Submissive Ch. 05

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Submissive V-The Teacher

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. It had been a wonderful weekend, Mrs. Johnson thought as she watched Robert’s car drive off down the street, carrying him back to college after all too short a visit. She thought back wistfully on the events of Friday, Saturday and this morning.

Friday night she’d been seduced by her two children who, as she later found out, had been sexually involved with each other off and on (due to Robert’s college schedule) for about 4 months. The exact events of that evening were somewhat blurry. All she knew for sure was that everybody had fucked everybody before they all passed out together. They awoke the next morning in her bed, but she didn’t remember ever leaving the living room.

Saturday was spent at home together, mostly making love. But Saturday was different than Friday. As fiery and intense as Friday was, Saturday was slow and easy.

And the first performance of the play was a big success. Kristin did very well, as did her friends, Becky and Billy. The cast had gone out afterwards to celebrate, leaving Carol home alone with her son, Robert. They made love together slowly, and when Kristin got home, they did it some more.

Sunday morning came all too soon. They didn’t make love that morning, preferring instead to snuggle together in bed. When they finally got up, Kristin was busy preparing for the two o’clock performance of the play and Robert was busy packing.

And now he was gone, and Kristin’s and her life would go back to their new normal.

* * *

They arrived at the school at one o’clock. Kristin was busy getting into her costume while Carol kept busy with last minute details. When it got close to curtain time, Carol left the stage area and took a seat in the audience.

Shortly after that, a woman sat down next to her. Carol looked over. “Oh, hi Miss Martin,” Carol said, recognizing Kristin’s English teacher.

“Hi, Mrs. Johnson,” she said. “Please, call me Sandy. I thought you’d be backstage helping out this afternoon.”

“Nope. After all the work we did, I wanted to actually see the play at least once,” she said. “They’ll just have to make do without me.”

They sat quietly for a couple of moments. “You know,” Sandy said softly, breaking the silence. “I was working late a couple of weeks ago. I left through the back door, you know, the one by the production conference room, shortly after rehearsal was over.”

“Oh?” Carol said, not sure why she was telling her this. And then it hit her. “Ohhhh.” Unless she missed her guess, Sandy had seen her with Becky at least, and possibly even with Kristin.

When Sandy spoke again, it was almost a whisper. “I saw you and Becky together,” she said.

Carol sat quietly for a moment, stunned. When she’d gathered herself enough to talk calmly, she asked, “so what are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure,” Sandy answered, looking into Carol’s eyes. “It was really quite a show, you know. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I was kind of hoping we could get together sometime and discuss it.”

Discuss it, Carol thought. What was there to discuss? She was either going to turn them in, or she wasn’t. And then the light went on. Or, she thought, she was turned on by what she saw.

Well, if that’s what she wanted . . . “I think that can be arranged,” Carol smiled. “Would tonight be okay with you?”

Sandy hesitated briefly before responding. “Sure. That would be fine,” she said. “When and where?”

“Seven o’clock at my place. I’ll write down the address for you.” She quickly took out a pen and paper and jotted down the address. “Here,” she said as she handed her the note. “And don’t be late.”

Sandy took the note, her hand obviously shaking. “What about your daughter?” she asked.

“Don’t worry about Kristin,” Carol answered. “I’ll take care of her.

Without a further word, Sandy rose from her seat and stepped into the aisle. Carol watched her as she stumbled up the steps and out of the auditorium. Hmmm, she thought. This might turn out okay, after all.

* * *

It was nearly seven o’clock. Becky looked around, making sure everything was ready, the lights slightly dimmed, the music on, soft and romantic. She wore a navy blue jogging suit with a zip up front covering her braless breasts, and an elastic waistband on the pants to ensure their quick removal.

Carol Johnson had pulled her aside after the play ended, telling her about her encounter with Sandy Martin and about the planned rendezvous that evening. Carol had been convinced that it was not just the lesbian sex that had turned Miss Martin on. She was certain that Sandy had been turned on seeing an older woman dominated by a student. For both of their sakes, they agreed that it was important for Becky to give Miss Martin exactly what she wanted.

To describe the 38 year old Sandy Martin as beautiful would be an exaggeration, but she did manage to turn a man’s head now and then. Although edirne escort she carried the few extra pounds that always seemed to come with age, she had managed to keep her body in pretty good shape. She was 5’8” with nice breasts, albeit somewhat on the small side, and brunette hair that curled down just to her neck. Her best feature was her ass, still firm and shapely, unyielding to age.

At seven o’clock sharp, the doorbell rang. Becky took a deep breath and opened the door. “Hi, Miss Martin,” she burst out merrily. “Come on in.”

Miss Martin hesitated, confused. The last person she expected, or wanted, to see was Becky. But she couldn’t just leave, could she? How would that look?

Becky could sense her confusion. “Oh, Mrs. Johnson told me she was expecting you. Please come in.”

Becky stepped aside as Miss Martin entered the house. Stepping behind her, she placed one hand on the older woman’s shoulder. She jumped noticeably. “A little nervous tonight, Miss Martin?” she asked as she set her other hand on her shoulder.

Sandy took a deep breath, trying to maintain her composure. “Where’s Mrs. Johnson?” she asked, stepping out of the younger woman’s hands and turning to face her.

“She’s gone for the evening,” Becky exclaimed. “But she left you something.”

Sandy hesitated momentarily, uncertainty crowding her thoughts. “Oh,” she said. “What could that be?”

Becky looked deeply into Miss Martin’s eyes. “Me,” she said.

Sandy gasped and moved a couple steps back from her student, as her purse slipped accidentally to the floor. “What do you mean?” she managed to ask.

“You know exactly what I mean, Miss Martin, don’t you?”

Sandy Martin had happened upon Becky and Carol that evening innocently enough. What she saw, however, was anything but innocent. It had been so arousing, in fact, that before she realized what she was doing, she’d lifted up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. She found herself unable to tear herself away, unable to turn her back on the intoxicating sight before her; until she heard someone coming. At that point she quickly gathered herself, hurried around the corner and exited through the back door.

Later, unable to deny her arousal, she convinced herself that it was the sight of two women making love that had aroused her so. Since that night, what she saw and what she felt had consumed her thoughts, consumed them to the point that she finally had to act.

And that brought her to Mrs. Johnson earlier that day. She’d approached her as delicately as she could, hoping that, somehow, they would wind up together. And it had appeared as if it would work. Until now.

What Sandy saw in her mind now was not her making sweet tender love to Carol Johnson, as she had hoped, it was Carol Johnson lying on her back, arms pinned to her sides, helpless, as Becky stood over her, taking whatever liberties with her body she wanted. And she found herself wishing that she was Carol Johnson.

Miss Martin lowered her eyes, unable to hold Becky’s gaze. She shook her head, no, unable to make words come out of her mouth.

“Come now, Miss Martin. I know you saw Mrs. Johnson and me making love. Did you like what you saw?”

The older woman just stood there, unable to answer, unable to move.

“I asked you a question,” Becky said, raising her voice slightly. “Did you like what you saw?”

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Sandy nodded her head.

“That’s better, but I still couldn’t hear you. We’ll try it one more time. Did you like what you saw?”

“Yes,” Miss Martin answered meekly.

“Okay, that was much better. Now come over here,” she said.

Again, Miss Martin froze as her internal struggles reasserted themselves. This was a girl 20 years her junior, a student of hers. If she went any further, she could lose her job, not to mention her reputation. And yet, she was as aroused as she’d ever been before. She wanted nothing more than to give herself completely to this young woman.

In the end, lust won out, and she slowly covered the short distance between them, stopping 2 feet in front of the younger woman.

Becky reached out and lifted the other’s chin until their eyes met. “Very good, Miss Martin,” Becky said as she stroked her hair, her cheek, and her neck. Keeping her right hand in contact with Miss Martin, Becky walked slowly around, stopping when she was fully behind her.

She stepped up close, pressing her body against her teacher’s backside. Holding Sandy’s arms, she leaned over and nibbled gently on her earlobe, before moving lower to plant soft, tender kisses on her neck and shoulder. “You were hoping to make soft, tender love to Carol tonight, weren’t you?”

Sandy nodded her head slowly. “Yes,” she replied.

“Are you disappointed with how things are turning out?”

“No, I’m not sorry,” she answered. Her voice was shaky and barely audible, but what she said spoke volumes about her current state of arousal.

Becky reached around and grabbed her teacher’s breasts, kneading them gently through her blouse and bra, as Sandy let out a soft shriek. “If you’re good, they’ll be time for soft, tender love later,” Becky whispered in her ear. “But first, I need to make sure you realize who’s in control here. You understand that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she answered.

Becky continued massaging the older woman’s breasts. “From now on, I think you should refer to me as either Miss Becky or Ma’am when we speak. Don’t you agree?

There was no hesitation at all. “Yes, Miss Becky.”

“Very good, Sandy,” Becky said. “I think you’re coming along just fine.” She lowered her hands to Sandy’s skirt, unsnapping the button and sliding down the zipper that held it up, then pushing the garment to the floor. Without waiting for instructions, Sandy quickly stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside.

Reaching up to the top of Sandy’s blouse, Becky slowly unbuttoned the top button and moved down to the next. Slowly, she repeated the process until the blouse was completely open. She stepped back slightly, sliding the blouse off her shoulders as she went and cast it aside. Taking the back of her bra in her fingers, she released the clasp, leaving the bra dangling loosely between Sandy’s arms and sides. Slowly, sensuously, Becky ran her fingernails across her teacher’s back, before gently massaging her shoulders and neck. Moving slowly, her hands made their way down her shoulders to her arms, taking the bra straps with them. They then moved onto Sandy’s upper chest, sliding downward until they engulfed her breasts, now only loosely covered by her bra.

Sandy moaned softly as Becky caressed her smallish breasts, leaning backwards, pressing herself against her. And then the bra was gone, sliding off her arms and onto the floor, unneeded and unwanted. She felt herself shiver, feeling hands running lightly over her chest and stomach, feeling lips nibbling gently on her ear, and covering her shoulders with tender kisses.

She felt her panties, already soaked with her juices, being pulled down her legs as Becky knelt behind her. When they reached the floor, they, too, were discarded, along with her shoes.

And there she was, naked at last, standing before a fully dressed young woman 20 years her junior. And at that moment, whatever lingering doubts she had were vanquished. She was completely under this young woman’s spell, and she knew she would do whatever she demanded.

She felt hands touch her buttocks, massaging her cheeks tenderly. “Bend over,” Becky instructed, voice slightly raised. Sandy knew it was not a request.

As she bent over, she could feel the excitement spreading across her body. Never before had anybody, not man, not woman, examined her ass hole closely. And her she was willingly, eagerly, opening herself up to Becky. Slowly, she moved her hand towards her pussy.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Becky asked. Sandy gasped loudly, the force from Becky’s blow to her ass so strong she was barely able to keep her balance.

“Please Miss Becky, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything wrong, Miss Becky.”

“I didn’t say that you could touch yourself, did I?”

“No, Miss Becky. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“But you know now, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Becky.”

“Good. Now bend over again and spread your legs.” Quickly, Miss Martin obeyed, resting her hands on her knees to support herself.

And then, for the first time in her life, Sandy felt another woman’s fingers touching her pussy, lightly stroking her outer lips, and then diving deep into her womanhood. The fingers lingered in her pussy for a while, moving gently in, then out, circling around and around, until she was moaning noticeably, barely able to stay upright on her wobbling knees.

And then the fingers withdrew from her pussy, only to travel the short distance to her ass, where first one finger forced it’s way in and circled the inside of her dark hole before a second finger joined it. Sandy arched her back towards Miss Becky, frantically seeking more of this new found pleasure.

All too soon, the fingers withdrew. But almost before she could cry out, they were replaced by Becky’s tongue, circling the dark, outer rim before plunging into the dark depths. Sandy nearly jumped off the floor at this sudden intrusion as she felt her body’s excitement growing.

And then it stopped. She heard Becky rising to her feet and watched her move to the coffee table, quickly shoving the magazines to the floor. “Lay down on this,” Becky demanded. “On your back.”

Sandy obeyed as fast as her wobbly knees would allow, gasping at the feel of cold wood against her bare skin. Becky stood above her, circling her slowly, examining her chest as it heaved in excitement, and her womanhood as it lay spread open beneath her.

Becky knelt beside the older woman and leaned her mouth to Sandy’s. There was no hesitation on Sandy’s part as she eagerly opened her mouth to accept the tongue that had only moments before been delving inside her darkest hole. Then, without releasing the kiss, Becky moved her right hand to Sandy’s clit.

When the fingers slid onto her clit, Sandy jumped, arching herself toward the pleasuring digits. She thrashed wildly on the table as Becky moved from her love button to her slit, quickly ramming three fingers deep into the wanton pussy, then pulling them out, then ramming them in again.

Without warning, Becky broke off the kiss and withdrew her hand, leaving Sandy desperate while she quickly relocated to the end of the table. Spreading her teacher’s pussy wide, she lowered her mouth to the engorged clit, sucking it and stroking it with her tongue.

As Becky continued working her clit, Sandy grabbed her tits with her hands, squeezing them, mashing them roughly into her chest as gasped.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Sandy screamed as she thrashed beneath her lover, her dominator. Her body shook wildly as she came, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

Sandy sensed, rather than felt, her lover withdraw from her. When her eyes were able to focus, she saw Becky sitting in the middle of the sofa, still fully dressed. “Lie there and rest for a bit,” Becky said. “When you’re ready, come sit by me.”

Sandy lay there, gathering herself, aware that her entire body was laid bare in front of her student. After several minutes, Sandy sat up and moved to the sofa.

“Miss Becky,” she started. “May I undress you, now?”

“Not just yet,” Becky responded. “Not just yet.” She reached her hand behind Sandy’s head and pulled her around, where their lips met. This time, however, their kiss was tender, sensuous. But then Becky pushed her face away slightly. “Bend over my knee,” she whispered.

Sandy looked into her eyes, hesitating only a second, before laying herself across her lover’s knees, her ass sticking out invitingly before Becky’s right hand. “Miss Becky, did I do something wrong?” she asked meekly.

“You grabbed your tits after I told you not to play with yourself without permission, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Becky,” she answered, lowering her head.

Becky placed both hands on her back, massaging and kneading her, then gently tracing her fingers over her back side. Sandy moaned, forgetting, for the moment, what was coming. Becky then slipped two fingers into Sandy’s pussy, slowly easing them in, then out, gently circling the outer lips.


Sandy jumped as the fingers withdrew suddenly, only to be replaced by the flat of her hand as it slapped her buttocks hard, yet not really damaging her. She gasped as the hand withdrew again, and gritted her teeth in anticipation of the blow that was sure to follow.


She jumped as the second blow struck home, slightly harder than the first. And then she felt the fingers slide gently back into her pussy.

“What do you think, girls?” Becky asked. Sandy gasped loudly and looked up. There, by the hallway which led to the bedrooms, stood Carol Johnson and her daughter Kristin, with arms wrapped around each other’s waists. They were looking intently at the scene before them.

“Most impressive, Becky,” Kristin said. “I think she’ll be a lot of fun.”

“She looks very hot, Ma’am,” Carol said. “I think she wants you to finish what you were doing.”

All while they were talking, Becky continued working on Sandy’s pussy. She thrust harder now, as Sandy again dropped her head in submission, moaning as the pleasure began to build.


The fingers quickly withdrew from her pussy, only to be replaced with the palm of her hand as it once again assaulted her ass, then replaced again by the fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

WHACK! The process repeated itself.

WHACK! Again.

WHACK! And again.

Sandy gasped, her body jerking on Becky’s lap as her orgasm hit her. She heard herself scream as she shoved her pussy towards the hand that was bringing her such pleasure/pain.

When it passed, she looked up. Kristin and Carol were still there, watching. As she watched, Kristin turned her mother towards her and slipped the robe over her shoulders. Gently, she took her naked mother in her arms, and their lips locked in a deep, passionate kiss. They broke the kiss. “Come with me, slut,” Kristin said to her mother. She turned to Sandy before leaving. “We’ll be seeing you later,” she smiled.

Sandy watched, jaw open, as mother and daughter departed. “And you,” she heard Becky say to her. “You come with me to the guest room. It’s time for you to make love to me, now.”

* * *

Sandy and Becky spent the remainder of the evening together in the guest room. Kristin and Carol paid them a visit during the night, getting to know Sandy a little more intimately.

Somehow, they managed to get Sandy up in time to get home, shower and dress, and still get to school in time. Needless to say, Kristin and Becky enjoyed a renewed interest in third hour English.

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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