The announcement came over the loudspeakers at O’Hare airport but the results were soon to be seen on every one of the Arrival/Departure Screens throughout the airport. The snowstorm that had hit the area was shutting down the place. I rushed to the counter to see if the airline was going to put us up in hotels or if they had made any arrangements with the local hotels to give us discounted rates on a room. No, and No. It was up to us to fend for ourselves.

I called our corporate travel agency and put them to work getting me a room. When I called back a half-hour later I was pleased to hear they had gotten me not just a room but a suite. Whew, I was going to be treated like a queen for the night. The hotel was just a short cab ride from the airport but that tuned out to be a major problem. The taxis didn’t want to give up their spot in line for just a short ride … they wanted longer fares. I went back inside and found one of those big racks showing pictures of the hotels in the area with a phone so you could call them directly with just a push of a button. I got mine and they said they had limo service throughout the airport and if I would go out and stand by the limo area, one would be by shortly.

As I was making this call I couldn’t help but hear a young woman trying desperately to find a room for herself. She was in her late teens and not too bad looking. I listened to her for a short time and then interrupted and offered to share my suite with her if she was interested. Interested, she damn near jumped me.

“Oh yes, I am dead tired and can’t bear to think of sitting in this airport all night by myself. You are sweet to offer it.”

We went outside and waited where I was told to be and sure enough a van with a logo of the hotel plastered all over it pulled up and we had a ride to our sleeping quarters for the night.

I started our conversation with, “By the way, my name is Judy and I am thirty six incase you are wondering,” and she responded with “and mine is Catherine and I am twenty.”

The suite was just that. It had a bedroom with a king size bed, a huge bath with a very nice sitting room for TV, writing desk with a mini fridge full of booze and all kinds of little treats.

“Catherine, it would appear we are going to be sharing the big bed unless you want to camp out on that small sofa in the sitting room.”

“The sofa looks kind of small so I’d just as soon share the bed with you unless you would rather sleep alone. If so, I’ll make do in the sitting room.” She answered.

“Oh hell, I invited you to share a room and when I did I never thought we would have our own beds so we will share this big one.” I said all the while looking at her sweet young figure with lust in my eyes.

“I haven’t eaten and before this place gets overwhelmed I would make the suggestion that we either go down to the dining room or have room service bring up a dinner. What do you say?”

“I’d prefer we ate in the dining room if you wouldn’t mind. I like to have some room when I am eating rather than try and do it on my lap.” She answered.

“Not at all. Let’s go.”

We had a nice dinner with perhaps a few too many drinks. I put the tab on the room so the company was going to pay for it and that thrilled Catherine. We were amazed at the number of people who had taken the airport van to the hotel without having a reservation in the hopes their very presence would get them a room. It wasn’t working for them.

“Catherine, we better get back up to the room before there is a revolt down here and these people storm the rooms.”

I couldn’t bring myself to think that would happen but it was getting nastier by the minute at the front desk. The desk clerk had already called security who posted two guards there but the crowd was at least well over seventy-five and it was growing with each van load. I was damn glad we had gotten our dinner before they also realized they needed more than a room. There was a bit of a feeling of guilt as we moved past the crowd and onto an elevator to take us to our room but it wasn’t so bad I was willing to share any more of the room.

We chatted about lots of things but most of all, our interrupted trip. I was going on a business trip and she was going to visit her grandparents. I was divorced and she had never had a boyfriend. Wow, that struck me as strange and when I asked her why all she would say was:

“Boy’s don’t turn me on and besides I am not that attractive.”

I went over to her and stood in front of her and put one hand under her chin and simply said,

“You are out of your fucking mind. You are very attractive.” She sort of recoiled at my use of the profanity.

We were standing near a full- length closet door mirror and I went up behind her and made her face the thing with me right behind her.

“Hey dummy, take a look at the girl you are saying ‘isn’t very attractive’. If you still think that after looking at yourself I ought to make an appointment for you with an ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam.” escort bayan

I was right behind her and put my arms around her and cupped her breasts and she gasped.

“Besides being attractive you have a very nice figure. Just look at these lovely breasts.” I said as I was putting a little motion in my cupping of them. I lifted them and just nodded at our images in the mirror. Neither of us were beauty queens but I was hoping my caresses would lead to something a whole lot more.

“Do you think that or are you just saying that to be nice? She asked quizzically.

“Catherine, stand back and drop your skirt. I want to see your complete figure.”

“What do you mean. Are you asking me to get naked?”

“Well, that wasn’t what I was asking but in a little while you will be as close to naked as you can be when we get ready for bed.”

“Yeah, I guess.” She said and she reached around and dropped her skirt and laid it over the arm of a chair.

She had gorgeous hips and legs and as I had her pirouette I could see through her panties she didn’t shave her pubic area. I was quickly dreaming of getting my face buried between her long legs.

“Now take off your blouse but leave your bra on.” I instructed.

She did and I was then looking at a very desirable twenty-year-old gal.

“Catherine. Let me ask you something you don’t have to answer if you choose not to. Are you a virgin?”

You could have used the blush from her face to read by. “Yes, I am and I am embarrassed about that.”

“Why are you embarrassed?”

“Because I am twenty and all of the other gals in school had sex by the time they were eighteen.”

“Here’s another question you can choose not to answer, Have you ever ben real close to another girl?”

She looked at me knowing full well what I was asking but she didn’t want to discuss it in any detail, “No, I have seen some I would have liked to be with but they obviously thought I wasn’t pretty enough.”

“Geez, will you stop that self deprecating stuff. You are a nice looking gal.” And with that I unhooked her bra and let it drop. She caught it at her waist and sort of screeched, “What are you doing?”

I just wanted you to look at your lovely breasts that many gals would die to have. Look at them. She had her head turned to look at me and I almost shouted, “No, look at them, not at me.”

She turned to look at the mirror and I was still behind her and once again I reached around her and put my hands under her breasts, except this time they were bare.

“Now take a look,” as I opened my own blouse and unhooked my bra. “Your tits are every bit as large as mine.” I then reached down and dropped the pants of my pantsuit and stepped out of them saying, “and your figure is by far better than mine and I don’t have any trouble getting close to guys or gals.”

I figured I had to do something to get this to continue so I suggested, “Hey, how about I get us a couple of drinks out of the mini bar and we can drink them while we are in the sack talking?”

I didn’t wait for an answer and went over and got the drinks and led the way in to the bedroom. She followed close behind.

I laid my things over the arm of another easy chair and grabbed my small traveling case and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take off my makeup. “I’ll be there in a minute.” I shouted.

She was right behind me and used the other sink for her night stuff and by then I was bare ass naked. I could see that she was sneaking peeks of me in the huge wall size mirror in front of us and to tell the truth I was doing the same to her. The way she was standing her tits were only really visible part of the time.

It was only a few minutes and I was tossing the covers down on the bed and pouring our drinks from the mini containers. She came back to the bed saying that she ought to dig out her night gown and I asked why for I was going to sleep in the nude as usual. The drinks may have loosened her up a bit for she sort of threw her skirt over her shoulder saying ‘Why not?”

She kind of jumped into the bed the way kids usually do and then reached over to the nightstand and got the drink I had put there for her.

I scooted over on the bed to be nearer to her and said, “Catherine, look down at your breasts and then look at mine and can’t you see how yours are far more attractive?”

She did and answered, “Well, sort of.”

“Sort of? Give me your hand.”

She did and I took it in mine and pulled it to rest on my breast. “Now give it a little squeeze and then take your other hand and put it on one of your own and give it a squeeze and you will see how much firmer yours are than mine.”

“Gee, you’re right.”

“Judy, I can see you shave yourself down there. Why do you do that?”

“Well, there isn’t any mystery about it. I wear a bikini type of bathing suit and I didn’t like my pubic hair sticking out around the edges of it so I shaved most of it. Do you like it?”

“I have never seen one like that before. görükle escort The showers in the girl’s gym were all in stalls and the girls would have a towel around themselves as they came out of them. Does it hurt to shave it?”

“No, not at all. All you really have to do is to trim it way down with scissors and then use shaving cream and a BIC type of razor. You can use an electric razor but I never did. I’d be happy to do it for you if you want. Keep in mind though that once you do it you will have to keep doing it or the stubble will drive you crazy. But you’ll be able to wear a bikini type of suit and show off your pretty figure instead of hiding it the way you do.”

She just giggled and it was obvious she was feeling the effects of the drinks she had at dinner and the one she was drinking right then.

“OK, please do it for me.”

I dug our a pair of scissors I use for work out of my briefcase and told her we ought to do it in the bathtub so she rolled off the bed and followed me in but not before grabbing her drink for company.

The hotel had provided a small traveler’s kit including a razor and shave cream so besides my scissors we were set.

“Catherine, I want you to sit on the side of the tub and I’ll trim it and wash the trimmings down the drain. Then we’ll have you sit in the tub and we’ll put a couple of inches of warm water in and it will soften up your hair to make it easier to shave. OK?”

“OK barber lady.” She replied with an alcoholic laugh

I started trimming and obviously had to ask her to spread her legs a little. She obeyed instantly with a huge giggle. My fingers just naturally trailed down over her pussy lips as I was trimming and I couldn’t wait to do the actual shaving in that spot. The trimming only took a few minutes and I was running the water to wash down the hair and then told her to wait a moment before we put the stopper in the tub.

I had her slide down and get the stubble wet to soften it and she obeyed perfectly. I let her sit there for a few minutes and used the excuse of wanting to get it real soft so I just had to run my fingers around the whole area. Following that I drained the tub and smeared the shave cream all over her pussy. I made sure my fingers dropped down between her pussy lips and just lightly brushed against her clit in passing. It was then time for the shave.

She had slid up to where she was sitting at the top of the tub and I was busy shaving away. I had the water running and going down the drain to wash the razor every time I had a glob of cream on it and then back to the shaving. I began using the fingers on one hand to spread her pussy lips while my other hand was busy with the razor. All of a sudden I could feel her shudder and then let out a small moan.

I kept up exactly what I was doing but I then let the fingers on the hand that was opening her pussy lips also slide up and occasionally touch her clit. That brought on a much bigger shudder.

“Slide forward honey and we’ll get you rinsed off.”

As I was splashing water up on her crotch to wash off the shave cream I was also opening her pussy lips to get the cream out of there. “OK, out of the tub and I’ll do the rest of it on the bed.”

“I thought you would do it all right here in the tub.”

“No, there are a few hairs around the lower section I can’t reach while you are sitting on them”.

She dried off and I led her back to the bed where I put a dry towel beneath her.

“Now lay back honey and open your legs wide.” She did and I thought I was going to die looking at the sweet virgin pussy staring me in the face.

I made believe I was doing more but was just using the excuse to have her on the bed with her legs open. When she was in the tub I noticed she loved to have me lightly touch her clit so I did that every time I slipped my fingers up and down to open her pussy lips. She didn’t disappoint; her moans became louder every time

“I finally said, there you are, smooth as a baby’s ass and twice as pretty.” As soon as I got the last word of that out of my mouth I leaned forward and kissed the outer lips of her pussy.

“Oh my God, that feels wonderful.”

I kept my mouth right where it was and kissed the whole area very lightly. As my lips brushed over the outer lips I stopped and put out my tongue so it just barely touched her clit.

That was like lighting the fuse on a firecracker. She threw her hips up at me and yelled, “Judy, what are you doing with your tongue?”

I lifted my face and just said, “Shhhh, honey. I am doing some of the same things you do to yourself when you are masturbating except I am using my super soft tongue.”

“Oh God, this feels so much better.”

I slipped around so I was lying between her legs and had a much better angle to use my mouth. While my tongue was doing its thing I had a couple of fingers penetrating her pussy as deep as they could reach and soon began finger fucking her while my tongue was working her clit. To say bursa elit escort she exploded would be the understatement of the year. She went crazy would be closer to the truth. Her hips were flying around so violently I had a hard time keeping my mouth where it was and then the river of her juices started pouring out of her. Gals don’t shoot their come like a guy does but these were literally pouring out of her. I was glad the towel under her was double folded or we would have had a wet bed on which to sleep.

My face was just lying against her lower abdomen and she was breathing so hard I was hopeful she was all right. I slid up, wiping my mouth on the towel as I went past it, and then I raised up to give her a long deep kiss. She threw her arms around me and pulled me to her.

“Judy, that is the first kiss I ever had other than those my mother used to give me when I was little. She stopped doing that when her and my dad divorced and she found another guy. I was left out in the cold right then.”

I damn near cried when I heard that. “Well Cath, I’ll have to do more of it to make up for lost time.”

She slipped down and nestled with her face in my armpit and just snuggled there tightly. It was as if she had found a new mother and she wasn’t letting go.

I was so horny my nipples were almost bursting and I had to figure a nice way for her to reciprocate on my pussy eating session.

I lay back on the bed and had my hand just lightly touching myself when I felt another hand moving in. “Judy, I’ll do that for you if you want. I have never done anything at all with either a boy or a girl so if you will just tell me what feels good for you I’ll do it?

“That would be great honey. Just do to me what you do to yourself when you are masturbating. You do masturbate don’t you?”

I looked over at her as I said that and her face was beet red. “Well, do you or don’t you?”

“I do but I am embarrassed to say so.”

“Damn, you get embarrassed too easily about everything.”

“Just use your fingers the way you do to yourself or the way I did to you.” I said.

Her fingers were just perfect except she wasn’t putting them in me. “Cath, how about slipping down between my legs and you will be able to slide your fingers in and out of me the way I did to you. It is almost as good as getting fucked.”

Oh shit, there I go with the profanity again and she will be all embarrassed.

Oh this gal takes directions very well. Her fingers were going in and out of me just fine but my clit was getting ignored. Now if I can only figure a way to get her mouth involved.

“Cath, kiss the lips of my pussy ever so lightly as you are doing that. It will feel great to me.”

“OK, I’ll try.”

She not only kissed the lips of my pussy but sort of buried her face between them and kissed deep inside as well. I put a hand on the top of her head and put ever so light pressure on it and then simply said, “Cath, use your tongue too.”

“Judy, I know you want me to do that but I don’t know what to do. I have read every book on sex I could get my hands on but that isn’t the same as doing the things in person.”

“Honey, just use your tongue the way you use your fingers but when you get to my clit just go very lightly. You’ll do it perfectly I just know.”

Sure enough she was eating me like a pro. She was a little rough at first but soon had it down pat. I could feel an orgasm coming on but didn’t want this to end so quickly. Damn, the only way I was going to be able to stop the orgasm was to stop her and I didn’t want that either so I just let it come over me. “God, here I come Cath.”

I exploded but not with anywhere near the volume that she did. As soon as I felt my juices stop flowing I reached down and pulled her up to me and planted a huge kiss on her still wet mouth with the juices that came out of me. She seemed to like the taste.

“Did I do it right Judy?”

“For the first time you did very well honey. You will get a lot better at it the more you do it to me.” She snuggled deeply as she heard that.

The TV news was giving us some horrible news. The snowstorm we were experiencing wasn’t going to stop until sometime the next afternoon and the airports were going to be closed for at least till the morning after that. We were going to be here for at least one more day and night. I immediately called to the front desk to tell them I would be staying another day and the clerk responded with “Oh, you made the reservation for three nights, didn’t we have it correct.” “Oh yes, I had forgotten that I did. No problem, I just wanted to make sure.” Thank God for an efficient corporate travel agency.

I called my business appointments the next morning to tell them I would be at least a day late and Cath called her grandparents to give them the same news. We were set. At least one more complete day with her.

Last night Cath cuddled so close I thought she would crush me. Just before we fell asleep as she was snuggling to me she said in a very small little girl’s voice, “I love you mommy.” I cried myself to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with her face in my crotch and her tongue working my clit as fast but as gentle as is humanly possible. She looked up at me and pulled her face away and asked, “Am I doing it right Judy?”

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