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Six Months Later

I still thought about Kim everyday in spite of my resolutions to the contrary. How could that beautiful young woman have touched me so deeply, so fast? Would I ever get over her? I knew I eventually would, it would just take a lot more time than I was allowing myself. My heart ached and grieved.

To yank at my heart even more, I opened the mid-April issue of Fortune magazine and there was Kim’s picture and a brief article about her and her rapidly growing business. I tore out the article and carried it with me for a while then decided it was making me feel worse not better, so I just tucked it away in a drawer.

One Saturday in May, I was sitting at my Apple computer in my condo when the phone rang. I answered and was surprised by the caller’s question, “Is this the Ron Hume that met a woman named Kim about six months ago at an energy conference in Orlando?”

“Yes,” I said suspiciously.

“Well you and I have to talk,” the woman said. “I’m Kim’s sister, June Caldwell, and I’m in DC and now I know you are too, and it’s imperative that we meet, if only for a few minutes. Can I buy you coffee or are you free for lunch?” There was no further explanation. I felt all sorts of stabs of pain and sorrow over hearing Kim’s name and thinking of my lost love. I let her question hang for a minute as my mind raced with all the unasked and unsaid things in my short relationship with Kim.

I said yes and given the time I suggested that lunch was the better option. I met her an hour later in the lobby at the downtown Marriott where she was staying. June was as beautiful as Kim but they did not look alike; I recalled Kim had said she was her stepsister not sister. June was a tall, lanky blond that turned heads; she was a bit flashy. She was dressed in a summer frock that was both functional and sexy. June looked to be a year or two older than Kim.

As we went into the hotel restaurant, June asked for a table or booth away from others because we had some serious talking to do. The maitre d’ looked suspiciously at the two of us, shrugged and led us to an unoccupied part of the restaurant. We sat in an ill lit booth.

As soon as we were seated and alone, June bluntly asked, “Do you love my sister?”

“Yes,” I said unequivocally and without hesitation. I choked on the word and tears came to my eyes in an instant. I pursed my lips to keep from breaking out with a sob.

“Well, she loves you too,” June said. “Only the two of you are acting really dumb and you need someone like me to step in and get the two of you back together again.”

“How’s that?” I asked, looking through my watery eyes.

“Well, first let me tell you that she told me all about your five days together in Florida — and I mean ALL.” June raised an eyebrow and smiled at me with a somewhat lecherous leer. “And, let me tell you that I had to pry most of the good stuff out of her to find out why she has been in such a morose mood.”

The waitress came and we ordered. My mind was not on eating.

June went on, “You think you’re too old for her. Well, you’re not! Love doesn’t care about age! You silly man. She tried to tell you but you let your own insecurity get in the way. What did you do, convince yourself that you weren’t worthy?”

“Yes,” I said as I stared at the table. I had a tear rolling down my cheek.

“Well, she thinks she’s not worthy too. She said you are so sophisticated and worldly; she thinks you see her as a precocious child even though she’s running this runaway company. She’s memorized the philosophical stuff you told her and that’s about all she wants to talk about; she and I have had long telephone conversations about it all. I’ve heard so much about unselfish and unconditional love, rewriting the rules of a relationship, the laws of the Universe, New Thought, redefining commitment, personal growth, redesigning relationships and so forth that I’m more of an expert that I already was. I buy into all you told her. I’ve been thinking along those lines for at least five years but some of what I’ve heard is new. Anyway, that’s besides the point; Kim’s been reading books about new relationships and open marriage too, but she cries a lot.”

June went on, “You forgot one thing and so did she. You both need to love yourselves so that you can love others. You know you’re responsible for your own happiness, but if you don’t see yourself as worthy then how can love thrive; you end up not letting yourself be happy.”

She looked at me to be sure I was listening. In fact, I was hanging on every word. She went on, “You can choose to allow the other person or people in a relationship to be an instrument in your happiness but you have to take action and be receptive. In ankara escort this case, you both should be helping each other to get over your insecurities. They’re temporary for both of you. Kim hasn’t had an insecure thought in her lift until she met you. You’re a successful, rich, mature adult who had a wonderful and long marriage; I can’t believe you went through life paralyzed by your insecurities. You can both get back to that space and be together as well, but both of you have to take action. Instead you’re both being dumb! That’s where I come in.”

“What should I do?” I asked leaning across the table. “After she’d left, I tried to call a couple of times but I think she’d told her secretary not to let my calls through. Her home number is unlisted.”

“You have an airplane. Go see her. Tell her you love her face to face again. Get out of your comfort zone. Take a risk!”

“You think …” I started. June interrupted, “Hell, yes! And I’ve been having this same conversation with Kim too. She’s receptive; she just doesn’t know what to do. You’re both afraid to take the first step.”

“I don’t know if I could stand being rejected,” I said.

June said, “Neither could she. That’s probably why you’ve both done numbers on yourselves.” She thought for a moment. “How long does it take to fly from her to Chapel Hill?”

“We could be there in three hours if we left right now,” I said looking at my watch. It was a little after noon.

“OK, then. I’m going with you and play cupid. I want to see her anyway. I’m going to mediate and get the two of you on track.”

Just then our lunch arrived. June looked at our lunches and said, “You eat. You need to have a full stomach and be happy when we get there. Men with empty stomachs are not happy people.” She took a bite of her salad and pulled out her cell phone; I ate and listened as she called her sister. I wanted to swim through the cellular system right then to be with Kim. June told Kim she was going to be arriving down that way later this afternoon and wanted to see her and probably stay over but she was a little unsure of flight times and such. She said she’d call later with more information about logistics if a visit were OK. It was a short call and I could imagine Kim agreeing out of habit with her older sister.

We finished our lunches, left some money on the table, and I got my car while June checked out of the hotel. I picked her up curbside and we drove to my condo. She waited in the car while I got my flight gear and tossed a few things in an overnight bag. We drove out to Washington Executive where I keep my plane; half an hour later we were wheels up headed to Chapel Hill.

June and I talked during the flight. June and Kim were stepsisters. Mom and Dad had split when Kim was young as had June’s parents. Kim’s Mom and June’s Dad married when they were both young girls. Their parents lived about an hour from Philadelphia; their Dad had his own accounting business that their Mother helped out in during the busy season. They were near retirement but active and vital people.

June told me she worked for a large company called Alperion in Camp Forge, PA. She was a little evasive about her living arrangement so I figured she might be in a lesbian relationship but then she finally referred to Jim, her husband. I figured I’d ask deeper questions about that some other time. June was running several large projects for Alperion.

Our wheels touched down ninety minutes after our takeoff at Chapel Hill Airport, a small landing strip on a plateau on the north side of the town with few amenities. I spotted Kim’s Mooney parked amongst a row of planes.

We parked the plane and after a couple of phone calls were actually able to get a rental car to pick us up. We finished registering for the car and then June directed me through the university and towards the town of Carrboro where Kim lived. We pulled into a very nice, heavily treed neighborhood and then into the driveway of a large contemporary home that probably sat on an acre or two of land. After we got out of the car, June took my hand and dragged me to the front door. My heart was racing; I was scared at what would happen.

We rang the bell.

Fifteen seconds later Kim burst through the front door and I had a blubbering young woman in my arms kissing me all over. Kim was sobbing and shrieking, almost unable to even find her voice she was so choked up, “Oh God, I’ve missed you so. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I left the way I did. Oh I’ll never leave like that again. Oh I love you, I love you so.”

I was crying too and saying the same things to her. June was standing there crying at our newfound happiness. I had steeled myself to not be emotional, but then the damn I’d built for six months burst and all my pent up emotions came flooding out. I loved this woman, deeply and without reservation. I didn’t want to face the future without her. Tears and sobs wracked my body as I clutched Kim to me and wept into her hair ankara escort bayan and shoulder. She was crying loudly against my chest holding onto my shirt.

After several minutes of our tearful reunion Kim pulled her stepsister and me inside the house and into the living room. She was still sobbing and holding on to me for dear life. I have to admit that I didn’t want to let her go either. We were wrapped around each other; we wanted to crawl inside each other.

Suddenly I was aware that the unhappiness I’d felt for six months had vanished; yes, I was crying but I couldn’t remember when I’d been so joyous. My heart sang with happiness. I still had questions, but I was happy.

Kim pushed me onto the sofa and sat in my lap. She started to rain kisses all over my face again. Sometimes she took one of my hands and kissed it too then she’d wrap herself in it. She kept blubbering her love for me. She’d get control of herself for a few seconds and then burst into an uncontrollable bout of loud weeping, sobbing that she thought she’d lost me for life and how she couldn’t have stood that. Then she’d hug me madly laying her head onto my chest and bawling uncontrollably again. My shirt was soaked with her tears — our tears. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house; Kim’s tears were contagious and we were all weeping.

June left the room and returned with a box of Kleenex that she shared with each of us. She sat next to Kim and me on the sofa. Kim turned to her and embraced June, “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing the only person I’ve ever loved back to me.” Then she shrieked and cried aloud some more on June’s shoulder. June comforted her and held her to her; she looked across Kim’s convulsing body at me with doe eyes of affection. I guess I’d done and said the right thing as far as she was concerned.

I think it took fifteen or twenty minutes for Kim to finally get herself under control; I only did a little better than that. Her eyes were red and puffy and even her blouse was wet where our tears had fallen. She kept sniffling and sighing, trying to catch her breath and swallowing hard, all the while trying to regain some semblance of self-control.

Kim came back to me and we hugged and sat with our arms wrapped around each other. June smoothed Kim’s arm in a comforting gesture as well. Finally, after several huge sighs, Kim lay down and put her head in my lap and her legs in her sister’s lap. She was suddenly exhausted. Her arms were clutching my legs; she wasn’t about to let me out of her sight. I was holding onto her very tightly too. We weren’t going to leave each other’s company very soon.

As she regained some control, she rose and looked at me through her swollen red eyes. “Oh I love you so. I kept trying to tell myself that you couldn’t love a person my age. I started to write or call a thousand times, but didn’t have the courage. Then I’d realize I wasn’t a kid and that you should love me just as I am. But then I’d cry like a kid again, and start the cycle all over again.”

She sniffled and rubbed her eyes as more tears came. She choked out “June was here last weekend holding the Kleenex then too. She worked me over pretty well and at least got me to where I could admit I loved you and wanted you back and that you could love me just the way I am.” She choked off a sob again. “When she called hours ago I had a premonition that she was doing something like bringing you here. I prayed and hoped all afternoon. If you hadn’t come I might have gotten up enough courage to have been on your doorstep tomorrow.” She hugged me then held my face in her hands and kissed me wildly.

I started, “I couldn’t believe you’d really love an older guy like me. I wanted you so much but couldn’t trust my instincts or even what you were saying. I felt like I’d scared you away telling you about my life and some of the unusual relationships that have taken place in it. I’m sort of used merchandise too having been married and all. Plus I worried I’d scared you off with my material possessions, my career and even the crazy sex we had.” I sobbed again, “Oh I want you to forgive all that and just love me forever.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Kim stated as she kissed me again and with a little more authority in her voice than she’d had since we arrived. “I love you just the way you are. Hear me and hear me well, your age doesn’t matter to me; in fact, I like the fact that you are older. You give me perspectives on life and stretch my thinking in ways no other human has ever done.”

Kim continued, “As for the unusual relationships you shared with me — the foursome and threesomes — to be frank they turned me on. I’ve thought a lot about them over these months and I could be in one too if the people in such a relationship loved each other. I think that’s part of your unselfish and unconditional love philosophy isn’t it? Also, your having been married doesn’t make you ‘used merchandise’! Good lord Ron, your wife died tragically escort ankara at a young age; she didn’t dump you because you were a loser. I love you because you loved Mindy; you’ve proven you have a heart and can weather the ups and downs of a long relationship.” She squeezed my hand in a tender gesture.

“And as for all your possessions,” Kim added, “in case you haven’t noticed I’m a conspicuous consumer too. I’m just starting to amass possessions as my income allows. What you don’t know is that it now allows a lot more, a lot more,” she emphasized, “than it did even six months ago. The company is soaring.” She finally smiled.

“Lastly, you mentioned your career and the crazy sex as things that might have scared me off,” Kim said. “Your career is a joy to me, especially now that you’re back in my arms. You’ve done and seen so much; I need some of that wisdom, especially at this stage in my company.” She hugged me tightly. “And, as for the crazy sex, I need a lot more of that too. I still remember our last day together and have relived those hours over and over again; that was some of the best loving anyone could ever ask for and I was the beneficiary of it. If I’d only had my head on straight that day I wouldn’t have left the next morning.”

June was still sitting beside us; she rolled her eyes towards heaven at the last comment and said, “I’m jealous as all hell. You guys are making me all horny.”

I held Kim’s face in my hands and kissed her. “Kim, I love you, I love you, I love you. You worried that see you as a kid. You are my dearest love and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. What you see as ignorance and naiveté I see as a fresh and untainted perspective on the world, like the speech you gave at the energy futures conference in Orlando, you saw things about the world and the industry that no one else saw. You painted an achievable vision that has been missing for the world that no one else saw. God, you were magnificent, smart, brilliant, and you’re beautiful. I think I told you those things months ago, but I want you to know that the memory lingers on.” I smiled weakly at her through my own red-rimmed eyes.

June dabbed her eyes. “You two haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. You both deeply share a philosophy about life and love that is beautiful and transcendent. The ideas you’ve talked about in terms of developing and sustaining relationships, about helping each other and your dear friends grow and develop, and the ability to act on your concept of unselfish and unconditional love are, to me, a spiritual experience. I feel closer to the power within me when I think about any of those things and you two are living this, and now you’re going to be living these things together.”

“Oh, and lest we forget,” June went on, “you two need to listen to each other about all that stuff you both just talked about. You both talked yourselves into feeling unworthy in the other’s eyes, but the other person didn’t feel that way about you — at all! Listen! Listen to each other. You have to talk when you feel down but you also have to listen to what’s really being said. Trust what you both said to each other before your insecurities took over; you both said ‘I love you’ to each other.”

Kim put her arms around both June and me and pulled us to her bosom and held us there. It wasn’t a sexual clutch; it was a warm, loving holding of the two people that loved her most.

June pulled away as an idea struck and said, “I want the two of you to go upstairs and consummate your reunion. Kim told me about your meteoric sex life and the tantric sex. I’m envious but I want you two to go do something kinky. I’m going to sublimate and take a walk and think about everything you’ve said to each other again.” With that, June rose from the sofa, snuffled, took a Kleenex from the box, and headed to the door. “Go love each other; that’s an order. I’ll give you an hour!” she said over her shoulder and with that she was out the door, shutting the door firmly behind her.

Kim and I both smiled at each other. “Come with me,” she said, pulling me up, “we have so much to make up for.” We went up the stairs to her large bedroom. She said, “We are going to have the best make up sex anyone on this side of the world has ever seen.” With that she started to peel away the layers of clothing that covered her body. I stripped too.

When we were nude, we clutched at each other and fell onto the bed. Kim said, “No foreplay, your being here is enough. I want you deep in me now.” I kissed her, rose over her magnificent body and with her help gently entered her with my rod sinking all the way to the greatest depth I could.

She was moist and ready for me. She held me tight to her wrapping her arms and legs around me. “Now you’re home, really home,” she sighed.

We toyed with each other for most of our hour, getting near the brink and then backing down in showers of kisses. We licked, fondled and smoothed all over each other, but never separated and really never stopped pumping or thrusting into each other. We talked to each other too, telling each other how important they were in our life and how we would rewrite the future to include the other person in it. After a while, Kim said, “Please make me cum. I’m close.”

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