Teachers Pet

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Mrs M was grading papers in her classroom when she heard the door open, ‘an odd time of day for the students to be lingering about,’ although even as she thought this she couldn’t help but hope her fantasies may come true.

She did not know who was walking towards her but what she could see was tangle of messy red hair, legs for days and the perfect mixture of curvy and thin — the woman coming towards her was a goddess. Her breasts spilled out of her vest and Dee could honestly see the pert roundness peeking out underneath the woman’s skirt.

‘Compose your mind,’ she thought, she would not be seen as some little puppy — this could be a student for god’s sake.

She adjusted her pencil skirt under the table and cursed herself for the unfortunate choice in stilettos around students; she had been getting lustful looks from them all day and did not want to feel inadequate around a new vulture.

“Excuse me, Mrs M?”

“Can I help you?”

She resisted the temptation to flirt, ‘get straight to the point, I’m a professional, I can sort myself out later,’ she clenched her thighs and felt her special secret there — she couldn’t wait to get home.

“Yes, actually, my son is in your class — James?”

She had to think for a bit but started to see the small resemblances to her worst student, this must be his… mother? She didn’t look old enough by far… lucky James.

“Yes, James has been somewhat of a nuisance lately, he harasses the students around him constantly and really doesn’t even try to hand his assignments in on time,” She got up and, still cursing her poor choice in shoes, walked around her desk to get his file.

“His last test results were atrocious to say the least… sorry what did you say your name was?” “I didn’t, my name is Sylvia Leaper — Look I know he’s a bit distracted but there has to be something we can work out, he’s about to fail the year and honestly I don’t think he can stand it…”

She could see Sylvia was trembling, everything about her was immaculate but her world seemed to have crumbled around her. “Sylvia, what’s been going on at home? James was never my worst student; he was working so hard…”

Mrs M motioned for her guest to have a seat but chose to remain leaning against the front of her desk, she liked the feel of her kegal balls at this position and the fact that she could see straight down Sylvia’s top was an added bonus.

“James has just recently learned that I did some questionable things in my past, some things I’m not wholly proud of but also not necessarily ashamed of — I used to be in the porn industry.” She announced the last bit quite abruptly and caught Dee off guard, “That’s not something you hear every day…” Unsure of what her response should be she gave an uncomfortable giggle. She could feel her face getting hot and walked back around her desk.

“I’m not sure what to tell you honestly, I have approached James for extra credit assignments but he has blatantly refused — he’s not standing on the verge of failing because of your past, he’s standing on the verge of failing because he’s refusing to study.” Dee got this entire monologue out quickly; rize escort she didn’t enjoy telling her students’ parents that they were lazy but felt bad that this poor woman was feeling guilty about enjoying the fun things in life.

“I do understand that — I know James won’t do extra credit but I came here today hoping I could work something out with his teacher, it changes things a bit now that you’re female.” As Sylvia’s words came out, Dee saw herself sprawled across the table in her classroom, her long legs clutching to the woman who now held her attention.

“I guess you think I’m a terrible mother, my child is failing because of my past and here I am offering sexual favours to a teacher (who, again, I thought would be male), I’m sorry, I should just go…”

Dee jolted herself to the present, she had a serious situation and the woman who could take care of it was busy lifting her petit bum out of her chair.

“Sylvia, you don’t need to leave, let’s talk about this… maybe we can work something out”

Sylvia Leaper stopped dead in her tracks, she had come to the school expecting to find some fat male teacher who she could flash or maybe give a quick blowjob to and be done with it, but instead she had found a woman with excellent dress sense who seemed sweet and charming. She had only found out it was a MRS when she asked for a Mr M at the front office and by then she knew it was too late but couldn’t very well not see James’s teacher then.

She had noticed the way the teacher had been staring at her chest and her skirt but had brushed it off to plain shock at her attire — she had never considered that Mrs M could be susceptible to some harmless fun to bump up her child’s grade.

She momentarily saw herself being tied up and spanked by the teacher — right there and then she almost came.

“What is it that you had in mind… had I been a male teacher?”

Sylvia walked back towards the desk where Dee was sitting, she had been with other women before, in her previous career, women were always expected to sleep with other women but she had never enjoyed the prospect of same sex relations, she had merely done it as a requirement… this felt different though.

“Had you have been a male teacher, I would have dropped to my knees and done what I do best,”

It was so confident; the way her words came out — sexy, Sylvia had always had a knack for making men hard, flirting with a woman was new territory. Dee stood up and walked towards her…

“So, what do you propose now that you know I’m a woman?”

She stopped right in front of Sylvia; she could feel the heat off her skin and see the sweat between her breasts. Dee was intoxicated by the power she held, she had always fantasized about what she would do had she been presented with this dilemma and had always thought she’d be stern about it but lately her eyes had been opening.

“Well, that bit depends on what you allow to happen in your classroom Mrs M…”

Dee, unpinning her bun, let down her flowing blonde hair to frame her face, she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, showing off the ample cleavage of her 32Cs and leaned in bostnews.com close to Sylvia, letting her lips graze her earlobe.

“Right answer”

“This outfit however missy isn’t up to school conduct and as such however is not allowed in my classroom, I must insist you remove it at once.” Dee walked toward her classroom door and locked it — not that anyone would be on school grounds at this hour, it was starting to get rather dark outside. She switched on her classroom lights — preferring to work in the light of day Dee generally had the lights off.

She was surprised to notice when she looked back at Sylvia that she had removed only the shirt.

“I thought I told you to remove your outfit Ms Leaper — are we going to have a problem?”

Sylvia was beyond turned on, looking down in mock-shame she saw how hard her nipples were, the dark pink of it standing out against her alabaster skin. Her breasts were a perky 36D and extremely sensitive; the cool air shifting over her nipples after a shower often was too much for her to handle forcing her to spend an extra 30 minutes getting ready with her friend, Buzz.

“I just thought that madam would prefer to take it off herself…”

She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, she had expected to come help get some miserable teacher off and go home, now she was fantasizing of becoming this teacher’s pet — she so wanted to taste this woman.

“If I had wanted that, Ms Leaper, do you not believe I would have asked for it? Bend over my table and spread your legs!”

She walked towards the desk and shifted her weight onto her forearms, her heels made her ass jut into the air and she knew that her shaven pussy was completely exposed — it had been a last minute decision to not wear panties when she left home. Now, about to receive a spanking, she wasn’t so sure.

“I will be spanking you 10 times with my bare hand; you will count out each one as it happens and at the end you will thank me for it, do you understand Sylvia?”

“Yes Mrs M.”

“You will also refer to me as Ms Dee from now on -“

Dee couldn’t believe she was finally doing this, months of chat-sites, forums and sex clubs and she was living her fantasy in the last place she ever expected.

She moved to Sylvia’s side and gently caressed her ass, she stroked the round of it with her neatly manicured nails then brought her fingers to Sylvia’s dripping wet slit, dipping her finger in and tasting Sylvia’s juices.

“Mmmmhmm,” she moaned and then swiftly brought a smack onto Sylvia’s right ass cheek.


“Ah! One,” Sylvia almost screamed.

Her pussy was aching for attention — Sylvia wanted Dee more than anything.


“Ah! Two!” both her cheeks stung and her clit was throbbing for some relief.


“THREE!” She felt that one land on her wet pussy and knew that she wouldn’t last too long,

Sylvia could feel her juices running down her leg.


“FOUR, aaah,” Dee planted the fourth spank and sunk her middle finger into Sylvia’s soaking cunt, she was getting just as turned on and could feel her own river in her black lace thong.

It was at this moment that she saw a movement outside her classroom window; someone was standing there watching them… She concentrated a little harder and saw the school maintenance worker, pants around his ankles rubbing his cock, nothing quite like being watched, Dee’s arousal grew.


“FIVE!” She planted the spank right between her cheeks.


“SIX, Fuck ME!” another spank on Sylvia’s pussy and Dee knew she’d be over the edge — she couldn’t allow that just yet!

“Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia, this is meant to be a punishment, I can’t have you creaming by the sixth spank, I think I’ll use my pointer for the last four.”

Sylvia’s clit was swollen and throbbing; her nipples were aching for some attention and her pussy yearning for Dee’s lips.


“OW! Seven!” she felt a line across her ass spring to life.


“EIGHT!” Dee had spanked her across her legs and her pussy and nothing had ever felt more justified.


“NINE FUCK!” Dee spanked Sylvia diagonally across her ass.


“TEN, YES fuuuuuuuuck!” Sylvia came hard and fast her knees almost buckling underneath her and her chest heaving from the sensations coursing through her.

Dee set her pointer down on the table and removed her skirt, revealing her thigh high stockings, she took off her satin blouse and released her tits from the confines of her bra; she then walked back to Sylvia and sat down at her desk chair with her legs wide open, displaying the drenched crotch of her thong.

“I think it’s time you earn your son a pass grade, Ms Leaper.”

Although having long forgotten the reason she had first walked into Ms Dee’s class, Sylvia was happy to do what was required. She dropped to her knees immediately and removed Ms Dee’s thong.

Sylvia caressed Ms Dee’s thighs and kissed her way up to the smooth dripping cunt, and then she saw it, it was a loop almost — Ms Dee seemed to be wearing a toy at school! Sylvia place her fingers on the loop and licked her way all around Ms Dee’s clit, then sucking her clit into her mouth, Sylvia started to pull the kegal balls from Ms Dee’s pussy.

“Ah fuck that feel so good!” Dee moaned and screamed and thrashed she clamped her long tan legs around Sylvia’s head. This is the relief she’d been waiting for all day, and as the kegal balls came out she saw Sylvia pop them in her mouth. Dee then felt Sylvia licking her slick pussy.

“Mmmm yes, now fingers!”

Sylvia inserted first her middle finger, then her ring finger, the slowly she inserted a third, she was stroking Dee’s G spot and sucking her clit — Dee tasted amazing.

Dee could feel the pressure building and knew that it would happen mere seconds before it did —

“Fuck, I think I’m going to squiiiiii…”

As Dee started squirting, Sylvia clamped her mouth over her pussy and drank up all the juices.

Sylvia inserted the Kegal balls she took from Dee in her own pussy, put her shirt back on and wrote her number on a paper on the desk, she then walked back to Dee and gave her a long passionate kiss.

“Thank you for the spanking Ms Dee, give me a call if you want to get together again — I have your friends.”

With that Sylvia Leaper unlocked the door and walked out to her car, Dee knew she had to see her again.

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