Swinging on the Fourth of July

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Double Penetration

It felt so refreshing as Sally eased herself into the Jacuzzi. She’d been playing tennis at the Club with Alice and Fran and now it was time to relax and have their traditional girl talk before going to a restaurant for lunch. She’d known Alice since high school and they and their husbands had formed a close relationship. Fran was new to the group. Two months ago, she and Rod had moved into the house down the street where the third in their high school group, Sandy had lived until she and her husband Don moved to Denver following Don’s promotion. Sally, who always took the lead in organizing the social activities, had welcomed Fran and Rod to the neighborhood and they were quickly becoming an integral part of the group.

Sally was a little envious of Fran who, while only a year younger at 32 looked like a college freshman, petite with a bouncy way of walking. Her tight fitting red one-piece swimsuit accentuated her figure, especially her small firm breasts and pointy nipples. Sally looked over at Alice, a handsome woman who had been the Homecoming Queen in their senior year and still had a regal air about her. She was tall and athletic with long trim legs and a full figure. For her own part, Sally was proud of the fact that she had maintained her weight. Her mother and grandmother were constantly dieting but never able to keep the weight off. In addition, at a 36D Sally was certainly the bustyest of the three.

After the three talked about the latest gossip around town, Sally steered the conversation to the upcoming Labor Day weekend. This was the plan she’d discussed with Alice last night as the next phase in integrating Fran and Rod into their group. Swinging had been a key ingredient in the social life of the high school trio of Sally, Alice and Sandy and their boyfriends and eventually husbands and with Sandy gone they were looking for a replacement.

“Do you and Rod have any plans for the upcoming 4th of July weekend?” Sally asked.

“No.” said Fran. Having no family in the New England area, they had planned on going into Boston to hear the Pops at The Esplanade and watch the fireworks.

“Why don’t you join Alice and me at my brother’s cabin in Maine? Rod can go hiking with Don and Chuck and we girls can lie around and maybe pick berries.”

“The cabin’s near Millinocket,” joked Alice. “Not the end of the world, but you can see it from there.”

“That sounds great,” said Fran. “Rod needs to get away from work and his home repair projects.”

Rod was definitely the intellectual type, thought Sally, a little taller than his wife, with thin delicate features. A clear contrast with Chuck and Don, both typical jocks. Should make for some interesting group sessions.

After some discussion about food to bring, Fran asked, “Is there any place to swim? Rod needs a new bathing suit.”

Now was the time to start tipping their hand and Alice chimed in, “Well actually we always go skinny dipping while there. The cabin is in a secluded cove well away from the nearest neighbors. There’s a sandy beach in front of the cabin with some flat rocks to lie on. The water’s cool but refreshing on a hot summer day.”

For some reason, Fran didn’t find this revelation too surprising. There had been some hints of more then a casual friendship between Alice and Don and Sally and Chuck. She had been skinny dipping herself a few times at Blacks Beach while attending USC San Diego. The thought of seeing Chuck and Don nude was intriguing, but that was also the problem. Ron was rather reticent about being nude in the presence of other men. It had taking him a long time to actually shower at the gym and the only reason he finally took the plunge was that he didn’t know any of the other men there. To get him to go skinny dipping with neighbors would take some effort on her part.

Fran said, “I think Ron would find some excuse to not go if he knew before hand that skinny dipping was on the agenda.”

“Would he object if you went?” asked Sally.

“No, he knows that I’ve been skinny dipping in the past, but I wouldn’t want to leave him on the beach and join in with the rest of you,” replied Fran.

After some thought, Alice offered a suggestion, “What if we could get him involved in something where he would feel he had an advantage? He might join in and that would get him past his emotional issues.”

Sally chimed in; “He’s a master at cards. He’s usually the winner when we play hearts. We could start in with a friendly game of hearts and after the first round switch to strip poker.”

Fran agreed with this idea. “If we started with some wine at dinner and continued drinking during the card game he should be relaxed enough to go for it.” She felt a little guilty helping to set up her husband this way. While she had no issues with his less than average equipment, she knew he was a little uncomfortable that she had slept with bigger men before they had met. They’d discussed it on a few occasions and she really enjoyed the way Erenköy Escort he made love. He was intelligent enough to understand her needs and attentive to them in the bedroom and elsewhere. Her past partners were similar to Chuck and Don, confident in their physical characteristics but she always felt she was more important to them as a sexual release than a love partner. Still, she did miss the fullness of a big penis thrusting inside her.

The drive up to the cabin was long and dull. Fran was feeling somewhat apprehensive. Was she getting Rod into a situation where he would resent her decision to participate in such a conspiracy? While he was certainly shy around other men, he really enjoyed their private episodes of nudism, spending an entire day doing chores around the house totally naked. Besides, she thought his firm little ass looked really cute and she didn’t mind sharing that sight with her friends.

It was late afternoon by the time they reached the cabin. The men spent an hour cleaning up the beach while the women got dinner ready. They’d decided that there would be no cooking so the meal was basically a deli style buffet with plenty of wine to wash down the food. After the paper plates were gathered up and the table cleared off, Sally produced a deck of cards and the group sat down to play hearts. Rod was able to run the first hand in what seemed to him an almost too easy task. Sally had sloughed what would have been a stopper. Very unlike her and Alice had failed to put a heart on an early trick Chuck took. The game ended after about an hour and Sally asked if everyone wanted to play again.

Chuck said, “Why don’t we play a different game? We always play hearts. We should play something different when on vacation.”

Don responded, “We could play strip poker. I haven’t played that since my days at Rensselaer.”

“I don’t know,” piped up Alice. “We’ll all be naked and Rod will still have his clothes on.”

Rod had a nervous feeling in his stomach. He started to wish he hadn’t had that last glass of wine and looked to Fran to gauge her reaction to the direction the conversation was taking.

Fran smiled at Rod with that impish expression she used in their most intimate moments and said, “I think Rod would be willing to lose a few hands just to be polite.” They’d played strip poker a few times by themselves when they were first married and it had lead to some very passionate evenings.

Rod thought to himself, “As long as I’m not the first man to get naked, it can’t be all that bad.” He was sure he would have the smallest penis and was more apprehensive about getting an erection being exposed to Sally and Alice then actually being naked. If Don or Chuck lost first, he assumed that the women would be more interested in looking at them and probably pay little attention to him. Besides, he thought Alice was beautiful and he would be living one of his adolescent fantasies seeing her naked.

Sally took up her usual role as the master organizer. She’d been the president of her senior year in high school and had a natural ability to lead without coming over as pushy. She suggested that rather than sitting around the table, they move into the large room by the fireplace, sitting in a wide oval. The dealer could use a small table to deal the hands to the players. They would walk over to the table to get their cards. Each player had someone opposite them ten or twelve feet away and no closer then six feet on either side. The arrangement gave everyone a good view of the others even while seated and an excellent view when they walked over to get their cards from the dealer.

“I suggest we just play 5 card draw,” she said. “Anyone wanting to draw will have to go to the dealer to get more cards.”

“Wouldn’t that make people reluctant to draw?” asked Fran.

“Well it’s a trade-off,” replied Alice. If you’re modest you can just hold, but you risk not improving your hand and could lose.”

“Well let’s get started,” said Chuck eagerly. “It’s the boys against the girls.”

“No,” said Sally. “I suggest we have the guy and the girl with the lowest hands each take off an article of clothing of their choosing.”

“What if we have the guy with the best hand remove the article from the losing gal and vice versa?” suggested Fran.

This caused a tremor of excitement in Rod’s groin. This is how they’d play strip poker and he always enjoyed the feeling of Fran disrobing him one article of clothing at a time. He’d purposely lose hands after Fran was almost naked so she could strip him. Everyone agreed and they cut for deal. Don won and picked up the empty cardboard box they’d found to act as a knee high table. He dealt six hands of five cards each and everyone picked up their cards and sat down in the oval formed by the lounge chairs and sofa.

Chuck looked at his cards and was holding a pair of tens. He kept the ace and walked over to pick up two more cards. Alice had four spades and picked Göztepe Escort up a single card. Unfortunately it was a diamond so she ended up jack high. Don had a pair of queens and didn’t draw anything that helped him. Fran had a pair of twos, kept a king and drew two cards. Another two gave her what became the lady’s winning hand. After everyone finished drawing, Don ended up losing for the guys and Chuck with a pair of tens was the winner. Sally was the loser for the ladies.

“Come on big boy,” said Fran. “Let’s get one of those shoes off.”

There was some discussion about whether partners should be removing each other’s clothes, but it was decided that it would be too complicated to try and avoid. It probably wouldn’t happen all that often anyway. They had also decided that while the men were not wearing undershirts, the girls would be removing something strategic after the same number of losses so the women didn’t have to remove a shoe up front.

The game went on for another hour with Don getting up to refill everyone’s wineglass at least twice. Both Fran and Sally had lost their blouses, displaying a marked contrast in breast size, Fran with her small firm ones and Sally’s robust ones with prominent cleavage. Ron still had one sock on and Chuck was down to his slacks and underwear. On the next hand, with Fran dealing, Chuck lost and stood up so Alice could take his slacks off. She carefully undid his belt, undid the top button and slowly lowered his zipper. Then kneeling, she slid his slacks down revealing his boxers with an obvious tenting. This made Ron feel better. He had been almost rock hard for the last several hands and was glad he wasn’t the only one turned on by the proceedings.

Chuck was sitting directly opposite Fran and after he returned to his seat she noticed that his somewhat stiff boxers bloomed out. He was sitting with his legs slightly apart and the head of his penis was in plain view. While she couldn’t judge length, he certainly had a thick one. “Lucky Sally,” she thought. She was so distracted by the view that she wasn’t thinking clearly on the next hand. She discarded a pair of fives trying to fill out a straight. She was enjoying getting to strip the guys and went for the win rather than playing for the safe middle position. She felt foolish losing and was going to be the first women to show her breasts. At least she hadn’t tried to draw to an inside straight. Don won that hand and stood close to Fran to reach around and unfasten her bra. She could feel his manhood pressing against her thigh and felt a trembling throughout her body. When she sat back down, Chuck’s penis was showing even more growth.

Ron couldn’t believe how turned on he was having his wife exposing her small breasts to Chuck and Don. Even from where he was sitting, it was obvious that they were both reacting to the view. He lost the next two hands and on the third hand, Don lost his slacks. Meanwhile, all three women were now down to their panties. It was Ron’s deal and he enjoyed the sight of three almost naked women walking up to him to collect their cards. Someone was going to show some bush this round and if he didn’t loose, either Don or Chuck was going to be walking around with an exposed pecker.

Chuck was dealt a pair of jacks with an eight the next highest. He kept he eight and drew two cards. Both were threes. He felt good. Little chance of losing and he may be the one to remove a pair of panties. He hoped they would be Fran’s. He really had the hots for her now. He had no idea she had been peeking at his cock for the last half-hour. Don had four hearts and drew one. Another heart! Get ready ladies, Don’s going to strip one of you. Ron couldn’t believe his eyes. He had dealt himself four of a kind. Not only was he not going to lose his trousers, allowing Alice and Sally to see him in his jockey shorts, but also he was going to be the lucky guy exposing the first pussy. Sally had a pair of kings and after drawing had three of a kind. Fran drew two pair, aces high. Alice was dealt a king high and didn’t improve anything after drawing three.

After everyone showed their cards, Alice reluctantly walked to the middle of the group. All of a sudden Ron was very nervous. He had become more and more relaxed as the game had progressed. But now he, the tall skinny kid who had blushed when he had been asked to dance by one of the most popular girls at a high school dance was going to be the one to take the panties off the most beautiful woman in the room. He got to his feet and then knelt in front of Alice. He reached out, hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them. She stepped out of them and pirouetted, showing her flaxen bush to the whole room. Everyone applauded including the women.

Now it was Chuck’s turn. Sally made a big display of stripping her husband. She knew the obvious bulge in his shorts had turned Fran on as he walked back and forth to get cards. She also didn’t know that Fran Acıbadem Escort had gotten a preview some time before. She slyly maneuvered him so Fran would get the best view of the goods. His cock was pointing almost straight out with its swelling head glowing. Fran was wide eyed. Such a contrast to Ron’s with its girth and very large testicles drawn up under it.

Don had seen Chuck before and was somewhat smug in the knowledge that his was much longer although definitely not as thick. When flaccid there was not much between them. Ron was envious but at the same time glad that he was not the one to be nude first. He was also turned on by his wife’s reaction to the scene. He played out in his mind the time that Fran had described to him one of her former lovers and how his little guy was such a joy to her. Thus distracted, he managed to lose the next hand.

Fran had lost her panties and Sally, winning twice in a row, got ready to remove Ron’s slacks. She undid the belt and put her hands inside the waistband while undoing the top button. Ron’s skin was hot and she could feel the rapid beat of his heart. She drew down the zipper, being careful to pull away from his body. She didn’t want to touch anything inside. The slacks fell gently to the floor and Sally had a close look at the front of Ron’s jockey shorts. There was only the slightest outline of a penis and an almost imperceptible bulge at its base. He was smaller than she had imagined and it was all she could do not to cup the whole package in her hand.

The rules were that once naked, you could still win a hand, but your cards did not count in determining a loser. This meant that either Ron or Don and Sally or Alice was next to get nude. Chuck was the dealer and made Fran very aware that he was staring at her bush as she walked towards him. He was fully erect now and she stared back. She could flirt with the best of them when she wanted to and was enjoying both the attention and the scenery. Chuck dealt himself two pair and drew one that was of no help. Ron had the makings of a flush, but the two cards he drew only added a fourth card. Eight high didn’t look too promising.

Don ended up winning the hand.

Sally lost on the women’s side with Alice the winner. Don removed Sally’s panties with a flourish and she paraded around the room showing off. Alice, still seated, called out, “Come here Ron. The ladies have been waiting all night to see what you’ve been hiding from us.” As she was sitting at one end of the oval, she could strip off Ron’s shorts giving the others only a view of his ass. Ron approached her on rubbery legs. Even in his most erotic teenage dreams he never imagined this situation. Alice leaned forward so her nose was almost touching his small bulge. She ran her hands up the outside of his thighs and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. In a slow but deliberate manner she lowered the shorts until the tip of his penis was just starting to show. He didn’t look much bigger than her kid brother she’d spied on when she was 16. She lowered the garment the rest of the way, exposing a thin four-inch erection nestled in a patch of fine tan hair.

Besides having a small penis, she was struck by his tiny wrinkled scrotum drawn up close to his body. She actually felt motherly, wanting to cuddle him and give him a big kiss on the tip of his manhood or should she say boyhood. The rest of the room got a view of Ron’s smooth backside. Sally whistled and Fran had mixed emotions. She was proud of how Ron was handling the entire situation and knew he was dreading turning around to expose himself to Don and Chuck. For his part, Ron was actually elated that he had pushed himself to do what he had only dreamed of before. He actually felt proud of his small size. Don and Chuck were obviously turned on by his wife, but he was the one sleeping with her.

Don and Alice were the remaining clothed people and stripped to a big fanfare from everyone. Fran looked hungrily at Don’s eight-inch almost fully erect penis. One of her former lovers was almost that long and she had enjoyed the deep thrusting it provided. At the same time, she had never experienced a really thick man and was looking forward to coupling with Chuck. She looked over at Ron to see his reaction. He seemed to be mesmerized by the sight of both Don’s long penis and Alice’s beautifully toned body. She was stunning with firm breasts and swollen nipples. Her trimmed reddish tinged bush didn’t quite hide her mounded vagina.

They all headed outside to the water. Having had more then enough to drink, they all agreed not to swim but only to wade around to cool off. Fran sat in the shallows beside Ron with her hand cupping his genitals. They were rapidly shrinking in the cool water.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered. “You have no idea how turned on I got seeing you staring at those huge cocks.”

“You seemed to enjoy having Alice strip you,” continued Fran. “Do you want to sleep with her tonight? Or, would you rather go with Sally? You could bury yourself in her big tits.”

“I feel intimidated by Sally,” replied Ron. “But I know you can’t wait to have Chuck’s fat penis inside you. Did you know before we came up here that this was going to happen?”

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