She saw the waterfall and couldn’t resist. Glancing around, pausing, listening, she decided no one was nearby and dropped her gear. Stripping away the sweaty boots and clothes, she stretched a moment in the sun, naked as a baby. A soft breeze made her sigh as she tipped her face to the sun. Perfect.

She stepped into the pool that had formed in the rock at the base of the falls. With another sigh, she sank down into the cool water and then under, surfacing a moment later to smooth her wet hair back from her face. A few lazy strokes and she was under the deluge, the small wall of water cascading over her. She tipped her face up to the cool rain.

He came out of the woods on the opposite side of the pool from her clothing, hot, frustrated, frowning. Movement captured his eye and he saw her. Stunned, aroused, he watched the naked woman under the waterfall, her body arching as her hands ran down her pale skin. His mouth watered, his pulse throbbed, and his body, already hot from the hike, heated even more.

Cooled, relaxed, she swam to the side of the falls and lifted herself out of the water. It was like she was in a dream as she laid her body out on the warm rock, the sun melting her bones, drying off her skin. She ran her hands lightly over her skin as she sighed in pleasure. She’d had no idea she could feel this good. The combination of hot sun, cool water, and nakedness made her feel free.

He watched her hungrily from the edge of the trees. When she lay out on the rock, he all but vibrated with his desire, watching her fingers brush over her full breasts, her legs parting then closing as she stretched and arched. His mouth watered, his cock throbbed. He could hear her sigh as if he was beside her, as if his mouth was brushing her skin, his fingers stroking her curves. His whole body burned with need.

He stripped silently, eagerly imagining the feel of her, the heat of her as he shed his clothing and exposed a hard, lean body. His skin was golden by heritage, smooth over tough muscles, his hair dark. His penis was fully erect, a proudly jutting staff, large, thick, throbbing and eager to mate. He stepped into the water, not even noticing it’s coolness, and swam silently toward the falls.

When the hand closed over her ankle, she sat up with a strangled scream, one arm crossed over her breasts. She saw the man – attractive, athletic, his look dangerous – and her blood warmed. When he smiled, she smiled without thinking. Her eyes tecavüz porno met his and, when she saw the heat, the hunger, her body trembled with anticipation. Using strong shoulders, he surged up from the water onto her rock and then she saw his nakedness, his eager manhood.

“Wait,” she murmured, breathless, confused by her own reactions, aroused beyond anything she’d felt before.

“Wait for what, sweet dryad,” he answered as he leaned over her, urging her down. His lips found hers and she trembled with his touch, with the heat growing in her body.

“I don’t know…you,” she breathed, but she arched under him as his hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs stroking her nipples. Her legs parted of their own accord, as if to urge those stroking hands lower. He shifted, his hard body settling between her legs, and she moaned her desire.

“I need you,” he growled as if that was enough. He lowered his mouth to suckle one nipple, teasing the tight bud with his teeth. His hands stroked her hips, her thighs, then one hand cupped her folds. She tensed, whimpered, as his mouth moved lower, stroking her belly.

“I don’t…” she began as his thumbs parted her, his hands lifting her ass, tilting her hips but her voice trailed off to a moan as he took his first taste.

She tasted of woman and nature. He feasted on her until she was limp, lapping at her clit, sliding his tongue into her sex and slurping her sweet nectar. The sun beat hot on his backside, the waterfall roared in the background, but all he heard was the soft moan of her pleasure as he took her over into orgasm. They were alone in the world and he needed to be inside her more than he needed to breathe.

She was ripe beneath him as he leaned over her, nibbling her skin, his hands lifting her thighs over his own as he shifted closer. She could see the lust in his eyes and felt an answering ache within herself. Her flushed skin drew him and he teased her breasts again as her hands fluttered helplessly against the rock beneath her. He saw the desire in her and knew that he’d won.

With one hand on his thick shaft, he dragged his head up and down her swollen slit, to tease her, to torment himself. She shuddered, her hands moving to clutch at his arms, and he bent to kiss her lips as his cock settled at her opening. Her eyes, wide, dazed, luminous green, met his. He leaned into her, his cock just parting her pussy, just stretching a little, making them travesti porno both moan.

“I don’t even know your name,” she murmured, her body throbbing, aching for him. It wasn’t a protest, but a careless thought as she kissed him back, as she lifted her hips to urge him inside.

“Need this,” he growled, his hands catching her hips, his cock thrusting into her tight pussy. She arched with a cry as he pushed and thrust and burrowed, penetrating deep, forcing her body to give, stuffing his cock into her tight well. Once at her core, he drew back and thrust again, his breath whistling through clenched teeth at the exquisite pleasure of her tight embrace, the soft heat of her enveloping him, holding him.

“Please…” she sobbed, her nails scraping his back as she writhed beneath him, the size of him, the friction, the power of his thrusts overwhelming her. She couldn’t feel the hard rock beneath her, could only feel the hard body pressing to her softness. She couldn’t hear the waterfall – the roar of hot blood, the beat of a frantic pulse filled her ears. Every stroke brought a flash of searing heat, as if his cock was hot iron. Every thrust took him to her core, filling her with him.

He drove into her again and again, smooth thrusts, deep strokes, panting with the need to join with her. She was hot and so slick, her body wrapped around him like she was made for him. His cock was enveloped by her pussy, her inner muscles stroking him like greedy fingers. His balls swelled, tightened with pleasure, as she moved her hips with his, the rhythm adding to the seduction. He groaned and grunted with the desire for more, pumping harder into her softness.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. She curled a leg around his waist, opening herself wider to his constant onslaught. Their skin was hot, damp, as bare flesh stroked bare flesh. She pressed her hands to the rock to lift and tilt her hips and then his thrusts made her shudder wetly. He shifted his knees and spread them and his next thrust made her cry out with pleasure. She was tensing, tightening, his piston motion pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

“Please…” Her cry echoed in the glade as she arched, bucked, and came apart around him. He clutched at her as her body clamped around his cock, the intensity of her spasm driving an echoing cry from him. Even as her pussy relaxed and opened again, her cream gushing from her body, his cock swelled to fill her, his xhamster porno balls drawing up tight as his cock filled with cum. He groaned hoarsely as his penis pulsed and jerked, exploding into her with his own release, his seed spewing like a geyser from his cock.

They clung together, hips still thrusting, fingers digging in as they climaxed in a rush. They fell together, lying naked in the sunlit glade beside a waterfall, spent strangers.

He lay on top of her with his head between her breasts, panting, stunned and yet not. He’d known it would be like this with her. The moment he’d seen her, he’d known. His body throbbed in time with the heartbeat he felt beneath his cheek and he smiled.

He was still inside her, still hard, still throbbing, still emptying pleasure into her core. She laid absorbing it all, savoring the final shudders of his cock against her sensitive pussy. Her body still trembled beneath his, but she was silent now, her mind reeling. Finally, he drew away, his spent penis gliding from her dripping sex. She felt lost for a moment as he slid back into the water. A stroke back and he tread water, watching her. She sat up slowly, her arm again over her breasts, trying to gather her thoughts.

“What now?” he asked quietly. Sane now, he recognized what he’d done. She could do so much damage…but, as her glorious body shifted restlessly on the rock, he felt his cock stir and knew he’d do it again.

“I don’t know you,” she said softly, almost more to herself than him. She felt…hungry. She already wanted him again, wanted to touch him this time, wanted to taste him this time. Her body burned, her pussy quivered, and she had to hold herself stiffly to disguise the need from him. She didn’t know him and yet…

“I don’t suppose you do.” Although her body knew the feel of his, just as his cock knew the erotic embrace of hers. “I’m Alex,” he replied. He couldn’t judge what she was feeling, but at least she wasn’t screaming that he’d assaulted her. He watched carefully, waiting.

She seemed to hesitate, then she shifted and slid down into the water in front of him. He hardened at the sight of her limber naked body, the hunger building again as the water slid over her curves the way his hands itched to.

“Amanda,” she murmured, treading water in front of him. The coolness of the pool didn’t diminish the heat inside her now. It only grew as she saw the answering desire in his eyes. She felt the brush of the water on her sensitive folds and it reminded her of his tongue and she shuddered.

He saw the shudder, the darkening of her eyes. “We’re not done yet,” he murmured.

“No, we’re not,” she said with a wicked smile. She started to swim towards shore. His only answer was a grin as he followed…

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