I laid in bed once again, listening to the rain beat against my window. The wind whistled against the pane and the cold dampness of the house permeated my very being. While outside my skin was covered in goose bumps and chills, inside I was burning hot, on fire with a slow burn, aching and ready to be ignited.

The lights were dim in the room, with only the small illumination from a nearby candle on the dresser. I had put on some alternative music with a hard, pounding beat, meant to remind you of the fevered fucking you so favor. As you had requested, I was dressed only in my 6 inch high heeled red leather pumps, and a scrap of red mesh and black lace, known as a thong. My hair was pulled back into small little pigtails and I had applied a lovely wet sheen of blood red lip-gloss on my pink and pouty lips. I was reclined on the bed waiting for you to arrive.

I sometimes wonder what our friends might think if they knew that you and I liked to play these games. Would they laugh? Would they be disgusted? Or would they be aroused the way I am whenever a new fantasy begins to take form gaziantep vip escort in your head? Would they find the dichotomy of such a “wholesome” couple playing such naughty games a turn on? Sometimes I wish we could invite them to watch just to see their reaction. But instead, I am fully content in being the vessel in which you sate your desires, and the actress in our romantic notions.

As I recline against a mountain of cool pillows and watch the candlelight flicker across my abundant frame, (for I am no petite thing, a trait you admire so in me), I take note how my 42D breasts lay against my chest. They are heavy and aching to be touched. My nipples begin to harden at the thought of your wicked mouth and the way you move your lips across my little peaks, teasing them to attention then sucking the tips with your tongue. As I reminisce, my fingers start to wander under the waistband of my thong and with one hand teasing the lips of my pink slick pussy, and the other pinching my nipples painfully hard, I begin to grow wet and the gaziantep yabancı escort desire to be filled with your cock overwhelms me.

I close my eyes, slide the red mesh fabric down my hips to my ankles then proceed to spread my lips, allowing my short red tipped fingernails access to my cunt. First one finger slips dutifully inside, then I add another finger, its tight but it feels so slick and hot, and full that I can’t help but add my third finger into my pussy. As I grind my fingers inside my moist vagina, with my other hand I begin to stroke that small tiny bundle of nerves that is my clit. It’s a little button and its throbbing with sensation, it wants to be sucked and stroked. I wet my finger on my left hand with my tongue and begin to stroke my clit in slow light circles all the while, pumping into my nether lips with my other hand.

I begin to feel my body start to tighten, the red high heels digging into the mattress, the scrap of mesh and lace now down at my ankles binding my feet. I am biting my teeth gaziantep yaşlı escort into my glossy stained red lips, and my nipples are flushed and aroused.

My whole body is on fire, needing to feel you, needing to smell the scent of your cologne, the taste of your sweat, and the rough sweeping of your fingertips as you slide your blunt digits deep inside my hot, slippery pussy. All these memories converge as I stroke my clit and it’s the memory of your tongue on that bundle of nerves, that sends my spine to tingle, my back to arch and my body to shake as my orgasm rips through my body making me pussy tighten around my fingers itching them to keep pumping into me and my moans to keen at a higher pitch as if its you that is inside of me, instead of my own hands.

After my body begins to settle and I withdraw my hands from my body, aftershocks begin to ripple through my lips and I wish you were here; your cock inside me to feel it. My eyes are closed as I make this silent prayer but it is then that I am aware there is someone in the room with me. The smell of cinnamon and leather permeates the room and I know its you. My eyes are hazy with the afterglow of the orgasm I just received, but I see you shift toward me, your pants unbuckled and your cock gloriously aroused. I feel your hands sliding my thong completely off my legs and you caress the leather of my shoes. It’s the firm touch at my ankles that tells me soon my fantasy is about to become a reality.

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