Shay felt the morning sun touching her face, wrapped in her terry cloth robe on the deck facing the beautiful blue waters. She loved getting away to the condo at Ft. Walton Beach Florida with guest, but this time she wanted her time alone.

The condo was a two story unit. Four bedrooms and three full baths downstairs, a laundry room as well. Upstairs was a Chefs kitchen with all the kitchen necessities one needed. A huge living area with an entire wall of glass facing the ocean. Sliding doors opened onto a large balcony over looking the beautiful Gulf, known as the Emerald Seas, trimmed with white sand. There was a hot tub on the balcony. A bathroom on the top floor as well. A stocked bar and wood burning fireplace. The decor upstairs was heavy white wicker and nautical touches everywhere. The sleeping area was all pastels, wood and shells. Lots of silk trees and plants throughout the condo. There was a deck outside French doors on the ocean side of the condo downstairs, this being the master suite. a hot tub was there.

Her flight was a late one so she had hopped into a rental car at the airport and drove to the condo on Okaloosa Island. A little tired from her flight, she slept on the sofa. Today she would stock her little hideaway on the beach with the things she needed. A weeks supply of food and drink. She would also stop by her favorite Boutique. It was a ritual, when she arrived at the beach, she always went purchased a new swimsuit from the same “Boutique by the Sea,” a different suit for each day she would be there.

Shay was startled by a fairly loud crashing sound from the neighboring condo and looked to see what was the cause of it. A strong Gulf breeze had caught the umbrella on the patio next door. She got up and slipped on her beach shoes and headed over there. As she reached for the umbrella, a man came through the sliding doors with his cell phone to his ear. He was a nice looking man. Light hair, real clean cut. He had on a bright pair of black beach shorts with colors of blue, yellow and green that went to his knees. No shirt allowing Shay to see every detail of his tanned, toned chest and stomach. She couldn’t help but notice that patch of dark hair starting on his lower stomach and disappeared into his shorts.

“Later!”, the man said quickly as he closed his cell phone and reached for the almost airborne umbrella. He caught a glimpse of Shay as he secured the umbrella and never looked away from her. He glanced at the hem of her short terry cloth robe flapping open just above her knees due to the strong breeze. He could not help but notice her short, tanned, curvy legs. Her hot pink toenails made her tan look even darker.

“You got it?” Shay asked as she grabbed the front of her robe securing it smiling that killer smile she had.

“Yes,” the man replied as he turned to his neighbor, ” I believe I have.” He offered his hand and replied, ” Hello, my name is Scott.”

Shay offered her free hand and told him,” Well nice to meet you Scott, I am Shay, never can trust the ocean breezes huh?” Scott took her hand and they exchanged a warm handshake.

“Thought the place was empty,” Scott stated as he glanced over at Shay’s condo.

“Just got in last night late. How long you been here?” Shay asked, as she pulled her hand away to hold her hair from blowing in her face.

Scott smiled at her as her hands were so busy, “Two days. My friend and I came for a week of R & R.”

“Well, I am happy to know I have a neighbor. Maybe the three of us can have dinner one night. I will get with her as to when would be good for you two. I am alone for the week and would love the company.”

Scott smiled as he informed Shay that it was he and a buddy there for a week. Then he replied,” I hope the invitation is still there.”

Feeling a little embarrassed by her assumption, she assured Scott that they would get together maybe for drinks at the ‘Beach Hut,’ the night spot in walking distance. They have great food as well she added. Shay then excused herself and went back inside so she could get her day started.

Scott could not help but watch her as she strutted back to her place still holding the robe down from the strong breezes. In doing so it was giving him a great look at the shape of her butt under that robe.

Shay stopped at the Boutique first. As usual, the store owner, a happy lady in her fifties swarmed her as she walked in. “Hello Ms. Ann!” Shay shouted as she waved at the little blonde lady behind a rack of summer clothes. The two embraced and hugged like old friends.

After hellos were exchanged Shay told her, “Ms. Ann, five is the lucky number this time. I need five of your hottest swimsuits with sarongs and the sandals to go with them.” Knowing her size by memory now, Ms. Ann started removing suits and sarongs and swishing Shay away to a dressing room talking about how long it had been since she had seen her. Ms. Ann had her trying on suits and checking out within an hour ankara escort and a half. They hugged and Shay took her purchases and headed to the grocery store, liquor and florist.

As she pulled up at the condo, she noticed a man walking towards the wooden walkway that was shared between the two condos. He was a nice looking man. Dark curly hair. Nice body as well. He was wearing some floral Hawaiian beach shorts with a white tank top. He was looking at something he held in his hand very close until he heard the bell ringing as Shay opened the car door. He then looked her way as Shay opened the trunk. Scott was watching her from the lower deck. As he started walking towards her he was telling her, ” Shay, you came to my rescue this morning, let me help you get your things inside.”

“Thank you Shuggar but I can manage this,” she replied with that smile.

At that moment Scott whistled for the approaching man to come and help. “I want you to meet my buddy Bob,” he replied.

Shay offered her hand as she seen a smile spread from ear to ear on Bob’s face. Bob slipped his recent found treasure into her tiny hand and said, “Take this sand dollar, I have heard when someone finds a sand dollar that is not chipped in anyway, if he passes it along to someone else with an hour, they will have a good time in some way.” He gave her a quick wink. “Hello neighbor!” Bob teased as Scott handed him bags of groceries. ” I am Bob, friend to all,” he stated without bit of shyness.

Shay flashed him a friendly smile and began to gather her packages from the Boutique. ” Hi ya Bob…nice to meet you, I am Shay.”

All the bags were upstairs and Bob and Scott were about to leave when Shay thanked them. She asked if they had checked out the ‘Beach Hut’ yet. Scott told her he had been there and was very impressed with the band and the night life. He asked if she would be there, he would like to buy her a drink. Shay told them she was not sure of her plans yet but if she made it there, she would take him up on his offer.

The rest of the day was quiet. Shay walked the beach in one of her suits. It was a yellow top cut like a push up bra. Very revealing, a real eye opener. There were neon green swirls on the top and bikini bottoms. The sarong was a sheer neon green. The sarong was draped to one side and hanging on her hips. She didn’t need a neon color to attract attention. Her confidence in her appearance was very obvious to all. She picked up a few shells. She remembered what Bob had told her earlier about the sand dollar he passed to her. As she glanced to the condo, she seen Bob watching her from their balcony. He waved and she waved back. Shay continued to walk and watch the waves nip at her feet.

Bob continued to watch Shay as he sipped on his Bourbon and Coke. It had been awhile since Bob had held a woman. He was recently out of a 2 year relationship and was going slow about dating. This TEXAS lady had sure caught his eye. Just watching her tanned body walking along the white sand and seeing the crystal blue water foaming up around her feet. He could feel his excitement. He lifted himself up a little from the bar stool he was perched on to adjust his growing cock when he heard Scott speak from behind him, “She is a looker isn’t she?” he said as he too watched the sexy neighbor on the beach. She had stopped and was talking with a couple that was walking hand and hand.

Bob never made eye contact with Scott, he just agreed with him with a grunted,”Uh huh.”

“Hope she makes it to the ‘Beach Hut’ tonight. I think I might be able to spend a little time with her, just being neighborly of course.” Scott stated as he also felt a surge of testosterone.

At that time Bob looked at Scott and reminded him of a pretty lady by the name of Sharon he seem to be having a good time with the night before. He then added, ” I can help Shay get home safely if she shows up. That’s the least a good neighbor could do.”

A laugh was heard over his shoulder from Scott and then Bob was told, “I think Shay may require a special touch Buddy…”

Bob then laughed very loud and told Scott the days of him being the ‘Mac Daddy’ was gone. There was a time when they were roommates that Scott was the envy of most men. Always had the pick of women. “It’s a new day Scottie.” Bob teased. “Sharon will be glad to see you tonight.”

That’s all it took. Scott stepped up beside Bob with his right hand extended and palm up. “Sounds like a challenge to me my man!” Scott replied.

As Bob slapped the palm of Scott’s hand he stated, ” you’re on Scottie!”

The deal was set. The two buddies would try to take the hot neighbor Shay from the other. Both had their showers and fought back hard-ons trying to get their strategy down in their minds…if their target showed.

Shay soaked in the tub as she enjoyed another margarita. She could hear the music from the stereo and couldn’t help but move around in the water. She loved to dance. ankara escort bayan And the Tequila was making her want to dance. She reached for her loofa sponge and gently sponged across her full breast. She couldn’t help but smile at the tingle she felt between her legs. Tequila had a way of getting her in the mood. Not necessarily in the mood for sex, but to play and tease. She began to stroke herself more. Before she knew it, she had a finger up in her tight, pink pussy and was pushing her finger up as far as she could get it inside her. Her left hand was working between her legs as the right hand tugged on her hard nipples. Shay could feel her body building up to an orgasm and she knew it would be an ongoing thing throughout the night. She was in that nasty playful mood. She giggled as she tightened her legs around her hand and told herself out loud, “Shay Lyn…you can finger fuck yourself into another world tonight or you can get out and go to the ‘Beach Hut’…” she then remembered Scott saying he would be there. Shay pinched her clit and stepped out of the tub.

When Shay stepped out on the back deck to start her walk to the ‘Beach Hut,’ she was like a lady on a mission. She had her make up on flawless, her hair hung on her shoulders accenting her tanned flesh and her large breast. Shay chose a new suit she had just purchased. The colors were a pastel lavender with pink and a darker shade of lavender flowers on it. The top was like a cropped off t-shirt that hung off her right shoulder and fit tight around her breast. The sleeves were down to her elbow. The bottoms were high cut on the legs, low cut in the front and almost a thong over her ass. The sarong was lavender as well with the same type of flower print on it. She tied the sarong over her hips and made sure it was hanging just right over her pubic bone. They length of the sarong was mid calf. Shay slid a three gold bangle bracelets on her left arm and slide into some lavender beach sandals.

The sun was already down as she stepped off the deck. She could hear the music. She passed a few couples playing around on the beach as she went to the club. As she walked, she could hear the music filling the air. She really liked this place. They always had a good band and played a variety of music. The clientele was usually people from all over but many locals were regulars there as well. She knew some of the regulars by name so as she approached the thatched roof covered patio, a familiar face was spotted.

Without saying a word, a gentleman walked to her and embraced her as his wife took her hand. They exchanged welcomes and from then on it was person after person greeting and talking with her. Shay really enjoyed her friends in Florida.

As she stepped inside the club a Mai Tai was handed to her by a waitress and the waitress playfully removed the tissue umbrella from her drink and placed it in Shays hair. ” Have fun Shay!” she said with a smile as she went on about her way.

Throughout the club was black lights that filtered in light that illuminated the neon colors in Shays suit and sarong. She definitely was turning some heads.

As soon as the owners spotted her she was summoned to the bar for a greeting of hugs and kisses on the cheek.

The house band realized Shay was there and broke into a song called “God Bless Texas,” a song that the regulars always line danced to with Shay. Her drink was placed on the bar and she was on the dance floor and the group was counting out as the close to 20 dancers started there show. Shuffling, bumping, grinding, dipping and twirling all together to the fast beat. All eyes were on the dance floor. Except for two people. Scott and Bob. They were looking at one another from a good distance and gave one another a nod of ‘good luck.’

As the music ended the thirsty and revved up dancers all headed to their tables and to the bar. Shay stepped up to the place where she left her drink and before she could place her hand on it, a hand picked it up and handed it to her. She turned around to see Bob standing there smiling as he said “Hello neighbor, nice dancing.”

Shay took her drink and took a long sip of it and nodded to him and finally let out a “thank you very much!”

As the band started a slower song Bob asked if she would have that dance with him. Without saying a word, Shay placed the drink on the bar and followed Bob to the dance floor.

Bob knew the stance, he was a good dancer and she could tell that as soon as he reached for her. He placed his left hand low on her lower back and held his right hand high for her to place her left hand on. They started out thigh to thigh but somewhere in a turn he managed to get her straddling his leg. As Shay followed him all over the dance floor staying in time with every move he made, she felt his strength. He was a strong man and probably a killer in bed she thought to herself as his leg slightly caught her straddle. He knew by the look on her face escort ankara that he had just hit a spot she had been very protective of. The Tequila at the condo had already got her senses keened in. Shay felt her nipples go completely hard and as Bob brushed up against the tight swimsuit fabric, he knew it too.

Shay’s thoughts began to run wild … as to Bob in her bed and the two of them having a night of sex that would rock the house. She could feel her pussy beginning to react to her fantasizing. Bob pulled her closer and he whispered, ” you are holding me real tight Shay, would you like for me to walk you back to the condo?” he then lightly brushed her ear with his lips. That sent chills down her spine. Bob could read her body language. He cut his eyes to Scott who was cornered up with a nice looking lady, he was playing it cool.

The music stopped and it gave Shay a chance to pull herself together. She knew the look on her flushed face answered his question. Bob walked her back to the bar. At the bar she knew what she wanted, she was wanting to go to the condo and have some fun. She told Bob she was going to the ladies room and would be right back. His smile assured her that he knew what she was thinking. Bob watched her as she walked away. His cock began to really harden as he began to picture that sweet ass as he pulled it back and forth on his cock. He was thinking that the sand dollar he slipped into Shays hand earlier was going to prove the story to be true.

Bob finished his beer while he was waiting on Shay and after a few minutes, she still was not back. He began to wonder if maybe the lady had went over her limit and was sick when he caught the glimpse of an illuminated floral pattern under the black light heading out the door. He recognized the pattern and the man walking that suit out, it was Scott, and Shay. Bob exhaled slowly holding back a bit of anger because he suddenly realized, Scott had played the oldest trick from college days. Let the good guy catch the prey, then he comes in for the kill after they have been primed. He signed his tab and headed to the door and slipped out. He walked a ways behind trying not to be seen as Scott laughed and put his easy going style on Shay. Shay was just feeling her drinks enough to play right along with him.

Bob watched as Scott took her hand and placed her against a wooden Lifeguard Stand. Bob almost laughed out loud thinking Scott probably saw that move in the movie “Gidget goes to Hawaii.” Scott held her there, bent down and kissed her taking his time to pull her in. The white sand on the beach appeared to be lit up from the moon so seeing this was so clear. Bob could not hear much because of the tide but he could tell Scott was really laying his charm on her. When he saw Shay place her hands on Scott’s ass inside his shorts and pull him to her, it was all Bob could take. He rather briskly walked up to them and Shay turned and faced him as he approached. Scott never took his eyes off of Shay.

“Man that place was a mad house,” Bob stated as he winked at Shay, still holding onto Scott’s ass. ” You ready Shay? I will walk her the rest of the way.” Bob offered his hand to Shay.

Scott lightly pushed against Shay and replied, ” I think we are going to have some private time Bob. Right Shay?”, Scott said as he kissed her neck making her head swim.

Shay sensed that a line had just been drawn in the sand. A choice was going to have to be made.

Scott gently touched her face with his right hand and Bob pulled her left hand from Scott’s ass.

Bob laughed out loud and told Scott, ” you lose this one man, it’s not like it use to be.”

Shay caught a sense of sarcasm in his voice and noticed that Scott had pulled away a little. She felt she needed to say something to them just in case they were really getting upset with each other. “Hey…lets just all three walk me home …I mean you two!” she quickly corrected her slight tipsy comment. Both the men picked up on her ‘not totally sober’ state and both took a hand and began walking slowly to the condo.

Shay decided she would break the strained silence by asking some questions. She asked jokingly, ” Have you two always went after the same lady or is this something new?”

Scott quickly answered that he always had the pick and the rest was for the others. That sort of bothered Shay. She never liked showy arrogant people. Bob just laughed as he gently squeezed Shays hand. “What do you mean by that?” Shay asked sharply. Neither men answered.

As they walked up on the deck of Shays condo, both men looked at her. On Scott’s face she seen confidence to the point of cocky. On Bobs face she seen confidence as well, but with a touch of vulnerability. She thought of the sand dollar……

“I would like a drink! Come on!” she shouted as she went through the doors and up the stairs to the upper floor of the condo. Both men followed her. “What’s your poison?” she asked as she stepped behind the bar. Scott requested Crown and coke, Bob wanted Bourbon and coke, Shay wanted Tequila. She took a fifth of Crown Royal, a smooth Bourbon blend and a fifth of Jose’ Cuervo from the shelf behind the bar. She asked her guest to please join her on the balcony. They followed.

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