Tear You Apart – Scene 01, Part 01

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Storyline: Psychos Amber and Braden get stuck together by Kenneth, the voyeuristic “hero” of this story. They later meet up with “innocent” Eva, who becomes a main toy in Amber and Braden’s lives.


Amber, Eva

Scene Title: Debauchery Flair

Author’s note: I’m just getting back into this and this is my first time writing a original lesbian scene with my own characters, so be gentle with me 🙂

Special thanks to my boyfriend for helping me create this lovely scene 😉

Eva lay upside down on Amber’s bed in one of Amber’s long grey T-shirts, her head barely touching the floor. “Got anything to eat?”

Amber smirked, but let that one go. Eva was her oh-so-innocent almost-virgin after all. Who knew if she would get the joke anyway?

“Are you that bored, Hun?”

“Yeah,” Eva admitted uneasily.

Amber got up from the bean bag chair and sat cross-legged in front of Eva’s upside down face. “Let’s play a game, then.” She tried to sound as girly as physically possible for her cynical demeanor. “Truth or dare?”

Eva rolled her eyes, which was actually quite comical and cute. “Really?”

“Come on,” Amber pouted slightly.

“Oh, fine,” She grinned and turned over so she was right side up again. “Truth.”

Amber started innocently enough. “When was your first time?”

She instantly blushed. That was easy enough, Amber mused.

“I was 16.”


“Mhmm. He was horrible at it!”

“Why do you say that?”

“Um…” she blushed deeper. “I’ve never had an orgasm before…”

Amber gave her a laugh. “Okay. Your turn.”

She climbed off the bed and sat across from Amber. “Truth or dare?”

“Hm…” She pretended to think about it. “Truth.”

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Her face was completely red.

Amber laughed. Honestly, she expected it. “Yes, yes, I have. Why do you ask?”

Eva flushed from the roots of her hair. “I was just curious.”

Amber pretended she believed that. “Truth or dare?”


Amber smirked. Oh, the possibilities. But she’d better keep it innocent…for now.

“I dare you to…” She thought for long enough to make Eva wiggle on the samsun escort bed in anticipation. Suddenly, Amber, clad in her silk spaghetti strap pink-with-white-lace PJ shirt and pink silk pajama pants, stood and grabbed the tequila off of her nightstand, along with the two shot glasses. “Take a shot with me.” Amber smiled as Eva looked at the clear liquor doubtfully.


Amber raised a thin brow. She wasn’t expecting her to give in so easily. Then again, Eva seemed to have a bit of a girl crush on her. She wondered what else she could get Eva to do for her…

She sat down and poured the alcohol in both shot glasses like the expert bartender she used to be and handed one to Eva. She raised her glass and Eva smiled, clinking hers with Ambers, then tilting her head back, drinking as Amber did the same. Eva immediately began coughing and it took all Amber had not to laugh her ass off.

“Okay,” Eva coughed again, her throat burning. “Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever…had sex with a girl?”

Amber tossed her head back and laughed. “Hun, I used to have a girlfriend. What do you think?”

“Oh,” was all Eva was able to say.

“Truth. Or. Dare?” Amber said slowly and deliberately, leaning close to Eva.

“Um…” Eva was staring at Amber’s pink lips. “Truth.”

“Have YOU ever kissed a girl?”

“Nope,” she replied, popping the “p.”


“Truth or dare?”


Eva closed her brown eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again. “I dare you to kiss me.”

Amber was shocked, but not so much that she showed any type of reaction. She leaned in close and licked her lips. Eva closed her eyes again and Amber smirked before pressing her soft lips to Eva’s. Eva immediately parted her lips. Like a pro, Amber thought to herself before gently sliding her tongue across Eva’s bottom lip.

Eva inhaled Amber’s sweet scent and ran her tongue along hers as it slid into Eva’s mouth. She suddenly felt a tightening in her chest and heat pool just under her belly button. She shivered and went with her instincts. She put her hands on Amber’s soft shoulders, sliding her hands down her arms slowly. samsunkurdu.com She found her hands traveling to Amber’s breasts and moaned softly when she found that Amber’s nipples had hardened through the thin silk.

Amber suddenly lay back on the floor, letting Eva climb on top of her. Eva giggled and opened her eyes to look into Amber’s. Amber smiled and raised her head to connect their lips once again.

Once they were both completely naked, Amber pushed Eva down onto her soft white pillows and began kissing her. They made out for a few seconds, Amber’s right hand on Eva’s breast before she suddenly got up, walking over to her dresser drawer.

“Amber…” Eva whimpered.

Without saying a word, Amber pulled the 8 inch purple dildo out of her top drawer and walked back over to Eva. She climbed back on top of her, setting the dildo aside. She kissed down Eva’s body until she reached her wet pussy. She took one slow lick up her glistening lips, making Eva instinctively arch her hips and moan.

Ooh, she was already sensitive.

Amber smirked and began lapping at Eva’s pussy. She then spread Eva’s lower lips with two fingers on her left hand and began flicking her tongue up and down the girl’s sensitive nub. She slid her two fingers from her right hand inside, which made Eva arch her hips. Amber thrusted her fingers in and out at a quickened pace as her tongue got faster on Eva’s clit.

Amber suddenly suckled on Eva’s clit, curling her fingers in a “come hither” motion inside. Eva was so close to cumming, and Amber stopped, pulling her fingers, slick with Eva’s juices, out of her and replaced them with her tongue, snaking it as deep inside as she could.

As she ate Eva out, Amber slid her hands up Eva’s soft inner thighs, then back down the outside of her thighs to cup her ass. Her tongue wiggled deep inside and Eva’s face scrunched up in pleasure. Her hands came to Amber’s curly brown locks and she gazed down at her. Amber looked up and winked before flailing her tongue against Eva’s g spot, making her tense and moan loudly. Moving one hand from her ass cheek, Amber began rubbing Eva’s clit in small circles as her tongue licked up her juices from the inside.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Eva cried as she came, hard and suddenly; her first orgasm. And it was given to her by another girl. The thought made her shiver more than the actual orgasm did.

Amber lifted her head and gave Eva a “Cheshire Cat” grin.

“Oh, God, Amber…”

“Oh, Hun, that wasn’t even the main course.” She smirked and grabbed the dildo, running the tip along Eva’s clit. Amber was getting super wet from this, but she knew she could wait it out. She was having too much fun.

Eva shivered and Amber took that as a sign to keep going. She suddenly rammed all 8 inches into her, making her arch her back and cry out. Amber grinned and slid the toy in and out quickly, loving the way Eva’s hips bucked. Eva moaned and moaned as Amber played with her. She then leaned close, still moving the dildo in and out, and began sucking on Eva’s clit eagerly.

After a few minutes, Amber pulled the dildo out and Eva opened her eyes, only to see Amber sucking the juices off of it. She moaned at the sight and slumped back against the pillows. Amber set the dildo aside and climbed back on top of Eva, kissing her, letting her taste her own juices on Amber’s tongue.

Amber then expertly lifted Eva’s right leg and slid her own underneath it. She bucked her hips, her clit rubbing against Eva’s. They both moaned in unison at the feeling. Eva then arched her hips up just as Amber decided to grind down and their pussies rubbed against each other, the friction driving them mad.

She’s a natural at this, Amber thought with delight.

They began scissoring each other quickly, breathing heavy and moaning, when suddenly Amber felt the familiar sensation in her lower belly. She ground her clit harder and rubbed Eva’s breasts until she suddenly squirted her juices all over the bed and Eva’s pussy. The sensation made Amber moan loudly, and the feeling of Amber’s hot juices spraying out onto her made Eva moan as well.

They continued to rub against each other, rougher this time. Eva began massaging her own breasts until Amber moved her hands out of the way to do it instead. They rocked their hips against each other until it became too much and they came together, juices gushing out onto one another.

Suddenly the door swung open and Braden stepped in. Amber, breathing heavy, smirked up at him.

“Hello, Lover. Care to join us?”

To be continued…

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