The clock radio, tuned to an oldies station, woke David to the soothing sound of Johnny Mathis. Laying on his back, he stretched out his arms and legs, arching his back, pressing his morning wood against the covers.

“Reliably hard,” he thought, feeling his wife, Lucy, stir next to him.

She rolled towards him, lifting her leg over his and brushing it against his hard cock.

“Left over from yesterday?” she asked with a slight giggle, looking at him with a smile.

“Mmmm, that was some afternoon,” David said.

Lucy slid her hand across David’s taut abdomen, wrapping her fingers around his stiff cock. Her hand was warm, gently stroking his rock hard cock. He leaned over to kiss her softly on the forehead.

“Guess I was the one that got busted yesterday,” Lucy said, feigning a look of guilt.

“Oh, yeah,” David said, “walking in on your little threesome with Jane and Kevin qualifies as busted. I think that makes us even now.”

Lucy paused for a moment, removing her hand from his cock.

“How do you figure that?” Lucy asked, somewhat perturbed.

David instantly regretted where this conversation was headed, but felt compelled to explain himself. To make matters worse, he could feel his cock start to soften.

“Well,” David stammered, “I fucked Sally at the poker party, and you fucked Kevin yesterday. That makes us even.”

“What about Jane,” Sally asked, “You fucked her —”

“But, you were there.” David interrupted.

“— In the ass,” Lucy continued, “How does that make us even?”

David was stunned. A moment ago he had been looking forward to a morning blow job. Somehow he had turned that expectation into a fight with his wife.

“Well, maybe not completely even,” David said, trying to mollify Lucy.

“Fucking right!” Lucy said in a raised voice, “That’s not remotely close to even.”

David knew that she was pissed and his blow job was looking less and less likely. She rarely dropped an F-bomb. Before David could reply, Lucy hopped out of bed.

“I’m going to take my shower,” she said, and stomped out of the bedroom.

“Fuck!” David muttered to himself.

Hearing Lucy turn on the shower, he lay back and reached to bring his cock back to life. His mind quickly drifted over the events of the last few days. Telling Lucy about the poker party had unleashed her own inhibitions, so catching her in bed with both Jane and Kevin was shocking, but not entirely surprising. Stroking his cock again, David let his mind wander back to yesterday. His eyes closed, he could visualize Lucy on top of Jane in a sixty-nine as Kevin fucked Lucy from behind.


Hard as a rock from watching Jane slurp Kevin’s cum dripping from Lucy’s pussy, David was anxious to join the action. Just as he was about to make his presence known, Jane spread Lucy’s ass cheeks for her husband. Kevin dove in with his tongue, running it up and down the crack of Lucy’s open ass. Mesmerized at the sight of Kevin’s tongue toying with Lucy’s tight little asshole, David was momentarily frozen in place, envious of Kevin, then clapped his hands in delight.

The three of them interrupted the action, turning to see who was applauding. David walked over to Kevin, tapped him on the shoulder and asked to cut in. When Kevin stepped back, David immediately dropped to his knees to take a close look at his wife’s wide open ass. He could see Kevin’s wet saliva, a glistening trail the length of her ass crack. The tight little curls of blond pussy hair were wet and matted, thicker near her cunt, snaking around the tight pucker of her asshole, and disappearing as the trail ended near the top of her ass crack.

David leaned in, touching the tip of his tongue to the area between her cunt and asshole. He worked his tongue back, skirting her asshole as he followed the trail of tight curls, then retraced his path, skirting her asshole again, continuing to the entrance of her cunt. There, he slipped his tongue into her as far as he could reach, tasting the slippery juices of her pussy, mixed with the remnants of Kevin’s cum that Jane had left behind.

Withdrawing his tongue from Lucy’s cunt, he licked his way back to her asshole, stopping at that crinkled little pucker. Lucy pressed back against his tongue, and gave out a little moan of pleasure. He made a slow circular motion with his tongue, rimming her asshole, then returning to the center and giving it a little press as he felt her muscles relax.

Without warning, Jane released her hold on Lucy’s butt cheeks, closing off the target of David’s attention. David pulled back and looked down at Jane, puzzled by her sudden action.

Jane had seen enough to know that she now wanted what Lucy had just experienced.

Jane smiled up at David, “Lucy’s turn is up. It’s time to switch places.”

Kevin had been sitting quietly, admiring Lucy’s ass, envious of David’s tongue work. He slowly realized that Jane planned to offer her ass to David, something he had never had. Kevin started to protest, ankara escort but was quickly silenced when Jane pointed out that he had already had his turn.

Lucy, half expecting to take her own husband in the ass for the second time in two days, reluctantly hopped off Jane, turned around and laid back down so Jane could straddle Lucy’s face, exposing the round globes of her own ass to David’s waiting gaze.

Lucy reached up to spread Jane’s butt cheeks, exposing Jane’s smoothly waxed ass crack to David’s eager view.

He quickly moved in with his tongue, giving Jane the same treatment that he had just given Lucy. Jane moaned with the unexpected pleasure she received from David’s tongue in the crack of her ass, and buried her face into Lucy’s recently fucked cunt, finding Lucy’s clit with her tongue. David began stroking his cock, marveling at his good fortune, licking his second ass crack since arriving. To think it all started when he jumped at the chance to fuck Sally in the ass at the poker party.

The combination of Jane flicking her tongue over Lucy’s engorged clit while watching David work his tongue up and down Jane’s ass crack was enough to bring Lucy to the brink of another orgasm. Sticking her tongue out, Lucy raised her head until her tongue reached Jane’s clit, and together the girls began furiously licking each other’s clits. Lucy was close, but Jane was the first to reach orgasm, triggered by David’s rigid tongue pressing ever so slightly into her tight virgin asshole. Jane’s body went rigid, a monster orgasm coursing through her entire body. Lucy and David pressed their tongues even harder against the pleasure centers of Jane’s rigid, writhing body, extending her orgasm to the point of exhaustion. Finally, Lucy and David relented, giving Jane a chance to relax as her body went limp, pinning Lucy to the bed.

When Jane’s orgasm subsided, David stood and rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of Jane’s ass crack still wet with his own saliva. He could see Lucy taking an interest in what he was up to, and detected an encouraging smile on her face. Placing his hands on Jane’s hips, he pulled her back up to her knees, positioning her cunt directly over Lucy’s face. He lowered the head of his cock down to the entrance of Jane’s cunt, and slowly pushed it in. He felt her warm, slippery juices coat his cock as he gently stroked it in and out. After a minute of fucking, he felt Jane come back to life, pushing back against his cock. Lucy felt her own surge of pleasure as Jane’s tongue once again found Lucy’s clit.

David pulled out of Jane’s cunt and glanced down to see the look of ecstasy on Lucy’s face as Jane quickly brought her close to an orgasm. David was content to wait, giving Jane time to finish off Lucy before he pressed on to his ultimate target, Jane’s asshole. In no time, Lucy was bucking her hips up to meet Jane’s tongue as another orgasm wracked her body.

When Lucy was done, David slipped his cock back into Jane’s cunt, then asked if she was ready for the main event. Before she could respond, Kevin interrupted to say that he was hard again and wanted back in on the action. David wasn’t about to relinquish his position behind Jane, even though Kevin should have been the first to take her virgin ass. David suggested that Kevin could have his choice of Jane’s mouth or Lucy’s cunt. Kevin positioned himself between Lucy’s spread legs and eased his cock into his wife’s waiting mouth.

David pulled his slick cock out of Jane’s wet cunt, and positioned it up against her asshole. Before he could go any further, Kevin asked if he could take Lucy’s ass. David was in no position to deny his request, and Lucy’s squeal of delight left no doubt what she wanted. Kevin pulled his cock out of his wife’s mouth, lifted Lucy’s legs up and back towards David, exposing Lucy’s asshole to his waiting boner. Jane smiled at her horny husband, watching him press his cock against Lucy’s asshole. Jane felt David press the head of cock against her asshole, pushing open the tight sphincter trying to keeping him out. Jane told him to hold back until she could get Lucy ready so they could take the cocks together.

Jane leaned forward, letting spittle drip down from her mouth into the crack of Lucy’s waiting ass. With one hand, she worked the slippery saliva down into Lucy’s ass crack, pushing some into the tight entrance to her asshole. She did that two more times, finally slipping in one finger as Kevin watched impatiently. When one finger went in easily, Jane increased it to two fingers and gently pumped in and out until she felt Lucy’s asshole relax. Sensing the guys could not be denied any longer, Jane announced that they were both were ready.

The guys quickly took over, gently working the heads of their cocks past the now relaxed sphincters. The girls tried getting their tongues on each others clits, but were unable to focus on anything but the cocks now stretching out their assholes. Together both guys eased their cocks all the way in, listening to ankara escort bayan the girls squeal in mock protest. Once the guys started pumping their slick cocks in and out of the girls’ assholes, it was clear that this was going to be over soon. The girls watched in wonder, each feeling a cock inside them at the same time they had a close up view of their husband’s cock sliding in and out of their best friend’s asshole. Jane, in a fit of lust, told Kevin she wanted to watch him blow his load on Lucy’s ass. David followed his lead, and they both began pumping furiously in and out the girls’ assholes. Kevin was the first to pull out of Lucy’s ass and stroke out a load of cum over Lucy’s blond bush. David pulled out just a few seconds behind Kevin, pumping his load into Jane’s ass crack.

When the guys had finished stroking out their loads, the girls went to work slurping up the gooey mess. When Jane was almost done, she called out for the guys to pitch in and help out. Both Kevin and David were shocked at the demand, never having tasted their own cum. Egged on by the now taunting girls, the guys reluctantly moved in to do as the girls wanted. Tentative at first, realizing that the girls had been eating cum for many years, they both attacked the task with vigor, getting a little taste of what their wives had been eating for years. It wasn’t long before the girls were clean as a whistle, and the guys were grinning from ear to ear, pretty satisfied with their performance.

Late in the afternoon, the four very satisfied people relaxed in the hot tub. Kevin and Jane were reluctant for the evening to end. They had dinner commitments with Tom and his wife, which they considered breaking. Lucy insisted that they not stand up their friends, unless of course they wanted to invite them over to join in the afternoons festivities. Jane gave it serious consideration for a moment, and Kevin was tempted, but nixed the idea for fear of embarrassing their old friends.


“Hey,” Lucy shouted as she came out of the shower, catching David stroking his stiff cock.

Great, David thought to himself, first I start a fight, then I get caught jerking off.

“Did somebody declare this ‘All About David Day’?” Lucy asked mockingly.

“No, no babe, I’m really sorry about this morning. I didn’t mean to start a fight,” David said, almost begging for mercy.

“And stroking your cock?” demanded Lucy.

“I… I… just…, ahhh shit,” David stammered, “last night was so hot I just can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Yea,” Lucy said, her tone softening, “but it wasn’t quite enough to make us even.”

David wasn’t sure how to respond. This is where this morning’s fight started, and he sure didn’t want to repeat that mistake. After a pause, he said, “Anything you want babe, let’s make it even.”

“I like the sound of that,” said Lucy, “in fact, let me hear you say it.”

“Say what?”

“Declare today ‘All About Lucy Day’,” Lucy commanded.

“You got it,” David said, “today is ‘All About Lucy Day’.”

“Good,” she responded, “just remember who is calling the shots today.”

“Ok,” David said, unsure exactly what Lucy had in mind.

Lucy walked over to her dresser, opened the top drawer, and pulled out Blade, the vibrator that she had used on Jane yesterday, before Kevin arrived. She showed it to David, who was seeing it for the first time.

“Blade is my vibrator,” Lucy said, “named after a character in the book I was reading when I tried it for the first time.”

“You never told me about Blade,” David said.

“Hush, lay back on the bed, and prop your head up on the pillow,” Lucy commanded in the best authoritative tone she could muster.

“Why?” David asked.

“You are not grasping the concept of ‘All About Lucy Day’,” Lucy said, “You don’t ask why, you do, and you keep doing until I say we are even.”

“All right, all right, now I get it,” David conceded sheepishly, “Today is ‘All About Lucy Day’.”

“I am going to get myself off using Blade, and you are going to help by continuing what you started yesterday,” Lucy said, still trying to keep an authoritative edge to her voice.

David hesitated, not exactly sure what she was talking about.

“You were licking my ass.” Lucy finally reminded him.

“Exactly,” David said, trying to hide his confusion.

“You are going to lick my ass while I use Blade in my cunt,” Lucy said, “and you are going to keep at it until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes mistress, I will lick your ass until you tell me to stop,” David said, using his best impression of a subservient husband, “do you want me to press my tongue against your asshole.”

“That’s good. Today I am your mistress,” Lucy said, “I think you’re finally catching on. And yeah, my asshole is exactly where I want your tongue.

David was thrilled with the turn of events. He had no idea what Lucy’s concept of even was, but liked where she was going and was eager to get started. Lucy turned away from escort ankara David and lifted her leg up and over his torso, positioning her ass and cunt in front of his face. She reached down and slid her index finger into her slit, between the soft, wet lips of her pussy. She worked her finger up and down the slit until it was well coated with her slippery juices. She removed her hand, turned back to David, and offered the glistening finger to David.

“Tell me if I’m ready for Blade?” she asked, pushing her finger against his lips.

David opened his mouth to accept Lucy’s extended finger. He could smell a sweet musky odor as her finger passed under his nose and into his mouth. Closing his lips around her finger, he used his tongue to slurp off as much of her pussy juices as he could.

“Oh yeah baby, you’re wet and ready to go,” he answered.

“You better do one more check with your tongue,” Lucy said, “before you turn Blade on.”

David extended his tongue, and used his hands on her hips to position her cunt at the tip of his tongue. He gently pulled her to him, slipping his tongue in as far as he could reach. Lucy moaned softly, feeling his tongue slide a few inches up into her cunt.

“Mmmm,” Lucy said, “now push the button on the small end and slip it into my pussy.”

David pressed the button and Blade hummed with a gentle vibration. Lucy moved forward, giving David a little room to slip Blade into her cunt.

Lucy gasped, the gentle vibrations electrifying her pussy as David slowly pushed Blade into her cunt. When it was all the way in, Lucy reached between her legs and took over control of Blade from her husband.

“Ok, big boy, my asshole awaits,” Lucy taunted.

David, his hands now free, reached up and pulled her ass checks apart, exposing the little rosebud of her asshole. Lucy arched her back and pressed back until she could feel David’s tongue touch the crack of her ass. Starting at the top of her crack, he licked his way down, passing to one side of her asshole, then around it and up the other side. The tiny blond curls became wet and matted as he retraced his path several times. Lucy slowly stroked Blade in and out, savoring the incredible sensation Blade sent through her entire body, like tiny little electric orgasms. The pleasure she received from David’s tongue only heightened what Blade did for her.

David focused all his attention on her asshole, sensing that she was getting close. Pointing his tongue, he pushed gently against the tight sphincter of her asshole, teasing it open ever so slightly. Lucy reached down and pulled Blade about halfway out of her cunt. She pushed the button to advance Blade to the fourth position, producing a vibration cycle that paused, then pulsed a vibration that escalated from minimum to maximum, repeating every couple of seconds. She pushed Blade deep into her cunt and held it there with the tips of her fingers. The sensation was electrifying, sending a new orgasm rolling through her body with each cycle.

“Harder babe, push harder,” Lucy screamed, between orgasms, “push your tongue into my asshole.”

Feeling her sphincter relax, he pushed his tongue in as far as he could reach.

“Harder, harder, harder, yeah that’s it, more, more!” she shrieked.

Her entire body bucked wildly as orgasm after orgasm engulfed her. No longer able to control her writhing body, Lucy’s hand slipped away from her cunt, her convulsing cunt muscles expelling Blade as she lurched forward, losing contact with David’s tongue. She collapsed in a heap, her face buried between David’s outstretched legs, her weight pining David’s waist and legs against the bed.

David gazed down at Lucy’s limp body, his rock hard cock lodged between her tits. He was amazed that his tongue on her asshole could have such on erotic effect on his wife. This was a side of her that he had never seen.

Slowly, Lucy came back to life, raising up on her hands and knees, scooting back so she could lick the length of his cock.

“Ready to cum?” she asked, taunting him.

“Oh yeah, baby, I’m so ready. I almost blew a load watching you cum.”

“Umm, bet you’re ready for a sweet blow job,” she teased.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” David demanded.

“Who put you back in charge?” Lucy asked mischievously.

This again, David thought to himself, enough already.

David could feel his cock lose its edge with the prospect of another confrontation looming. He decided that it was best to head this one off before it even started.

“Sorry Mistress,” David said with as much sincerity as he could muster under the circumstances, “it’s just that you’re so fucking hot, I really need some relief.”

“That’s better, and you’re going to get relief,” she said, “I’m just trying to decide how I want it. Remember, it’s ‘All About Lucy Day’.”

“That’s right baby, anything you want, the sooner the better.”

“Ok babe, let’s switch positions,” she said.

Lucy hopped off of David, taunting him by intentionally spreading her ass and cunt lips as she changed position. She laid back against the headboard and motioned David to kneel in front of her parted legs.

“Remember last night, you pulled your cock out of Jane’s ass and stroked out a load onto her ass?” she asked.

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