Thanks for all of the wonderful mostly positive feedback on “Size8 Panties: To Daddy.” So many readers requested a part 2 I just had to write it. I hope what you find here meets with your approval. Thanks again for the input, it means a lot. And yes, for the lady who so requested the color Yellow will not be forgotten.


After making out with her daughter and kissing her husband after coming in the door from the makeover party Pam went back to her bedroom. When she got there she stuffed a bag under her bed and changed into her nightie. The 39 year old woman was hornier than she had been in a long time and couldn’t help feeling herself up as she changed.

Tonight she wasn’t wearing just any nightie. Her short pink gown with the plunging neck line was screaming out that she needed hot sex. The garment was short enough that if she moved at all her teal bikini panties would show. She thought teal and pink didn’t go together very well but figured the fact that she had been leaking like a faucet into the crotch ever since she left that afternoon would make up for the lack of fashion sense.

Looking over at her daddy as her mom left the room Brenda noticed the large bulge in his pants as he watched Pam’s big ass walk away. The girl figured she had him alone for; at least, a couple of minutes and walked up to him and gave the tent in his pants a squeeze. Then caressing the erection she purred, “Daddy, Do something for me, please? When mom comes back take her to the couch and make out with her. I want to watch.”

Getting more than a little turned on Dale reached up and grabbed one of her large melons. Confused by the request he answered, “I can’t smooch in front of my own kid besides, and even if I could your mom would never go for it.”

“Daddy you fucked your own kid just a couple of hours ago so surely you can play with your wife in front of me. I just want to see you guys caress and kiss. Actually, I’d love to see full fledged foreplay and see if you guys play with her panties like we did. Even better I’d love to see you stick this monster in her pussy but that is too much to ask.”

“Brenda, your hand feels great down there. Alright, I’ll give it a try, but no promises.” Just then they heard the bedroom door open and they quickly parted as Brenda took a seat across from the couch. Dale and Brenda gasped and nearly passed out when they saw how hot Pam looked in the nightie.

“My God, Mom, what’s that you are wearing?” Brenda asked as her mom walked passed her swaying her ass sensually in Brenda’s face as she went.

“Pam, you look amazing,” Dale stammered out. He wanted to shout out something about how could she wear something like that in front of their daughter but in light of what Brenda wanted him to do he decided that it was pointless. He patted the couch cushion signaling Pam to sit next to him.

The trio exchanged small talk about the party Pam had been at and the other non-sexual parts of the day. Dale was surprised that Pam had sat down so that their thighs were touching. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth he gently placed his hand on her knee and began caressing her. Gradually his hand worked its way to her mid thigh and he put his other arm around her and leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

As he slid his arm more fully around her shoulder so that his fingertips were just touching the top of the meaty part of her breast a concerned look came over Pam’s face. She was truly enjoying his attention, but this was not the place. She pressed her lips against his ear, causing her nightie to slide up showing Brenda her undies while stabbing him with one of her nipples, and whispered, “Panty man, let’s go to the bedroom for this.”

“Let’s stay here just a bit longer so I can drive you mad,” he whispered back. Then putting a hand on her chin he pulled her to look him in the eye and gave her a soft sensual kiss lightly pushing his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues danced together merrily before Pam sat back in position. Pulling her closer Dale’s hand crept further up her thigh.

“If you two are talking about not wanting to make out in front of me don’t worry about it. I’ve watched plenty of my friends smooch and much more so it’s no big deal. Besides it is kind of cute and even a little sexy to see you guys like that,” Brenda spoke trying to use her most reassuring voice. Not wanting to scare his wife off Dale simply kept rubbing Pam’s upper leg and shoulder for a couple of minutes while she thought over the situation. Then turning he flicked his tongue out and nibbled on her ear.

Pam felt herself melting as she had always been an easy conquest for her husband. She reasoned there was no harm in a little kissing and light petting in front of their daughter. The gusset of her panties was already getting wet as she leaned into Dale and passionately kissed him while running her hand over his strong chest. Their tongues did a furious tango as their hands crazily explored gaziantep ucuz escort bayan one another’s backsides.

Shivers went up Brenda’s spine as she watched her parent’s necking getting more and more serious. Her dad had gotten a hand on her Mom’s panties right in the middle of the ass cheek and was softly kneading it. As her dad nibbled on her mom’s neck her mother unbuttoned Dale’s shirt. To Brenda’s amazement it was clear that her mother had already forgotten she was there; she wasn’t sure about her dad.

Looking on Brenda’s honey was beginning to flow and she reached under her blouse and toyed with her breasts pushing her bra out of the way just as her father laid her mother flat on the couch. As Dale pulled the nightie off of Pam’s shoulders revealing her twin mounds she was unfastening his pants. Brenda was disappointed by what her dad said next, “Pam, remember our little girl is watching.”

The truth was, however, that Pam’s lust was in overdrive from the earlier sessions with her husband and daughter. Grinding her tits in Dale’s face she pushed his pants and briefs down showing Brenda his tiny ass. Roaring she answered him, “Let the little slut get her own cock because if she wants this one she will just have to wait.”

Neither Dale nor Brenda thought that Pam was going to let Dale fuck his daughter figuring it was just the lust talking. For the second time in just a few days Brenda watched as her mom yanked on her dad’s prick. She wasn’t being at all gentle as with every yank Dale grunted. Climbing off the sofa Dale stood beside Pam as she continued to give his cock a workout while he leaned down and pulled off the nightie and teal panties.

Upon seeing this Brenda threw her clothes aside and used both hands on her cunt caressing the lips before jabbing a couple of fingers in and out of it while her other hand concentrated on her turgid joy button. Dale exclaimed, “Oh shit, Pam, I am on fucking fire! God, your body is fucking amazing.”

“Then give me the fucking panties and get this thing inside of me my Panty man,” Pam eagerly responded. Brenda didn’t believe that they were about to fuck right in front of her. This was not the parents she had grown up with, or maybe they had kept most of it hidden from her. As Brenda looked on, frozen in place, Dale carefully laid the silky undies on Pam’s boobies. As he placed a hand on each side of Pam’s shoulders getting into position she dropped one leg to the floor spreading herself wide open for him.

Brenda walked over closer so she could get a better view of the action that was unfolding in front of her. Picking up her undies Pam did what she had done dozens of times before and rubbed the material all over her chest while her husband was finding the opening of her cunt with his big cock. Their daughter’s fingers were busily working on her own pussy transfixed by what she saw.

Just as Dale’s cock bottomed out in Pam’s twat the two woman’s eyes met. At first a look of shock came over the older woman’s face but then she remembered that Brenda had never left. Figuring it was too late to undo things now Pam simply smiled up at her daughter and wrapped her arms around Dale’s back pulling him tighter into her.

It wasn’t long before Dale and Pam found their rhythm and he was traveling briskly in and out of her slippery pussy. Moving a hand from his back Pam removed the panties from her nipples and started playing with them between their two faces. It was then that Brenda got a Wonderfully sinister idea.

Practically skipping over to where she had dropped her own panties Brenda scooped them up and headed straight for the couch. Without a doubt these were her sexiest pair of underwear and she had put them on to try and seduce her father again later, but now she had a better idea. They were silk lemon bikinis with lace accents around the edges. The cotton crotch was large and retained a lot of cunt drippings.

Feverishly Brenda rubbed her undies against her cunt hole collecting her juices. Watching her mother playing with her own panties Brenda picked a moment when Pam was in pure ecstasy to grab the teal pair and quickly replace it with her own soaked yellow pair. To her own surprise Brenda was soon licking and sniffing her mom’s panties.

Dale and Pam did not miss a beat as Pam continued toying with Brenda’s panties sharing them with her husband. Their hips were banging hard against each other with each thrust of Dale’s cock. Her parent’s mouths and noses furiously worked over Brenda’s panties. The girl knew it wouldn’t be long before she came with all of this stimulation so she leaned down and queried, “Do you guys like your baby girl’s dirty cunt honey filled panties? Are you both gonna cum smelling and tasting what came from my honey pot?”

Both parents were too far gone and upon hearing Brenda’s questions began fucking even harder losing all control. Pam dropped gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan Brenda’s panties to her mouth and Dale leaned down and passionately kissed her hard right through the material. His balls were slapping against his wife’s crotch as she writhed in sexual bliss under him. Pam hollered out, “Come on, cum fucker, cum inside of me, oh yes fill me up, bastard.”

“Sweet bitch, I am fucking cumming; you wanted it you got, shit!” With that he let lose onto the walls of Pam’s cunt. It wasn’t a big load, but considering all of the action earlier he was surprised he shot that much. Exhausted Dale and Pam fell into each other’s arms. Brenda’s yellow undies were laying between Pam’s shoulder and head, so Brenda reached down to reclaim them.

“These are mine so I’ll take them. Guess what, none of us has to worry anymore about wearing clothing around each other.” The last statement seemed silly but it was true as she admired her mother’s cum soaked pussy and her father’s limp prick Brenda put back on her lemon panties. Then leaning down she gave her mother a quick kiss while squeezing her breast and then kissed her dad giving his withered dick a tug.

Not giving her parents a chance to say anything Brenda scampered out of the room and climbed under the covers. For their part, Pam and Dale just laid together not knowing what to say or do. Emotions were spinning out of control as they knew what had just happened was very wrong. But, neither of them could admit what a turn on it had been let alone that they had each had sex with their daughter or even worse that they would like to have a threesome with her.

Five minutes must have passed before either of them moved. Dale climbed off of Pam and sat upright on the sofa followed by Pam pulling her legs out from behind his back and swinging her body up beside him. Dale spoke first, “That was so fucking amazing Pam, but I am so fucking confused.”

“Fuck yes, on both counts; but, I think we both suspect something because Brenda wouldn’t just watch us like that unless something had changed around here.” Pam knew her daughter like the back of her hand and now realized she wouldn’t have made a pass at her unless something was also going on between her and her father. She was mad at herself for not thinking of this in the heat of lust when Brenda had her fingers up her skirt.

“Like what,” was all Dale could muster being careful not to be the one to reveal a secret of this proportion. He had to be sure before he said something he would regret as he wasn’t sure Pam would really make out with their daughter.

“Like I would be willing to bet that she has now slept with both of us.” Dale’s jaw dropped as he couldn’t believe in so few words she had both confessed of lesbianism with their daughter and accused him of fucking their baby. Both of their faces turned crimson and nothing needed to be said.

“So what do we do next,” Dale asked. He wasn’t sure that he wanted the answer as he really wanted to keep fucking both of them not really caring if Pam and Brenda continued sharing each other. This thought started to bring his erection back to life.

“I don’t know sweetheart; why don’t we sleep on it and see what happens tomorrow?” Pam’s mind was racing and judging by her husband’s erection she thought she knew what he wanted to do. Picking up their stray clothing they walked back to their room and slept snuggled in each other’s arms.

Dale awoke in the morning to his wife giving him a kiss goodbye as there was a door buster sale she needed to get to at the local department store. She wanted to talk things out but the sale was only good until noon and she had to get some new jeans even if it meant Dale and Brenda might get together again.

Just the little peck she had given him had awoken Dale’s cock and remembering yesterday’s events he laid there and thought about making a trip down the hall to Brenda’s room. At first he resisted as he began to stroke his prick. Somehow this seemed very unsatisfying to him. The more he rubbed himself the less he felt like he was going to cum as he knew where he could get a real pussy. Giving in after a couple of minutes he climbed out of his bed and took the short walk.

Gently he pushed Brenda’s door open and looked at her bed. There she was laying on top of the covers totally nude other than those silky lemon yellow panties. The naked man strolled over to the bedside and gently sat on the edge. Wasting no time he placed his big firm hands on her large ass cheeks and began caressing her silky butt. Sleepily turning her head toward him the girl said, “Good morning, are you going to fuck me this morning?”

“Do you want me to fuck you, little girl,” he asked exploring the silky crotch. Brenda reached down and wrapped her fingers around his member.

“Oh yes, daddy, I want your big cock in my little bitty pussy. Daddy, I want to gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan be your little fuck slut.” As she said this she sat up beside him and then planted a masterful sensual kiss on his lips. Hotter than ever Dale grabbed her twin globes and sucked them in turn into his mouth while she teased his pecker and balls.

It didn’t take long before Brenda was sprawled out on the bed, legs wide apart, with her father’s head shoved up against her crotch sucking her cunt through the material but he was so worked up that this didn’t last long. Soon, he was on top of her pummeling her tight twat like a machine gun with his big cock.

Brenda pounded the bed with her fists as thrust after thrust lifted her off of the bed. Her father’s face was contorted as he strained with each downward motion. Both lovers were gasping for air as they came closer and closer to the mountain top. One last loud grunt and Dale released a flood of spunk into his little girl’s pussy just as wave after wave of orgasm was rushing over her. He kissed her on the forehead and thanked her.

Hurriedly Dale left the room feeling a bit guilty and also feeling very wonderful. He knew his wife would help figure things out when she got home. A half an hour later Dale was in the living room and had gotten dressed when Brenda came in all cleaned up but wearing nothing but those sexy yellow panties. He was opening his mouth to tell her to put some clothes on when instead the front door opened and in walked Pam.

Brenda had been looking out her window to see when her mom pulled up so she could time her appearance in the front room perfectly. Pam was only mildly surprised to see her daughter almost nude. Dropping her packages on a side table she glanced at her husband and noticed the enormous bulge in his pants as Brenda ran over to her and gave her a peck on the lips purring, “Hi mommy.”

“Brenda, what do you think you are doing traipsing around the house like that?” Pam asked this question trying to sound very stern but at the same time wanting to grab one of her daughter’s tits and suck it into her mouth. She also knew that given the slightest nod from her Dale would be all over both of them as oversexed as he was.

“Well, remember I told you last night that we didn’t have to worry about how we dressed around each other after I saw daddy’s big cock fuck your sweet tasting pussy. After all, mommy, I watched you and dad both sniff and kiss my nasty panties; this very pair that I have on.” With one hand Brenda pinched her nipples while she sensually ran her other hand over her undies. “Dear, that should have never happened. That was a one time thing; it was wrong,” Pam gulped as she spoke She knew full well that if Brenda didn’t go back to her room things were bound to happen.

“I don’t believe you, mom! I bet that if you sniffed my panties right now the three of us would be making love in seconds. Come on, mom, I dare you to sniff my nasty panties. If you don’t start making love with me in one minute I will go back to my room and get dressed.” Pam thought about it and decided to take her daughter’s challenge hoping to resist so that she could put off the inevitable until they could talk about it and decide how far they wanted to go.

“You promise that if I don’t try to make love to you in one minute you will get dressed and we will talk this over like adults.”

“Yes, mommy I promise. Daddy you count to sixty for us. Ok, sweet mommy bury your face in your little girl’s crotch.” Judging from what she had witnessed Brenda figured her mom would not make it quite the whole minute. Pam slid to the floor and once her face was against the bright yellow material Dale started counting.

He counted very slowly making it clear that he wanted a family orgy. He needn’t have worried as Brenda’s Panties reeked of her sweet cunt and by the time he reached the count of five Pam was already caressing her daughter’s butt and boobs. By fifteen she was pinching Brenda’s nipples between her thumb and fingers. At thirty she was sucking the juices from Brenda’s panties and when he reached forty she threw off her blouse and bra while moaning deeply.

Dale stopped counting and scurried from his chair, stripped and joined his wife and daughter. Planting kisses all over Brenda’s silky ass Dale was in pure heaven hoping his wife would not come to her senses. Pam began kissing up her daughter’s belly and noticed that Dale had joined them. In resignation she whispered, “Ok, baby I guess you win; but your daddy needs to get the package of rubbers so you don’t get pregnant before we get you on the pill.”

Dale was relieved that the only obstacle to both of these sexy ladies was he had to run and get a box of condoms. Not wasting any time he got to his feet and ran to the night stand in the bedroom and grabbed a supply. Meanwhile, both ladies were on their feet passionately kissing and caressing. He got back just in time to see Pam kick off her shoes as Brenda pushed his wife’s skirt down revealing an almost identical pair of yellow panties.

Squeezing each other tightly mother and daughter were grinding hard against one another. Dale wasn’t sure how to join in. Finally, they broke apart and Brenda motioned him over. Both ladies took a turn kissing him. Hands were busily pinching, pulling, rubbing, caressing and squeezing whatever body part they could reach.

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