My head perked up as soon as the shower stopped running. In a matter of seconds, my sister would step out of the steaming bathroom with a thin towel wrapped around her curvy body. She would clutch the towel at her chest as she made the short trek to her room. Every night, I prayed that it would slip through her clumsy fingers and fall to the floor. Just once. Michelle had tripped on and slammed into just about every piece of furniture in our apartment and dropped her fair share of fine china. Surely, she could accidentally release her towel before making it to her bedroom. Just once.

Michelle and I had been practically inseparable since childhood, so it was inevitable that we would attend the same college. However, she got there first because she was a year older than me. By the time I arrived at our Southern California apartment, she was 19 and I was 18. She had already established roots and joined a sorority, while I was a fish out of water. Being the dutiful older sister, she would always try to drag me out of my shell by inviting me to dinners and parties with her friends. I never fit in with those people. I only went because Michelle asked me to, and I could watch her dance in her skimpy outfits.

Sometimes, when she got particularly tipsy, she would drag me to the dancefloor, and I would hesitate at first but ultimately succumb to her propositions. Her friends thought it was hilarious, but I found it incredibly arousing to feel her body so close to mine and to feel her hips gyrating against me. Her undersized crop tops accentuated her supple breasts and exposed her stomach, and her bare thighs were highly visible thanks to the miniskirts and short shorts. All of that, combined with the erotic way in which she moved, caught the attention of many guys, and I could always feel them watching. I couldn’t blame them, as I was ogling the exact same features that made them drool. The only difference was that it was my crotch she grinded up against, my erection that she teased with her round buttocks. It never took long for me to mysteriously disappear into the bathroom.

When I didn’t go out with Michelle, I eagerly waited for her to return and take her hot shower. I sat dutifully on the living room couch every night, pretending to watch TV. In reality, I was waiting to catch a whiff of her sugary scent as she passed by on her way out of the bathroom. Just the glimpse of her bare skin in my peripheral and the knowledge that she was naked under the towel had me fully erect. Her perfectly curved pink soles teased me as she disappeared into her bedroom. I would have given anything to make that hallway longer.

Friday nights were the most exciting, as we would always watch a movie to relieve the stress of our classes. Michelle had a particularly sexy and carefree aura about her when the weekend came around. She giggled more, showed more skin, and was more physically playful. She would kick me like siblings do to annoy each other, having no idea how turned on I was at the feeling of her soles against my skin. I would ask her to stop and insult her “smelly” feet, prompting her to rub them in my face and allowing me to inhale her scent for the briefest of moments. She would try to smother me with the couch cushions, not knowing how close I was to cumming when she straddled me.

She would wear short, thin, and lacy nightgowns through which her nipples were easily visible. When she leaned against me lovingly, it took an extraordinary amount of willpower not to peek down at her cleavage or bare legs. It was worse when we watched horror movies, as she would grasp me tightly and bury her face into my shoulder.

Once, a particularly shocking scene made her jump, and she fell onto me, her body pressing against my erection. I came into my pants as she gripped my shirt and screamed into my neck. That was the closest I had come to sex at that point, and it was courtesy of my own sister. Michelle was never shy about flaunting her sexuality, unknowingly torturing me on a daily basis, but that was on another level. I could only imagine what it was like for the guys who actually had sex with her. I could never fathom why she constantly torpedoed her relationships and only picked guys who didn’t know how to appreciate her devastating beauty.

One day, I couldn’t take it anymore and made the fateful decision to follow Michelle to her room after her shower. She stood in front of a standing mirror, shuffling her damp blonde hair. From the slit in the doorway, I had almost the perfect angle. After a few moments of cleaning up her face, she finally slipped off the towel. My eyes went wide and my heart pounded furiously. I almost exploded right then and there.

Michelle’s perfect bare ass was in full view, and her hourglass figure was stunning. This was leaps and bounds beyond what I had been exposed to up to that point. Desperate and reckless, I opened the door just a smidge and squinted my eyes. I only caught a tiny hint of her brown areola, but that was more than enough. seks hikayeleri I had only ever glimpsed her plump breasts through her clothing, occasionally catching the outline of her nipples when she chose not to wear a bra. Now I had just a little bit more, but it felt like I had won the lottery. I escaped back to my room to satisfy an unbearable urge.

Since then, I viewed Michelle in a totally different light. I was always attracted to her, but now I knew what she looked like without all of her obstructive clothing, and her naked body was all I yearned for. How could I look at her backside and not think of her smooth, round asscheeks hiding just beneath her jeans? How could I catch a glimpse of her cleavage without imagining the soft, brown areola being pressed against the fabric? She was driving me wild, and she didn’t have a clue. She just kept strutting her legs and swaying her hips as she walked in front of me, twirling her hair and humming in her sexy voice as we drove, and laying on her stomach with her feet dangling cutely behind her as she relaxed on our couch.

I had it bad, and my mind was swirling out of control. I needed more. I wasn’t satisfied with the occasional peek through her door after a shower, or the inadvertent foreplay that only happened on Friday nights. I needed something more permanent to satisfy the urges that flowed through me day in and day out. I gathered the courage and decided to take a picture of Michelle during that brief moment when she transitioned from towel to pajamas, when she would be completely naked, just like I saw that one night. This would have been safer than ogling her all day long or peeking through her door every night. Or so I thought.

So, one night, I followed Michelle to her room after her shower, as usual. But this time, I took my phone with me, my hands trembling with anticipation. As I opened the door to take the photo, the phone slipped from my fingers and fell to the carpet with a soft thump. That was enough for Michelle to spin around, clutching the towel close to her chest. When she saw my phone on the floor and me peering through the doorway, she let out a sharp, prolonged gasp.

“Oh no, sis. It’s not what you think, I swear!” I blushed at how pathetically unconvincing I sounded.

“Then what were you doing outside my room with your phone?” She cocked an eyebrow.

“I-I-I… I was just passing by, and it slipped.” I shrugged awkwardly.

“Oh, really? It slipped past my door and into my room?”

I glanced sideways, unable to come up with another lame excuse. I swiped my phone from the floor and bolted.

“What the!? Nick, you perv! Get back here!” Michelle’s screams disappeared behind me as I ran into my room and locked the door.

A few seconds later, I heard the inevitable pounding against my door. “Nick, you better open this goddamn door! I’m gonna fucking bury you!” With one final kick, Michelle let out a frustrated scream and retreated.

I was too scared to leave my room for the rest of the night and ended up falling asleep on my bed. I thought I had gained some temporary peace. I was wrong.

I woke up to the feeling of my arms being raised in an awkward position. When I tried to move, I felt pressure against my wrists, accompanied by the sound of metal. I looked up and realized that I was handcuffed to the bars of my headboard. My jaw dropped in horror as I struggled futilely to free myself. Soon, my wrists turned red, and I was out of breath. I gave up, chained to my bed like a prisoner. I knew I deserved it, but I was terrified for what might come next.

A few minutes later, Michelle burst through the door, and I saw in her eyes that her fury hadn’t subsided. The noise made me jump, and I was actually shaking. I had never been this afraid.

“S-s-sis! What are you… how did you… w-what’s going to happen? I’m really sorry! Please don’t hurt me, okay?” I tried to squirm away as she walked closer, but with both arms locked behind me, I remained exposed to her anger.

“You’re not the only one who knows how to be sneaky around here.” She tossed the paperclip that she had used to unlock my door. “And you can forget about the keys to those handcuffs. I don’t even remember where I put them.”

“Oh, come on, ‘Chelle! I said I’m sorry. What more do you want? What are you gonna do?” I was almost crying.

Michelle grabbed my phone from the nightstand. “I bet you deleted the photos after sending them to all your friends.” She scrolled through my phone, her fingernail tapping angrily against the screen each time she swiped. Finding nothing, she threw it at my stomach. It landed with a slap, causing me to groan in pain.

“I-I didn’t send it to anyone, I swear!”

“That means you were taking them for yourself to jack off with. Isn’t that right, you little pervert?”

I realized then just how idiotic I was. I had practically confessed everything. As my last hope, I thought that gaziantep şişman escort bayan maybe Michelle could see how sorry I was. She either didn’t see it, or didn’t care.

“So I’ve been thinking…”

It was bad enough when Michelle said that under normal circumstances. Now, with me chained to the bed and her standing angrily over me, I legitimately thought I might die right then and there.

“…about what to do with you.”

Would it be a knife? Was she going to stab me through the heart? Or perhaps smother me with a pillow?

“It’s only fair if we give you a taste of your own medicine.” She took the phone. “Let’s see how you like it when our friends get ahold of your inevitably tiny dick.”

I was relieved that I would live to see another day, but it only lasted for a second. Then, the repercussions of what she suggested hit me like a freight train. “WHAT?! No, please don’t do that, sis! I’ll do anything else. Literally, anything!” I would actually have rather died.


“But I really wasn’t going to send them to anyone!”

“What, so it wouldn’t be fair if I sent out your nudes? Boo hoo. Like I give a damn at this point.” She pulled my shorts off and tossed them to the floor.

“Wait! Please, Michelle. You can have your revenge. You can do whatever you want to me. Just not that. Pleeeassee!”

She paused as her hand hovered over my boxers. She looked up and, for a second, seemed to take pity on me. “I guess the punishment should fit the crime.”

“Yeah, yeah, exactly! That’s all I’m saying!” I nodded fervently, desperate to avoid the possibility of my penis being spread all over the internet.

“Too bad I don’t give a shit about what’s fair, you little perv.” She snatched my boxers off and threw them aside.

“Noooo! Please, don’t!” I tried to turn away from the camera’s incriminating flash, but Michelle sat on my legs.

“Let’s get a few good angles. Yeah, that’s it. Perfect.” She snapped countless pictures of my semi-hard penis as I writhed desperately beneath her. “And let’s get one of it standing up.”

I couldn’t believe that Michelle would actually touch me there. As soon as her fingers made contact with my shaft, I became rock hard. It stood at full attention with no effort from her. I grimaced and slammed my head down onto the pillow, feeling betrayed by my own body.

“Ooh, what’s that?” Michelle tilted her head and grinned devilishly. “Yes, that’ll do juuuust fine…” She expertly worked the phone to take what I thought would actually be pretty flattering photos, if I were in any other situation.

I was a bit disturbed that snapping pictures of genitals came so naturally to her, and a little more disturbed that she seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Sis, please don’t do this…” My voice faded along with my hope.

“Oh, don’t pretend like you’re not enjoying this. Look at you! You’re about to cum, for Christ’s sake!” Michelle scoffed as the phone emitted one final flash. “Pervert.”

As she left my room, she turned around, and her gaze traveled downwards. She bit her lip before disappearing, leaving me still chained to the bed.

Michelle returned about an hour later. I was still naked from the waist down, and I instinctively became semi-hard at the sight of her appearing in the doorway. I lay helplessly as my cock, which was resting innocently against my scrotum, grew and flopped onto my stomach. Michelle must have seen it, though her reaction was difficult to judge.

“How’s my little peeper doing? You ready to become internet famous?” She held the phone threateningly, as if about to push the trigger on a bomb.

“Please don’t. I’m begging you! I’ll never do it again. Promise!” I moved my hands some more, as if I could somehow reach for the phone in this state.

Michelle scoffed. “As if I’m gonna believe you.” She raised her forefinger and slowly moved it towards the phone.

“No, I’m serious! You’re not even that hot!”

Her mouth was left ajar as a deafening silence filled the room. I wondered whether I had improved my chances or sealed my fate.

Then her eyes flicked up and her piercing gaze burned a hole straight through me.

“Uh, uh, uh… w-what I meant was… I, y’know, have no reason to do it again.”

“Then why’d you do it the first time?” she asked menacingly.

I inflated my cheeks and glanced off to the side, looking for a reason.

“So you’re not attracted to me.”

“Ew! No… No! Absolutely, definitely not. Never in a million, billion years.” I shook my head emphatically.

“Prove it.” Her tone had changed—she sounded more pouty now. Her eyes welled up.

I was taken aback. “What? How?”

Michelle glanced down at my penis, still half erect from her presence. She put the phone down, and her hands hovered over her jean zipper. I watched in awe as she slowly pulled the metal down to reveal gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan her light blue panties underneath.

I opened my mouth to say ‘no.’ That would have been the logical thing to do. The right thing. But I didn’t make a sound. Despite the fear and the guilt, I couldn’t deny my own curiosity.

Twisted thoughts flooded my mind as my cock twitched in anticipation. I dreaded what would happen when Michelle finished what she started. Would I explode right away? Michelle’s beauty outclassed all the sultry models and porn stars I used to drool over. Of course my body would react to her. It was inevitable, and I could only lie still and await my doom.

Finally the zipper arrived at its destination. Michelle was teasing me and she knew it. So cruel and so alluring. I was finally staring raw sex appeal in the face. The curvatures of her body, the mounds protruding from her chest, the skin of her legs as she slid the jeans off. Her golden hair, glossy lips, stunning blue eyes. All of it was on my bed, mere inches from my naked penis.

I was hard before her pants hit the floor. Michelle stood on her knees with me between her legs. She was staring down at my erection.

A wide grin cut across her face. “Liar.”

Then she flew off the bed and landed on her feet, light as a feather. I could hear the pitter-patter of her soles against the wood floor as she walked towards me. I turned and was greeted at first by her bare thighs. Then she bent down and her face came so close to mine that I could feel her hot breath.

“Stay put, naughty boy. I’m not done with you.”

She placed the phone on my chest and glided out of the room. I stared at her backside as it swayed with every step. Then my attention turned to the screen in front of me. It was a slideshow of the pictures I had taken, restored from the trash folder I had stupidly forgotten to empty. Interspersed throughout were the snapshots of my erection.

I groaned desperately as my cock throbbed and emitted a stream of precum onto my stomach. I knew then that this was going to be a long night.

In my dreams, she’s laying on the floor, completely naked. There is nothing else in the room, just her. It’s dimly lit and flickering, as if by candlelight. This obscures most of her body, as my mind can’t complete the image and refuses to implant what isn’t real onto her. I catch glimpses of her skin, which is a golden bronze under the lighting. Otherwise, it’s mostly her silhouette. But it’s unmistakably Michelle. I can see the glare from her belly piercing and the gloss from her lips.

She spreads her legs and begins to rub her pussy. It’s a slow, circular motion at first—probably just teasing her clit. Then she sucks her fingers, moistening them in her saliva, before penetrating herself in earnest. Her other hand cups her breast, fingers teasing her nipple. Her back arches and her toes curl. Her mouth opens wide and emits an orgasmic symphony of moans and gasps as she becomes engulphed in climax.

“Nick! Nick!”

That was new. She never screams my name. My imagination was progressing. I dreaded taking it too far. I was content with just being a fly on the wall… wasn’t I?


My eyes snapped open, and I flinched in surprise. Michelle’s face again. She was gripping my hair tightly, as if preparing to bang my head against the pillow had I not woken up to her voice.

“What now?” I asked groggily.

A smile broke across her face. “There you are. Now, where were we?”

She walked across the room with a sultry gait. I realized that she was wearing black lingerie, stockings and heels included. When she reached the wall, she leaned against it with her back to me, her ass protruding prominently. She gave it a brief shake before reaching back to spread her cheeks. Then she slapped it hard.

“You like that, don’t you?” she whispered.

“No… this isn’t real… it can’t be.” I tried desperately to convince myself that I hadn’t actually woken up. But whether it was real or not, my eyes were fixated on Michelle, and no force in the universe could have made me look away.

She giggled. “Well, if this isn’t real, then I can do whatever I want, right?”

She approached my bed once again and dropped to her knees. Her hand glided up my bare thigh. I quivered under her touch and became fully erect. I watched as she arrived at my crotch and reached out to take her prize.


Her hand froze in midair, fingers open and ready to grasp her brother’s cock.

“You’re crazy. Don’t do this,” I pleaded. “What happened earlier—it didn’t mean anything, alright? It was just a natural reaction. I swear!”

Those pouty lips again, eyebrows furrowed in anger. Michelle grabbed the phone and showed me the picture of my penis. Her finger hovered over the ‘send’ button. She stood up and paced around, her heels clacking intimidatingly against the floor.

“You know, I’m getting tired of your lies, Nick. Are we just gonna ignore the way you’re fucking me with those eyes?”

“W-what? No, I didn’t…” I glanced away.

“Liar!” she screeched.

“Alright, alright! Calm down.” I gave in with an exasperated sigh. “You look gorgeous, sis. You always have. What do you want from me?” I shrugged it off, as if it were normal for any guy, even me, to want to stare at Michelle.

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