Tricked and Taken

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He was a big man, an animal. The sort of man who just takes what he wants. I didn’t know him, but he was the host of the party I was at.

It was a great party as far as I was concerned, there was a woman who had taken an interest in me and we had been flirting all evening.

It was getting late and couples were starting to leave. I hadn’t drunk too much and went to the kitchen to get a beer. There was this woman again, leant against a doorframe talking to people I couldn’t see.

I moved behind the wall and felt her arse cheek through her dress. She didn’t flinch or interrupt her flow. I put my hand under her dress and had a feel of her legs. Again she acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Not wishing to get caught I drifted off out the other door and back to the party.

Later that evening we were chatting again, she looked around and led me upstairs. She opened a door slightly and hooked her head through. “It’s empty,” she said, “Come on.”

We went through and she shut the door behind us. It was a bedroom. She grabbed me and we kissed passionately. She turned around and I kissed her neck, She put an arm up and caressed my head while arching hers away to give me greater access.

“Unzip me. would you,” she lustily asked.

I unzipped her, trailing a finger down her back as I did so and she slipped the dress off her shoulders. She wore nothing underneath.

“Your turn,” she said as she turned around and started unbuttoning my shirt. I hurried to undress as she rubbed my cock through my trousers and giggled at my efforts to stop her while I tried to take my trousers off.

I erzincan escort finally manage it and we kissed again before she led me to the bed. She climbed on and laid down with her legs apart. It’s clear what she wanted so I went to the end of the bed and lay down with my chest on the bed and my feet on the floor.

I slide one hand under her right leg and she raises her buttock for me so I slipped it up to feel her arse cheek.

“You want to get deeper eh,” she teases as she raises the other buttock so I send my second hand to grip her arse cheeks. She grips my head, but by my ears rather than the top or side of my head so the sound becomes muffled and my world becomes her pussy.

She is moaning, encouraging. I’m engrossed and thoroughly enjoying it.

“What the fuck are you doing with my wife,” I hear a mans voice boom. She immediately sits up, holding my head tightly and pushing it into her pussy. I’m stuck, I can’t get away. She is sat on my hands.

I hear him undressing, I hear his belt buckle, his zipper, his trousers hitting the floor.

I feel his big hands on my arse cheeks pulling them apart and a hard cock press into my hole. In one shove his big cock invades me and I let out a moan. He pushes further and I feel his thighs on mine as he buries every inch of himself.

After just a couple of slow powerful strokes, he was holding my hips and fucking me hard.

She let go of my head and moved herself up the bed into a sitting position to watch. “Fuck him hard baby, fuck the shit out of him,” she aggressively urged while sinking her right hand to erzurum escort begin rubbing her clit.

I try to raise myself but he is way too strong, he simply put a hand on my neck and pushes me down so my cheek is buried in the bed, my head looking sideways and my arse stuck invitingly up in the air.

He lays down on my back and with a quiet authoritative tone into my ear says, “Stay there Honey, I’m gonna fuck you whether you like it or not. I’m gonna shove my dick so far up your arse you’ll be licking my cum off your teeth. I’m gonna ride you like a bike, indeed you are going to become my bike.”

“Please,” I protest.

“Please what Honey, please fuck me, certainly baby, you got it.”

“No, no.”

“Quit your bitchin, you’ve got sissy faggot written all over you,” the woman suddenly chimes in. “Tell my man you want him to fuck you, come on faggot, do it.”

The guy rammed me with immense force as she said this and I felt broken, my situation helpless.

“Fuck me, please fuck me Sir, fuck your Faggot.”

“OK Sugar.”

He pulls his superior rock hard manhood almost out, just leaving his tip in me and forcefully plunges back in all the way giving me his entire length in one violent thrust. He continues these slow deliberate thrusts and I start letting out involuntary little moans. I could feel him all, every inch of this big, hard, hairy man pumping me.

“I knew you loved dick, you’ve been teasing me all night with your looks eyeing me up,” he teased.

He wasn’t interested in my pleasure at all. He didn’t care, he just wanted to fuck me into eskişehir escort submission, fuck me so I’d be back for more, fuck me until he came. He kept drilling me hard with long hard strokes, panting on my neck as I whimpered under him.

“This is so fuckin hot.” I was so lost in this guy fucking me I’d forgotten she was in the room, still rubbing herself. “God, I’m gonna cum, fuck him, fuck him, Yeeeeesssssss.”

“Oh fuck Darlin’ I’m gonna cum too. Here it comes Sugar.”

He bit my neck and clamped his huge body over mine, engulfing me. He shuddered again and again as he pumped his seed inside me and slumped over my back.

“Oh that was a fabulous fuck Honey, I’ll be tapping your arse regularly Sweetcheeks,” he breathlessly panted in my ear.

“Did you enjoy your birthday present sweetheart?” the woman said getting up and moving down the bed to plant a loving kiss on his lips.

“Oh yes, Darlin, thank you. You think of the most wonderful presents. She had a nice tight arse. I’m going to enjoy shafting this one.”

She, what does he mean she, I’m not a she, I’m a man I think to myself but with him still draped over me it just didn’t seem the right time to protest.

She moved into position on the bed and offered me her pussy while her husband released just enough weight for me to move my head and begin to eat.

“Did you enjoy my husband’s cock? I bet you did, He’s insatiable when he’s horny and he’s horny a lot so you can help me keep him satisfied. He loves a nice Faggot, loves to fuck the manhood out of them, tosses them away when they become too queer. Wonder how long you will last? You will help me won’t you?” she taunted and teased in what were clearly rhetorical questions.

I mumble, “He won’t turn me, I’m straight,” in between licks of her juicy sweet cunt.

“That’s what they all say Honey, we’ll see, best enjoy my pussy while you still want it, you’ll prefer cock soon.”

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