Vanessa hurried from the yellow school bus to her home, where she let herself in the front door, locked it after she was inside, and bounded up the stairs to her room. Once in that sanctuary, she dropped her backpack full of homework on the chair beside her bed. With that burden off her shoulders, she opened the dresser drawer where she kept her sex toys, took out her biggest dildo and placed it on her bed beside her pillow. After also removing a tube of KY Jelly and her other favorite toy, still inside its plastic storage bag, she placed them next to the big dildo, which she had named Little Mike, in honor of her boy friend.

Big Mike was proudly serving in the US Army and, two months earlier, they had celebrated her 18th birthday by his gently and lovingly piercing her hymen. He was on a thirty day furlough then, before shipping out to Afghanistan, and they had repeated the performance, less the hymeneal blood, every night until he left.

On some of those nights, Vanessa had been in her menses, but her ass was perfectly functional, and being fucked there was almost as much fun as having Mike’s cock in her pussy. With her boyfriend gone, Vanessa had been taking care of her own needs with Little Mike and the other toy, still nameless, she had bought at the same time. Besides being shorter and less thick, it was smooth, unlike Little Mike, which had a tip shaped like a real erection and simulated veins all along its length.

Her parents would not be home for at least two hours and, thinking she was busy with her homework, they would not interrupt her when they arrived, so Vanessa expected to bring herself to two orgasms, which is what had usually happened with her during her love-making sessions with Big Mike. First, she divested herself of her school clothing, which she hung up in the closet or left lying on the floor to be picked up later. Completely naked, and already highly aroused sexually at the thought of what she would be doing within minutes, she pulled down the bedclothes and spread a towel over the part of the bed where her pussy and ass would be.

With everything in preparation, she lay down with her left hand over one large breast and her right hand covering her pussy. She would delay using the dildo until she was wet enough from fondling her nipples and clit, because her very considerate boyfriend wouldn’t dream of entering her with his cock until her pussy was dripping wet from foreplay. Big Mike was a good and conscientious lover, and she missed him, but tried to do as well as she could do without him. With her long red hair, pretty freckled face and sexy figure, she could have easily found a human replacement, but she would have none of that. Vanessa was being true to Mike, whom she thought of as a patriot fighting for her and for their country, besides being the only sex partner she had ever known.

“Mmmm, Mike, I’ve been really needing this, all day,” Vanessa murmured as she started fondling a breast with her left hand while stroking her pussy with her right.

After less than a minute of tweaking between her fingers, the first nipple was fully erect, and she transferred her attentions to its cute pink twin. She needed even less time to turn this one into a duplicate of the first, and Vanessa could already feel small waves of pleasure rippling through her body from the places she was fondling herself. Her right hand had been stroking her entire pussy, and some lubricating had occurred, but not enough for her to insert the dildo yet.

But it was enough for Vanessa to start playing with her clit. She moistened her fingers with some of her juices, gently pinched the little morsel, which was starting to become swollen, between folds of her inner lips and started to slowly stroke herself. Almost immediately, the familiar connection was made between her clit and her nipples, with the currents of pleasure forming a three cornered path, and her succulent body began squirming on top of her bed.

“Ooooo, Mike, I love that,” she murmured to her distant lover. “Keep doing that; it feels soooo good!”

As her clit and pussy lips swelled from her arousal and became more sensitive, Vanessa’s touch started gaziantep ucuz escort to feel even better, with her movements becoming more animated. It was time to start using the bigger of the two dildos, so she reached beside her pillow, where it was waiting for her. As Big Mike always did, except he always wore a condom while making love with her, she rubbed the tip of the plastic cock in her wetness. After her natural lubrication was spread, she held the toy in her right hand while the fingers of her left hand held her lips apart. With one firm thrust, the head of the dildo wedged into the soft pink hole where it was so urgently wanted and needed.

Ahhhhhh,” she sighed, and closed her eyes, so she could imagine Big Mike’s familiar face, with its short brown hair and toothy grin above her. “Mmmm,” Vanessa murmured happily as she eased an inch of the plastic shaft into her pussy.

She stopped there, to let her body adjust to the big intruder and to revel in the waves of pleasure that were reverberating through her body. Although she had been getting her pussy regularly crammed by Mike’s cock, she was still tight, and the toy was slightly thicker than the real thing had been. After a minute of exquisite pleasure, Vanessa eased another inch of the dildo into the pink place that lusted for it. She could feel her pussy lubricating, a delightful sensation, but nowhere near as good as her climax would be, and even that was little more than a pale imitation of the orgasms she had gotten used to from Mike’s real cock.

Still keeping her eyes closed, the better to picture her lover’s face above her, she pushed most of the rest of the toy into her pussy. As he liked to do with her, Vanessa left it there for a minute, before slowly drawing most of it back out. With just the mushroom-shaped head still inside, she paused, but only briefly, before plunging the dildo all the way back inside herself, with intense waves of joy radiating from its entire path. This time, she drove the toy all the way in, so her fingers were pressed against her soft red pubic hair. Once again, she left it there for almost a minute, as Mike liked to do, before drawing it most of the way out for another long, slow stroke.

This one was much like the first had been, and she started moving the dildo in and out of her pussy, still slowly but without pausing between her movements. After a few minutes of steadily fucking herself, Vanessa could feel her climax mounting inside her body, but she was in no hurry to bring it about. She had been well taught by Big Mike that, although the orgasm is the greatest part, the build up to that point is almost as good. Little Mike had a spur attached and, when she thought it was time, she would move it into position so it caressed her clit with every stroke until she climaxed.

“Ooooo! Ooooo! Ooooo!” Vanessa murmured as she continued fucking herself. “Oh, yeah, that’s wonderful, Mike. I love what you’re doing.”

Her climax continued to mount, and she increased the pace as she plunged the dildo in and out of her pussy. She also started to fuck back to meet it as her hand drove it deeply into her. Besides that movement, Vanessa’s body began rocking from side to side on her mattress, and her head was tossing from side to side on her pillow. Although she felt some reluctance in breaking the rhythm which felt so wonderful, she knew it was time to put the clit spur to work. She stopped when the head was just inside her pussy and turned the attachment so it would do what its designers had intended. With the next stroke, besides the waves of pleasure rippling through her body from the path of the toy, the myriad of tiny feelers on the spur raked across her swollen and ultra-sensitive clit, sending out a great rush of pure joy to inundate her body.

“Oh! Oh my god!” Vanessa blurted out, as if in surprise that it felt so terrific, although she had fucked herself the same way almost every day since Big Mike had shipped out.

She repeated the same cry of delight with every thrust after that, as her hand moved faster and faster plunging the dildo in and out of her eager pussy. gaziantep ukraynalı escort Her movements on the bed were wilder too, and more erratic, thrashing about and actually bouncing up and down as her pussy fucked back to meet the strokes of the dildo and feel the effects of its clit spur.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she moaned blissfully as her climax prepared to erupt. OH! She cried out ecstatically as the explosion burst within her body.

Most of Vanessa’s movements were erratic while she was cumming, but her hand and arm kept ramming the dildo in and out of her pussy, which fucked back to meet it just as steadily. From the excruciating pleasure sweeping over her body, she was whimpering and sobbing so loudly she was glad there was nobody else home yet. For almost three minutes, she felt as if she were in Paradise, until her body convulsed and she jammed her pussy back against the toy for an ultimate time.

After her great orgasm, Vanessa lay resting and catching her breath, but she knew she was not through playing yet. Big Mike almost always brought her to two orgasms, one by eating her pussy and the second by fucking. He was not there to use his mouth on her, so she would bring herself to the second climax the way it was done when she was in her menses. When Vanessa had caught her breath and was otherwise ready, she removed the smaller dildo from its plastic bag and took the cap off the tube of KY Jelly.

First, she prepared the toy by coating the last five inches with the lubricant and, when that was done, she squeezed more of the jelly onto the middle finger of her left hand. Sighing happily at the penetration, Vanessa reached behind herself, inserted that finger into her ass and moved it around to spread the lube evenly, adding more of the jelly after the first gob was all gone. She was ready and the toy was ready, so she reached under her crotch to use the fingers of that same hand to pry open the edges of her pink rosebud while the hand that held the toy reached around her ass to hold it with the tip centered on the place she wanted it.

“Give it to my ass good, Mike,” she whispered, and thrust the end of the dildo into the tight hole where she would have preferred his cock to be.

A gush of pleasure, different from what she had felt in her pussy but strong nonetheless, flooded her body, and Vanessa moaned in bliss. The base of the anal dildo had a ring attached, and she slipped her middle finger through it so she would have more control. She knew she would not cum just from the toy going in and out of her ass but, when the time was right, she would play with her clit and reach her second orgasm of the afternoon. That was what Mike did when he was fucking her ass, and she would do the best she could to emulate making love with him.

Only the first inch of the dildo had made its penetration, and Vanessa’s fingers were still holding the puckered edges apart. From another hard thrust, she felt almost two more inches of the toy burrow into the well-lubricated hole where she badly wanted it. She was tighter there than in her pussy, and the smaller plastic toy stretched the opening and the attached channel, sending more and stronger currents of joy rocketing through her body.

When she started, Vanessa was lying on her side, but that was not how she and Mike did it, and not the way she wanted to fuck herself when he was not with her. As her movements sent bolts of joy through her body from the dildo as it moved inside her ass, Vanessa slowly got up onto her knees. The toy was imbedded deeply enough that she no longer needed to hold her sphincter open, so she braced herself on her left hand and elbow while her right hand still held the toy in place. The next time she drove the dildo into her ass, she pushed off from the bed with her forearm to fuck back to meet it. This time, the plastic cock surged all the way into her until the palm of her hand was pressed flat against her soft and succulent ass cheeks.

Having achieved complete penetration, Vanessa remained in the same position and let the delightful sensations throb through her body. When she gaziantep üniversiteli escort was ready to start the fucking in earnest, she slowly drew the dildo most of the way out, paused and pushed back from her forearm while she plunged it all the way back in again, moaning at the incredible pleasure that radiated out from along its path. For the next stroke, she didn’t make herself wait so long, but drew the toy out and drove it immediately back in. Her ass was just as tight, but the lubricant was doing its job, and there was no friction at all, just the exquisite pleasure of the plastic cock stretching her second most private orifice.

Vanessa continued like that, slowly plowing the dildo in and out of her ass and fucking back to meet it. She could feel her orgasm starting to mount, but she knew it was still a long way off. There was no hurry; she had more than enough time alone in the house, and she wanted to bring herself slowly to her climax, the way Big Mike would have done if he had been there.

When that time arrived, Vanessa lay back down on her side. By doing so, she was no longer emulating what she and her lover would have done, but it had to be that way. She knew she would not have been able to stay on her knees for much longer, because the movements of her body were already so erratic, she was almost toppling over. She also reached back to take control of the dildo, which was still fully imbedded in her ass, with her left hand. Big Mike always advised her, and it made sense to her too, how she should never touch her pussy with her fingers or anything else that had been inside her ass, as the fingers of her left hand had.

Although she wouldn’t cum just from her ass being fucked, Vanessa’s pussy had been lubricating freely, so she once again dipped the fingers of her right hand into the pool of natural lubrication and carefully pinched her swollen clit between folds of her inner lips. To get the rhythm perfect, she started slowly, drawing the dildo back and plowing it forward again while she stroked her clit. Waves of pleasure inundated her body from both places, and she involuntarily moaned in bliss.

That same sound was repeated as her double masturbation continued. The movements of her body evolved from squirming to writhing and, minutes later, to thrashing. Although not able to think clearly with her climax impending the way it was, Vanessa was glad she was lying on her side, because she could never have remained upright on her knees with as little control of her body as she still retained.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered, while her legs and feet started kicking back and forth and her head and body tossed from side to side. “Oh, my god, yes!” she crooned ecstatically as her climax overwhelmed her.

Vanessa’s whole body pitched and thrashed on the bed for as long as she was in the throes of cumming. Only her hands remained under control, ramming the dildo in and out of her ass and stroking her clit in the same rhythm. When she climaxed, all the muscles in her body spasmed, and she cried out joyfully but incoherently. After that fabulous orgasm, the sexually sated young woman totally relaxed on top of her bed, juices gushing from her pussy to soak into the towel and the plastic cock still jammed deeply inside her ass.

After she had caught her breath and rested for a few minutes, she would carefully remove it, get dressed again and sterilize the toy before putting it back in its sealed plastic bag. Her two orgasms that afternoon had been great, and they would keep her satisfied for a day or two, even though she would have very much preferred having Big Mike there to bring her to them as well as his own.

Although not happy about his being far away, she could accept that she had to make some sacrifices too, considering what he was doing for his and her country.

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