Spontaneous First Time

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On a weekday night, I find that I am off early from work and call to let you know. Meet me I request and tell you the name of a hotel near my work. I go to the hotel to wait for you with Champagne and strawberries.

I know what can happen when senses are heightened and I cannot wait to see you in this spontaneous moment. A night away from everything and just you and me side by side. I turn down the bed and turn down the lights and patiently wait for you to arrive while the champagne chills in the ice I’ve poured into the sink. I jump into the shower and wash every inch of my body hoping that you will be touching it. I proceed to dry off and lay on the bed thinking of you and knowing that you will soon be there.

I hear the knock at the door and a smile comes across my face. I open the door and see you standing there with a smile on your face as well. I press my finger to your lips as if to tell you that no words need to be spoken. I want to feel your emotions through your actions and not your words. You nod slightly to let me know you understand what I am telling you without words. I take your hand and pull you into the room with me. I hug you and kiss your neck. Then I pull back every so slightly and kiss your lips. Lips I have been waiting for all day long. Lips I think about all the time kissing mine.

I bring you over to the bed and motion for you to sit down. I pour 2 glasses of champagne and hand you one of them and reach to pick up a strawberry. I watch your lips surround the strawberry wishing your lips were on me. I smile and drink my champagne and feel the tingle fill my body. That same tingle that surrounds me every time you kiss me.

After I put our glasses down, I am trying to control myself from devouring you completely all at one moment. Time is of the essence here because I want to enjoy you and feel you before we exhaust into sleep. I remove all of your clothing so we can lay on the bed heat to heat, skin to skin. I push your eyes clothes with my fingertips so you can concentrate on my touch over your body. I love to feel you tense and push at my touch to let me know how good it feels.

My goal is to make you feel what I feel uşak escort when we are touching. Feel what my heart and soul are pushing through my touch and bringing to you. Will it be possible for you to feel the tense, pressing, agony of desire that I feel for you at every moment? My passion and desire for you has grown so intense that I have to hold back the wanting of you for fear of losing the time I want to take to make love to you. How easily it would be to to just push my entire body to yours and violate you quickly and bring you to the point of no return and feel you explode. I hesitate to do that because you are worth my time and everything it will take to bring you there. I want you to feel what I feel at all times and how much it means to me to hold you in my arms.

A kiss across your shoulders bring out the first moan and I grin knowing that I am pleasing you thus far. Your skin is like candy on my lips and sends me reeling with emotions that are new to me and I’m loving it. You have brought so much life to me that is brand new. As I bring myself to your breasts, a small stop allows me to see you with your eyes closed and and your breathing getting heavier and heavier. As I tease your nipple with my tongue, I can hear my own moaning growing inside of me from the ecstasy of being able to touch and taste you. I invite your breast into my mouth and enjoy the feel of my mouth on your skin. I’m in heaven right now as I am able to finally touch you, feel you, breathe you into me. I consume every inch of your breasts and pause only to let you moan and enjoy the moments I am taking to reach out to you and enjoy your pleasure. I’m loving every minute that you are feeling. It is hard to control my own breathing as my excitement builds at just the thought of bringing you to a full erotic moment.

I begin to create a path in between your breasts that brings me to your stomach and I kiss and caress your skin with my lips and allow my emotions to pass through my lips to your body. I know you can feel the heat between my legs as I straddle your leg while I’m kissing and sucking on your stomach. I touch your inner thigh with my fingers and your hips raise muglalisahidi.com slightly off the bed because you cannot hold back any longer what has been building up inside of you. I want to be patient, but I can no longer hold back and I lay in between your thighs and pulse my lips around your inner thighs. I’ve become addicted to the feel of your skin at this point and there is no way I can stop. The heat from inside of you makes me moan out loud and I am so excited that the wetness inside of me drips to the bed. I can hear my moan in sync with yours as I touch you with my tongue for the first time gliding up your wanting and waiting heat. Your taste makes me moan yet again and I want to taste every bit of you.

I love the feel of my tongue on you and press it against your hole only to feel you pulse which makes me moan even louder. I feel your clit grow and I gently suck it like the sweet fruit it is. I put my lips around you and lick it as if the last sweet nectar earth. I can feel myself pulse between my legs as you moan. Pleasing you is what I live for right now. I’m fully enjoying your moans and thrusting as you begin to beg me to let you cum. Unable to control myself I thrust my flat tongue over the length of you and press firmly to feel how hard you are pulsing in my mouth. You are so close to letting go in my mouth but I stop. I flick my tongue quickly around your hot waiting skin between your legs just to tease you and listen to you beg me to take you all in. Once I hear you say please baby – I can’t stop – I have to have you.

I have to feel you. I have to make you come to life in my mouth – in my soul. I press my lips around you and lick slowly and faster and faster until I look up and see you caressing your own breasts in your hands and ready to explode. I want you to cum for me – to reach ecstasy for me, to scream for me baby. And you do – I feel you buckle and moan so loudly that I cannot hear my own breathing. I’m in awe to have you feel that way because of me.

As you come down from your enjoyment, I work my way back up to your mouth to kiss you – lovingly. I have enjoyed every second of touching and tasting you. As I kiss you, you press back to me and surprise me by pushing me back on the bed. Not only have you reached ecstasy, but it has put a fire in you that has created a spark of energy that needs to be given back to me. You press your lips to mine so hard and fast that it takes my breath for a second and lets me know that you have been wanting me just as badly as I want you.

You let your hands go over all of my body stopping only when I shiver from the very touch of you. I’ve waited for this for so long. Forever. I know it will not take much for me to orgasm for you. I’ve been reaching out to you in my mind enough to know that I would love your touch. I can feel my moaning getting louder and my body unable to contain my feelings. My hips raise up to you as if begging you to touch me. I love the feel of you, the smell of you, the way you make me feel. I’ve longed for you since the beginning of time and waited all my life to feel like this. I feel like all the waiting has only increased the intensity of wanting any part of you. Just a kiss creates a wetness inside me that only you can satisfy. All the swelling inside has held to me and I feel you kissing my inner thighs.

I’ve been so heightened by the feel of you on my breasts and skin that I feel as if nothing can stop me from the desires built up inside every inch of my body. For they are only for you. You kiss my inner thigh and come to my wanting spot where I’ve become so swollen that you are able to suck on me. The first touch sends me screaming your name and my body is jolted with electricity that I didn’t know existed until now. As you press and lick me, we become one and I do not want to cum for your so quickly but my body gives me no choice as I cannot stop what I am feeling. Before long, my orgasm is so great that I press into your face but you take it all in. My body creates waves of aftershocks as if over and over my excitement repeats itself knowing you are still there touching me. This seems to go on forever.

When I finally relax, I pull you up to me to kiss me. As we lay together, spent from the night – we hold each other into a pattern to become one with the night. Not one word was spoken but we have said so much to each other. As we fall asleep in each others arms, we both know this is only the beginning. I wake in the middle of the night and feel your skin on mine – to begin again…

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