Awakening to the sun peeking through the curtains, Mary marveled at how wonderful it was to have some time to herself. After all the kids were wither ex-husband this weekend, so she only had plans to enjoy the beautiful weather and the little time she had to herself. Her only plans for the weekend were to do some shopping. Maybe get a new outfit to wear to work. It wasn’t that she needed to go shopping; it was simply something she enjoyed. Knowing that she would most likely be trying multiple outfits on in different stores, she opted for the bare essentials, a bra, panties, loose fitting t-shirt, sweatpants, socks and slip on shoes. That way it wouldn’t be such a hassle getting undressed and dressed multiple times. Her hair tied back in a neat pony tail, she drove the short distance to the mall.

Entering the mall Mary wandered around the mall, just trying to decide where she wanted to start. Ambling around the mall she decided she might as well look as some lingerie. She loved black lace; it would be nice to have a matching set of lingerie, just in case she had a chance to show it off to a date, or even answer the door when her ex showed up, just to show him just what he was missing out on.

Entering the lingerie store she was confronted with more mainstream selections toward the front of the store, but as she traveled toward the back of the store the selections became more risqué. Now, this would be something she could really enjoy. She wandered around the bras, panties and teddies, looking for just what might be the most provocative lingerie she might actually wear.

Since there wasn’t really a chance that anyone would actually see her lingerie at this point, at least not for a while, Mary decided to get some extremely (for her), revealing and erotic lingerie. Choosing her final selections carefully, she found a store clerk, and asked if there were fitting rooms that she could try on the lingerie. The perky young clerk directed her toward the fitting rooms. Mary’s selections were; a pair of black lace crotchless panties, and two possible bras that could match the panties, one bra was almost a half cup bra, that would expose most of her large areolas, and the other bra had full cups, but the tips were open and lace trimmed, and would leave her entire areola and nipple exposed. The final piece of lingerie was a red lace teddy that had snaps on the crotch.

Mary was no stranger to fitting rooms or changing in fitting rooms, but this was different, she was getting to take her time, unrushed by a husband or kids. The fitting room was about five feet square, benches lined the three walls that weren’t occupied by the door, there were mirrors from the bench up to her head height on the walls with benches, and a full length mirror lined the door. Deftly removing her t-shirt, she laid it on the bench. She then unfastened the clasp on the front of her bra and removed it. Nude from the waist up, she stood and admired her breasts, they had a slight sexy droop to them, but at thirty-five and after two kids, they looked great. She took in the sight of her light brown, silver dollar sized areolas, and her pinkish brown pinkie sized nipples.

Taking her first bra, the half-cup black lace bra, placing the bra on so she could hook it easily (backward), she hooked the bra, turned it around, put the straps up on her shoulders, and placed each breast in its cup. Admiring how the bra seemed to push her breasts up and made them look perkier, she decided she liked not only the look, but the feel of this one. Removing the first bra, she leaned down to pick up the second bra, the weight of her breasts swaying in the air pendulously. Standing up she began the process of trying this bra on, hooking it, turning it around the placing her breasts in the cups. The combined effects of being nude, trying on sexy lingerie, shown as she gazed at her now fully erect nipples. The sight was so tempting that she cupped her breasts in her hands, and started teasing her nipples by touching them ever so lightly, and gently squeezing them, feeling the pressure exerted on her nipples all the way down to her clit.

“Damn, I have to stop this, this no place to be starting something I can’t finish.”

Leaving the bra on to try and lessen the temptation to continue to play with her erect nipples, when changing into her own bra, she decided to try on the panties. Leaning over to remove her sweat pants and panties, she picked up the new panties and pulled them up. The sensation of air wafting across her exposed pussy lips felt luxurious. Tilting her head to the side a bit she saw how the thin strip of fabric seemed to just appear at the top of the crack of her ass. Picking one leg up and placing it on a bench she surveyed how her pussy looked framed in lace. She turned with her ass toward the door, bent over, and looked at how her pussy seemed to bulge out of the lace opening in the panties, her trimmed bush splayed little hairs framing the opening in the panties.

Bent gaziantep zenci escort over she moved her feet farther apart to get a better view of how her pussy looked in the panties. The little hair that was exposed looked quite sexy. Standing up she turned and took a seat, again opposite the floor length mirror on the door. Wanting to see more, she picked her legs up and placed them on opposing benches, her pussy looking like a pursed pair of lips. Distancing herself from reality, she took her fingers and pulled her pussy open, exposing her inner labia, which was moist with excitement.

“Oh, God…it’s been so long…”

With all her might she let her pussy squeeze closed as she removed her fingers from her outer labia.

“Just a little bit” She thought as she dipped an index finger into her moist slit, gathering the moisture she moved her finger up to tease her clit a little. Her clit, already partially aroused from the nipple play, stiffened and begged for more attention, as she tickled her clit a bit more.

“Oh, no, I have to stop this now.”

With all the willpower she could muster, she removed the crotchless panties, the open nipple bra, and put her own underwear back on. Pulling up her sweatpants she felt a sense of relief, at least she couldn’t see how excited her pussy was. As she slid her t-shirt over her head and pulled it down to her waist she felt a little better, as no one would be able to tell how stiff her nipples were. She had decided not to even try the teddy on.

Exiting the fitting room in somewhat clouded state, she proceeded to the cahier. Mary decided to purchase both bras, the panties and the teddy, even though she hadn’t tried the teddy on. Exhaling with a sigh of relief as she exited the lingerie store she began to try and work on getting her thoughts away from her pussy.

She wandered up and down the corridors of the mall, looking in one shop or another. Her attention was drawn to a small store that had gag gifts, and other odd items. Passing through one of the small aisles, she happened upon some “back massagers.”

“Those are vibrators.” She thought as she laughed a bit.

Picking one up, to examine it, she discovered that there were three different sizes of “back massagers,” seven inch, ten inch, and twelve inch. Having been married she used to have some vibrators, but her ex in a rage had taken all of them when he left, destroying them, leaving her to her own devices to satisfy her sexual needs. Looking at the different sizes of vibrators, she couldn’t decide on which size to buy. The seven inch would probably be tight at this point, because she hadn’t had sex or any artificial penetration in almost three months, and she regularly did her kegel exercises, meant to keep the vaginal muscles tight and in shape. The ten inch and twelve inch vibrators were simply out of the question, she was sure that it would be painful to try and get one of them in her tight little pussy. Feeling like a coward, because she didn’t even buy the small vibrator she left the gag gift store.

As she strode down the mall hallways she tried to decide what would go best with the lingerie she had purchased. A short skirt and an almost sheer white blouse would be a sexy and alluring ensemble she thought. The increasing slickness of her wet vaginal lips sliding against one another as she walked to her next destination, was partially due to her fantasies about what she would like to do with the vibrators.

“Nothing like showing off, but not letting anyone really see anything.” She thought

Mary entered the department store, found a cart and began the process of picking and choosing a few different outfits to try on. She finally decided on four pairs of slacks, and three different blouses. Passing by the skirts, she decided that a nice skirt would be nice, to show off her legs, and maybe flash some unsuspecting guy. Her mind drifted temporarily on the friction of her bra cups produced as her breasts swayed, rubbing her taut nipples into the fabric of the cups.

Perusing the aisles trying to find the “perfect” skirt for her particular desire, took longer than she had imagined it would. Finally she found the type of skirt she had in mind. It should hang a few inches below her crotch, but be revealing should she choose it to be. The skirt was, light cotton, with a red paisley print. The blouse was easy to find, and it was exactly what she wanted, an opaque white, that would let a hint of what was worn underneath recognizable to anyone that was truly looking.

She walked toward the changing room with her selections in the cart. Her nipples began to ache slightly from the continuous pressure of her bra cups, and the continued fantasy thoughts Mary had been focusing on. As she checked her items with the clerk and entered the fitting room. She could feel the slickness of her inner labia sliding against one another as she gaziantep escort walked into the fitting room. She envisioned her clit hiding beneath its protective hood trying to peek out and seek attention.

Mary was having a difficult time concentrating on her shopping as her fantasies came back and began revolving around how she would look, clad only in her black lace bra and her crotchless panties.

Entering the changing room with only the skirt, the blouse and her purse, her previous purchases being watched by the clerk, she began the process of trying the clothing on. First she would try the skirt on. She removed the baggy sweat pants. The dampness in her panties felt chilly against the heat of her pussy, as she began to try on the skirt and blouse.

Mary admired the curves of her form. Her eyes settled on the dark strip of dampness soaking through her thin cotton panties. She ran her hands lightly up her thighs, her fingers stopping momentarily as the top of her mound to gently rub her pubic bone. Refocusing, she began trying on the skirt she had picked out. The act of repeatedly undressing in a public place, already aroused, seemed intensely erotic. It was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore her stiff nipples and her wet pussy; her scent filled the small room.

“Hmmm…smells like sex in here.”

Out of sheer willpower she dutifully returned to the task at hand. Mary again removed her t-shirt, to replace it with the blouse she had found. A devious thought began developing in her mind…

“This is a changing room; It’s private.”

She unbuttoned the blouse, hanging it back on the hanger, her hands shivering with excitement. Then, removed the skirt and hung it also. She could see that her face was flushed, as she decided that she had to cum, right now. She could last until she got back to the car, which was at least a half an hour away. She could feel her pulse in her stiffened nipples, and her now stiffening clit.

Thinking about the possibility that other women may have masturbated in this small mirror lined changing room tuned her on even more. She moved her hands up her body to rub her breasts, lifting them, squeezing, tracing her fingers around the areolas, her stiffening nipples begged to be free of the confinement of the thin material of the bra. Her body was giving her definite signs that it needed release, and it needed that release now. Closing her eyes, and tilting her head back in ecstasy as her hand slipped inside the elastic waistband of her plain white, thin cotton panties, her hand automatically found her slit. The moment her fingers came in contact with the hot moistness of her aching pussy, her clit stiffened in expectation.

Rubbing her mound, feeling the heat of her pussy, was all she could stand. Her mind screamed at her to control her urges, as her pulse pounded. She was beyond rational thought at this point. Finally opening her eyes to view the erotic sight she was creating, she reached up with her free hand and slid her breasts out of the confines of her bra. The collapsed cups of her bra resting on her chest above her fully exposed breasts; she turned the bra with one hand and unhooked it, allowing it to fall to the floor in a small heap of lifeless fabric.

“Oh…God, I can’t believe I am doing this.”

Mary gazed at her breasts as they bounced in rhythm matching the motions of her hand massaging her pussy. Her taut nipples stuck out like chubby little erasers on a pencil. The hand that had freed her breasts from their confinement began to tweak the nipple on her left breast, as her eyes traveled down the reflection of her body; her gaze came to rest on the movement of her hand inside her panties. She imagined what her pussy would look like framed in the black lace of the crotchless panties she had purchased. Wanting to enjoy this as much as possible, she removed her hands from her breasts and panties. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs, leaving them in a heap on the floor of the fitting room.

Sitting on the bench that ran around three walls of the fitting room, she faced the full length mirror on the door; the hairy triangle of her pussy starkly contrasted the pink of her nude body. Here she was, entirely nude in a public place, and it was so erotic to her. She raised one leg up to rest on a side bench, and to give her better access to her smoldering, wet pussy.

She really hadn’t taken the time to even really look at herself in a purely sexual way for a long time. The more she gazed at her pussy the more it amazed her, the way the outer lips pursed, revealing a trace of wetness in her folds. Using both hands she watched in the mirror as she revealed her inner folds. It was simply amazing how beautiful her pussy actually was. Creamy white lubricant was oozing from the slit of her pussy. One of her index fingers slipped down the slit of her pussy into the liquid, slowly sliding back up the crease to lubricate and moisten her now engorged and straining clit. Her clit now rosy pink, and distended just beyond its little protective hood, just begged for some attention.

Mary slowly began teasing her clit. She traced little circles around the hood, making sure not to make direct contact with her stiff little bud.

“Ah…yes…that’s it.”

Her finger flicked her clit in a desperate attempt to finish quickly, so as not to be discovered, or arouse suspicion. She would die of embarrassment if she were discovered playing with herself. Her breath came in ragged gasps, and she tried to keep her moans of pleasure subdued. Since it always helped her to get off, she raised one of her breasts to her lips, and began sucking on her breast with an intense sexual fervor. She could feel the pleasure building stirrings deep inside her groin, as her finger slid down her slit dipped back into her wet hole, to re-lubricate.

She discovered that it really increased her excitement as she watched herself frigging her clit, and watched the liquid seeping from her slit, gathering at the lower end of her slit, getting ready to drip on the seat. Hurriedly she reached down with her left hand, gathered the juices from her slit on her fingers, raised her hand to her mouth and licked the wetness from her fingers. Her hips began quivering as her orgasm began to build deep within her loins. Mary lowered her hand from her mouth to her pussy and began fingering her wet hole. She wished she had gotten the vibrator after all.

A heavy musk of wet pussy filled the small fitting room. She slid off the seat on to the floor, placing each leg on the bench closest to it, spreading her legs as far as possible in the room, as she stared at the woman in the mirror’s self-gratifying manipulations. The evident swelling of her labia and clit was fascinating; she had never really looked at herself when she played with pussy. Her fingers were a flurry of motion, one hand flitting over her clit, the other hand pumping in and out of her soggy pussy hole. She hoped the sucking and squishing sounds her pussy was making as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy weren’t really as loud as they seemed to her in this small room.

“Oh, God, please, please, now…I have to cum, I need to cum.”

“I’m so close…almost there…” she thought as she began concentrating solely on the manipulations of her clit and cumming.

“Come on, dammit, come on…please cum.”

“I need this.”

Her hips raising and lowering in rhythm with the pumping of her fingers in her crotch as she tried to make herself to cum faster.

“Come on sweet pussy…cum now…”

“Oh God…yeah, almost there.”

Her whole body began tensing as she reached approached the peak of her orgasm. Suddenly, the door opened, and the young female clerk gasped in astonishment. Her eyes transfixed on what was happening before her eyes.

“Close the door, dammit.” She thought.

As much as she wanted to stop and save herself from embarrassment, she just couldn’t. She had reached the point of no return, the point at which she was incapable of stopping, no matter how much she wanted to stop, she just couldn’t. Her breathing had become more panting that breathing. She continued diddling her clit furiously, trying to ignore the eyes at the door, yet aware of the heightened erotic feelings she had as a result of being watched.

“Oh…God…not now…not with her watching, please close the door.”

Contractions deep within her pussy began forcing her cum to dribble out of her slit on to the bra beneath her ass. Her whole body spasmed uncontrollably as the orgasmic contractions began deep within her loins. It didn’t matter anymore that she was being watched, she was at the precipice and was at the point of no return, the point at which, no matter what happened she simply couldn’t stop herself from cumming, even if she wanted to.

“OK, watch me cum…go ahead, look at my wet pussy, look at it leak all over your carpet.”

Even though she wished that she had not been seen, she continued. Her hips bucked involuntarily as wave after wave of her orgasm flowed over her entire body. She slowly removed her fingers from her soggy hole, as her spasms subsided. The young lady at the door closed it.

Mary continued to massage her throbbing pussy, luxuriating in the pleasure she was feeling. Her juices had matted her bush to the skin of her mound and labia. Still watching the mirror as her orgasm subsided, she saw the door close.

She reached down and located the wet panties beneath her ass, found a fairly dry spot, and began the task of trying to dry off her pussy as much as possible. Unceremoniously shoving the sodden panties in her purse, she donned her bra, t-shirt, sweat pants, and shoes. She exited the fitting room, flushed as much from masturbating as she was from the embarrassment of having been caught masturbating. She spied the young lady that had opened the door of the fitting room, avoided eye contact, and headed for the cash registers with her purchase. Paying for her purchases, she arrived at the customer service department to retrieve her lingerie, and head back into the mall.

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