Truth or Fantasy 04: New Admirer

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I was leaning against the steel railing that was hugging the foot path. I was facing the sun. Enjoying its warmth but also topping up the color on my sun tanned skin. My sleeveless yellow top had a modest scooped neck and hung loosely down to my waist. The ultra-short sparkly grey mini skirt barely got to mid-thigh. I had the heel of one of my high-heels hooked on the lower rung of the railing causing my long tanned and toned right leg to be bent slightly as it splayed outward. This encouraged the eyes of the men walking by to follow my leg line up to the prominent bulge in the front of my skirt.

Too big to tuck, so might as well show it off, was my motto. In the interest of decency, if ever needed but seldom used, my handbag was on my arm to cover myself.

It was a beautiful day and many of the visitors to the area were regulars. They all wanted the same thing. They all wanted to be titillated. I love to titillate. A look, a touch, a feel. A few hung me around like bees to a queen. They looked. They smiled. They stopped to chat and stroke my arm offering compliments about my look and feel of my smooth hairless skin. Some, whom I knew intimately, copped a feel of my cock. Bolder ones reached under the hem to find that I was, as usual, not wearing panties.

Depending on the time of year, the time of day, the busyness of the place, interactions often got more intimate. It was a public place, only marginally private resulting in usually only brief intimacies. I have been dry-humped. I have been sucked. I have sucked and swallowed. I have fucked. I have been fucked. I have had one, two and three men at a time. Well so much for lack of privacy I guess. The fugitive glances vbet and hurried exchanges only enhanced the excitement.

This day a few of my many admirers were milling around. We chatted amicably teased each other incessantly and my cock grew longer and harder by the minute. It was on display. The sun’s rays created deep obscene contours and shadows along the rigid shaft. The underside ridge was prominent and the wide crowned head was featured. As the odd strangers hand groped my cock it was pulled, bent and jerked.

Off to the side was a handsome young man that I had never seen before. I noticed him myself before anyone said anything. He seemed infatuated by me but intimidated by the small crowd. One of my long time admirers walked over me and said sotto voce.

“You have an admirer.”

“I noticed.” I replied, but just to be sure, I moved slowly away from the more crowded area and watched as the stranger’s eyes followed me discretely. He kept a constant distance.

He seemed mesmerized by me. I was so excited by this development, I stopped turned toward him and with my best seductive smile, indicated he should not be so tentative and he should come forward. He drew closer and I coyly turned forty-five degrees to him so he could clearly see my long legs and tenting skirt. I lowered my right hand and drew up the hem of my short skirt even more up my thigh. With the hem almost at my waist he could see bare leg from ankle to waist and knew I was not wearing any panties.

He must have gained a modicum of confidence as began to make his way over to me, but did so in a roundabout way, his best imitation of appearing casual. “Hi.” he said shyly, vbet giriş when he got close enough so his voice would not be heard by the others. “I’ve been watching you.”

“I know. I’ve been watching you. You are very handsome. Haven’t seen you around here before.”

“No. Well, maybe once or twice, but you weren’t here.” he replied with a slight smile. “You seem to be quite popular.”

“Yes. I usually am. They seem to like my long legs and short skirts. It gives them easier access to my cock.” I responded as I let the fingers of my right hand caress the outline of my cock. The taut fabric of the thin skirt was stretched obscenely over my knob and the shaft was firm and wide. My distended balls created soft rounded shadows below. You interested?”

“I guess so.” he gulped as he responded.

“Move a bit closer darling.” I suggested trying to shield him and provide some privacy from the voyeurs who were busy with others but still watching.

He stepped in very close. He was taller than me, more angular and likely 20 years younger. I felt his hand on my hip as I turned to face him. My cock brushed against his jeans and I heard a small sigh.

“May I?” he inquired as his hand made a tentative move toward my cock.

“Are you sure?” I said offering him a gracious out, but knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Very sure.” he offered as he gently caressed my shaft that was so prominent in the front of my skirt. He played with it slowly, stroking me up and down. Testing the hardness he grasped it in his hand and held it firm.

I put my arm on his and whispered into his ear what a wonderful touch he had. Just as vbettr I said that he slowly spun me around so I faced the railing and he pressed himself into my ass. I could feel his own hard cock between pushing my tight skirt into the crack of my ass. I felt his hands on my hips as he began to try hump me. I pushed myself back into him, arching my back and stiffening my legs. I was holding onto the railing with both hands when I felt him pull the hem of my skirt up. He exposed my ass for all the others to see as he continued to hump me. I could tell he was in fog of lust as he now did not care what anybody thought. He had his own needs.

He withdrew slightly and I knew what was next. I felt his hand between us. I felt his zipper being pulled down. I waited while he fussed – getting his cock out of his underwear. I felt the wet pre-cum covered cock head pressed against my naked skin. He moved back in closer and rubbed his juices on me as he dipped his legs to drive himself upward.

“You are a slut aren’t you?” he said in my ear as he laid his hard cock between my open legs.

“Cum on my legs and my ass!” I almost begged as his steel rod continued to tunnel itself into my flesh.

All too quickly I felt him spurt and spasm. His orgasm seized his body as he held my hips even tighter. I am sure his face was stretched taut as he enjoyed his first T-gurl orgasm. He continued to hold me until he had fully released his semen all over me. I could feel it running down my legs, leaving snail like trails. The hot sun began to dry it quickly but the man juice was clearly visible.

“Sorry. I didn’t meant to cum so quickly or make such a mess.”

“Don’t worry darling.” I replied as I put a finger to his lips. “It’ll be our secret.”

He zipped himself up and left without another word. I hung around a while then got in the car to go shopping at Safeway. I wonder if anybody in the grocery store noticed my walk of shame?

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