The Four Nights Ch. 02

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I would like to thank my editor KJPLOTTS for all her help and support!


The days that followed that Friday since our first swinging party were a whirlwind of activity. To start with, my wife Michelle and I had some of the best sex of our lives. I fucked her in every room in our house and received no less than five blowjobs over three days. We hadn’t talked about the night of swinging that had taken place. I thought we should talk, but I didn’t want to stir the pot, seeing as we were fucking like rabbits and things were going really well. I remember thinking that the slightest rocking of the boat might sink this adventure we were on.

On Tuesday, I got home from work to see my lovely wife in the kitchen preparing a pretty fancy dinner for us. I went and changed and when I returned, I saw that she had lit candles and went the full nine yards in our dining room. I sat down and asked what the special occasion was as she poured me a glass of wine.

She smiled at me and said, “Nothing really! I just wanted a nice dinner for you.”

I could tell that wasn’t the only reason for the special dinner arrangements. I pressed the issue and soon she cracked.

“I want to talk about last Friday,” she said looking deep into my eyes.

I knew this was coming and though I wanted it to be another night, I accepted that we were having the talk now.

“Ok, I think you are right, we should talk about it!” I said digging into her superb dinner. “Where did you want to start?”

Michelle looked serious and peered deep into my eyes. “How was she? Honestly, how was Lynn in bed?”

Thinking back, I would have thought she would start with a question that maybe involved the moral issue of what had happened that first night and at that point what might happen on the subsequent three nights. Was she jealous? Was she regretting what we did that night? I really had nothing to hide, so I answered honestly.

“She was good! I liked her passion and her desire for rougher sex!” I answered. Michelle was an amazing lover but she didn’t like to get rough at all, or so I thought. I was proven wrong about this. This was the biggest difference between them.

Michelle looked a little hurt at my answer. Even though I really said nothing hurtful to her, I did feel bad. I believe she wanted me to put Marilyn down in some way. When I asked her how Jeff was, I was expecting her to talk him up, and maybe get me back a little.

“I liked the variety of positions. He put me in a lot of them,” she giggled. “He also liked to kiss a lot while making love to me. Other than that, nothing too memorable!” she said. I was surprised that she didn’t stick it to me. This put me a little on the defensive.

“Look she was different than you, not better, just different! I liked sex with Lynn, I really did, not to say that I would ever want to lose you to her. I love you, only you and will always only love you!” I said holding out my hand for hers.

Michelle smiled and took my hand. “Thank you baby, I just found my self getting a little jealous, which is why I have been giving you so many blow jobs lately. I want you to remember why you love me sexually more than any other woman, and not just emotionally!” Michelle said with a giggle.

I couldn’t argue there; Michelle really was the best lover I had ever been with. Going back to the first time we had sex, it was nearly six years ago and we were on our third date. I had taken her out to a nice Italian place, quiet, romantic and great food. It was early spring so the temperature was still a little on the cool side. She had worn a tight fitting pair of jeans, a purple blouse, and knee-high brown leather boots. I remember so well because it was the first time I had seen her in boots and I was hooked. Michelle has the perfect legs for boots. Long, toned, and not too big, yet not skinny. I also had to admire the way Michelle’s ass looked in jeans. She wore her hair long back then and it was styled in a way that her locks covered one side of her face. Her glasses were small and sexy, and she smelt so desirable.

After we had finished our dinner, I took her to a blues club and we listened to music till one in the morning, then I drove her home. That was when she did one of the things that made me know I was going to be with her forever. I felt it before I saw her hand move. She reached over with expert skill she undid my fly and pulled out my semi-hard cock. Then she undid her seat belt and moved over and swallowed my cock. I had to slow down as I was sure I was going to hit somebody. Eventually I had to pull over. I saw a community club off to the right and pulled into the parking lot. There were two cars there but I didn’t see anyone.

I leaned back and watched as my date sucked my cock. After about a minute longer, I felt my orgasm building. I tried to give her a little warning but she just kept on going. I filled her mouth with my hot cum and she didn’t miss a beat; she swallowed it all and kept on sucking until I came a second time. By illegal bahis this time, my balls were actually sore. I lifted her off my cock, she kissed me. (Tasting my own cum was a first for me I might add.) We made out for over an hour there in the parking lot in my Ford truck. I undid her blouse and freed her big tits. I loved how they were real and not implants. I found out that night that Michelle had big areolas, bumpy and pink. I took her tits in my hands and dove in.

Michelle ran her fingers through my hair as I licked and sucked her nipples, cooing her approval.

I bit and sucked her nipples for what seemed like an hour, though it was probably only a couple minutes. I felt between her legs through her jeans and I could easily feel just how wet she was. I can honestly say that feeling how wet a woman is for you is a real motivator to get rock hard again! I wasn’t ready just then but knew I could be soon.

We moved into the back seat where we both got undressed. I had Michelle straddle me and continued to kiss her tits and make out with her. Once I knew I was hard enough to go again, I let her know, and again without missing a beat, Michelle slid my stiff cock inside her pussy. No condom, just flesh on flesh. I found out later that she could never have kids and was never worried about getting pregnant.

As she rode up and down, with her large succulent tits bouncing in my face, I gripped her round ass and just went with it. I loved the way she got into it, throwing her head back and screaming my name as her body bounced vigorously up and down on mine. I could only take it for a little while as I was so worked up. This all happened some time before I discovered how to last a long time before cumming, mind you.

As she came down one last time, I filled her pussy with whatever semen I had left in my worn balls.

Michelle kissed me passionately and soon we opened the back door of the truck and we both stepped out into the parking lot in order to get dressed.

Michelle was startled by the presence of the four young men who had been waiting for our sex show to end. They all clapped as they saw us emerge from the back. Michelle covered her tits with her top but to my surprise she didn’t shy away; instead she gave a small bow and quickly got her pants on before climbing back into the truck. I on the other hand flipped them off before getting into the driver’s seat and pulling out of the lot. Michelle lit a cigarette and told me how hot it was to be observed. I gave her leg a squeeze and agreed. I drove her home and we were an item for a year, then we got married.

For all the times we fucked, and there are a lot of them, nothing seemed to beat that first time for pure passion. That is until that night at the swing party with Marilyn.

I remember, when the day of our second Friday swing party arrived, Michelle and I were both a bundle of nerves. We were very excited, this was evident, but this was not like the first Friday. We had been separated from each other last week, and were literally thrown into the situation. We had next to no time to really think about it. This time we had an entire week to anticipate the upcoming party. I can say with the utmost honesty that this was maybe not the best thing, as too many variables were able to invade my mind and allow me to really over think everything. Also, during the second party we are going to be in the same room with each other.

Michelle, true to form, was dressed to excite for the second swing party. She put on a sexy, tight red cocktail dress that barely went below her curvy ass, thigh-high stockings, and a pair of sexy heels. Her hair and makeup were done up nice and slutty. I was contemplating just having a night in with her alone and fucking her brains out. That thought was a strong one I remember. But then the thought of venturing out into uncharted waters was stronger and won out. I decided to go with jeans and a mock turtleneck and a light blazer.

We stopped on the way to their house to pick up a bottle of wine. While inside the liquor store, Michelle got a lot of looks from the employees and patrons. I didn’t know if they thought I was paying for her company or if she was just a slutty-looking wife.

We arrived at just after six; Marilyn wanted to have more time for us to “get comfortable” as she put it. Michelle and I only had a small, early supper as we wanted to avoid any chance of stomach issues. Marilyn, unlike last week, had decided to slut it up a little more for the second week and Jeff went with a similar look as I had. This time we went to their game room in the basement. It was spacious and comfortable. They had a Rubbermaid container off to the side I noticed, and lots of candles lit, and what was normally a beautiful hard wood floor was now covered with a thick blanket. I also smelt a hint of pot. I knew that they got high once in a while. I guessed tonight they thought they needed a relaxer. I was happy that we weren’t the only ones who were nervous.

During casino siteleri the next few hours, we had more than a few cocktails, and I can honestly say we were pretty drunk; not ‘lose motor skills drunk’ but definitely no more inhibitions drunk. We had laughed and talked for hours, didn’t even talk about what we all knew was coming. I think more than anything this helped us get to a place where we were ready to have an orgy.

Marilyn began putting down an empty wine glass. “Ok now I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t get this party really going! First, does anyone want to back out at this time?” she said with a smile. She was sitting in a large chair to the side while Jeff, Michelle and I were on the sectional leather couch. I looked at Michelle.

“Well honey, are you still ok with all that is going on?” I asked. I was pretty sure I already knew the answer though.

Michelle smiled at me and said, “I have butterflies like crazy but yes I am.” She was giving my thigh a squeeze. Jeff put his hand on Michelle’s thigh and caressed it. Michelle instinctively opened her legs slightly to his touch. This told me that not only was Michelle alright with it, but she wanted to get it started. I looked at Marilyn who smiled at me.

Marilyn got up and walked over to the Rubbermaid container and opened it. From inside it, she pulled out a couple bottles of lube, a box of condoms and a few sex toys. I looked back at Michelle who was now kissing Jeff. This was it; this would be the litmus test for me. Would I freak out or would I go with it?

Jeff’s hand was now clearly at my wife’s pussy and he was clearly working it good as Michelle was moaning as they kissed. I watched as Michelle grabbed his wrist and forced his hand into her pussy harder. No matter my thoughts now, my stiff cock told me I liked what I was looking at.

Marilyn walked up and hiked up her dress. She was not wearing any panties and her pussy looked clean shaven, as she straddled my lap. She leaned in and kissed me. Her kiss was aggressive and hungry. I didn’t know if it was desire or trying to cope with Jeff kissing my wife, and to be brutally honest I was good with either emotion. I cupped her ripe ass and gave it a squeeze. Marilyn ground against my hard cock in response.

“Kiss Michelle!” Marilyn said breaking our kiss. Michelle turned to me and I kissed her hard on the mouth. Jeff and Marilyn did the same. I massaged Marilyn’s ass as we kissed our spouses, my finger found Marilyn’s asshole and I pushed against it.

Marilyn groaned, “Mmm Cole, that’s it. Get nasty with us.”

“Suck my cock!” I demanded. Marilyn climbed off of me and knelt on the floor in front of me.

“Let’s get this giant cock out to play!” she said as she undid my belt and pants. Once freed, I knew more than anything there would be no stopping it now. Michelle looked on as her best friend swallowed my cock. I heard her breathing change, as she watched. I placed a hand on the back of Marilyn’s head and forced her down on my cock. Marilyn took it all and loved it.

“You like watching my cock get sucked, baby?” I asked getting more and more into it by the second.

Michelle licked her lips seductively. Her eyes filled with lust.

“Fuck yes! Suck it, Lynn. Jeff get your fucking cock out and get it out now,” Michelle said with urgency in her voice. Once Jeff’s cock was out he climbed up onto the couch and basically thrust it into my wife’s hungry mouth. I looked on as Michelle grabbed Jeff’s ass cheeks and pulled his cock deeper into her mouth.

“That’s it you slut, take it all!” Jeff demanded and started to really fuck my wife’s throat. This was strange to see for so many reasons. The biggest reason it struck me as strange was that she hated rough sex at home. Yet here she was getting her throat fucked harder then I have ever dared to try.

“Shit Cole, look at that slut take his cock!” Marilyn said in between sucks. I nodded, too afraid to say anything. I was in a confused state of pleasure and jealousy. I more than anything wanted to stop this, yet just as equally I needed to see where this was all going to go. Marilyn reached over and put her hand between Michelle’s legs and caressed her wet pussy. This was the first time I had seen Michelle being sexually intimate with another woman. I knew somehow though that it wouldn’t be the last.

I was starting to sweat. I asked Jeff and he said he had turned up the heat ahead of time, to make sure we would be comfortable once we were naked. I smiled at Marilyn and motioned to get up. I got up and took my clothes off, as did Marilyn. I then got onto my knees and put my face between my wife’s legs so I could eat her out. Michelle instinctively opened her legs wide, still getting her face forcibly fucked by Jeff’s prick. I heard her struggling with Jeff’s throat fucking.

Running my tongue along her wet slit, I felt her shudder. I also felt a pair of hands on my ass cheeks and then a hot tongue on my most private of privates; Marilyn was poker siteleri rimming my asshole. This was such a wild sensation, the heat and wetness of her tongue on my asshole was so taboo. I shuddered as Marilyn licked harder and pushed her tongue into my ass further. I felt it dilate as she pushed the tip into me deeper. I kept licking Michelle’s pussy as I was anally pleasured from Marilyn.

“Mmmm Cole, your ass is so hot, I just had to lick it,” Marilyn said as she tongued my asshole.

I couldn’t believe we were here already; it seemed like just five minutes ago we were having a glass of wine and now Michelle was getting face fucked. I was eating her pussy and Marilyn was rimming me. Looking up at Michelle taking the cock, I was amazed at her sucking skill; she didn’t have any trouble with him, as drool was dripping off her chin onto her cleavage.

I knew Marilyn was doing something behind me as she was no longer licking my ass. I went to look and felt a hard slap on my ass.

“Eyes forward slut, I have a little surprise for you.”

Excited to find out what she had in mind, I went back to my wife’s pussy. She must have already came from how wet she was.

The gagging sounds were getting louder and I started to think that I should say something to Jeff to get him to ease up. I knew though that if I did, the night would most likely end. I also knew that she would not let anything happen that she wasn’t comfortable with. Just as the last thought crossed my mind, that was when it happened. The pressure, the immense pressure. I looked over my shoulder and there was Marilyn naked, her beautiful handfuls of joy there for all to see, her ruby lips looking like they were just aching to suck a cock. Her dark eyes with their lusty intent, and her big strap-on. She had just inserted a fucking dildo into my asshole.

“What the fuck, Marilyn?” was all I could muster. Both Jeff and Michelle stopped as they heard my protest. Both Jeff and my wife smiled as they watched the spectacle that was my anal virginity being taken by our good friend, Marilyn.

“Mmmm baby, don’t worry you’ll love it!” Marilyn cooed, still pushing it in, even though my tone had told her I was not down for this. I was co-operating and my ass was telling her to keep going.

“Relax Cole, you’ll like it, I promise!” she said in a sultry, low tone.

I didn’t like it but I started to feel it. Soon I relaxed; it went from painful to pleasurable.

“Holy fuck Marilyn, you nasty slut!” Michelle cackled. I would have liked Michelle to maybe protest what was happening, but no, she loved it almost as much as Marilyn.

“Isn’t it hot, Michelle? Seeing your stud of a hubby getting fucked in the ass?” Marilyn asked, as she started to fuck me with a little more speed. The pre-cum was now dripping off my cock.

Jeff climbed off the couch, got naked and then he sat on me like I was a fucking bench, facing his wife while she fucked me. I felt his naked ass on my back; I am a big guy and pretty strong, Jeff was thin, very good looking and fit, all told though maybe a hundred and fifty pounds. So the weight was not an issue, him being butt ass naked was a little bit of one though.

I was going to say something, but it occurred to me that we were here to have an orgy and he wasn’t trying to fuck me, he was just enjoying the situation. Even I couldn’t deny him that.

Marilyn leaned over and took her husband’s cock into her mouth and again picked up more speed with me. I now found that it was one of the strangest, and yet desirable feelings I’ve ever felt. I was so confused as to what I should be feeling, but I didn’t dare stop what was happening.

Now Michelle also got off the couch. She proceeded to strip off her dress and heels, leaving on only her stockings. She then got under me so we were in a 69, her legs up on the couch.

“Fuck honey, this is so fucking hot,” Michelle said as she watched my ass get violated.

Her pussy was right there under me but I was finding it hard to actually move from the position I was in; my hands braced against the leather cushions of their couch, Jeff sitting on me, Michelle under me and Marilyn fucking me. In a million years, I would have never thought I could be in this position. Yet I learned that this was but the tip of the iceberg.

Marilyn began to slap my ass cheeks as she fucked me. I could hear her and Michelle slurping away on the dicks in front of them. I was almost ready to cum when I heard Jeff ask for the toy!

“My turn babe! I think you should give Cole a break.” Marilyn pulled out of me. I got up, though a little sore I knew I would want this again. Michelle was still lying on the blanket covered floor, splayed out and looking just ripe for a hard fucking.

“Michelle, you start riding Cole while I fuck Jeff; then we will choose a new position,” Marilyn said as she and Jeff got into a position they liked. I noticed Marilyn had changed the condom on the toy and then smeared some lube all over it. Meanwhile, Jeff got on to the couch and pulled his legs up to his chest, and positioned his ass over the edge of the cushion. I sat next to him and Michelle positioned herself over my cock, facing me. As I entered her, I saw that she was intently watching what the other two were doing.

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