The dappled sunlight begged it’s way through the leaves and soaked through her warm, brown skin. She yawned contently and adjusted her skimpy string bikini. Summer always made her happy, she could sit out in the sun and tan, getting her daily dose of vitamin D. The jasmine that crept over the fence smelt exotic, taking her away to a far away place.

She stood up, picking up her glass, walking towards the back door. The house felt so cool, and the tiles beneath her feet seemed ice cold. She looked at the clock: 2 pm. Good. She still had 4 hours before her husband Marco and her were going out to dinner. Today was their 4th wedding anniversary, and they always celebrated by going to ‘Del Mattinas’, their favourite Italian restaurant.

She walked towards the bathroom, not bothering to close the door, removing her bikini, and looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was 26; her smooth Latin features made her a stunning beauty. She touched her skin; it was still warm from her day out in the sun. She touched her breasts, imagining they were his hands, stroking her nipples until they were erect. She let her hair down from the butterfly clip, and her hair fell gracefully around her shoulders. She walked over to the shower, and turned it on, adjusting the temperature to lukewarm. The water cascading over her body felt like one hundred wet hands stroking her to arousal. Her right hand brushed down her body, until it reached her hot clit. How she longed to feel Marco’s touch, his strong hands stroking her skin even so gently. She slowly began circling her clit, her body tingling. Her left hand caressed her smooth breasts, and she closed her eyes, her desire increasing.

She didn’t hear him enter the front door, and now he had the best view in the house. His woman was masturbating for him; he was practically cumming in his pants. He quietly removed his clothes, and sound unheard by her through the running water and her moaning. He walked up to the shower stall and gently tapped on the glass.

“You need any help in there?” He seductively asked.

She spun around in fright, but when she saw his naked body on the other side of the glass, she exhaled slowly, and opened the door.

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack? You scared the shit outta me!” She said, trying to sound angry, but she was laughing.

“Actually, I’m here to give you a helping hand…or any other body part you desire. Although you seem to be handling everything quite well on your own” he said, winking, and he stepped forward into the shower and grabbed her around the waist, kissing her neck. “Can I wash you?”

She leant her head back and moaned, his cool lips against her warm skin made her suck in a breath in shock. He reached past her and grabbed the loofah and the body wash, and languidly began washing her body, his hands gliding over her curves. He turned her around, so her back was facing him, and began stroking her breasts. He gently pulled at her nipples, their erectness stood out from under the foamy soapiness. His left hand snaked down her belly, circling her belly button, and then his fingers began weaving amongst her long, black pubic hair. She moaned as his talented fingers slipped through her labia, finding their way hungrily towards her pussy. She moved her hips to grant him better access, and he slipped two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. He kissed her neck as he explored her pussy, stroking the walls until he found her g-spot.

“Damn, that feels so good. Don’t stop.” She moaned breathlessly, moving her hips against his hands, as she felt her climax rising. “Oooh, I’m going to cum…”

He moved his hands faster, his thumb finding her clit. He could feel her body tense; she was about to orgasm. He circled her clit faster, her knees nearly buckling under her weight, and her body exploded into an intense orgasm. His fingers probed deep into her spasming pussy, it was now dripping with wetness. She pulled his fingers away from her and turned around to face him, hungrily kissing his lips. He kissed her back intensely, their tongues probing deep into each other’s mouths. His cock was hard and she hadn’t even touched it yet. He turned off the shower and pulled her out of the stall. They hurriedly dried each other off, and they worked their way into their bedroom, kissing passionately. She climbed up onto the bed, getting on her hands and knees:

“I want you to fuck me, now.” She said to him, almost in desperation. He climbed onto the bed, rubbing his hands over her nice, round ass. He placed the tip of his cock against her wet hole, and pressed the head only in slightly. Her back arched, and she tried to pull his hips towards her, but he resisted, he wanted to tease.

“Please, I want to feel you deep inside my pussy, fill up my cunt.”

He grabbed her hips and thrust inside her, going in the whole way in one swift stroke. He slowly began pumping inside her, retracting his cock nearly the whole way, before pushing his whole cock in again. She reached her tecavüz porno hand back and began fondling his balls. He grunted loudly and thrust harder, pushing deeper into her love hole. He could feel his arousal rising and he reached forward to fondle her breasts.

He pulled out of her, pushed her gently down onto her back, and thrust deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly, and he leant down and took her left nipple hungrily into his mouth, running his tongue around her little bud. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer, and snaked her hands around his shoulders, up his neck, until she was pulling his hair; pulling his mouth harder onto her erect nipple. They were both panting hard now, softly moaning. She pulled his lips off her nipple, and kissed him passionately, her tongue swirling past his lips. He thrust harder; he was close. He pulled his torso slightly away from hers, and began gently rubbing her clit again, it was still engorged from her previous orgasm, and she purred into his mouth, stifling a loud moan. The movement of his huge cock in her pussy, and his fingers on her clit, bought her close to cumming again. He slowed down his movements; he wanted to feel her cum first, her cunt walls massaging his cock always brought him to an intense orgasm. She arched her back off the bed, pulling her legs tighter around his waist. She groaned as her body shook into orgasm, her eyes closed, her breath heavy. He grunted as his cock pulsated in orgasm; her pussy was so tight. He came deep in her pussy, their juices mixing. He breathed heavily as his orgasm subsided, rolling over onto his back, and pulling her into his big strong arms. Her eyes were still closed, and she nuzzled into his neck to regain her breath.

“I think I need another shower,” she whispered into his ear, trailing off, still finding her breath.

She leant back and looked him deep in the eyes, her eyes glazed with an intense passion. She pulled his face up to hers, and kissed him hard. She lay back down in his arms and relaxed with the warm afterglow. She gently nuzzled into his neck, giving him light kisses and licks along his jugular. She sat up and stroked his taut belly. He had a bit of chest hair but his belly was almost completely smooth; except for the odd strand of hair and his ‘snail trail’.

“I think I’m going to start getting ready. Wanna join me to a nice warm bath?” She looked him in with a sparkle of cheekiness, her hand briefly brushing over his cock. “Though, I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my hands off you, so we might end being late for our reservation.”

“I’d promise to keep my hands to myself…” He winked at her, “but I think I’d break it.” He pulled her back onto him, and kissed her hungrily, tasting her delicious lips. She pulled away, and laughed, jumping up and walking towards the ensuite. He could hear her turn on the bath, and she came and stood in the doorway.

“So are you coming?” She asked, insistent he join her, “It’s a bubble bath…” she trailed off, giving him an enticing look. She was so sexy, how could he resist. He reached into the top draw of his bedside table and pulled out a blindfold.

“How about you get in the bath, put this on, and wait for me, Ysabela. You’ll find out whether I’m going to join you…” Walking over to her, he gave her the blindfold, and kissed her deeply. They wrapped their arms around each other, and increased the intensity of the kiss, but he gradually pulled away, teasing her by slightly licking over her lips.

“And remember to put on the blindfold.” He walked out of the room, looking back over his shoulder as he went through the doorjamb. This is insane, she thought, as she walked towards the bathroom door, but when she climbed into the bath, she obediently put on the blindfold, a powerful feeling of excitement washed over her. He was always coming up with erotic games to play, always knowing what she liked…and how she liked it.

She sat in the tub patiently, waiting for a cue from Marco. 2 minutes passed. 5 minutes passed. She was getting impatient. Just when she nearly lost patience, she heard him walk into the room. He was trying to be quiet, but because she could no longer rely on her vision, her other senses had heightened.

“Oh, so you are going to join me after all?” She smugly said. Then she felt his hand running up her arm. He pulled her arm out of the water, and languidly kissed down her arm, until he was lightly sucking on the tips of her fingers.

“I’m not going to join you, I just want to wash you. I’ve set out some clothes I want you to wear tonight, so when you’ve finished bathing; I want you to change into them. I’ve got some more surprises for you, but you’ll get them after dinner. Consider them dessert.” He was still sucking on her fingers, pulling at the skin ever-so-slightly with his tongue. He reached over her, and got the sponge, and dreamily began washing her neck, shoulders and breasts. She leant back against the back of the bath, and travesti porno enjoyed the delicious sensations. He slowly worked his way down her body, making sure not to miss any of the ‘vital’ areas. When he reached her feet, he gently pulled her right leg out of the water, and while supporting it with his hands; he bent down and drew her big toe into his mouth, sucking hungrily. She purred, feeling his tongue exploring the skin. The sensations she felt were amazing, she could’ve come right then, but he pulled her toe out of his mouth, latching onto the other one, the intensity rising once again inside of her. She slowly stroked her hands up and down her own flesh, feeling her own heat. She was getting very close to cumming, but he back away, leaning up to her ear, and said:

“You can get ready now, my pet. I’ll be waiting in the kitchen for you.”

With that, he got up and took off her blindfold, and helped her out of the bath. He dried her off, and then walked out of the bathroom. She went over to the vanity and searched for her ‘Paris’ body lotion. She liberally applied the lotion over her still moist skin, knowing he found the scent irresistible. She then sprayed herself with the ‘Paris’ eau de cologne, to finish. She brushed her hair and then applied her makeup, completing her sexy look. When she walked into the bedroom and saw what Marco had chosen for her to wear, she couldn’t help laughing. Lying on the bed was her black thigh-high stockings, suspender belt, a black lacy bra with matching g-string, black high heels and a little black figure-hugging dress. She got dressed, accenting her outfit with some jewellery that Marco had given her for her last birthday. When she was completely dressed, she went to find Marco in the Kitchen. He had been getting dressed while she was, in the guest bedroom, and was sitting at the kitchen table wearing a dark red shirt, red and black tie, and black trousers. She could smell him from the doorway; he was wearing ‘Latitude-Longitude’, the cologne that drove her crazy with desire. He looked up, and smiled when he saw her. She looked so beautiful.

He stood up and walked towards her, “You look absolutely amazing,” grabbing her around the waist. “Shall we get going?”

“Yeah, I’m all ready.” She smiled at him.

They entered the restaurant, and were swiftly escorted to their table by the host. Their table was in an intimate little booth, towards the back of the restaurant, out of the sight of other diners and passer-by’s. They sat at the table and were both poured a glass of Champagne. Clinking their glasses together, they each took a small mouthful of the bubbling liquid, instantly heightening their arousal. Marco reached across the table and grabbed her hand, stroking the smooth flesh with his long fingers. She looked deep into his eyes; she could see the flames from the candles dancing in his dark eyes.

“Happy anniversary, my beautiful wife.” He said, pulling her hand up to stroke his face, “I wouldn’t be the man I am now, if it wasn’t for you,” and kissed her hand.

She melted at his words, and for an instant was too choked up to say anything. She could feel tears brimming in her eyes. “And I wouldn’t be the woman I am now, if it wasn’t for you.” She leant across the table and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I love you.” She said.

“I love you too” he replied.

The waiter came to their table, bringing a big plate of their favourite dish, and two forks. “Enjoy your meal,” he said, giving the both of them a knowing look. She looked at Marco, nearly laughing, as he passed her one of the forks.

“Now. I was thinking, just eating a meal can be romantic, but feeding each other is even sexier.” His eyes were twinkling with cheekiness, and he dug his fork into the pasta. “You can taste test.” He brought the fork up, and she opened her mouth, pulling the pasta off the fork in a deliberately sensual way.

“Mmmm…good,” she closed her eyes, savouring the taste, moaning slightly “Here you try it.” Ysabela, then fed him a bit, trying not to giggle. They continued to feed each other, taking sips of champagne in between. They kept their eyes on each other, making love with their eyes; arousing each other with their silent need. The champagne began to take affect, and it became harder to keep their forks level when directing it to the others mouth. They got a few envious looks from couples from other tables, their laughter floating around the small restaurant. When they finished the meal, the waiter came to the table to collect their plate, and turned to Marco and said:

“Have a good evening, hope we’ll be seeing you again here soon.” He left with the plate, and Ysabela gave Marco an inquisitive look as if to say “No dessert?” Marco just smiled, shushed her and took her hand. He stood up, helped her out of her chair, and they walked out of the restaurant to the car. Once they were sitting in the car, Ysabela went to say something, but he interrupted her, “No talking xhamster porno my sweet, all your questions will be answered when we get home.”

The drive home was completely silent. Marco’s hand had wandered to Ysabela’s knee, and he gently stroked the sensitive flesh. He kept his eyes on the road the whole trip home, not looking at her once. She, on the other hand, was looking deep into his face, trying to work out what he had in store for her. His mysterious dark eyes concealed all. He was deliberately driving slowly, dragging out her rising sexual frustration. They reached their house, and he got out, telling her not to move. She sat in her seat, and he came around and opened her car door: “This way, my lady”. He grinned at her, and ushered her to the house.

“I’ve got a few things to prepare, so I hope you don’t mind sitting in the lounge while I attend to the task at hand.” He told her. “Get comfortable, and I’ll get you another glass of champagne.”

She sat on the chaise lounge, reclining back sexily on her side. When he came back into the room, he nearly stopped. She pulled her dress up so the top of her left thigh-high was showing, her hair cascading over her shoulders. He grinned and walked over and gave her the glass, leaning down to kiss her. “I promise I wont take long.”

She sat on the couch, slowly sipping her champagne; her head felt light, her body felt warm. She wondered what he was up to; she couldn’t hear any noises in the house except her own breathing. Her heart was pounding with both excitement and anticipation. After about 10 minutes, he emerged from the kitchen, slowly walked over to where she sat, and perched on the edge of the chaise. He had removed his tie; undoing the top two buttons, and had rolled the sleeves of his shirt up.

“Now, first we’re going to have to get you out of those clothes. I want you to strip for me.” He winked at her, running his fingers up her stockinged leg, tugging at the elastic band at the top, as though to start her off. She smiled and stood up, placing her hands on his shoulders, pushing him back into the chaise. “Just sit back and enjoy.”

Ysabela walked over to the stereo, and put on a CD. Swaying her hips seductively to the beat, she worked her way back over to Marco, standing right in front of him; she placed her high-heeled foot on his lap, and told him to take off her heel. She then swapped legs, and made him do the same with her other heel, gently massaging his semi-hard cock with her foot. She spun around and sat down in his lap, “Can you unzip me?” she asked, glancing sexily over her shoulder, giving him a sexy smirk. He unhurriedly unzipped her dress, kissing the back of her neck as he did so; his moist lips brushing over her warm spine. She stood before him, her back to him, and little by little let the silk dress fall from her body, the dress falling into a pool of light fabric at the base of her feet. She flicked the dress aside with her right foot, and look back into Marco’s eyes; his arousal was visible in both his face and his rising cock. She ran her hands up and down her body, moaning with her own touch. She undid the suspenders from her stockings, and gradually rolled them down her silken legs. Slowly she pulled each stocking off her leg, bending over and giving him a good view of her round, taut ass. Moving her hips subtly to the music, she pulled the suspender belt down her legs; standing in front of him in only her bra and g-string. She ran her hands over her body, brushing over her pussy and breasts. She undid her bra, letting it fall quickly to the ground; kneading the flesh with her hands, and then removed her g-string; she now stood completely naked.

“What would you like me to do now, my darling?” She flashed him a seductive look, her black hair framing her brunette face.

“Now you can take off my clothes.” He told her, easing back into the chaise. She submissively knelt before him, undoing his belt and fly. She tugged his pants down, until they were completely off, and then removed his socks. She stood up and sat astride his lap, kissing his neck softly as she undid the buttons on his shirt. Her right hand reached inside his shirt to play with his nipples, pulling them roughly. She pulled the shirt off his arms and focused on his boxers. “Lift your hips,” she almost ordered, and she took them off. They now sat together completely naked, and he kissed her cheek and asked:

“Are you ready for dessert now?” She nodded, and he led her to the kitchen. On the floor he had placed a tarpaulin, and an old blanket, and he had set up a picnic. Her mouth dropped, and all she could do was stare. He led her to the blanket and sat her down, handing her yet another glass of champagne. Surrounding her were bowls of strawberries, grapes, pieces of chocolate, cream, and other edible delicacies. She grinned at him and grabbed a strawberry, taking a bite from its soft flesh and then kissed him, sharing the taste with his tongue. He then reached for the cream and rubbed a dollop into her breasts, leaning down to lick it off the smooth skin. He gently pushed her onto her back, and reached for the chocolate sauce. He drew a love heart around her belly button and then licked it off, sucking the flesh with his warm lips. She arched her back, purring at his touch.

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