The Evaluation Ch. 03

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Late Monday morning, Liz and Sam cheerily unpacked their luggage aboard the Royal Princess. Their spirits were high and they were looking forward to the last few days aboard ship before returning to Miami.

“Now we have two reasons for an extended trip to Canada.”

“Yup,” Liz responded knowingly, “we certainly do! If we play our cards right, we can stop in Toronto and see Reid and Ann, then continue on to Montreal and spend some time with Gilles and Pierre.”

Sam giggled furiously, her pretty hazel eyes twinkling as the thought of the future possibilities. “Well, that is unless we catch a third player over the next four days here, we could make it a three stop road trip.”

“Oh you slut.” Liz admonished with a laugh. “Can’t you think of anything else than getting the hot snatch of yours fucked.”

“Sometimes I can think of other things,” Sam chuckled, tapping her bottom lightly, “but not on this trip!”

“That’s my Sam!” Liz laughed again, hugging her friend fiercely. “You definitely know your priorities, don’t you.”

“Certainly do.” Sam replied, kissing her friend softly.

“Ah, enough of that!” Liz scolded, pushing her friend away. “Sometimes you’re just too much,” Liz said playfully as Sam skipped back through the door to her adjoining room. Not only had they spent some time exploring Ann’s beautiful body and getting decently fucked by Reid over the past few days, but their experience with another woman had started her thinking about possibilities for her and Sam to have a bit of fun as well. More than once in the past week they’d spent time in the mid-afternoon together ‘resting’ their rooms.

After their first night with Ann and Reid, Sam was almost giddy with excitement and when they’d gone up after lunch for a short nap. Crawling into bed with Liz just as she was dozing off, Sam’s cuddling quickly escalated into them getting more familiar with each other’s bodies and experimenting with what they’d learned from their new friends.

Although they’d previously Sam had previously initiated a few of what Liz thought were just harmless ‘exploratory’ conversations about sex with women, they’d never made a move on it towards each other. Now however, after spending the afternoon talking about their experience with Ann, they both acknowledged that it was incredibly fun. Like Reid said, ’emotions are nothing to be ashamed of’ and ‘talking and sharing were most important things in a relationship’.

Liz knew she wasn’t gay, but in the last few days she was started thinking that maybe she was a bit bisexual. Since Sam was cool with things and Liz knew she really enjoyed men way too much, the fact that they could and might occasionally get together was fine with both of them. Now that they were back on the ship, they were both primarily focused on getting a good hard cock more than anything else.

After they finished unpacking, Liz spent a bit of time finishing with their evaluation report, so for the last few days on the ship they wouldn’t be doing any more work. They knew the ship layout pretty well now and decided to spend their first day exploring the next port of call, doing some shopping and taking in the sights. Snooping through the market stalls near the terminal, the pair bought some souvenirs, including T-shirts with pictures from the island’s main attractions.

After shopping, the girls took a quick trip by taxi to a local ‘clothing optional’ beach, where they spent a couple hours playing in the surf and sunbathing to even out the naughty bits. There weren’t any decent single guys to ogle, but they enjoyed their time in the sun just the same. Once back aboard ship, they quickly cleaned up and dressed for dinner. “That was a fun day!” Liz announced, finishing her make-up.

“Uh, huh. Cool little town but the prices were nuts.” Sam retorted.

“Yes, but you’ve got to expect that the locals will milk the tourists for every dime if they can. I’m starved, let’s go eat.”

Sam jumped up from the chair, wiggling her hips and sliding her hands over them and down her thighs to straighten her very cute but awfully short peach colored sundress. “I’m with you.”


The two sexy young women strode up to the restaurant and were quickly seated by a handsome Spanish looking waiter. After ordering wine for them both, Liz surveyed the area for any interesting diversions while they flipped through the menu. Not finding much that caught her eye, the two ordered evening special, a wonderful seafood medley and more wine. The meal was delicious, but they both passed on dessert and quickly proceeded to the Sea View bar to enjoy a latte while they decided what to do for the evening.

“Awwww,” Sam pouted as she surveyed the people coming and going from the bar. “I haven’t seen any decent guys around for ages.” Liz smirked, reflecting on her friend’s healthy sexual appetite but otherwise sat quietly and enjoyed her drink. Sam shrugged in slight disappointment and set her drink down so she could straighten the canlı bahis hem on her sundress. The pretty peach dress was very high cut and cinched at the waist doing wonders to show off her luscious trim figure. It was buttoned from her waist to neck and also had very short sleeves. Without a bra Liz could see a hint of her nipples through the material. Liz noted that although it couldn’t do much to enhance her small breasts, the dress more than made up for it by showing off her nicely tanned arms and legs to good effect.

Similarly, Liz wore an incredibly thin knee length skirt that she’d bought in town. It was a tropical green with a tie-dye pattern that was perfect for a hot climate, but it was very wispy and billowed out around her when she walked. Liz was a little excited at wearing it with the thought that a gust of wind might blowing it up, revealing the sexy light green thong that she wore beneath. Liz’s also wore a cute pair of pink sandals that, combined with the dress, really showed off her long tanned legs. In addition, her lacy white button down top sported very thin spaghetti straps that accentuated her nicely toned arms. She needed a strapless bra to prevent her ample breasts from generating too much attention and had spent some additional time before dinner trying out some new eyeliner and makeup techniques that she’d read in a magazine while on the beach, which really helped accentuate her face and eyes.

Liz surveyed the bar to confirm Sam’s assessment, “I don’t know about you, but I saw some interesting possibilities yesterday when we boarded. Since we’ve been out today and came right in for dinner, we’ll just have to wait to see what turns up later this evening. I bet if we go to the club later, there’ll be more than a few hot guys for us to choose from.”

“Ok.” Sam said perking up. “What do you want to do before then?”

“I was thinking that I’d like take a stroll around and then go spend a few hours at the casino. I got the hang of a couple of the games and want to try my hand again before the trip is over.”

“OK, lets go.”

The girls took the lift to the Lido deck and walked around the pool towards the pastry shop. Selecting a treat for their dessert, they took their time to look around while then made their way up to the Seawalk corridor. Standing inside, they finished their dessert and watched as the sun started to slide down towards the horizon.

“Wow, that is so beautiful.” Sam exclaimed as the red glow rose up against the darkening blue sky. The high clouds were turning a pinkish color and the water glistened in the churning wake as the ship headed east towards St Thomas.

“Well at least we’ll be able to relax for a couple of days while we’re at sea. No stops until Thursday.”


“Oh, and I forgot to tell you. There was a small change to our itinerary.”


“Well,” Liz started excitedly, “we’re stuck on board until Sunday!”

“Really?” Sam squealed as she grabbed Liz’s arm. “How did that happen?”

“I got an e-mail from my agent this afternoon and she switched us to the ten day trip. Pretty awesome huh?”

“Ouuu, yeeaahhh!”

“Flight, transfers and everything are taken care of too, of course. So let’s enjoy ourselves.”

“I’m for that. Let’s get a drink.”

With the sun almost down, and more of the dinner crowd starting to come up on deck, Liz and Sam made their way to the casino. They started by spending some time at the slots then moved over to cruise around the blackjack tables where Liz watched the action intently while she built up her courage to join in. Picking a table where the players seemed to be having some success, Sam rode shotgun, providing Liz with encouragement and advice through each hand as the dealer played out the shoe.

There were four other players at the table in addition to her. Liz sat near one end and a man and woman who were obviously a couple, sat in the middle. They were having a blast talking to each other and providing some advice to two very pretty women who sat together at the other end of the table. The women appeared to be in their early thirties and won or lost their hands with equal enthusiasm, having a tremendous amount of fun regardless of the outcome.

Halfway through the next shoe, the man and woman beside Liz collected their fairly large stack of chips and bid goodbye, citing their need to catch dinner before it got too late. Throughout the game, Liz had listened to the man’s advice and to her immense delight she was very well up in chips. After a couple more hands, she decided to get out before she started to lose. Standing up, Liz gathered up her winnings, looking briefly at the two women opposite her and smiling pleasantly before starting away from the table.

Liz was thrilled at her haul, showing Sam all her chips and grinning like a fool. “If I play this game any longer,” Liz said to Sam, “I’ll probably end up giving this all back.”

“Good advice,” someone said from behind her.

Turning kaçak iddaa around, Liz saw that the two other women who had been playing at their table were collecting their chips as well. Smiling brightly at them Liz responded, “Yeah, I’m not a very experienced player, but I’ve heard that if you keep betting the same amount every hand, the house will take you for everything eventually.”

“Yes,” the tall brunette replied. “That man sitting beside me said the same thing. I think he’s a bit of a player and his advice was very helpful.” To emphasize her point, she and her friend showed their haul, both with their hands full of chips.

“Not a fortune, but it’s better than losing.”

“You got that right,” Sam said, her eyes wide in amazement at the handful of black chips. She smiled brilliantly at Liz and then turned her attention back to the two women. “Hi, I’m Sam and this is Liz. I’d shake but you seem to have your hands full.” Sam laughed.

Giggling, both the women nodded, “Yes, for sure.” The tanned brunette introduced herself as Bethany and nodded to her friend Kara. Liz was immediately struck by Bethany’s slim athletic body. She wore flats which made her only about an inch or so taller and Liz could tell that she had spent some time with her make-up and nails as she absolutely glowed.

Bethany’s thick curly brown hair hung down to her shoulders, just brushing the thin shoulder straps of her one-piece sleeveless light green dress that had a pretty flower pattern on it. The dress was similar to the one that Sam was wearing, very short with buttons up from the waist and hugging every curve of her body. Bethany also had very nice breasts, not overly large but full and perky and Liz could see the hint of her large dark areolas and pointy nipples poking out through the thin fabric. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra tonight either.

“Oh I love what you’ve done with your eyes!” Liz said admiringly .

“Thanks.” Bethany replied brightly. “Kara is a make-up expert and she showed me how to do it.”

“Oh, wow. I’d love to be able to do that to myself,” Liz gushed as she focused her attention on Bethany’s partner. Kara was about five foot four and had startling ice blue eyes and short platinum blonde hair that was straight and whispy. What was particularly striking was that she’d added few bright pink streaks to her hair that really set it off nicely. She appeared to originate from the Netherlands or something since her skin was very pale and a bit red with only a hint of a tan. ‘Probably stays out of the sun for fear of getting a bad burn’ Liz thought. Kara wore a white, loose fitting sleeveless top that came just to her navel. When she moved, she sometimes revealed a cute navel piercing that had some interesting dangly bits. The top was nearly see through and didn’t do anything to hide her sexy soft pink lace bra that strained to contain her substantial breasts. Kara also wore a very sexy blue tight fitting skirt with a blue cloud pattern that was about mid-thigh and sandals that showed off her nicely painted toes.

Kara leaned a bit forward to speak as people made their way around the girls. “I’d be happy to show you a few tricks if you’ve got time.”

Liz caught her suggestive tone and stifled a laugh. “Well, we’ve got the whole rest of the cruise and are looking for some fun. Just got on board after spending a week in Aruba.”

“Wow, that’s fabulous. Hey, why don’t you two join us for a drink?”

“Sure thing,” Sam responded eagerly. Taking Liz by the elbow and nodding towards the nearby exit. “Come on this way. We can grab a table just around the corner here at Club 6.”

Kara and Bethany dropped their chips into the handbags and following closely as Sam led the group through the entrance to the Club and made their way over to a cozy table. Music was playing, although not overly loud, and they could still hear the sounds from the Casino next door. The noise volume was low enough that they could speak normally, as long as they sat fairly close.

Bethany flagged over a waiter and Kara told the girls that they were celebrating their one year anniversary with a cruise vacation and started talking about the stops they’d made so far. Drinks came and they continued to chat for an hour or so, each eager to hear about their various adventures so far. Britney was especially interested in hearing about the perks that went with Liz’s job and her ability to mix business with pleasure.

“And so, this return leg was extended at the last minute.” Liz explained, bringing a huge grin and nod from Sam as she spoke. “So instead of getting back to port on Thursday, we’ve been extended to Sunday.

“Excellent!” Bethany tittered and she and Kara held each other’s hands. “So you know all the fun places on board already? We spent the majority of the first few days checking out the port towns and beaches. It was fun but man, it can be exhausting, AND it chews up your entire day!”

“Yeah,” Kara kaçak bahis added. “After the flight from Buffalo, we just sat by the pool the whole afternoon of our first day and went to bed early we were so exhausted. We were in town yesterday, but slept pretty good last night and only had a short trip ashore today.”

“Well I’m definitely looking to have some fun tonight!” Bethany announced. “Something in the casino I think, for starters.”

Liz looked at Sam who nodded eagerly “Want to hang out with us?” Liz asked hopefully.

“Exactly what I had in mind.” Bethany said, looking to Kara for her take on the offer.

“I was thinking the same thing.” Kara agreed.

The waiter brought refills and they promptly went back into the casino. Their attention was drawn to a fair amount of excitement that was coming from a nearby table. Making their way over to check out the action, they peeked around the players and Liz could see someone at the other end throwing dice towards her end. Shouts and whoops of triumph ensued as something pretty significant had obviously occurred.

“Craps.” Kara said to Liz, her face only a hands span away. Liz nodded and smiled as she felt Kara’s touch at the small of her back as she eased them in between some men at the end of the table. Seeing that the women wanted to join, a couple of the players moved aside letting Bethany and Sam join in. Putting their chips in the holders along the edge, the four women watched for a several minutes as a really excited woman at the other end of the table was given two dice, rattled them in her hands for a moment, then chucked them down the table to bounce off the interior wall.

“Wheeehewwww,” hollered a man to her left as the dice stopped bouncing and the staff started shelling out chips to various players. Noting that the ‘button’ was flipped over to the ‘off’ side, Kara placed some bets and started to explain to Liz how the game worked. To her other side, Sam listened to Bethany who was also placing bets and helped Sam with the rules and answered some of her questions about how the game worked.

“I’ve played a fair bit.” Kara explained as she and other players finished betting. One of the staff moved the dice across the table with a long stick, leaving them in front of the woman at the other end. She promptly scooped them up, rattled them in her cupped hands and tossed them down the table once again. Liz stood and watched as the staff called out the number followed by a flurry of activity all around the table.

As the game continued, Kara explained to Liz how it all worked, the basic of the best, odds and payouts for each of the winning throws and a bunch of other bets available that went over Liz’s head. After a fair run, Kara smiled and shrugged as the seven came up and the crowd cried “Awwwww.” The staff around the table were all very pleasant and encouraging to the players, quickly collecting the losing bets and taking in new ones before the next player was given the dice.

“It is so exciting.” Kara said, staring intently into Liz’s eyes. “Want to give it a try?”

Liz was a bit overwhelmed with the game, but Kara’s soft caressing of her arm soothed her and she nodded somewhat anxiously. “Yes it IS very exciting to watch. I think I’m ready. Let’s give it a go.”

Sam jumped in too, placing a small bet based on Bethany’s direction while Kara guided Liz. Liz couldn’t believe how thrilled she was at the attention being paid to her. Kara would put her hand on her arm or shoulder and occasionally give her a big hug when they won on the points they’d bet. Admiring Kara’s confidence, Liz couldn’t help checking her out as they played. Liz loved the way she kept trying to scoop her short blonde hair back behind her ears after she bent over the table to bet or collect her winnings. When she leaned forward, she partially exposed the thin strings of her thong which sat high on her hips. Similar to Bethany, Kara had done an amazing job on her make-up including different colors on each of her finger nails. She thought to herself that she’d love to sit down and have Kara show her how to improve on her own make-up, and maybe something more.

“Oh this is so much fun!” Liz squealed as the dice came up a winner and they took in another bunch of chips. Liz had won quite a bit now and Sam caught her attention with a wave. Pointing to her chips along the edge of the table, Sam showed that she’d increased her winnings fairly respectably as well. Liz smiled back and as they continued to play and she noticed that Sam and Bethany were also doing quite a bit of close chatting and touching, even more so she and Kara were.

Before Liz knew it, another hour had passed and she needed to pee urgently.

“I gotta go.” Liz explained to Kara.

“Me too.” Kara responded with a smile. Before they started away from the table, Kara asked Bethany, “Could you please watch our chips while we take a quick break.”

“Sure thing!” Bethany replied with a nod and quick grin. Moving over, Bethany covered their spots as Kara took Liz’s hand and started away from the table.

* * *

Liz faced the mirror, freshening up her pink lipstick when Kara emerged from the stall. Coming up beside her, Kara exclaimed “Oohhh, that’s a lovely color!”

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