But he wasn’t, he was her bitch, her plaything. And getting slapped made him realize it more, and more.

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The eleventh slap, this one pushed him over. He cried a little at the impact. He met eyes with her briefly. Her face lit up with amusement, or anger. Or both

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The twelfth slap. His thigh was so red it looked like it could bleed. But it had just been her hand.

“Thank you, mistress, and I am sorry.”

The thirteenth slap. No cry, just pain, he was put into place completely.

She brought her hand down at full force, he winced at the thought, at the last second she slowed. Rubbing his incredibly burning thigh, softly. With her fingernails just like at the start. Before the slapping. Watching him flinch amused her.

“Ohhh, thought you were getting another one little Yeliza?” She mused. “Now your mistress only gives you what you deserve.” She said. “Now turn around bitch, I want to see that ass in the air.”

He moved away from the punishment position, lifting his ass high. The dress sliding off, he felt his long hair move on his back. She felt her grab the collar around his neck, and pull her toward her. He was facing away from her, and she pulled his head back. Like the bitch he was.

She felt her sissy, she was feeling him up. Enjoying this bitch, her bitch. She felt his hard dick inside his panties. The glowing heat of his thigh she had thoroughly spanked. She had broken him with the spanking, and she had loved it. She had been fingering herself while she was doing it. Almost to an orgasm, but resisting just a little. Saving it for later.

“Now bitch, who are you?” She demanded

“I’m Yeliza, mistress.” bakırköy travesti He answered into the collar, his airway being shut off from her pulling it.

“And, who is that?” She continued,

“She is your sissy bitch, mistress.” He said.

She was stroking his dick harder now, it was clear he was in complete ecstasy, willing to do anything to keep the situation he was in going on for longer.

“And, what does my sissy bitch want?” She asks seductively.

He moans at her touch, “Please, mistress…” he begins. He is interrupted by his pleasure. He can’t think, he can’t even finish his sentence.

She pulls him even closer to her. Squeezing more air out of him, pulling the collar firmly now. “Please what, slut?” She demanded.

“Please, fuck me. Mistress, please fuck your sissy.” Almost choking on his words.

“Gladly.” She said. This was her power moment, the one she had been waiting on.

Part 6: Fucking Yeliza

She had already laid out the dildo. It was one they bought together, it was a special, no harness dildo. One which pushed against her g-spot, as she fucked with it. Perfect for the bedding of a sissy bitch, who so desperately wanted it. It slid into her pussy easily, and comfortably. Already feeling the light push back in herself, she was getting lustful, and her prey was right in front of her. Begging to be fucked.

“Please mistress, please fuck me and make me yours.” He pleaded.

She laughed a little, lubing up his asshole, a sissy pussy, for her dildo. She lubed up the dildo evenly, but thoroughly. She could feel his breathing, and the warmth. He wanted this so badly, her power flowed through her. Her pussy begging for the stimulation to intensify. She lightly pushed against his asshole.

“You ready, bitch?” She said.

“Yes, yes mistress fuck me.” He begged.

She didn’t hold back with that comment, sliding the dildo all the way in. to the base. Penetrating her sissy deeply. A loud moan of pleasure came from him, he was already all warmed up. The action had increased his precum leaking into his panties. She starts out slowly, feeling the dildo grinding into her. She is getting hotter herself. Each time she pushes, a long moan of excitement, pleasure and complete loss of control comes over him. For her, its complete control however, as she starts losing herself in the pleasure.

She hears her sissy moan, every time she shoves her dildo deep into his waiting asshole, every motion delighting her. Pushing her insides and her g-spot. He feels the dildo in his tight asshole. Rubbing him, pleasuring him in ways beyond his belief. Every thrust a little cum leaks out of him.

“Yes, moan for me my bitch, you sound like a real whore.” She said. He moans with every thrust, harder with every thrust. It feels like he is going to cum just from having his ass fucked by his mistress. “Oh yes slut, moan like the bitch you are while I ride you for my own pleasure.”

Penetrating her slaves’ ass for her enjoyment. Faster, harder, deeper into her. Pleasure growing, his cries and moans fading away as she feels the heat building, slowly, steadily, she rides on. Stretching his pussy, making him hers. She can’t stop, can’t control herself anymore, she just wants to fuck until she orgasms. She doesn’t care if she breaks her sissy. Then it comes, suddenly, and explosively. The warmth spreads through her body, arching her back. Waves of heat and pleasure rupture through her body. Intense pleasure while pushing the dildo as deep as it will go into his asshole. An orgasm rips through her. She cries out.

She takes a little time to settle, the dildo still deep in her slaves asshole, he can’t move, she hasn’t told him too. She sees him, sweating, broken and properly fucked by his mistress. She’s not done though. She slides the dildo out of his asshole slowly.

“That was a good fuck, Yeliza. You have a nice tight pussy.” She says feeling relieved after her orgasm. “But I am not done with you yet, girl.” She says.

He was exhausted from the fucking, it felt intense, arousing, he felt like he came twice during. He hadn’t actually though, but it felt like it, it felt like he came a little every thrust inside his asshole. His mind was blown, completely blown away by the experience. There was more now? He couldn’t believe it, but no time to think. No time to recover

“Turn around bitch!” She demanded. He did so quickly, on his back now. “Wipe istanbul travestileri that whore lipstick off your mouth slut.” He used his hand to wipe off the lipstick, sloppily. She kissed him, hard and rough. Taking full control of the kiss. He loved it, enjoyed it. “Now open your legs for me again my little sissy Yeliza.” She said. He complied.

Another visitor for his asshole, the remote-control vibrating butt plug he had worn selecting the very dress he was wearing right now, It quickly found its way into his stretched hole. Its access granted easily after such thorough foreplay. She started stroking his dick, as the vibrations turned on, all he could do was look longingly at her, hold her arm. He was swimming. No room in his head for any other thought than obedience, and pleasure.

She stroked slowly, gripping hard. Every time she reached the bottom it felt like he would orgasm. His body shook, he moaned with pleasure and looked at his mistress with passion in his eyes.

“Oh, careful now Yeliza, we don’t want any accidents. Don’t cum until I say slut.” She ordered. He nodded, unable to speak. It felt so incredible. The vibrations intensified as she changed the settings. Moans and gasps for air as the plug pulsed happily inside his sissy hole. “My, my, a real slut loving to be fucked by her mistress.” She said grinning down at him, she wasn’t even touching his dick but it was twitching. Purple with blood in it. “Now bitch, tell me again, who are you?”

“I am, Yeliza, mistress.” He managed to answer through his moans, “I am your sissy slave bitch, mistress.”

“Yes, yes you are, my good girl. And who is doing this to you?” She asks.

“You are mistress, my mistress is doing this to me.” He answered. Looking up at her, the excitement coursing through him, he looked at her lovingly, longingly. He felt like her total bitch. admitting these things was very liberating and arousing.

“Such a good girl, Yeliza, now do you want to orgasm for me, my little bitch?” She teased.

“Yes, yes mistress.” Was all he could muster

“Well then beg slut, convincingly.” She said laughingly, gripping his cock again.

“Please mistress, may I orgasm, mistress? Please mistress you fucked your slut hard mistress, please may I orgasm for taking it for you mistress.” He begged.

“Well, not if you state it like that Yeliza. Plus, I kind of feel like riding your swollen clitty, so we can orgasm together, you think you can manage long enough to please your mistress once more?”

“Anything you want mistress, please, I am yours, your property, do with me as you wish.” He replied. All he wanted was the release, and the thought of his beautiful mistress riding him was just a bonus.

She climbed on his erect dick. Her wetness greeted him, a familiar feeling but now she had all the power, all the control and all he could do was try not to cum and disappoint her. She didn’t start slow at all. She herself was still aroused from her first orgasm, and all this teasing had warmed her up again. She was going to ride him and climax.

She increased the vibrations on the plug as she rode his dick, seeing his femme state as she rode her bitch. She was only a few stroked in, but she herself was already close to orgasm, she clenched her hips around his dick, shoving his member deep inside her, milking her orgasm. It was a short but intense orgasm. He was incredibly close, and she could see it.

“Please, mistress, I need to cum. I need to cum now.”

“Not inside me bitch, sissy cunts don’t get to do that.” She said as she climbed off him, she stroked his dick hard and fast, “Come on then, Yeliza, cum for your mistress, cum on your pretty little dress and panties, cum like the bitch you are!”

With that he finally came, all the arousal that was built up deep inside of him was thrust out, hard, long and intense. It was the most intense thing he had ever felt. As he felt his cum shooting out over himself, he felt his lack of control, his corset, his boobs and his bra on him, he felt feminine, he felt the plug vibrating happily and heavily in his asshole. His whole body was shaking intensely, his eyes rolled back completely. After what seemed like an eternity he finally collapsed back on the bed.

“Now, Yeliza, go to the mirror, look at yourself and what do you see?” she asked

He looked at himself, his lipstick rubbed off violently, his make-up a mess, his dress soaked with cum, and lube leaking from his asshole. He heard the vibrations of the plug singing softly. “I see a sissy bitch mistress, her name is Yeliza.” He smiled to himself. His reflection showed the slutty whore he longed to be. He had been totally controlled, totally fucked, totally hers and it was very, very enjoyable.

“And don’t you fucking forget it bitch!” She said as she slapped his ass.

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