By the time Sarah had caught up with Bill, he was ankle deep in the frigid waters of the bay.

“Come on in, the water’s perfect!” he said, as he turned to greet her. They laughed, and Sarah felt herself relax. He wasn’t being awkward at all. Maybe he hadn’t caught a glimpse of her masturbating after all.

Whew, thought Sarah. That would have taken some explaining – why she had been so overcome with need that she had wantonly stroked herself to release right on a public beach, why she’d moaned Bill’s name instead of Ted’s.

Though, glancing at Bill as he stood there on the edge of the water, tall and tanned and trim, you couldn’t really blame her. She and Ted hadn’t fucked once on this holiday – camping with kids made everything tricky – and she was just aching to feel the touch of someone’s hands on her body, the feel of a hard cock plunging into her, the feel of a hot, hot jet of cum on her skin.

Bill was wearing a pair of board shorts, and Sarah risked a quick glance down. There was an unmistakable bulge. She gulped. Maybe he had seen her after all. Or maybe he was just that big.

“You gonna come for a swim or are you just going to stand there taking in the view?” Bill asked, interrupting her reverie. She hastily looked up to meet his eyes, icy green and inscrutable as ever. “It’s been a pretty hot day. I bet you’re as sweaty as me, chasing after those damn kids all afternoon. Come on in, it’ll feel good.”

He grabbed her hand, and his touch was electric. Sarah felt goosebumps rise up her gaziantep suriyeli escort arm. She felt a surge of dampness in her bikini bottoms and she flushed. She looked up at their campsite on the bluffs – Ted, her husband and Astrid, Bill’s wife, were sitting around the fire, chatting. They were out of earshot and barely visible through the tangle of trees and undergrowth around the campsites.

Sarah turned and plunged into the cold water. She swam a few strokes and then surfaced, in chest deep water next to Bill. Out in the calm of the ocean, it felt like they were miles from everyone. The children, Ted, Astrid and the rest of the campers on the beach.

She rolled onto her back to float, keenly aware of Bill’s gaze on her. “It’s pretty cold out here, I’m not sure I’m going to last long,” she sighed. “But it sure feels good after such a hot day.”

“Yeah, it’s cold. I can tell,” laughed Bill. He reached over and flicked her nipple, which was painfully erect, whether from the chilly water or her arousal she couldn’t say.

“Bill!” gasped Sarah. “What are you doing?”

“What you wanted me to do earlier, I bet,” he said quietly. “I heard what you were saying earlier.” Sarah reddened, and felt the heat build between her legs despite the coldness of the water.

Suddenly, Bill pulled her to him. Grabbing her by the waist, he spread her legs and wrapped them around him. She could feel a hard, hot bulge press against her.

“Look at what gaziantep türbanlı escort you did to me,” groaned Bill. “That was so hot, watching you.”

“Stop!” cried Sarah, flustered. “They’ll see everything!”

“See what?” mocked Bill. “It just looks like we’re taking a dip. They can’t see what’s happening underneath.”

To prove his point, he tugged on the ties of her bikini bottom until it came off. He stuffed it into his pocket. Then he roughly pressed her against him again. Without her bottoms on, Sarah’s pussy could feel every outline of his bulge. Oh god, he was so huge. And so hard. Against her better judgement, she started grinding against him. Her clit was still so sensitive from coming earlier that just the sensation of the rough material of his shorts against her naked pussy sent electric jolts up her spine.

“Now, that they’ll see,” Bill laughed. He let go of her and swam off. “It’s getting cold. Time to warm up. I’ll get the kids while you … make yourself presentable.” His green eyes turned dark. “Though you’re very presentable to me right now,” he added, taking a last glance down at her exposed sex. Sarah flushed.

He turned and tossed her bikini bottom, then strode towards the kids, who had were now at the water’s edge, clamoring for snack and attention.

Sarah lingered a moment longer, longing for release. She watched Bill as he marshaled the children into picking up their toys. He picked up their cooler and beach gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort umbrella and Sarah noticed how his muscles rippled in the golden late afternoon sun. Just after a few days here and his hair had already begun turning blond. Somehow, easy way he moved among the fractious children sparked something in her.

He was right. No one would see, she thought. Even though she was starting to feel chilly in the water, she slipped a finger into her cunt, then another. She was still so slippery with need and her pussy lips were so puffy. She was amazed at how aroused she was, just watching this lithe and limber man, thinking about his hard cock and how urgently it had pressed against her.

She stroked her fingers in and out as she thought about what his cock would look like. Would it be all veiny? Was he circumcised? Did he like getting head just like Ted did? Would her get so aroused when she sucked on him that he would roughly pick her up and slam her into the bed, before mounting her from behind and savagely fucking her until they both came, roaring with pleasure?

She circled her clit, roughly, faster and faster. She didn’t care who saw, as she mashed her clit again and again. The cold water, her hot, hot heat inside – it felt electric. She closed her eyes and imagined her fingers were Ted’s, that it was him pulling on her nipples, breathing her name, spreading her folds. She imagined the feel of his cock, stretching her out, its proud length pressing against her cervix as he plunged deep, his mushroom head rubbing against her G spot as he pulled out, only to slam into her again, and again ..

And suddenly she came, spasming over her fingers. She looked up, and saw Astrid waving at her from the campsite. It was dinner time and she was late. She slipped on her bikini bottoms and swam back into shore …

Find out what happens after dinner in chapter 3. To be continued …

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