You Make Your Own Luck (And Life)

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“Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night?” my new friend Mark said.

“I’d love to,” I said. “What can I bring?”

“We’ll be having surf and turf,” Mark said. “So bring some wine if you’d like.”

“I’ll do that,” I said.

This would be the second time we got together. I guess you could call it our second date. The first date had been arranged by a friend of mine.

Well, maybe not exactly a friend. John was a guy I had been with three times. “Been with” describes it. I had met him on the internet, looking for someone to meet for sex. Specifically, I was a bottom and enjoyed sucking cock. John was in a committed but open relationship with another man, had a good-sized cock (a turn-on for me) and loved being sucked.

While I wasn’t a great cocksucker, I was enthusiastic, and a quick learner, and he enjoyed giving me directions. By the third time we were together, I had him moaning quickly as I moved my lips up and down his big, hard shaft and before too long his cock was pulsating in my mouth and I was greedily drinking his cum and swallowing as much as I could. Some of his cum leaked out onto my chin as I knelt between his legs and I swiped it off with my finger and licked it off and swallowed that, too.

“You’re getting pretty good at that,” John said, as I got up and sat next to him on the couch. We were both naked and at this point, and we were pretty comfortable with each other. I enjoyed his company (and his big cock), but I knew he wasn’t looking to get out of his relationship and I didn’t want to interfere with it. We were together purely for the sex (well for me to suck his cock) and that was fine.

“Thanks!” I said. “You’re a good teacher.” We sat and talked for a while like any good friends might. Every once in a while I’d reach down and caress his cock just because, well, I love big cocks. I knew that once was enough for him but I still liked touching it.

“I’ve been thinking,” I said

“Oh?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. I enjoy getting together with you. It’s fun, you’re a nice guy, and basically sane, which isn’t that common. But I’ve been getting together with guys like this, mostly married or attached, for a long time. I mean it’s really the only way I’ve ever gotten together with another man, casually, for sex like this. It’s fun and up until now has been what I’ve wanted. I’m thinking now that I might want more.”

“Really? He said. “Like what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that while I’ve been thinking I’m bi, because I have been with women, that I would like to maybe find more with another man. I’m thinking I’d like to look for a man to have a relationship with, a committed relationship, not just to fuck and suck.”

“Wow,” he said. “Big change. Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Being with you has helped push me that way because you’re someone I feel friendship with besides just being someone I want to have sex with. It gives me the idea that maybe there’s someone out there that I can have both with. A more committed relationship, or maybe more than that, plus good sex.”

“You’re sure?” he asked. “That’s a big decision. Your life would change quite a bit.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I know. But just coming to this decision over the past couple of weeks really started to feel right. I started to feel more…I don’t know…honest with myself? Something has changed and I know I want to find someone to be with as more than a sex partner, maybe more than a friend.”

“How can I help?” he said.

“Well,” I said. “You have a lot of gay friends. I’m thinking you may know someone who knows someone who might be willing to let me explore this. I know it’s kind of weird to be looking to just ‘try it out.’ But I really do mean it, I really would like to meet someone who I could be with. I’m not just bullshitting myself or you. As long as someone knew going in that this would be all a new thing for me…”

“Okay,” John said. “I believe you. I can’t promise anything but I’ll ask around.” At that, he kissed me (we both like to kiss), we got dressed and headed our different directions.

He did his best to help me out. He set me up with a couple of guys over the next couple of weeks. I met them for coffee or drinks. Nice guys, but just no chemistry.

A couple of weeks after the last meeting, I got a text from him. He said that coincidentally a friend of a friend had broken up with his boyfriend a few months ago, and wanted to start dating again. I told him about you and thought he’d enjoy meeting.

“He knows where you’re at, and he’s fine with that. According to my friend, Mark is one of the nicest guys he knows. He’s also a pretty big guy which is good, I know you like big guys.” I’m 6-2 and not skinny and a total bottom, and I like to be with guys as big or bigger than I. That’s not always easy to find.

So anyway, Mark and I got together for some wine at a quiet bar near my house. He was a big guy! 6-4 at least and bursa escort bayan big. Not a bodybuilder, but obviously muscular and strong. Very good looking, too, but a friendly face. And those eyes. Deep blue and, well, just deep. As we sat and talked I kind of got lost in those eyes, and after an hour and a few glasses of wine I was hooked.

We spent almost two hours talking and while I can’t really remember what we were talking about it was all so easy. We just hit it off as doesn’t happen that often. It was clear pretty soon that we’d both like to continue this. We had agreed, though, that no matter what happened this was just to meet, nothing more. No idea that we’d go somewhere and have mad, crazy sex.

I gotta tell you that by the end of the time I would have gone anywhere to have mad, crazy sex with this big, gentle, but very masculine guy. As we sat there I could feel myself becoming more feminine to his maleness, not by any conscious decision. But I could tell we both knew where this was headed.

So that’s how I ended up at his house a couple of weeks later. He had made surf & turf. Lobster tails and some filets. He was a good cook. He asked me to make the salad, which I did and we had a great meal. I had brought two bottles of wine, a red and a white and we got through both of them by the time we had finished.

The meal took a couple of hours as we continued the easy conversation we had started the first time. This time it got a little more personal as I ended up telling up about some of the guys I had been with over the years, and he talked about his relationships. The last one was not a great breakup, so I let him talk that out. He seemed to relax even a little more after that. I’m a good listener and he was clearly still a little hurt. That made me open up even a little more to him, though I was already a little smitten. Okay, a lot smitten.

After dinner we moved into the living room and decided to sit on the couch and watch a movie. It was a film noir movie from the 40s, something we found we both enjoyed. We ended up opening another bottle of wine and sitting next to each other on the couch. After a few minutes, his arm went around my shoulders and gently held me. When he touched me, I felt suddenly warm and kind of melted inside. I really liked him, this was turning out better than I had hoped, and I could tell he liked me, too. Every once in a while I’d turn two him to say something and he’d look at me with those deep, blue eyes and I’d melt even more.

My wine glass was on the coffee table in front of me, so every once in a while I’d lean forward to pick it up and have a drink. The third time I did that, as I leaned back he gently pulled my closer to him so I ended up next to him with our thighs touching, and my head just naturally leaned on his shoulder. My left hand reached over and rested on his chest.

We just sat there for a while like that. As we did I could almost feel the temperature in the room start to rise. I know my temperature was starting to increase! While I was relaxed from all the wine my breath was starting to quicken and my heart was beating a little faster.

Mark was pulling me into him a little harder and I was starting to caress his chest. It was a muscular chest, he was a big guy and that was starting to turn me on even more. And he smelled so good! No cologne or anything, just a musky guy smell.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take much more suspense. I nuzzled in the crook of his neck a bit, then turned my face up towards his, opening my lips a bit and mostly closing my eyes, hoping he would take the hint and kiss me. I wanted that more than I’ve wanted almost anything in my life at that moment. I wanted this man to show me he wanted me and to take me.

He did. He reached behind my head, pulling me up toward him, and bent down and covered my lips with his. He was gentle at first but after I made this involuntary moan he became more assertive. Shortly his tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking on it like I wanted to take it down my throat.

I unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt and moved my hand onto his somewhat hairy chest, caressing his bare skin, feeling his hard pecs. His hands were all over my body, touching me and stroking me. He pulled me up so I was on his lap, facing him. He had his hands under my shirt, caressing my nipples. I had my hands around his neck pulling him toward me as we continued to kiss and I continued to suck on his tongue as he thrust it into my mouth. The assault on my senses from his mouth on mine and his hands gently caressing my nipples had me continually moaning at that point.

But then he stopped kissing me and pushed me back a bit. “Hang on,” he said.

“What?” I said, almost panting as I sat there in his lap.

“I just want you to be sure this isn’t just physical. I am looking for more than that from you and if that isn’t what you’re interested in then better to stop now.”

“Oh my god, Mark. I’m already half in love bursa evi olan escort with you which is why I’m almost shaking right now. I’m turned on on so many levels I’m almost about to faint!”

For a few beats he just looked at me, deep into my eyes. I think he wanted to make sure I knew what I was saying. He must have been satisfied because he got this big smile on his face and slowly pulled me back into his arms and this time the kiss was full of something more and I just melted.

As we kissed he lifted my shirt up and over my head. He kissed his way down my neck to my already hard and sensitive nipples and began to lick and suck and gently bite them. My nipples are very sensitive and I’ve always wanted to find a lover that enjoyed sucking on them as much as I enjoyed them being sucked. I had hit the jackpot with Mark. He not only seemed to enjoy it, he was very, very good at it, and I was in heaven. He had me leaning back, supported by his strong arms as I ran my hands through his hair and pulled his head into me.

My cock was painfully hard inside my pants, and I could feel his hard cock pushing into my ass. Not only was it hard but it felt really, really big. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

He pulled back again and lifted me to my feet. “Take your pants off,” he said. “I want you naked right now.”

He didn’t need to ask me twice. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped and pulled them off. Then my briefs. My hard cock sprung up in front of me. I don’t have a great body but I’d never been shy about it. For some reason though I felt a little shy in front of Mark. I guess I wanted him to like me and want me and wanted my body to be a turn on for him.

I didn’t have to worry. “Nice,” he said. There was still desire in his eyes and my knees went weak seeing it. Luckily he pulled me back onto his lap. It was exciting to be completely naked in his lap while he was still completely clothed. It made me feel very submissive and vulnerable, and yet safe in his arms.

I needed to see his body, too, though. So after more kissing with his hands roaming all over my body I reached down and started to unbutton his shirt. He leaned back and let me. I got his shirt off and exposed his strong, very manly chest. He had a light amount of hair, with just a little salt to go with the pepper. I leaned down and sucked on his nipples a bit. They instantly got hard and he clearly enjoyed the attention.

I needed more than that to suck on, though. I pushed off his chest and knelt on the floor in front of him. He still just sat back with a smile on his face, letting me do what I wanted. What I wanted was to get his pants off and so I unbuckled his belt, pulled down the zipper, and pulled his jeans down his thighs just enough so I could see his cock straining against the boxer shorts he was wearing.

I wanted to draw out the suspense just a bit so I buried my face in his crotch, inhaling his musky maleness. I could feel his cock twitch as I sniffed and kissed it through the fabric of his shorts. It was indeed big, and clearly thick. It was also hard as a rock and I couldn’t wait any longer so I pulled his pants and boxers completely off and let his cock spring up in front of my face.

He was big. Not porn star big but maybe seven inches and thick. It was a real “man’s cock.” A hard, straight cylinder (that’s how I like them), with large veins along the sides. He was cut with a nicely shaped mushroom head. The smell of him was even stronger now and it was intoxicating.

Below his cock were two large balls, proportional to the size of his cock. I gave them my attention first, nuzzling my face into them, licking them and pulling them gently into my mouth. I heard a sharp intake of breath when I did that so I know he was enjoying it.

I couldn’t drag it out any longer though my mouth was watering at the thought of having his now rock hard cock in my mouth. I licked up and down the sides of it, getting it as wet as I could. I love giving wet, sloppy blowjobs and I’ve never bet a guy that didn’t like that, too.

Finally I made my way to the head. He was big, for sure, but not huge. It was going to be a challenge to get him into my mouth, but I had been practicing on my friend and I knew I could do it.

There was a little drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I immediately sucked it off with a sloppy kiss to his cock and savored the taste. Some guys taste better than others, for sure, and Mark was one of the good ones!

Then I started with another kiss to the head and slowly pushed down, opening my lips until the head and a few inches were in my mouth. His cock, wet from my earlier attention, slipped easily into my mouth. Well, easily may be an exaggeration. He was big and it took me opening my mouth very wide to get his cock in my mouth. But the work was worth it for both of us. I involuntarily moaned out of excitement and I could hear Mark making a nice murmur of pleasure as well.

God he tasted good as bursa otele gelen escort more precum leaked from the tip of his cock. My tongue swirled around and around, lapping it up as I slowly moved my mouth up and down on his cock. After a bit I felt his hands on my head, not pushing, just gently guiding my up and down movements in the rhythm he wanted. I love it when guys do that so I don’t have to guess what they want! While I do love having a cock in my mouth, and especially the one I had in my mouth right now, for me it’s really about pleasing my partner. That was more true than ever at this moment, all I could think about was pleasing my man.

I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I couldn’t deep throat him..yet..but I was in heaven as I filled my mouth with him and sloppily moved up and down, lips pulling on his head as I pulled up, making deep moaning sounds that I couldn’t stop.

My lips and mouth were getting tired but I kept on sucking. His hands on my head were urging me to increase my rhythm and I knew he was getting close. Finally he made a loud sound, almost yelling, holding my head steady as his cock swelled even more and then pulsated with his cum shooting into my mouth. It was prodigious and I swallowed as fast as I could but some leaked out of my mouth onto my chin and hands.

I kept his cock in my mouth as it softened. I loved doing that, feeling a man’s cock slowly relax from the release I just gave him. I continued to gently lick him clean and pushed the cum that had escaped from my mouth between my lips as well. I had swallowed a lot of cum and I could still feel the warm coating on my mouth and throat. The taste was intoxicating and I already couldn’t wait to suck him again and feel him shooting into my mouth. I already knew that I would be on my knees to suck his cock whenever he wanted me there, and I hoped that was often.

After a bit he pulled me up to his lap again, holding me in his strong arms and kissed me.

“That was amazing,” he said, leaning his head back on the couch.

“For both of us!” I replied. “I loved doing that as much as you seemed to love me doing it. I will suck your cock anytime you want me to. I love the feel of you in my mouth and I love the taste of you. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.”

“I guess we’ll just have to find out,” he said with a slight smile on his face. He pulled my face back to his and began kissing me again, his tongue pushing into my mouth again letting me suck it. With his other hand he reached down and gently grabbed my cock, which was rock hard. He began stroking it, my own precum lubricating it.

Between his tongue in my mouth and his stroking my cock I was moaning again, pleasure coursing through me. I was close and I think he could tell as he sped up just a bit, drawing out the moment.

“Oh, Mark!” I said, “Please let me cum!” I leaned back and finally he gasped my cock a little more firmly and it took me over the edge. I exploded in his hand as my orgasm made my whole body shake in his arms. I almost lost consciousness as he held me.

I reached around his neck with my arms and kissed him over and over, my passion and pleasure making me crazy with affection for him, my man. His left hand on my cock squeezed the last of my cum out and I groaned.

“Ohhhhh, what are you doing to me?” I asked.

“I want to make sure you feel as good as you made me feel,” he answered.

“Well I’m in the arms of a gorgeous man that I’m smitten with, who seems to be a bit smitten with me, and my body is still buzzing from coming. I think I’m feeling pretty damn good.”

I looked down at his hand, covered in my cum. “You look like you need a little cleaning up, though.” I reached down and lifted his hand to my mouth, and looking Mark in the eyes licked my own cum off his hand, sucking his fingers in between my lips one at a time, as sensually as I could.

His eyes widened, and I could feel his cock under my bare ass twitch. Then I bent forward and kissed him, opening his mouth with my tongue, and sharing the taste of my cum with him. Now I could feel his cock getting hard again under me. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “you’re going to be even more fun than I hoped.” A top man who was turned on by the taste of my cum? That was an unexpected gift.

As we kissed my arms were around his neck (as a girl’s arms should be!) His cock was fully hard now, a big, hot log under my butt. I spread my legs, moved a bit and his cock popped up between my thighs. I reached down with my right hand and began caressing it paying attention to the swollen head, my thumb swirling on the sensitive area right underneath it.

Apparently that motivated him into what I was hoping would be the main event of the evening with that cock buried in my pussy. In one move he put his left hand under my outstretched legs, told me to hang on, and stood up with me in his arms. He was even stronger than I thought as I’m not some 100-lb. Teenage girl, but he didn’t seem to be putting out much effort.

We continued kissing as he carried me through the house, down a hallway, ending up in a bedroom. Of course there was a big, king-sized bed. It had been a warm few nights so there were only sheets when he set me down, and I scooted up to the top making room for him.

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