When my wife first mentioned what she called, The Dallas School Girls, I thought of them as simply a clique of women, and one gay man, all in their 60s who had stayed close friends since middle school. I met most of them at parties or dinners. They were all smart, successful, and quite beautiful.

It wasn’t until after my wife passed away that I learned the real secret of the Dallas School Girls.

I suggest reading at least the intro to this series to help get things started. -Emmerson

The knock on the hotel room door came very early. Wearing only my sweatpants, and Morning wood, I stumbled to the door and opened it, knowing who had knocked.

“Good morning!” Roxanne called out as she threw her arms around my neck and tried to give me a tongue kiss.

“Roxanne, Roxanne, I haven’t brushed my teeth, I’m barely awake.”

“Barely awake is good. Means you haven’t had time to beat away your morning wood. Let me!” She dropped to her knees and yanked down my sweat pants. My eyes were still closed, but I felt her fingers play with my balls as her mouth slid the full length of my cock. Without thinking I thrust into her face. “Oh yes! Fuck my face with this,” she took her mouth of my cock “great” she kissed the tip “big” she licked the underside “yummy” she kissed my balls “cock!”

I could feel the blood pulsing in my suddenly fully erect cock. “Good morning lovely cock. Shall I suck you so I can swallow your cum?” Roxanne started bobbing her head and stroking my cock at the same time “Brushing teeth doesn’t matter with a cock this yummy.”

Her tongue wrapped around the head, licking me with warm, wet strokes. Eyes still closed, I laced my fingers into her hair and pulled her head onto my dick. Her nose was nestled in my pubic hair. I could feel her throat closing on the sensitive ridge. She continued to lick and suck me. I rocked in and out of her hot mouth.

When she took her mouth off my cock, I almost opened my eyes until I felt her warm boobs being pressed on either side of my dick. I knew from experience that Roxanne gave the best titty-fuck and this was to be no exception. As the head of my cock emerged from between her tits, she spit on the swollen purple glans, using it as lubrication to slide her boobs the full length of my cock, focusing on the head.

Roxanne released her boobs long enough to open the button and zipper of her blue jeans. She plunged her hand into her panties, taking the time to stroke herself, quickly gasping at the touch, before reaching up to bring her fingers to my lips, spreading her juice across my face. I inhaled her tangy scent and sucked the fingers into my mouth, my tongue probing between them. The taste was marvelous and I fucked her face harder and faster.

I squeezed my eyes tighter. “Oh, Roxanne you are the best titty-fuck ever!”

“And I love your cock and delicious cum.”

I shoved my cock between her big soft tits. She caught my head in her mouth, sucking hard before pulling her tits back over it. “GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD! I’M GOING TO CUM!” My dick released long streams of cum over her tits and face. I felt her fingers at my mouth, and again, sucked the flavor of pussy from them. But this pussy had a different flavor. I paused, wondering if Roxanne had fingered her ass, instead, but it was sweeter than that. Before I could settle down to truly taste it, she took the fingers from my mouth, pressing her tits along the head of my cock, collecting my cum and bringing it to my lips.

It was then I realized both of Roxanne’s hands were still on her tits around my cock. I opened my eyes to find the young Hispanic housekeeper standing in our room, holding her skirts in her teeth and pumping her hand into her cunt. Her deep brown eyes glistened when she knew I saw her, and she brought more fingers full of cunt juice to my mouth. Her smile highlighted her dark complexion which blushed from arousal.

“Gracias,” I said.

“Hm?” Asked Roxanne her face still buried in my pubes.

“De nada,” the woman said, returning the hand to her pussy.

It was then that Roxanne looked up. escort gaziantep bayanlar “Oh hello,”

“Mia,” she said, sharing her fingers with Roxanne. Far from being embarrassed or offended, Roxanne kicked the door closed abandoning the housekeeping cart in the courtyard, and grabbed Mia by the wrist and pulled her into the hotel room. When they got to the bed, Roxie dropped onto her back and announced, “Bring me that cunt you magnificent puta!”

Mia looked offended. “I am no whore. I wasn’t the one sucking his dick with the door wide open.” Whore or not, Mia hoisted her skirt around her waist and sat on Roxanne’s face. “But señior is so handsome and his pene is just perfect, you got Mia all wet and I wanted to join in.”

Seeing Roxanne’s lower half sticking from under Mia’s uniform dress and apron, her pants open and half off her hips, I ran to the bed. Mia leaned forward, grabbing my face for a kiss, then went back to riding Roxanne’s tongue.

I quickly removed my clothes, receiving a “Ese pene perfecto” sigh from Mia, and peeled Roxanne’s jeans off her wide hips. I laid at the foot of the bed, my tongue in Roxie’s pussy, licking and sucking as Mia’s epithets, both English and Spanish got louder and more shrill. “Y se come el clítoris de la dama. Mmm” she rocked her hips faster, grinding her clit to Roxie’s mouth. I licked her pussy lips before driving my tongue into Roxanne’s wet cunt. She shrieked and lurched her hips up to my face. I sucked her clit deep into my mouth, letting it drag against my teeth.

“Santa María Estoy teniendo un orgasmo!” Mia screamed as I heard fluid splashing and Roxanne’s gulping and slurping. I kept licking her, sliding two fingers inside and hoping for the same result. Soon Roxie was bucking her hips and screaming my name. She threw Mia’s skirt away from her face, gulping air as she gasped my name again and again until her orgasm grabbed her pussy, constricting it and spewing cum down my throat. We all three sat, gasping and letting our lust-addled minds return to captivity.

“¿Puedo sentarme en su pene también, señor?” Mia said looking at me. I looked to Roxanne, a native Texan. She grinned “she wants to fuck you, now.”

I turned to Mia, stroking my cock to keep it hard and long. “Why didn’t you just ask in English?”

“I was taught to speak impure thoughts in my native language.”

“As if God doesn’t speak Spanish?”

As I walked closer, Mia unfastened the front of her dress and it fell to the floor. Her slim, muscular body shone with sweat. Her panties were still bunched to one side, leaving the lips of her pussy and her clit exposed, pink and dripping. I pulled her into a hug, absorbing the smell of her orgasm mixed with cleaning supplies. She tilted her head up and we kissed. She licked Roxanne’s pussy from my lips and cheeks. Her arms snaked below mine, her fingernails tracing the muscles of my back.

I unclipped her bra and she lowered her arms, letting it fall away. Her tits were simply beautiful. Her deep tan outlined the lighter colored curves which highlighted the even darker areolae. They were wide and swollen, pushing the fingertip nipples out in firm nubs. She pulled the waistband of her panties, which resisted coming down, wadded up at the apex of her thighs.

“Dear God, Mia you are lovely.” Roxanne was kneeling on the bed, her hands between her legs, plumbing her pussy and strumming her clit.

My cock rose up between Mia’s legs. She allowed her hips to sway forward and back, pulling me though her thick, dark pubic hair and across her clit. She moaned softly as I kissed her breasts. “It is the fantasy of every housekeeper to fuck a guest. No matter if it’s one of the older grannys past her prime or young and vibrant.”

“Like you, Mia.” I licked her navel.

“We all have a different fantasy. For some it’s the visiting movie star, for others the famous sports figure. I always wanted a good-looking couple who are open about sex as a way to have fun and share love.”

My tongue teased her pubic eskort bayan gaziantep hair, tasting the cum from earlier.

“So when I was going by and saw señora sucking your perfecto pena in the doorway, I knew I had to ask.”

I stood back up, kissing her again, as I backed her toward the bed.

“Of course,” she seemed embarrassed, “I was a little worried after what the staff found yesterday,” she wrinkled her cute nose. “But I thought, Mia, you’re a big girl. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“That was a one-time thing with a particular person,” I stroked her cheek. “We won’t be doing that today.”

“Oh,” she glanced at Roxanne, a flash of disappointment in her eyes. Roxie looked at me, confused, not having heard of my time with Jill the previous day.

I kissed Mia once more as the back of her legs touched the bed. She lay back, spreading her legs as I stepped between them. Her eyes focused on my cock, which bobbed and pulsed as blood rushed in. Roxanne scampered her naked butt to one side, making room when I took Mia’s wrists and we stretched the width of the large bed.

“Is this your fantasy, Mia? To be taken by a stranger with a large cock and a hunger for your sex? To be watched by a big-breasted stranger who masturbates until you can smell her sex from only a few feet away as she pours cum onto the same bed you are using for your immoral purposes? To be fucked, deep and long and fast until…”

“Santa Maria! Will you shut up and fuck me?”

I heard Roxanne snicker as I shoved my dick in Mia’s soaked pussy. As impatient as she was, the housekeeper was still surprised by the force and depth of that first thrust.

“Aw, fuck!” she shouted.

I laid on top of her as I slid up and back, letting our pubes mingle and my cock drag against her clit. She gripped my shoulder blades, pulling us closer as she spewed a string of oaths in Spanish. I thrust faster, leaning down to suck first one nipple than the other.

“God yes. THIS! This is what I want!”

She bounced her hips up to mine, faster and harder, slamming her clit into my pubic bone. Missionary position had never been so intense.

“Oh fuck,” I started yelling in time with her thrusts. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I could feel her pussy grabbing at my cock.

“Aw yes,” I heard Roxanne moan and glanced up to see her tits squeezed between her arms as both hands rubbed frantically between her legs.

Mia bent her legs so her knees were at her breasts, bringing her hips forward and her clit in direct contact with my shaft. Each time I pushed in or pulled back my cock would drag along the sensitive button.

“Oh mi amor. You fuck so good. Going to make me…oh yes!”

I fucked her hard, shoving my cock deeper as I felt it expanding. My balls tightened. “I’m going to cum, Mia. Where do you want it, mi amor?”

“In my cunt,” Mia screamed.

“In my mouth!” Roxanne yelled, her mind a jumble of lust, her fingers a blur on her clit.

I slammed the head of my cock against Mia’s cervix as my balls emptied themselves into the hot wet cunt.

¡Oh joder, sí, mi amor!” she screamed, dragging her clit through my pubic hair. “Tu esperma caliente me está haciendo llegar al orgasmo. ¡Vete a la mierda señor! ¡No dejes de follarme!”

Her body convulsed and her cunt opened wide, letting her cum splash around my cock, spurting as I continued to fuck her.

Roxanne grabbed my shoulders, pushing me onto my back next to Mia. “Give me that cum!” she ordered, throwing her leg over my face. “Yours and hers I want it all!”

Roxie licked my pubes and sucked my still-hard cock as she shoved her cunt in my face. I licked her clit, caught up in the madness of the moment! Then I felt Mia’s delicate fingers in my chest hair. She moved her face next to mine, kissing my cheek and licking Roxie’ juices from my face. “She tastes wonderful,” Mia cooed, “doesn’t she?” I grunted an assent. “And now she’s sucking my cum off your beautiful cock. That is so goddamn hot. I may cum again just gaziantep bayan eskort thinking about it.” She tilted her head and slipped her tongue, flicking at Roxanne’s clit. I moved my tongue to push into her pussy.

“Ooooh two tongues at once at my cunt. Amazing.”

I let go of Roxie’s head with one hand and slid it along Mia’s thigh until I found her pubic thatch. She sighed, pressing her hip into my hand. I slipped my fingers though her pubes, over her clit and into Mia’s pussy.

“Your cunt is hot.” I groaned.

“And whose fault is that, sexy man?”

It didn’t take long for all of us to climax. Mia helped me drink Roxanne’s cum from her convulsing cunt. Roxie sucked my cock dry as I humped her face again and again. Mia shivered her small orgasm onto my fingers, sighing “So nice, mi amor.” Before I brought the fingers to our mouths, sharing her cum, saying “You taste rather wonderful yourself.”

“Mmm. Yes I do. I want to taste your cum from your cock.”

I stroked her cheek and swam in her dark eyes. “And you will, but not today.”

“Because today is Roxanne and Ryan?”

Roxie climbed off me, dipping her fingers in her pussy to clean herself up. “I’m Roxanne.”

I blinked at Mia, confused. She giggled. “We snoop, we talk. You think we don’t know about the list of names and dates in the nightstand?” She stood up, her pussy dripping, “And the bottle of lube? Are you a Gigolo? You certainly have the body of one, and you fuck like one.”

Roxanne laughed, “No one is getting paid here. He’s just a great fuck and that list is a bunch of MILFs who can’t get enough.”

“Is Ryan a MILF?”

I stood up next to Mia, noticing for the first time how petite she was, big tits notwithstanding.

“Ryan’s gay,” Roxanne offered as if that explained everything.

Mia turned to me slowly, her eyes widening. “Are you…?”

“Bi-sexual, evidently. I love ass-play and have enjoyed sucking a cock or two.”

Her eyes focused on something far away. “Bi-sexual. Handsome, big cock, loves to fuck and eat pussy…and do ass stuff. Are you married?”


“But seriously attached.” Roxanne jumped in on Jan’s behalf.

“How seriously?”

I gestured to the room, “She set all this up to share me with her friends.”

“She shares,” Mia reached around, fingering my anus. “I love her.”

“We all do,” Roxanne grinned, “as often as possible. She can suck a cunt almost better than this guy. And if you want your asshole licked, she’s your gal.”

Mia turned to me, pressing her tits to my chest and pushing her finger deeper into my ass. “I want my asshole licked! Will you introduce us? Is she beautiful? Will she lick my ass while I suck the cum from your cock?”

“Yes, to all those things.”

Mia stood on her toes to kiss me, her tongue reaching deep into my mouth as her finger pumped my ass with a delightful force. I pushed her away, gently. “But not today.”

Mia looked disappointed, but not angry. She took the finger from my butt and sucked it coquettishly. My dick was hard immediately. “Promise?”

“I promise.”

She started stroking me. “Soon?”

“As soon as we can mi amor.”

“I love a happy ending,” Roxanne was getting dressed. She paused, bending down to kiss Mia’s butt cheeks. “Almost as much as a happy rear ending.”

Mia wiggled her ass and giggled before she began gathering her clothes. When she bent to pick up her bra, I quickly licked my middle finger and slid it into her tight asshole. “FUCK!” She screamed and stood up quickly. I pulled her into another hug, letting my erect cock nuzzle her pubic hair. I slid my finger in and out, slowly. “Very soon,” I whispered. She sighed as I took my finger out and sucked it, if not coquettishly, then lustfully.

“Aw, fuck me.” She quickly scribbled on a business card. “That’s my cell. Call or text anytime you and … “

“Jan,” Roxanne and I said at the same time.

“Anytime you and Jan want to get together.”

My phone chirped. I looked at the screen, “Text message from Ryan. He’s on his way up.”

“Probably undressing in the elevator at this moment. Come on, Mia. We don’t want to miss out.”

“I think only you do that Roxanne.” I picked up my dirty clothes and found some clean ones. “Have fun ladies. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Evidently there’s nothing you won’t do,” Mia flipped up the back of her dress, flashing her asshole.

“Anything for you, Mia.”

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