“Do it, baby! Cum for Mommy.” “I’m cumming!” I shouted as I shot rope after rope of thick cum all over my mom’s tits. “Me too!” she moaned, “I’m cumming too.” After I squeezed out the last drop of cum, I looked down at my mom’s cum-covered tits and laughed. “What?” my mom asked, confused. I pointed at her tits, and said, “Who looks like a glazed donut now?” We both laughed and then cleaned ourselves off with a towel. We then got under the covers and my mom pulled my arm around her and I cupped her breast as we took a nap while spooning naked. Part 8I woke up about an hour later with a raging hard-on. My mother was still sleeping peacefully next to me. Her bald pussy was on full display as she slept on her stomach.I wanted to bury my cock deep inside of her but I chose restraint and climbed out of bed instead.As I walked out into the living room I locked eyes with Jenny who was standing there in the nude.“Did you have a nice nap?” she asked me and then looked down at my hard cock, “It sure looks like you did.”Jenny looked at me for a moment while thinking about her next words carefully.“I told you that you need to take care of yourself whenever the need arises. Please go back to your room and take care of that for me,” she said sweetly but without room for argument.“I can’t do that in the same room as my mom,” I lied.“Is she awake?”“No, but…”“Then she’ll never know. Run along now.”I turned and walked back to my room. Normally my hardness would have subsided during a conversation such as that one, but the idea of masturbating over my sleeping mother kept me hard.As I entered my room, I noticed that my mom had rolled over onto her back and her legs were parted slightly. I took another step forward and grabbed my cock.I stroked my cock slowly as I admired my mom’s nude body.Just then I felt a hand wrap around my cock from behind and I heard Jenny whisper in my ear, “I thought you might need a hand.”I let Jenny stroke my cock and nibble on my ear.“Your mom is very sexy. Did you know that?” she whispered.“Yes,” I said quietly.“Just look at that beautiful pussy,” she said, as she started walking forward, pushing me along with her.We stopped when we reached the foot of the bed, directly between my mom’s spread legs. Jenny squeezed and stroked my cock harder.I closed my eyes and leaned my head back into Jenny’s shoulder.“Open your eyes, look at that inviting pussy,” Jenny said in my ear, “What would you like to do to a pussy like that?”“I’d like to fuck it,” I moaned.“You want to fuck that pussy? That sexy wet pussy?”“Yes.”“You want to fuck your mom’s sexy wet pussy?”Jenny reached around and fondled my balls with her other hand.“What if I told you that I could make that happen? Would you let me watch while you fucked your mother?”“Yes!” I moaned loudly as I shot my load.My strong orgasm sent my cum across the bed landing directly on my mom’s cunt.Jenny slowed her stroking until she had drained my balls completely. She wiped the last drop of cum off of my cock with her fingertip and then placed it in her mouth and sucked it off with a smack.“Good job. Run along now while I clean up this mess,” Jenny instructed.I walked to my door, opened it, and stepped outside. I turned to pull the door closed behind me and saw Jenny had crawled onto the bed and was moving her mouth toward my mother’s pussy.I closed the door fully before my brain had registered what it had just seen but now it was too late to see anymore.I cursed at myself for closing the door so quickly. I sulked back to the kitchen in search of something to eat. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and took a seat at the kitchen table. I sat in a chair that had a karataş escort view of the hallway to my room.I watched the empty hallway trying to picture what was happening inside my room while wishing I was in there too.I had just about finished eating my cereal when I saw someone step out of my room. It was Jenny. She made her way down the hall toward me. When she was close enough for clear eye contact, she gave me a wink and a smile and continued toward her room.I continued watching the hall, waiting for my mother to exit my room, but I saw something else entirely.I saw Johnny step out of the closet that was next to my room. He peeked his head out slowly and looked down the hallway in both directions. Thinking he had gone undetected, he darted out of the closet and into his room located directly opposite the closet.I began to wonder immediately what he was doing in there. Given his history of peeping, it didn’t take me long to conclude his intentions.I decided to do some investigating to see what I could find. I rose from my seat and made my way down the hall. The bedroom doors were closed so I opened the closet door.Nothing out of the ordinary jumped out at me. It looked just like any other hallway closet. There were towels and bedding on the shelves. In the corner was a broom, a vacuum, and a step stool.I knew I must be missing something so I turned on the light, stepped inside, and closed the door. I checked the walls, especially the wall that was shared with my bedroom but found nothing.Figuring that I had not found out why Jonny had been in here, I decided to leave the closet for now, and investigate further when the house was not so busy.I poked my head out of the closet and closed the door behind me when I saw that the coast was clear. I made my way back to the kitchen and cleaned my cereal bowl.As soon as I finished cleaning there was a knock at the door. I stood in the kitchen, frozen in place. I didn’t know what to do. It was not my house and I was naked.I waited a minute for someone else to answer the door. There was a second knock and no one else showed.I approached the front door and without opening it I spoke loudly through the door, “Hello?”I hoped the visitor had left when a woman’s voice on the other side responded, “Special delivery.”I cracked the door open and peeked around the door. There stood a beautiful young blond woman with large tits.She was holding a medium-sized package and an electronic signature device. Her delivery truck could be seen in front of the house.“Good afternoon. I need a signature from a Miss Jenny, or any adult in the house. Can you sign for me please?”“Umm, I don’t live here, and I don’t have any clothes on at the moment,” I squeaked out.“That’s okay, as long as you are legally on the property, you can sign for acceptance. And as for the other thing, I don’t mind if you don’t. You’d be surprised how often that happens. I can step inside and close the door if you’re worried about the neighborhood seeing you.”I backed the door open further, staying behind it, inviting her inside.  She stepped over the threshold and pulled the door closed, revealing my nakedness to her prying eyes.She looked down at my exposed cock immediately and smiled, “I don’t know why you were hiding, you certainly have nothing to be ashamed of.”Just then Jenny walked into the room. She was still naked and unabashed about it, “Who’s your new friend, Steve?”“She has a package that needs to be signed for,” I replied.“Hello, ma’am. I’m Lisa, and Steve is correct. I need a signature for this package.”“No problem,” she said, as she stepped closer karkamış escort and took the signature pad from Lisa, “Oh my, look at you!”I went wide-eyed wondering what Jenny would say next.“You look overheated working outside in this heat. Can I get you a glass of lemonade or offer you a dip in our pool?”“As tempting as your pool sounds, I think I’ll just accept the lemonade. I need to finish my deliveries.”Jenny started walking to the kitchen and Lisa followed. I reached out to take the box from her.Lisa took another glance at my cock before smiling at me, giving me a wink, and then handing me the box.I followed Lisa and found myself looking at her ass as she walked in front of me. When we made it to the kitchen I set the box down on the counter and took a step back. I immediately noticed what Lisa had seen.The excitement of the situation had caused the blood to flow to my cock, causing it to grow in size and harness.Jenny and Lisa had made their way around the counter while I remained on the side with my back to the living room.Jenny handed Lisa a glass of ice-cold lemonade. After she took a couple of sips she set the glass on the counter and then unbuttoned all four buttons on her polo shirt revealing her ample cleavage.Jenny and I looked on in anticipation of her next move. She picked up her lemonade and ran the glass across her cleavage allowing the condensation to cool her warm tits.Lisa closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She had to know the effect she was having on Jenny and me until I noticed Jenny was no longer looking at Lisa.Jenny had turned her attention to the living room but didn’t say a word. I turned to see what she was looking at and saw my mom standing in the living room, naked, stretching her arms into the air.She hadn’t seen Lisa because I was blocking her view until I turned to look at her.My mom let out a sudden shriek and attempted to cover herself, “Who is that?” she gasped.Lisa’s eyes shot open and looked at my mom’s gorgeous nude body.Jenny responded quickly and calmly, “This is Lisa and she is going to join us in the pool as soon as she’s done with her deliveries.”Jenny then looked at Lisa, and said, “Isn’t that right?”Lisa paused for a moment and then said, “I don’t know. Steve seems to have his hands full already.”Just then Johnny emerged from his room, and asked, “What’s with all the commotion? I was trying to take a nap.”Lisa looked at Johnny and then said to us, “Boy, this house is full of naked bodies. I guess one more won’t hurt. I’ll finish my route and come right back. Should be back in about an hour.”Lisa hustled out the door without assistance as Johnny looked at us with a confused expression.“Party starts in an hour,” Jenny announced, as she turned and opened the refrigerator, “I’ll prepare some hors d’oeuvres.”I made my way to take a shower because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit patiently as an hour slowly passed by. I took my time in the shower and even rubbed one out to hopefully avoid any premature erections.I managed to distract myself for the next hour and a half. I heard the doorbell ring and made my way into the living room. Jenny had opened the door and Lisa was walking through it carrying a large bottle of Patrón tequila.We made eye contact and Lisa smiled at me. She lifted the bottle of Patrón and said, “Who wants a shot?”I was only wearing a towel wrapped around my waist and could not hide the immediate bulge that formed when I saw Lisa.  She wearing a white and pink polka-dot bikini.Her top did little to cover the flesh of her tits and her skin appeared silky and smooth.Jenny’s outfit was even kilis escort sexier. She wore a black one-piece that looked more like a bikini with all the flesh that was exposed. She finished off her outfit with a long black lace coverup robe. Her outfit looked more like lingerie than a swimsuit.“I do,” I responded.“I don’t think we have any shot glasses,” Jenny said.“That’s okay, I know how to improvise. Do you have limes and salt?” asked Lisa.“Yes. Steve, please take Lisa out to the pool and I will bring them out.”“Follow me,” I said.I led Lisa out to the backyard still wearing nothing but a towel.“Would you like a shot,” she asked me.“Sure, but we don’t have any glasses.”“That’s okay, I can pour it straight in.”Sounds scary but I agreed. She opened the bottle and approached me.“Lean your head back and open your mouth.”I felt her breast press against my chest as she lifted the bottle over my head. I was slightly taller than her so she struggled to aim the bottle over my mouth. Looking back on it now, I probably should have crouched down, but things worked out for the best.I closed my eyes as she began to tip the bottle. I felt the flow of tequila against my tongue and mouth. She had better aim than I had imagined.However, my mouth was filling up quickly and she was not stopping. I had to shut my mouth as liquor continued to pour down my chin and down the front of me.“Oops. Sorry about that,” Lisa said, “Let me get that.”I looked down and saw that my chest and hers wear covered in tequila. Lisa grabbed my towel and pulled it off my waist.“Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you were naked. I’m sorry.”“It’s okay. I don’t mind,” I reassured her.Lisa smiled and pressed the towel against my chest. She slowly moved it in circles while looking seductively into my eyes.My cock began to inflate slightly giving it a larger look which was fine by me.After a minute of rubbing, Lisa stepped back to admire her work, or the view. She then pressed the towel to her tits and tried to dry them. Her bathing suit had absorbed most of the spilled liquor and the only effect her rubbing had was making her nipples hard.She looked at her wet top and hard nipples and then looked at me, “I guess it’s no use, it will dry better in the sun.”I thought she was going to go lay in the sun but instead, she reached behind her back and pulled on the string of her bikini top. Her top came loose and she pulled it up over her head and sat it down in the fading sunlight.“That’s much better,” she said.Lisa laid my towel across one of the recliners and sat on the edge. She held the bottle out to me, and said, “Do you want to return the favor and pour me a shot?”My cock continued to grow in length and thickness but not enough to rise. It helped me grow my confidence as well and I walked over to Lisa, stood right in front of her, and took the bottle out of her hand.My cock was near right in front of Lisa’s face and she used the opportunity to look at it unabashedly.“Open wide,” I said.Lisa put her hands on my hips, closed her eyes, and leaned her head back slightly. She then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out of her mouth about half an inch.It was not lost on me or my cock that it looked like Lisa was ready to receive my hardening cock into her mouth and part of me was tempted to do just that. My cock finally started to rise at the thought.I opened the bottle and held it over her head, “Ready?”“Uh-huh,” she replied, with her mouth still open. I tilted the bottle and imagined that it was my cum spraying into her mouth as the liquor splashed down.My cock pointed halfway out as it had not reached full hardness yet. Lisa nodded her head slightly and I stopped pouring. She closed her mouth and swallowed. Then she tilted her head back down and opened her eyes.She looked at my cock which was looking right back at her with one eye. With her hands still on my hips she said, “Looks like you enjoyed that almost as much as me. But now I need something to chase the shot down with.”

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