As the Birthday party wound down and the sun dipped below the tree line, the bartender and DJ began packing up their equipment. Fatima was using Mom’s kitchen to prepare an evening meal of baked ham and mac n’ cheese. Mom was helping her. Dad and Aunt Mary had disappeared again. The twins and the other girls, still in their bikinis, retreated to the family room to play video games. Jaz had mostly sobered up and joined the others in the family room. She apparently didn’t remember anything of her earlier exhibition.

I grabbed a couple sodas from the refrigerator as Jaz staggered into the kitchen to ask Mom if she could stay over tonight. I could understand that she had no interest in going home to her mama in the condition she was in. Mom pulled Jaz’s bikini top back in place to cover her exposed right nipple and then told her that she had already called her mama for permission. I could see the relief in Jaz’s face.

Fatima took advantage of Mom’s distraction and ran her hand up the leg of my bathing suit and cupped my balls. She sent me an air-kiss and released me but the damage was done and my cock started its steady rise in spite of my efforts to squelch it. I hurried out of the house to the yard before anyone noticed my condition. I handed a soda to Sylvia and with my body blocking the view of everyone else inside, Sylvia picked up where Fatima had left off.

Her nipples hardened and pushed on the shimmering material of her bikini top. They were very close to being exposed by the swooping neckline. Her face flushed and her breasts swelled from the increased blood flow. She was already heaving in air and her nipples broke free. She tried unsuccessfully to pull her top up to cover them. There was just too much boob stuffed in there already. She looked up at me and her eyes were on fire. She gripped my hard cock and said, “I’m so horny. Is there someplace we can go?”

With the sun no longer boring in on us, the temperature had cooled. I nodded toward the hot tub. She turned her head to look and then released my cock and headed that way. I followed and glanced back at the house to see if anyone was paying too much attention to us. No one was, except for Fatima, who grinned and gave me the jerk-off signal with her hand. I signaled her back by flicking my tongue rapidly up and down like the forked tongue of a snake sniffing the air.

As we settled down in the swirling water of the hot tub, Sylvia positioned herself in front of me and tugged on my bathing suit. I lifted my ass and she pulled my suit to my thighs as my cock surged out splashing water in her face. She pulled her face back and spit out water. She grinned as she looked down at my cock, visible just below the surface. She was submerged to her neck but her motion indicated that she was tugging her bikini bottom from between her legs and her eyes closed as she moaned. She was obviously fingering herself. I watched the various contortions of her face as she diddled herself with her left hand and stroked my raging hard cock with the right.

She looked around the hot tub and pulled my cock to the right to guide me into a deeper sitting seat. Where I was sitting, she would have been fully exposed if she pulled herself up and on my cock. In the new position, she would be shielded by the water, especially if the jets were on, which she then reached over and turned on.

She wasted no time as she pulled herself to me and positioned herself in my lap. She didn’t face me or position herself facing away either. She was sideways and she turned her head slightly and kissed me passionately. I held her with my left arm with her feet positioned outside my right hip. With her hand guiding my cock, she fine tuned her position and slowly slid herself onto my cock. She moved slowly, aware that the water would wash away her lubrication, but she was so horny that she slid all the way to my balls without discomfort. She turned her upper body to face me and put her hand gently to my face and kissed me again. She flexed her pussy on my cock and I returned the favor. She grinned at me and flexed again. I did the same and she groaned. Her hand went to her sex and I could feel her fingers stroking through my pubic hair and her sex. Neither of us were giving any physical indication that we were fucking as neither of us moved. To anyone watching us, Sylvia was just sitting in my lap as the jets splashed water around us.

We may not have actually been fucking but my climax began swirling around in my groin. The additional hardness signaled Sylvia and she muttered, “Oh my gawwdd, Dex. I’m so hot. I’m almost there. Wait for me.” She flexed her vaginal muscles hard on my cock. I gritted my teeth to hold back and to flex my cock as hard as I could. Fuck, I was close and I thought my head would explode trying to wait for her. We were in a passionate kiss preparing for our joint explosive orgasms when there was a different kind of splashing. I broke our embrace to see what it was.

As hard as my heart gaziantep suriyeli escort bayan was hammering in my chest already, it leaped up into my throat when I saw Dad and Aunt Mary settling down in the hot water beside us. Aunt Mary had her bathing suit on. Dad had settled down into the water before I opened my eyes. I could only surmise that he had his bathing suit on too. I couldn’t imagine him otherwise with Sylvia sitting here in my lap. They didn’t seem to realize what we were doing or else they didn’t care.

Sylvia was so close to her orgasm that she didn’t immediately register the rise in water level from two more bodies. I nudged her with my arm around her back and she opened her eyes and they went wide when she saw Dad and Aunt Mary sitting there beside us with bubbling water surging around their necks. Their eyes were closed as they luxuriated in the hot water.

My pending orgasm disappeared almost instantly and I started to lift her off my cock as inconspicuously as possible. Sylvia resisted and mouthed the word, ‘no’. I let her settle back down on my cock and she stared at Dad’s and Aunt Mary’s closed eyes as she flexed her vaginal muscles again. I mouthed the words, ‘Are you crazy?’ She just grinned at me and flexed again. I flexed too and it wasn’t long before she was back up again. I was nowhere close.

As her orgasm eased into her, she pushed her face into the crook of my neck and shoulder and buried her groans there. The roar of the jets prevented even me from hearing her. Her body writhed in my arms as her pussy clenched hard and then released on my cock. It repeated several times. The waves caused by her lurching body were lost in the water bursting to the surface.

The jets were on a timer and they could shut off any moment. When Sylvia’s orgasm subsided, she kissed me on the chin. I was concentrating on Dad and Aunt Mary sitting beside us. I slowly lifted her off my granite hard cock and she pulled the material between her legs back in place. While she was still lifted off me, I lifted my ass and pulled my suit back up. It was a struggle getting a wet bathing suit on over my erection, but I finally got it.

We stood up and the receding water level caused Dad to open his eyes. He looked at us and an odd smile formed. I couldn’t be sure, but my guess was that he knew exactly what we were doing. He closed his eyes again and I helped Sylvia step out to the ground.

When we got back to the table, we had used all day, Sylvia was snickering with a hand to her mouth. I was trying to figure out what to do with my raging hard-on. She pushed her body to mine, pressing my hard-on to my stomach and whispered, “Oh my gawwdd, Dex. That was awesome. Do you think your dad knew what we were doing? God, I hope not.” I lied and shook my head. She gripped my erection and said, “I have to change. I’ll be right back.”

As she left swishing her ass from side to side in an exaggerated motion, I grabbed my tented bathing suit and waggled my hard cock at her when she turned back to see if I was watching her go. She grinned and jabbed her tongue in and out of her cheek.

I grabbed a towel and dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist to hide my erection. As I headed inside, I glanced into the hot tub and Dad and Aunt Mary hadn’t moved. The jets had shut off and there wasn’t any hint of impropriety through the crystal-clear water.

With the girls in the family room playing video games, I sat down at the bar and watched Mom and Fatima working in the kitchen. I caught Fatima ogling Mom’s cleavage in her bikini top. Mom noticed too and she grinned over at me.

A couple minutes later, I noticed movement to my left. I glanced to see what it was. It was Sylvia, fully dressed as she had arrived, on her hands and knees crawling along the wall toward me. She had a very sultry look on her face as she grinned at me. She came up under the bar and parted the towel and reached up my leg into my damp bathing suit. I didn’t look down to give her away but I involuntarily sucked in air in a gasp when Sylvia pushed her lips onto my cock. Mom heard my gasp and looked over at me for a moment and then returned to her task.

I had done this before with Mom and I knew the drill. I concentrated on keeping my facial contortions in check, and it took everything I could muster as Sylvia bobbed her head up and down from tip to balls. Mom kept glancing at me and I just smiled back at her. Sylvia gave me a little reprieve as she sucked her way to the ridge and released the suction, so she wouldn’t make a noise. Then she gripped my cock lightly to hold it in place as she licked her way down my shaft to my balls and pulled one and then the other into her mouth. She pulled on my ball-sack and eased them from her lips and tongued her way back up to the tip.

Fatima bent over to look in the oven and took the opportunity to pull her short white cotton skirt up her thighs. She gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan wasn’t wearing panties and she reached down and ran her fingers through her sex for me to see. Mom was pulling dishes from an overhead cabinet and didn’t see. I was getting close and it was getting harder to maintain a casual appearance. My balls were working on my pending load. Fatima stood up and closed the oven door and then came over and put her elbows down on the bar with her face a foot from mine and just looked at me. I was sure that I couldn’t pass close scrutiny like Fatima was giving me right then.

My hands needed to do something so I gripped the edge of the bar to hold on. Sylvia was sucking on my cock so hard; I was sure I’d blow backwards when I came. Mom chose that moment to leave the kitchen. My heart leaped up into my throat. Fatima saw the change in my expression but she had no clue as to the cause. Fortunately, Mom turned left into the family room and announced that dinner would be ready in five minutes.

Sylvia’s head was driving up and down my shaft and cum boiled out of my balls and launched up my shaft into her waiting mouth. I couldn’t help but let out a groan that brought Fatima up on the bar so she could look into my lap. Sylvia was gulping down my load and making her own noises in the process. Fatima’s eyes went wide when she saw Sylvia with my cock buried in her mouth. She mumbled, “Oh my gaawwdd, guys.” She looked up at me and said, “Your Mom will be back any second. Jesus.” Sylvia swallowed several times and pulled her lips off my cock when she was sure I was done. She licked all around my shaft and then rolled away from me and crept back along the wall to the hallway looking back at me with a Cheshire Cat grin.

Before I could pull the towel back over my cock, Fatima reached over the bar and grabbed my slowly softening cock and stroked it a few times. Then she dragged her index fingernail through the ‘eye’ to collect post-cum that Sylvia hadn’t had time to get with her tongue. Fatima slid back across the bar to her feet and just as Mom walked back into the kitchen, Fatima pushed her index finger into her mouth. Mom looked at her and said, “No sampling dinner with your fingers.” Fatima grinned at her and pulled her finger from her lips. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

Sylvia appeared from the hallway and she sat down on the stool next to mine. She grinned at Fatima with a little embarrassment on her face from getting caught sucking my cock. At the same time, Sylvia slid her right hand along my thigh and under the towel to tug on my softened dick. I don’t think she expected to get any reaction but she was wrong. My dick took up the challenge and slowly hardened again. She leaned closer and whispered, “You’re amazing. How do you do that?” She just held it and tightened her grip as it got harder. She didn’t try to jerk me off. She just held it as she kept a close eye on Mom across the bar.

Fatima got the meal on the dining room table and Mom took up the task of getting a roomful of mostly inebriated teenage girls to the table. Dad and Aunt Mary were drying off in the backyard and they came to the table with towels around them. I pushed Sylvia’s hand off my cock, cinched my towel up and moved over to the table before the room full of tittering girls came in and caught me with another erection. Sylvia followed and sat beside me. She giggled as she looked into my lap to see me hiding my hard-on with my hands above the towel.

Dinner was interesting. The twins seemed sober but they had always been good at hiding it if they came home from a date a little drunk. Jillian wasn’t fooling anyone and wasn’t trying to. She came close enough to going down in her dinner plate that when she caught herself and sat back up, she had yellow cheese on the end of her nose. That got all the other girls roaring with laughter. I chuckled a little. I couldn’t help it. Sylvia elbowed me in the ribs.

I kept checking to see if Sylvia was okay to drive and she seemed fine. I had a few beers during the day but had stopped several hours ago. Dad had a lot of beers and he was the only one at the table still drinking. Jaz was sobering up after her ‘nap’ but she still struggled to keep her balance in her chair. Her bikini top was in disarray again and her right nipple was showing again. This seemed to amuse Sylvia the most and she finally leaned over and yanked Jaz’s top back in place. Jaz turned her head slowly as it wobbled on her neck and gave Sylvia a derisive look and muttered, “Bitch.”

Sylvia turned back to me and grinned as she said, “I think she’s pissed at me because she didn’t get her fuck on the picnic table.” I leaned forward to look at Jaz. The look that she had given Sylvia quickly morphed into a smile as she pursed her lips and gave me an air-kiss and mouthed the word, ‘Later?’.

Sarah and Amber had been really buzzed earlier in the gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort bayan day but they were recovering as they both surreptitiously listened in on Aunt Mary’s and Mom’s quiet conversation across the table in front of Dad, seated at the end of the table. They were both leaning toward each other; each with a hand on Dad’s thighs to balance themselves. Both of them were beyond buzzed. I couldn’t see what they were doing under the table but from the giggles coming from Sarah and Amber, they could see fine.

After dinner, Fatima and Sylvia cleaned up together. Fatima washed the dishes and pans and Sylvia dried. They used the time together to talk and I left them alone and went to sit in the family room. Sarah and Jennifer were on the video game and the others hooted with a good move and teased with a bad one.

I helped Fatima carry her equipment to the truck and once stowed properly she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. She broke the embrace and said, “Silly and I are getting together at her apartment soon. I hope you can make it.”

I smiled as a vision of a ‘two-on-one’ flashed through my mind. I nodded and said, “If that’s what Sylvia wants, she’ll let me know.” Fatima nodded and jumped up in the driver’s seat. The DJ was in the passenger seat patiently waiting. I watched and waved as she exited the driveway.

As I opened the front door, Sylvia was just reaching for the doorknob. She had her stuff in her carry-bag and her car-keys jangled from her left hand. She pushed herself against me and went up on her toes to give me a kiss. She said, “I had a wonderful time. I love your family. They made me feel right at home. I’ll call you tomorrow to see if you survived the night.”

I laughed and held her close and looked down into her beautiful eyes. I said, “I was just curious how your nickname came to be ‘Silly’.”

Sylvia giggled and said, “Tima and I became roommates at the start of our junior year. We were kind of getting to know each other and I made the mistake of assuming her nickname was ‘Fati’. She was anything but fat but she let me know in no uncertain terms that if I was going to call her that, we were going to have some problems. So, I came up with ‘Tima’. She liked it. We were at a frat party one night and I was pretty blasted. She was keeping an eye out for me. Guys were circling like sharks trying to take advantage of my condition. I’m a happy drunk and I couldn’t stop giggling and laughing. I guess Tima had had enough and she busted through the guys crowded around me and said, ‘Come on Silly. It’s time to go.’ To say the least the frat boys were upset with her. We made it out of there okay and she’s called me ‘Silly’ ever since. She’s the only one who calls me that and don’t you even think of calling me that, at least not at work.”

She stretched up and kissed me again and then went to her car. She waved out the open window of her Mini Cooper as she drove off. I stood there watching until she was out of sight and then went back inside. I went up to my room to get out of my bathing suit. The nylon net liner, inside my suit was chafing my balls. I pulled on my knee length nylon basketball short without underwear and marveled at how much better that felt. I pulled on a fresh tank and when I opened my bedroom door I nearly ran into Mom.

She pushed me back and closed my door behind her. She walked past me and sat down on my bed and said, “I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love Sylvia. She’s beautiful. Are you going steady or an item or whatever you call it these days?”

I looked at Mom for a moment as I thought on her question. Then I just shrugged my shoulders, “Hard to say Mom. It’s physical and for the moment, and that’s enough. Mom smiled and nodded. “Mom?” I said. “Where is everyone sleeping tonight?”

Mom replied, “In the same beds as last night. Sarah, Amber and Jaz are sleeping in her dad’s van. I’m told that the back-seat folds down to a bed. I also heard that you know all about that.” A sheepish smile formed on my face. I guess the twins ratted me out about my shopping trip to the mall. “If Sylvia had opted to stay over, we would have been okay with her sleeping in here with you if she wanted to. I’m glad she didn’t stay though. It could have been awkward for her and your father if the wrong person saw her car here overnight.” She chuckled and whispered, “Besides, I have plans for you tonight. I’ve been missing you.”

I could only imagine what that meant and I knew she wouldn’t reveal her plans until the time came. My cock was anxious and it lifted the long nylon pant leg of my shorts. To change the subject, I decided to broach the subject of Dad and Aunt Mary again. “When did Jillian and Jennifer start joining you and Dad and Aunt Mary?” Mom’s mouth fell open slightly as her eyes darted everywhere but at me. She didn’t respond for several seconds.

She started examining her fingers and finally looked at me and motioned for me to come closer. She gripped my hardening cock through the nylon material with her right hand and just held it as I sat down beside her. She said, “Two years ago. They caught your father and Aunt Mary in bed together. She was riding him cow-girl style. That’s her favorite position. She never got to be in control with your Uncle Ray.” She was heading off on a tangent and I twirled my hand in the air to get her back on track.

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