It was one of those weeks, nothing but problems at work and with the kids. The heat and humidity in the Iowa Summer was so unbearable. Nothing went right and the week seemed to dwell on forever for her. It seemed that everything was thrown at her with nothing but chaos topped off with a heavy coating of frustration. To top everything else, it’s the weekend where her lover is not to be around. So camping with him was out of the question. Which is probably okay, being that the weather was so damn hot and sticky anyway.

She arrives home from work on Friday late afternoon. The house is a pit because of her two kids, who are mid to late teens, didn’t pitch in to help around the house. Well no surprise there. Oh, how she needed a Black Velvet and Coke!

She starts picking up the house while avoiding starting an argument with the girls. She had had enough frustration already and the last thing she wanted was to raise her blood pressure and anger by fighting with the girls. After that she cleaned the kitchen so she could perhaps make a decent meal for once.

By the time she was done it was close to six thirty. Both daughters never peeked in on her while she worked. One was in the basement and the other was in her room.

Just as she was starting dinner she heard her daughters approaching toward the kitchen.

“Hey mom, we’re going to go out to see a movie, see ya later.” The oldest one said as they walked past her and out the back door.

How lovely it must be to just do what you want to do without regard to others was what she was thinking. Again she didn’t want to say anything for she had reached her limit.

She did make herself a BV and Coke and ended up making a toasted peanut butter sandwich. Such a healthy dinner she thought as she sat down on the couch and watched TV.

An hour later she was feeling the alcohol and decided that she had better get her shower in and wash off the day’s sticky feeling. She went to her room, shut and locked the door feeling content that by doing so will keep all the chaos and frustration at bay just to the other side of the door. She turned on the ceiling fan above her bed.

She shed her clothes and walked into her bathroom. She started the cool shower and gave a sigh of relief as the water cascaded down her soft skin. She relished the feeling. It felt wonderful and invigorating. The only time that she felt cool the entire week was when she was under the shower.

She took her time and enjoyed cleansing her body. Fifteen minutes later she shut off the water and stepped out of the tub. She grabbed a towel from the towel rack and wrapped her long blonde hair. She stepped up to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked incredible for a woman of forty. Her breasts were just the right size and didn’t sag. Her nipples were hardening as the water began to slowly dry off of them. Her tummy was fairly flat and taught. Below that where her mons would be was bare. She had been unable to grow hair there for many years now. Her legs were long and the skin looked so smooth. She turned herself and gave herself a compliment on her tight ass.

As she started to dry off she changed her mind and let the dripping water remain on her body. She dried her hair as best she could and dropped the towel on the floor of the bathroom. She left the bathroom light on and walked back in to her bedroom. The room was starting to darken as the sun was setting. She went over to the window and shut the blinds. Then she crawled onto her bed without pulling down the comforter. She lay in the center of the bed on her back and propped her head up with two pillows while the light from the bathroom lightly painted her wet, naked body

The ceiling fan was blowing right on top of her. With her body still being wet, she felt the coolness of the water drying from her skin. It felt wonderful and relaxing.

She brought her hands up to her breasts and felt how hard her nipples were. She gently pinched them between her fingers sending a feeling between her legs. Finding water droplets with her fingertips, she rubbed the wetness onto her nipples and immediately felt the cooling result.

Finding that pleasurable, she lightly traced her fingertips down to her tummy spreading out the droplets onto her skin. She felt the coolness spread over her tummy. Again she felt a tingle travel down to her sex.

Her fingers continued down to her thighs with the slightest touch with the answer of coolness and arousal. She brought her legs up and spread her knees apart and repeated the motions to her upper legs, her knees, and calves. She even pulled her feet together and pushed her knees all the way to hd porno the bed, wide apart, and cooled her feet. She looked down and saw how erotically open and wide she was. The tingling was very strong and she knew she was getting wet.

Her hands on her feet were but an inch away from her sex. She brought them up to between her legs just to each side of her pussy. Her thumbs grazed her outer lips and she was amazed at how swollen they felt. Her heart was beating harder under her breasts and hard nipples. She knew she needed relief and now.

Using her index fingers of each hand she moved them to her opening and spread her lips apart. She immediately felt herself dripping. Her wetness invited her probing fingers as she pushed them inside herself. She suddenly felt coolness so she looked down and from the shadow casting light of the bathroom she noticed that her clit was exposed and the air from the fan was blowing directly on it. She moved one of her fingers from inside herself to touch her clit and the contrast from the warmth of her finger and the coolness from the drying water made her moan.

All that mattered now was giving herself the climax that her body ached for. She rubbed her finger around her clit while her other hand began moving a finger in and out of herself. Before long she felt the familiar tightening and pulsing grow deep within. As soon as she felt the walls from her depth clasp around her probing fingers she vigorously rubbed directly on her clit while bringing up wetness from her opening. Soon she was raising her hips off of the bed, matching the rhythm that her fingers were playing.

It felt like her insides exploded as the wave hit her writhing body. She stopped breathing as her climax took her to a higher level. It had been so long since she had such a strong orgasm. She stopped rubbing her clit but her pussy was still pulsating around her fingers. She knew that she was capable of having two types of orgasms. One from the outside just from rubbing her clit and one from deep inside. She wanted the deep inside orgasm. As her body returned from the first climax her fingers continued to slide in and out. She was so close…………..

Her body was taking control now and what happened next was something that she couldn’t control nor did she expect. She suddenly felt a strong wave of contentment and relaxation wash over her. Before she knew what had even happened, her body shut down and put her in a deep sleep.

In her sleep she began to dream and in her dream she was still on the bed, wet, and naked and still feeling the fan blowing on her wet body. Only in her dream she saw him standing in the bathroom doorway silhouetted from the bathroom light.

As he slowly began to enter into the bedroom the backlight from the bathroom continuously changed the shadows on him and it allowed her finally see that he was naked. As he moved closer the to the foot of the bed the lighting revealed that he was hard and he was shaved smooth and there was a glint of wetness on the tip of the bulging head of his shaft.

He finally reached the bed and she felt his hands grasp her ankles as he slowly spread her legs.

From her ankles she felt him gently kiss and lick the water from her body. He slowly moved up her calves to her knees, always alternating legs. He moved from her knees to her thighs and upper thighs. It felt like it was taking forever for him to travel.

Soon he was kissing and licking between her thighs and laying himself down on the bed between her spread legs.

She looked down upon his shadowed face as he softly said, “Just relax and let yourself go and enjoy what I’m giving you.”

After saying that he leaned in and began placing light kisses all around her smooth lips. He had placed his hands on either side of her sex and his fingers were very close to touching her intimate parts but instead gently massaged and needed her soft skin. Knowing and feeling that she had no hair here drove his lust to a higher place. There is nothing more pleasurable to him than going down on a woman that is bare. He could feel his hardness press against the comforter of the bed. He was so hard that it hurt and ached.

She felt his warm lips travel all around her opening and up and over her clit. Her own hands wandered up to her breasts where she cupped them and lightly pinched her nipples.

He was taking is time and enjoying exploring her secrets for the first time. He learned of her smell and how it fueled his desire to pleasure her. He learned of her wetness and how it tasted on his lips, making him wanting more. He learned of her passion and witnessed what made her move japon porno and moan and what did not.

She couldn’t help but wonder why he was teasing her so badly when in fact he wasn’t. He was savoring her for himself. He was getting pleasure from giving her pleasure. His head was spinning from lust from what he was doing to her and he didn’t want it to end, not now, not yet.

Her hips were beginning to rotate in front of him so he moves his hands and cradles her ass. His fingers began to gently squeeze the soft flesh. He feels her raise her knees higher causing her to be even more open for his taking. He just wanted to eat her alive and make her melt into a puddle.

Taking his tongue he moves it to just below her opening and very slowly brings it upwards. He immediately feels the slickness of her wetness as it had started dripping down earlier. He glides the flatness of his tongue over her opening up to her clit and lightly brushes over the top of it. From there he starts to trace a circle with the tip of his tongue down the right side on the outside of her lip to below where he was and back up the other side. When he reached the top he would lightly lick her clit and then blow on it a little.

She began to moan and her hands were very busy with her breasts. She felt small pulses growing deep within her and he could also feel them with his tongue and knew that she was close to letting go.

He eased off by taking his tongue away from her sex and began planting light kisses all around her inner thighs. She let out a long breath and her body went a little limp after his oral caresses ceased to excite her.

When she had calmed down he started again but this time he surround his lips softly around her hardened clit and so very, very gently began to tease the sensitive nub with the tip of his tongue. This caused her legs to quiver slightly.

With his right hand he moved two of his fingers to the opening of her pussy. The subtle penetration of his digits were greeted with much wetness and warmth and he didn’t stop pushing until his fingers were in as far as they could go.

Her breathing stopped as his fingers traveled to her depths. Her head was back and her mouth was wide open. When he began to withdraw his fingers from her he felt the walls within her clasp around him tightening to keep him inside of her.

After the first stroke of his fingers she began breathing in short breaths and again her hips began to move and raise to try and regain the penetration she so desired.

When he had moved with in her a few times he felt the slight contractions begin again as before indicating that she was approaching orgasm. So he slowed and withdrew his fingers all together and stopped moving his tongue over the top of her clit.

She looked down upon him and gave a disappointing sigh.

He slightly moved his lips from off her clit and quickly sucked air into his lungs causing the rushing air to quickly cool her swollen clit. She jumped at the sensation and let out a slight cry.

She dropped her head on the pillow in frustration and awaited for his next attempt to drive her into a sexual frenzy.

And he did. Over and over again for more than thirty minutes.

By now her hands were at her sides pulling and squeezing the comforter with her taught fingers. She was breathing heavily almost panting. She couldn’t take it anymore so she reached down and grabbed her knees and pulled them back towards her chest as far as she could and kept them apart. She looked at him and begged, “Please! I need to cum now!”

This is what he was waiting for and he knew what he wanted to do to her.

He covered her pussy with his mouth and flattened his tongue out and began licking her lips and clit all over with no kind of pattern. All he was doing was spreading her never ending juices all over with his tongue and he was savoring her taste. Teasing her this long was driving him just as crazy and he felt the wetness that his throbbing cock had made that remained pressed from his weight against the comforter. He hurt so bad he needed release just as much as she did. But he was focused on her pleasure and he will fulfill her desires.

As his tongue traveled all around her and with her being so wide open and exposed it didn’t take long for her to feel the heat being generated from deep within. It came so suddenly that she locked her entire body and held her breath as the massive wave swept through her.

He felt her contractions. They were quick together and strong. After about 15 seconds into her orgasm she screamed as the pent up air escaped her lungs and she panted through the lezbiyen porno rest until the climax had all subsided.

He wasn’t through. Not yet. He knew what she was capable of and he wanted to give it to her.

He sat up and knelt between her spread legs. She looked down upon him and saw his throbbing organ pointing towards the ceiling. She wanted nothing but to feel his hardness spear through her folds. But that is not what he had in his mind and she was surprised as he pushed two fingers into her depths as deep as he could go and curled his fingers up inside of her. The sudden invasion caused her to gasp and utter another moan.

Instead of thrusting his fingers in and out of her he wiggled his finger tips until he found the hard spot deep inside about three inches inside her pussy. He took his other hand and gently placed it over her smooth pubic region and slightly pressed down.

She again grabbed her knees and pulled them back. This only granted him deeper access but instead he wiggled his fingers firmer against the hard spot deep inside.

She suddenly knew what he was doing and it felt wonderful.

This time the heat inside of her grew from all over her lower region and it grow slowly, not fast as the first orgasm. She knew it was growing in strength and all she had to do was wait and ride out the huge tidal wave she knew was coming.

It took longer than the first one but it was so different. Her muscles in her tummy, her back, her legs, and especially the walls of her pussy tightened untl he thought she was going to squeeze his fingers out. He pushed against her and continued probing that spot. Suddenly the tightness stopped and turned into a strong pulsation that was farther apart and so strong that she lifted her shoulders from the bed and screamed. She clamped her legs together locking his hand between them. He had no choice but to continue massaging that g-spot.

This orgasm was stronger and deeper than anything she had experience and it lasted a good thirty seconds until the pulsating subsided slowly for another thirty seconds

She plopped backed down on the bed totally spent as he withdrew his soaked fingers and hand from between her legs. She was still breathing heavily as if she ran a mile.

He knew there was nothing she could give him to aid in relieving him and his pent up lust so he crawled on top of her and straddled her hips. She watched as he grasped his shaft with his wet fingers from her climax and began stroking his smooth throbbing shaft. She could see the glistening wetness coat the skin and she noted how purple and swollen the head had looked. She raised her hands as she wanted to feel his hardness. Instead he guided her hand to his tightening balls. She was amazed at how smooth he felt as she had never felt a man shaven before.

She continued watching as he gave the solo performance for her. She noticed how he continuously getting wetter and wetter and soon felt the slickness reach her roaming fingers on his balls. She rubbed the wetness in.

His stroking was getting faster and his breathing was deep and hard. With her fingertips she felt him tighten up and suddenly saw the first thick spurt erupt from the purple head of his cock. It went as high as his shoulders and came down and landed on his stroking fingers then dripping onto her hands. He gave himself three or four more strokes and let go of his pulsating cock so she could witness his orgasm.

His warm seed shot up and landed randomly all over his hands, her hands, her tummy, and her heaving breasts with each shot. She witness his shaft pump towards him as it spit each pulse of warm cum. She had never witness anything so erotic as a cock spewing its load.

After five or six spurts the amount of cum had subsided but there was more than plenty. Soon his cock had stopped pumping and was still and no longer leaking any more cum.

She moved her hands and grabbed his shaft and rubbed in all the wetness into it and his balls. Then she moved them down and spread his warmth all over her breasts.

As she went to look up at his face she heard a loud slam.

She shot up from her pillow and looked around the empty room. There was no one there with her. Just her naked on her comforter with the ceiling fan blowing on her body with the light form the bathroom casting shadows on her.

She felt that her heart was beating fast and that she was slightly panting. She also felt how wet she still was between her legs.

She got up and walked to her bathroom and heard that her daughters had returned from the movie. That was the slam that she had heard. She remembered her dream and how intense it was and how real it had felt. She decided that she must have had an orgasm in her sleep.

When she reached her bathroom she looked into the mirror at herself and was shocked at what she saw.

There were thick white droplets splattered on her tummy and breasts.

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