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His hands were sliding up the curve of her slim waist, to the young bulge of her breasts. Meanwhile his hot , sensual breath was tracing a line from her shoulders to her sensitive ear lobe. She sighed a deep and secure sigh and melted into his arms, freeing her body to his advances.

How she had came to this situation was all a little muddled. As a 22 year old virgin, this was as far as she had ever dared to go, but she had never been so sure. It wasn’t that she thought of herself as a prude or that she had had some strict up bringing. It was just that she had yet to meet a man that she had really felt this comfortable with…until now. And it wasn’t as if he was some 6 foot tall blond hunk either. Rather he was mid thirties, and if not exactly fat, could lose a pound or two. So why was she here now, half naked in this mans arms, about to give him her virginity as easily as giving him a peck on the cheek.

If she had the time right now, as his hands cupped her breast as raised it to his lips, she would have remembered the day that the attraction had started. Having left university, she had excitedly joined a London marketing company with high hopes , only to find that she had become the office dogs body, who hardly anyone took account of. Well that was until several weeks ago , at that meeting.

She had been asked to sit in on the meeting to take some notes and to some extent make up the numbers, but as the meeting had progressed , it was clear even to her that the client was less than happy with the proposed marketing strategy. When things had come to a complete halt, he had proposed a brain storming amongst those there. After several , rather dull ideas from the others, he had turned to her and pointedly asked her, if she had a proposal. The idea that had been swimming around inside her for the whole meeting, had just started to spill out of her and he had given her his complete attention. Even when her boss had tecavüz porno started to interrupt, he had silenced him with a curt glare and a raised hand. The client had been pleased with the overall idea, and agreed to have another meeting in a couple of weeks time, to review the final product. When he had insisted that she become part of the group, she could not have been more shocked and pleased.

The team had worked solidly since then to refine her idea, and today the client had accepted it and had agreed to use their firm. The team had travelled to the clients offices and stayed in a local hotel, and that night had been a huge celebration.

If she had actually drunk during the evening, she could have used that as an excuse why she found herself at 1am knocking at his hotel room door, but she hadn’t. The real reason was that they had found each others company intoxicating since that meeting, always finding a reason to be together, and over the weeks she had become deeply attracted to him. And tonight she was so afraid that they may never a more perfect time.

Her heart had been beating so hard when she had knocked on the door. Twice she had almost turned to go before he opened the door and although alittle surprised had invited her in. He had offered her a drink , but she refused with a short shake of her head. No more words were spoke, he realised why she was here and he had closed the gap between them and pulled her close, their lips meeting for the first time. The initial light, tentative kiss had developed into a kiss full of passion and urgency, their tongues caress mirrored by their hands that explored each others bodies. And now she was lying on his bed, as he lightly stroked her burning pussy and his hot mouth pulled at her taut nipples.

Her breath was coming in short , urgent pants as excitement and alittle fear raced around her body. Each touch of his hand was a travesti porno new experience, that her mind struggled to comprehend, her only thought was that she liked it and wanted more. As he continued to suck and fondle her breast, his other hand was becoming more adventurous down against her pussy. She helped him as he removed her panties, the last line of defence was removed, and she slightly parted her thighs to allow him access to her most private parts. She was shocked at the heat coming from her pussy and just how wet she had become.

As his fingers traced a line along the length of her inner thigh, her breath froze in her throat, until released in an animal groan of pleasure as he entered her. Although tight , he was able to plunge his finger inside her velvety pussy, with little resistance. Pulling away alittle so that he could see her better, he proceeded to probe her with his finger, in and out, the engorged lips of her pussy clinging to this new and exciting invader.

With eyes closed tight and her back arched, she grew accustomed to this new feeling. The tensions and fears of the past, melting away to the rhyme of his finger, as it continued to push in and out of her pussy, only to be replaced with a growing stirring in her loins. She wanted to do more, to do something to him, to make him feel as wonderful as she did right now, so she reached out to caress him, to touch him. He guided her exploring hand to his raging cock and she clasped it. With alittle guidance she started to pull his cock in time with his finger in her pussy. They kissed again.

Her orgasm was close , the stirrings in her stomach growing until with a shudder and a deep groan she ground her pussy down hard on that wonderful finger and came. Bright sparks flashed in her head, her body froze as she strained every last second of pleasure from her cum. She had hardly noticed that he had changed position, xhamster porno until she felt the probing of the finger replaced with his lapping tongue. Oh god, this was incredible, as he continually changed from plunging his tongue deep into her hot pussy, to flick viscously at her swollen clit. With her first orgasm still flowing though her body , the second hit her like a thunder clap…”oooohhh gooddd” was all that she could say.

He moved again, sliding up her naked form, kissing and biting as he came, as he reached the top, they resumed that passion filled kiss, she tasting the juices of her own pussy for the first time….She parted her legs to grant him access, to allow that hard cock a passage to her virgin pussy. He reached down to pull her knees up and positioned his cock at her tight entrance. As he pushed his cock against her, she tensed and whispered “gentle… first time..”

He stopped , wiped the tear that was forming in her eye away and kissed her gently. Gently pushing, his cock slide the first inch inside. She grunted from the pain , but nodded her approval to continue. Another inch and then another, until the last vestige of her virginity barred his progress. He paused and thrust hard and deep , filling her with one sudden sharp plunge. She cried out loud, but he continued to thrust into her hot and ravaged pussy. The pain disappeared as suddenly as it had came, replaced with that deep stirring starting again in her stomach. She started to buck against him, eager to drive his cock as deep as possible inside her, to fill her. His thrusting became more urgent and aggressive, his own passion now over taking any desire to be gentle. His animal need to take this woman, to feed his hunger, to fill her with his seed became his only thought. Gripping her thighs he lifted them up and over his shoulders, laying exposed her desperate pussy to him, allowing him total access.

His cock slapped repeatedly slapped into her body, each thrust bringing a cry of mixed pleasure and pain from the woman below. His cum filled balls banging against her upturned ass, until they could hold back no more and with a climatic cry he shot spurt after spurt of shearing hot cum deep into her no longer virgin belly…

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