“I will be out all night tonight, mum,” eighteen-year-old Trent Potts said to his mother and now lover, Sharon.”Oh? With Helen?” replied forty-three-year-old Sharon, who knew her son also had sex with fifty-year-old policewoman Helen Ladbrooke, as did Sharon herself.”No, not Helen, maybe you can spend the night with her,” said Trent.”Yeah, maybe I can; you will be with the mysterious woman that texted you yesterday, then,” said Sharon.”Yep, you got it,” replied Trent.The previous day, whilst in the company of both Sharon and Helen after they had had threesome sex the night before, Trent had received a text from a woman that he obviously knew intimately, asking him to visit her on one of the next three nights to give her a fucking. The woman’s husband was going to be away for those nights, and Trent phoned her back, but he refused to tell the two women that he had most recently fucked, what he had arranged.As Trent had spent the previous night in his mother’s bed, after Helen had gone home, if he was going to fuck the woman that sent the text, there were now two nights to choose from.The mysterious woman was named Cheryl Beattie, and at age fifty-six she was fractionally over three times Trent’s age. She was no raving beauty and she was a bit overweight, but she had something about her, and in her own way, she was very sexy and certainly a great fuck. She also liked taking it up the arse, and she thrived on dirty talk.”Are Helen and I not enough for you?” asked Sharon, feigning hurt.”Oh yeah, very much so, but I fucked this woman before I had either of you and I would still like to give her one from time to time,” replied Trent.”That is fair enough I suppose, I will contact Helen and see if she wants some more lesbian love tonight,” laughed Sharon.Until a few days ago, Sharon and Trent knew nothing about each other’s sex lives. Trent sometimes was out late at night, sometimes all night and his mother assumed that he was with a girl, but she assumed he had only one girlfriend and that she was a similar age to Trent. Her son actually had several women on the go, almost all of them older than Sharon, and some of them married.The revelations about each other’s sex lives, and the ignition of their incestuous affair, came about after gaziantep manken escort Sharon had asked her friend Helen to talk to her son in her capacity as a policewoman.Trent had been caught spraying graffiti and Sharon did not want his behaviour to escalate.The talk between Helen and Trent led to Helen caning him, almost with Trent’s encouragement, and then Helen and Trent fucked.Sharon paid a visit to Helen’s house one morning in the hope of lesbian sex but was shocked to find her naked son there. Sharon caned Helen, who had also taken a caning from Trent the previous evening, and then left her son and Helen to have one more fuck with instructions for Trent to come home for a discussion. Trent discovered that Helen and his mother were lesbian lovers during that visit by Sharon to Helen’s house.The discussion between mother and son made their sexual attraction to each other very clear, although there had already been signs of it, and Trent and his mother fucked.Mother and son had been having sex ever since, although it was all very recent, and had also purchased a cane with both of them feeling it across their buttocks.Helen had just spent a night at the Potts’ house during which she and Trent had fucked, before she and Sharon had lesbian sex and then all three of them had sex together.”I am going to get ready for work now, I will be going out again soon after I get home at tea time,” said Trent, who worked at a fast food outlet.”Well if you don’t want me, I will see if Helen does,” teased Sharon, who thought that maybe she should be jealous of other women having her son’s sizeable penis between their legs.Sharon did not know what Helen’s working hours were this day, she had been on a day off the day before, so she sent her a text.Trent is spending the night with his text lady, do you fancy some vagina-tasting tonight? xxxShe did not get a reply for a while, but when it came it was good news.I certainly do! Your bed or mine? xxxSharon was delighted, she replied straight away.I will come to you, I also want to pay attention to your lovely arse. xxxHelen replied swiftly.Oh yes, we can both do some arse worshipping, see you later. xxxSo mother and son, gaziantep masaj yapan escort and Helen, had their nights planned.Trent came home from work, but he would not be home for long. He would just shower, change and be off out for his night of sex with a married woman.Sharon knew that Trent would not be home for long, so she waited for him to come out of the shower. She was not going to do anything to delay his evening, but she just wanted a few minutes in his company, she would be leaving to see Helen soon.”So, another woman is to get the benefits of your lovely cock tonight,” said Sharon, looking at her son’s semi-erect penis.”Yes, are you and Helen getting together?” said Trent.”Yes, I am spending the night with her, it will be fun,” replied Sharon.”I am sure that you will give each other lots of pleasure,” said Trent, starting to get dressed.”Yeah, no doubt we will both cum multiple times, as will the woman that you are shagging,” said Sharon, feeling a tinge of jealousy.”I will be back with you tomorrow night,” said Trent.”Well, I might not want you,” laughed his mother.”Ha, well her husband is away again tomorrow night so I could go back to her,” responded Trent.”No, it is okay, I think I will let you back into my bed,” replied Sharon.”That is nice of you, Sharon,” said Trent.”Can I give you a lift?” offered Sharon, Trent did not own a car, plus she might find out who the woman was.”No thanks, she is within walking distance,” replied Trent, who was now dressed.”Okay, have fun,” said Sharon.”And you, and Helen,” said Trent, before mother and son had a long kiss.Trent left for his appointment with the horny married woman, and a bit later, Sharon drove to Helen’s house, although it was within walking distance.”Great to see you, come in, I need a good fucking,” said Cheryl Beattier, when Trent arrived at her house.Cheryl almost dragged him indoors, and before Trent could speak, Cheryl had locked her lipstick-coated lips on his.”Ha, you missed me then,” said Trent, when he could speak, and breathe.”Yes, I have fucking missed you, you fuck me like no other,” said Cheryl.”You like my teenage cock then do you, you horny slut?” said Trent, knowing gaziantep masöz escort that Cheryl liked to be called names.”Yes, this horny slut likes your teenage cock, and I love it when you put it in my fat arse,” said Cheryl, before smothering Trent in more kisses.”You want to be fucked in the arse, you whore, you want my cock in your arsehole?” said Trent, pawing Cheryl’s large backside which was currently in green trousers.”Let’s stop wasting time talking, let’s go upstairs and fuck,” said Cheryl, undoing the zip on Trent’s jeans.They scrambled up the stairs, Trent touching Cheryl’s arse as they went.”You like my big fat arse, don’t you, you hot hunk?” said Cheryl, as they reached the top of the stairs.”I love your arse, Cheryl, and I will show you just how much I love it later,” replied Trent.Cheryl turned and they had another long snog, as Cheryl undid the belt on Trent’s jeans and Trent caressed Cheryl’s behind.Cheryl got Trent’s jeans lowered, followed by his boxers, and she wanked his already erect cock as their snogging continued.”Give me a fucking, fuck this horny married bitch,” said Cheryl, wild with sexual excitement.”I had better get these trousers off your big arse then, hadn’t I?” said Trent, dragging Cheryl’s trousers down and helping her out of them.Trent got behind Cheryl and pulled her knickers down, her large buttocks became on show. Trent kissed Cheryl’s arse cheeks and parted her buttocks to see the arsehole that he intended to put his cock in later.Cheryl completed the removal of her knickers with her feet, she was desperate to be fucked.”Give it to me big boy, give this slut the fucking that she craves,” said Cheryl, removing her blouse and then bra as Trent got out of his jeans and boxers and took off his T-shirt.”You want a fucking you dirty cheating slut, I will give you a fucking, get on your back, you old slapper,” said Trent, who was looking forward to giving Cheryl a long and hard fucking.Cheryl wasted no time in getting on her back with her legs spread wide, putting her hairy and wet cunt on display.”Here is my cunt, fuck it hard, you sexy stud,” invited Cheryl.Trent got in between her legs and his penis was soon in Cheryl’s vagina and the fucking started.The fucking rapidly picked up the pace, and there was a lot of grunting and expletives.”Cum you dirty bitch, cum with a teenage cock sliding in and out of your sticky cunt,” panted the hard-working Trent.”Shit, fuck, this dirty bitch is so fucking close, going to cum with your teenage rod shafting me…Shit!” exclaimed Cheryl, as she got fucked to orgasm.Trent kept fucking her, they were both sweating with their exertions.

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