I have always known I liked women. I always had crushes on specific girls throughout school. When I was old enough to masturbate, it was those girls I thought of. I just love the thought of making another woman scream with pleasure at my fingers and tongue.

I guess you could say I like to be the dominant one in a relationship with another woman, as I’m known to become loud and demanding. I was interested in cute little girls who were all too willing to please their masters. So it didn’t surprise me when Seaira sparked my sexual interest.

She is beautiful. She stands at a cute 5’3″ tall and is very petite. Her tiny waist and flat tummy are accented by a tight little bubble ass and perky 34 B breasts. Her soft, shiny light brown hair flows halfway down her back, usually straight but sometimes in extremely sexy curls. She has beautiful plump shell pink lips and gorgeous deep brown eyes framed with thick, dark lashes. She has a light complexion and rarely tans, which I find very sexy. The way she looks at you with those eyes.. It sets your pussy quivering with excitement at the thoughts she invokes.

On this particular day, she wore a tight blue shirt with a slight plunge that showed of her perfect cleavage, with a tiny beauty mark set just at the top of her right breast and a tight pair of white shorts that showed off her tight little ass. Her heels added to the overall effect, and let’s just say, it took a huge amount of self control not to take her in the middle of the restaurant.

We had agreed to go on a sort of date to test the waters. I was an open lesbian and she was just beginning to come out about her own sexuality. We’re I had a lot of sexual experience with women, she had little, which turned out to be good on my part.

That day, I let my long auburn hair flow down my back and just over my own 36 C breasts. The shirt I wore showed my cleavage as well, but it was more accentuated because of their size. I wore tight blue jeans and tennis shoes as well. My blue eyes had just the tiniest bit of mascara to accentuate my already long lashes, and I had a tiny bit of lip balm on my lips in the hopes that I would get to kiss her.

As she walked to the table, I admired the slight bounce of her chest and sway of her hips. She sat down across from me and smiled coyly, giving me a knowing look that set my heart racing. I could already feel a little wetness in my panties. We made small talk and the waitress took our orders. It was during the middle of the meal before she came outright and said exactly what was on my mind: “Do you just want to finish up here and head to your place?”

“I would love to,” I replied, and winked. I loved her attempt at boldness, but I knew I was in control and wasn’t worried. “How about we go up to my vacation house and get away for the weekend?” I asked.

“That would be wonderful.” she replied, with a little twinkle in her eye.

I called the waitress to bring the ticket and paid while she stepped out to smoke. When she walked away, I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect ass as it swayed back and forth.

When we got to the house, she actually came to my car and opened my door for me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to her, planting a firm, sexy kiss on my waiting lips. Then she pulled me inside by the front of my shirt. As soon as the door shut, I pushed her up against the wall, holding her up by her ass. I kissed her fiercely, our tongues şişli escort danced in quick, fiery motions. I licked my way down her neck to her chest and started rubbing her left nipple through her shirt. It became erect almost immediately, to my intense pleasure. I carried her to the couch and laid her down almost roughly. As I pulled her shirt over her head, I took in her rather sexy pink lace bra. I hummed in approval, licking my lips as her breathing sped up. I licked both nipples over her bra and she moaned. That one little moan sparked a huge fire in me. I kissed down her tummy to the top of her shorts, where I quickly unbuttoned them and almost ripped them off of her. I stared at her lacy pink see through g string, which matched her bra.

“Did you wear this for me baby?” I growled.

She whimpered in response, her chest heaving and drawing my eyes up her chest. I stood up, my eyes still taking her body and commanded her to undress me, which she did willingly. I picked her up when she was through, not letting her take in my toned, tanned body. As I carried her to the bedroom, she began softly kneading my aching tits, making my soft pink nipples harden into perfect little pebbles. I lay her softly on the bed and began kissing her again, working my way down her neck as before, but this time working in my tongue. I took her bra off and stared at her brown little nipples, the areoles around them a lighter brown. They were beautiful! I just wanted to taste them so badly that I began sucking on her right nipple before I could stop myself, rolling her left nipple around between my fingers. She moaned softly as I went back and forth between her perfect heaving tits, squealing a little when I nibbled on her very erect nipples, which were a little bigger than mine. I could feel myself oozing sweet cum as I did this, because it was so erotic to suck on her nipples like a hungry infant. After a few minutes, I began licking down her stomach again, stopping when I got to those sexy panties.

“God I just want to rip those off of you!” I growled.

She whimpered like a little child at my words.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little slut?”

She yelped out a little yes as I twisted her left nipple sharply.

“Good!” I said, and I tore the skimpy little thing right off of her, exposing her beautiful pink pussy, already glistening with her juices.

“You’re already wet aren’t you, you little whore?”

Another whimper.

“Use words bitch!” I growled as I twisted her right nipple this time.

“Yes Anna!!” she squealed.

“Good girl.” I purred. “Do you want me to eat your steamy little cunt now?”

“Please!” she plead.

“Please what!” Another sharp twist on her nipple. They were starting to turn a little red by now.

“Please eat my pussy Anna! Please lick me until I come!” she begged.

“Good girl. Since you asked so nicely I will.” I purred.

I shoved her legs apart as wide as they would go and leaned my head down to her pussy, inhaling the sweet scent of her hot juices. I nibbled up and down her thighs, skipping her pussy just to torture her further. Finally, I lightly licked her outer lips up and down, up and down a few times. When she started whimpering again I slapped her ass, hard, making her gasp. I spread her lips wide, taking in the beauty of her little pussy. Her clit was pulsating a little and I knew taksim escort that’s exactly where she wanted me to focus my attention, so I deliberately avoided it. I licked the insides of her fat pussy lips and up and down her hot slit, sliding my tongue in and out of her hole in quick motions. She moaned a little bit and I reached up and pulled her nipples a little.

“You like that, you little slut?” I asked into her pussy.

The vibrations my voice shot into her pussy made her shiver as she choked out a weak little “yes Anna.”

I licked faster, dragging my tongue up to her fat little clit. I pulled the skin back, revealing her little pearl and began lightly licking it like a little kitten as I shoved two and then three fingers into her hot, tight pussy. She began moaning regularly with each thrust of my fingers, which got closer to her sweet g spot with every thrust. I replaced my tongue with my thumb on her clit and moved my tongue to her wrinkled little asshole. I thrust my tongue inside and she lost control. I kept it up for a while as she bucked her hips against my face wildly, her moans getting louder. Finally I shouted “Come hard for

Mommy you little bitch!” and shoved a single finger into her tight little asshole. As she squirted out a thick stream of hot, sweet juices, I licked and licked at her cunt, keeping up my assault on her asshole and clit with a finger from each hand as she screamed her release for the whole neighborhood to hear. Finally I stopped as her orgasms subdued. She looked at me with eyes full of lust when she finally calmed down and watched me licking her off of my fingers. She sat up and pushed me down underneath her and growled “it’s my turn now” in my ear. God, it was so hot.

She kissed me hungrily, tasting her cum in my mouth.

“Do you like the taste of your own cum, whore?” I growled at her.

“Oh yes!” she yelped. She worked her way down to my now heavy tits, kneading one while sucking on the hard little pebble in the other. She went back and forth between my breasts and I lay soaking up the pleasure that rolled down my spine continuously. Finally she came right down to my pussy, which was dripping by now.

“Like what you see baby? Do you like mommy’s pussy, which drips just for you?” I asked in a sweet voice.

“Yessss” she said as she gazed adoringly at my wet cunt.

“Then eat it you little slut!” I almost shouted.

She jumped a little and then did as she was told, licking up every drop of cum.

“Mmmm yessss.. Fuck my pussy bitch! Eat mommy’s pussy like a good little slut!” I yelled as I shoved her head harder into my soaking cunt.

She moaned into my pussy, sending white hot vibrations into my tummy. She licked and sucked my clit and fingered me as hard as she could until I exploded with a scream all over her sweet little face. She licked up all of my juices like a good little girl, licking from my asshole to my clit until she caught everything and smiled up at me when my orgasm subsided, my cum glistening all over her face. She crawled up my body to me, purring like a little kitten, a lay her precious head on my chest. I snatched her up by her hair, earning a satisfying little squeak, and pushed her back down on her back. I commanded her to lay still as I left the room for a moment. I came back with a vibrator and a huge strapon, enjoying the way her eyes widened as she took in all beşiktaş escort 9 inches of my thick black cock. I turned on the vibrator and shoved it in my pussy, enjoying the sensations it gave me. I put on the fake cock, which had a place on the back for my clit to ride, and stood at the edge of the bed.

“Scoot to the end!” I commanded her.

She shyly came towards me, eyeing my huge dick warily.

“Spread your legs slut!” I demanded.

She did as she was told and I shoved into her immediately, resulting in a tiny gasp as she expanded to take in my cock and I dug my fingers into her luscious ass.

“Ohhhhhh mommyyyyyy!” she moaned as I pumped into her, back and forth, quickly then slowly, hard then softly.

“Fuck me mommy! Fuck meeeee!” she cried.

I brought her to the edge and pulled out over and over until I could see she was about to explode. I told her to lay on her stomach and she did. I shoved my cock into her sweet pussy from behind and watched her grip the sheets tightly.

“Oh mommy! Fuck me harder! Harder mommy!”

I reached below her and massaged her clit and shoved my cock in her hard once, twice, three times and she squirted all over me, screaming in ecstasy.

I let her enjoy it for a minute and then pulled out slowly, and flipped her over to face me. I told her to get on her knees and suck her cum off of the cock. She slowly lowered her head onto it, choking a little as I shoved her head on it and pulled back. She finally got up and rhythm and even moved put a little finger in my asshole. Finally I shoved her backwards onto the bed, took off the strapon and removed the vibrator, replacing it on my clit and shoving the fake dick in and out of my soaking hole. She watched wide eyed as I fucked myself relentlessly, closing my eyes and going at it with all of my strength. Finally I climaxed and fell on the bed, soaking up the pleasure I felt coming in waves.

When I finally came to again, I looked over to see her fingering herself!

“Wasn’t that enough for you, you slut?! I ate your sloppy cunt and fucked you with my huge cock and you’re still trying to fuck yourself?”

She whimpered in response.

I slapped her pussy and rolled her over on her stomach, enjoying her gasp of pain. I took the vibrator and shoved it into her ass, watching her puckered hole contract around it. She moaned a little and then squirted out cum again. I didn’t let up. I kept massaging her quivering clit and fucking her ass until she started crying in overwhelming pleasure. I leaned down and bit her pussy lip and told her “Mommy wouldn’t have to hurt her little bitch if she would be grateful for what her loving mommy gives her, would she Seaira?”

“No mommy”, she whimpered.

“Good girl. Now dry up that crying and come bathe mommy.” I purred.

“Yes ma’am,” she said as she trailed behind me to the bathroom.

She filled up the bath with warm water and bubbles and lit candles as I relaxed in the tub. I told her to get in with me and she did, relaxing when I told her too. Finally I told her to bathe me, and she did, adding special care to my breasts and pussy.

“Mommy’s little slut is horny today isn’t she?” I asked.

“Oh yes, mommy! I just want to fuck you all night long!” she replied.

“Mommy likes your honesty. Get out and dry off and go lay in the bed and you’ll get your wish,” I said.

She jumped out eagerly, her firm little tits bouncing in the candle light. She turned back around and kissed me sweetly when she was dry, and sauntered off to the bedroom, swinging her perky little ass side to side.

“This is going to be a great weekend..” I thought, and slowly began rubbing my clit under the water.

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