Everyone loves our flatmate Kathryn. She’s the youngest of the five of us, always cheerful, bright eyed and full of life, intelligent too, learning physics at university, she wants to work at NASA. Once, after downing a big glass of wine, she announced to us all “I want to be the first girl to have sex on Mars!” Before slumping in a girl’s lap on the couch.

The blonde haired honey, is tall and fit, and has no shame. She’ll often be running around the house naked without a care in the world. Her long hair isn’t quite curly, but hangs majestically about her shoulders fragranced like a flower garden and her breasts, good God! They’re big orbs that are high on her chest, she’s expertly waxed all over.

I can’t keep my eyes off of her dressed or naked, she makes me wet. I fantasise about her a lot. Her beauty makes me shy.

She’s a rebel. “Rules are there to be broken, Pet.” Is her catchphrase and usually said with a wine in one hand, and a cigarette in the other.

Kathryn’s not the sort you’d take home to meet mum bursa escort and dad. She’s not for dating, plus you wouldn’t trust her, not with your gran. If she wore knickers, they’d invariably end up around her ankles, before being lost in a hedge, a toilet cubicle or a McDonalds booth. Kathryn is a wild slut.

It’s 9.30pm, Kathryn’s ‘bedtime’. It’s the reason we all come home from the pubs, dates or finish our studies to wait our turn to have a go on her. She knows what she does to us.

She’s sat in the lounge drinking and smoking, wearing a burgundy silk vest and matching French knickers. Her legs draped over the arm of the settee. None of us have a clue what’s on TV. We all sit there, excited, fired up and lustful, just waiting.

Eyes flick around the room as we stare at each other, watching her in the corner of our eyes, when suddenly she jumps up and stretches. It’s a fake stretch, arms raised dramatically as she stands on tip toes and yawns loudly.

“I need my sleep, see you in the morning sluts!”

She bursa escort bayan blows us all a kiss and saunters out of the room to her bedroom. We all start whispering.

“Who’s going first?”

“I don’t know, who was first last night?”

“Do you think she wants us to disturb her, she said ‘see you in the…”

“Shut up, will you. This is Kathryn!”

“Fuck it! You carry on arguing, I’m going first.”

Emma stands, walks to Kathryns bedroom, opens the door and winks at us before disappearing inside.

I feel disappointed, I should have got the bottle to go first, but I was too slow, I never have first go either.

I press mute on the TV. Its quiet, then the giggles start. We look at each other and stare at the door as we hold our breath and continue listening.

It’s quiet, it seems to take an age.

“I hear moaning.”

“No you don’t.”

“Shh! Listen”

Quiet moans echo through the walls. We look at each other and muffle our laughs.

We görükle escort bayan wait, my pussy is drenched, fuck Kathryn, I want to be fucked. I’m not as sexy as her though. Its Kathryn they all want not me.

Anticipation builds. I want a go next, I’m fed up with going last all of the time, eating used wet cunt. I want to be the first, I need to step up next time and be brave.

“Right, I’m next!”

We all look at Rachel.

“Why you?”

“Why not?”

“What about one of us?”

“You’re the clean up girls!”

We shoot daggers at Rachel, but our attention goes to the door as Emma comes out clutching her shirt and bra. Rachel jumps to her feet unzipping her tracksuit top.

“Not you, Rachel.”

Rachel looks at Emma in disappointment and zips her top back up.

Emma smiles at me. “She’s requested you next, if you’re up for it?”

My heart skips a beat, I’m nervous.

“Kathryn, asked for me?”

I stand, surprised and honoured. Looking forward to feeling her silky smooth skin. I walk to the door, my hand trembling as I reach for the handle, I step inside.

She’s naked, looking fucked, sultry and horny.

“Babe, you always leave me waiting. They fuck me while I think of you.”

My heart pounds, my palms are sweaty. I muster a nervous smile.

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