It’s a cold January day. A silver nondescript mid size car pulls into the attached garage of a mid sixties middle class suburban home in a quiet neighborhood. As the garage door rattles down two beautiful blond ladies get out.

The driver is Angela, AKA Angel. She’s wearing low heel red leather ankle boots. A snug yellow long sleeve knee length dress is under her three quarter length arctic wolf fur. Her hair is tied in a pony tail by a yellow ribbon. She’s thirty one years old and has just picked up her older sister at the train, two hours drive away.

Her thirty five year old sister Valeria (Val) is wearing a red fox cape that flows down to her knees, it’s luxurious hood draped down her back. Under it is a turquoise long sleeve cowl neck angora sweater and an ankle length smoky blue wool skirt. Her shiny black four inch heels wrap her feet in knee length elegance.

Her hair is brushed to a roll on the back of her head, held by a big pink plastic clip with rhinestone trimmed butterfly wings. They match her pink plastic hoop earrings and pink, rhinestone trimmed, heart shaped shades. As Dolly Parton once said “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”

She grabs her soft travel bag from behind the seat and follows Angel into the kitchen.

“My God Angel. This is your bride? She’s so beautiful!”

Just turning from the stove is a tall statuesque beauty with long thick black hair. Her dark brown eves are accentuated by long lashes. She’s wearing a red and pink gingham apron with frilly trim. On her feet are extreme spike heels, pink with little white bows over the toes. Her pink chastity belt matches her collar and cuff set. There is a sixteen inch chain between her wrists and a nine inch one between her ankles. A twelve foot chain attaches her collar to the bottom corner of the counter. She’s forty three years old.

“Come here my love.”

Her heels click and her chain drags across the slate tiles. Her eyes are lit up, her smile full of love. She and Angel hug and share a tender kiss.

“Gloria Darling, this is my sister Valeria. Val, my wife Gloria. Darling, give Val a kiss.”

Such a warm welcome from her new sister in law.

“Gloria, be a dear and pour us three glasses of Chardonnay. You may join us.” They draped their furs over the backs of the tall chairs at the kitchen island. Gloria sat silently on the chair closest to the stove. So happy her love was home. She quietly listened to the sisters chatting. She knew not to interrupt when Angela had guests.

“So, Sis, the divorce is finally over.”

“Finally! I got the condo, he got the lake house. I got a very good cash and stock settlement too, which reminds me, I changed my will. There’s a copy for you in my bag. You are the principal beneficiary.”

“Lets go sit in the front room while Gloria finishes cooking supper. Put your bag in the second bedroom on the right.”

Val picked up her bag and cape and left. Angela wrapped her arms around Gloria. “My beautiful, beautiful bride. Do you know how much I love you?”

They kissed. Long slow and tenderly. Angela opened a drawer on the island and lifted out a pink ball gag.


Gloria almost whimpered, but knew not to beg. She opened her mouth obediently.

Wrapping her arms around Gloria’s waist, she grabbed two handfuls of ass cheek. “You are so wonderful. Ring your bell when gaziantep vip escort bayan dinners ready and I’ll unlock your chain so you can set the table for three, Beautiful.”

Soon the sisters were kissing very inappropriately on the couch. Val slipped her hand up under the hem of Angel’s dress.

“It seems my little sister forgot her undies today. I’m going to have to give her a licking.” Her other hand was sliding the zipper down on the back of Angela’s dress as she spoke.

Angel lay back on the couch wearing only her bra. She smiled, reminiscing, as Val ate her.

Mommy went all ape shit when she caught them sixty nine in Val’s bed that morning. She’d met some people on the dark side in college. When Daddy went for his annual fishing trip with his pals they’d over powered Mommy and introduced her to lesbian sex. She cried a lot as they took turns using her. Poor Mommy. The slavers paid a generous finders fee.

Daddy read ‘Mommy’s’ “Dear John” letter over and over. He never re married.

Gloria rang her bell. Dinner was wonderful. Irish stew and dumplings. Perfect for a cold winter’s night.

“Gloria, you are a wonder. I’ve never had such fluffy dumplings. Yummy.”

“Thank you Miss Valeria.”

“Well, I think my bride deserves to cum tonight. What do you say Gloria?”

“Yes, yes please Angela. I’ll be a good wife.”

“I know you will be Darling.”

It was a few years ago. Angela had just finished college and taken her first job in this medium size city. She was looking for a place to board while she looked for an apartment. She answered the ad in the ‘Penny Saver.’

Gloria, James Walker’s widow, wanted company more than she needed the money.

Soon Angela’s bed didn’t need making It was a gradual process.

“Gloria, let’s try something different. let me tie you down with scarves to the bedposts and ravage you.”

After an evening out. “Oh Dear, leave your heels on, you look so sexy in them.”

“We’re alone, take off your skirt for the evening. For me, Baby.”

Soon she’s waiting for Angela to come home wearing just her bra, panties and heels.

Then the ‘gifts’ came by UPS. “Just to show how much I want to keep you safe, Dearest.”

Fur lined cuffs and collar sets, and a variety of ball gags.

“I read this will make your orgasms way more intense. Try it on.” She handed Gloria the chastity belt and showed her the matched set of tiny gold padlocks she’s bought. “These are symbols of my undying love Gloria.”

Canada had legalized gay marriage decades ago so even in this small city it wasn’t difficult to find someone to marry them.

Gloria had drifted away from all her old friends. Some wondered when she’d changed teams when they heard about the wedding.

Angela looked after her so completely. She’d never been happier.

They all cleared the table. Angela put her bride. The most beautiful woman in the world, on her chain and they shared a long tender kiss. Angel could never get enough of Gloria’s kisses. She held up the pink ball gag. Gloria opened wide. “I’ll be back for you soon. Get the cleaning up done My Love.”

Angela and Valeria shared a shower, of course playing their favorite shower game. Finger fucking each other under the hot water, seeing who would lose and come first.

“You gaziantep yabancı escort bayan cheated!”

“No I didn’t. Did Angel say ‘No rectum diddling?’ I think not.” They both giggled as they toweled each other dry and brushed their hair.

It was so good to be back with her little sister, thought Valeria.

Angela put on the pastel green satin peignoir Gloria had given her for Christmas and went for her. With lots of kissing she undressed Gloria in the bathroom. “Now remember, no cumming in the shower.”

“I know. I’ll be good.”

Valeria was sitting on the king size bed in the master bedroom. She wore a black gossamer ankle length robe. It’s back was bare to the crack of her ass. A frill of the transparent material flounced up, over her shoulders, then dove down to her belly button. So elegant, yet totally revealing.

“Doesn’t Val look beautiful Dear?”

Gloria nodded as she licked her lips.

“Sit on this chair. We’re going to play a game as I brush your hair. If you cum, we’ll put your ‘no touch’ restraints on and you can watch Val and I make love. If you hold off, you may come as often as you like tonight.”

Valeria began edging Gloria as Angela brushed her long black hair. Gloria was quivering, but she held on.

“Good girl. You win. Lets get you fucked Darling.”

Naked, she was the filling in a sister sandwich. They kissed, cuddled and stroked.

Valeria slipped down. The feel of her sheer soft gown on Gloria’s legs as she was kissed ,fingered and licked drove her wild. She came almost instantly.

Val kissed up. Angel kissed down. They met and adored Gloria’s generous breasts. Kissing licking and suckling. Gloria stroked the beautiful sister’s blond heads. This was better than she’d ever imagined.

Angel kissed on down. Past her belly button. Skirting her pussy. Down her legs. She kissed and sucked each pretty little toe. Meanwhile Val kissed up to Gloria’s open mouth and warm kisses.

As Angela kissed her way up to Gloria’s pussy, Val climbed up, floated her gown over Gloria and grasped the diamond tufted white satin head board, then lowered her cunt to Gloria’s lips.

Gloria knew she was the luckiest girl in the whole world. Her beautiful young bride eating her out so lovingly. Her elegant sister in law’s sweet pussy dripping cunt juice down her chin as she lapped and kissed.

Soon Angel’s loving attention did it. She came again. Her gasp as she licked sent Val over the top at the same time.

The three beautiful ladies cuddled and kissed. Gloria’s fingers drifted down to her loving bride’s treasure.

They say there’s nothing as pious as a reformed whore. Maybe there’s no more dedicated carpet licker than a lady who’s switched teams. Gloria slid down between Angela’s legs and began to worship. She started with a big wet lick along the puffy lips. Then kisses, lots of them. Teasing and teasing. With fingers and kisses she parted the lips to heaven and lapped Angel’s juices.

Angel loved the tickle of Gloria’s long beautiful hair on her thighs as she received her love’s attention.

Valeria had a surprise. “Keep eating sweetie, but get that beautiful butt up.” She slipped her strap on cock into Gloria’s pussy.

With arms around Gloria she cupped and fondled her big swaying boobs gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan as she drilled her. Both Angel and Gloria came.

They all cuddled in a soft warm tangle.

Gloria reached for Val’s discarded cock.

“Miss Valeria, I’d like to fuck you.”

Giggle. “I thought you’d never ask.’

Bonking the driver of the limo that took her to the train this morning had been OK until he came too soon.

Gloria knew what she was doing. She gave her sister in law a good hard missionary screwing. Valeria’s boobs jiggled with each solid thrust.

They all kissed and whispered until thoughts were lost part way through a sentence.

Gloria woke with Angel’s hand over her mouth and a finger to her lips She indicated towards the door with her head. Gloria slipped out of bed and quietly closed the bedroom door behind them.

“Let’s get dressed in the other room while Val sleeps.”

After a shared shower where they fingered each other to a delicious orgasm they got dressed.

“We’ve got company coming this morning, but I’ll take you for your walk after lunch. I’ve laid out your French Maid outfit.”

Gloria loved that outfit. It’s black cuffs collar and chastity belt were all trimmed with white lace. It’s ballet boots had integral six inch chains between them. It’s ball gag was white with black velvet straps. There was a black velvet top with white lace trim. The lace, loose and pleated, covered her nipples but left then available. It’s bottom was just below her navel. By evening she’d be almost begging for permission, she felt so sexy.

They sat together at the kitchen island eating breakfast then sat there sipping coffee and talking until the door bell rang.

“Right back Love.” Angel locked Gloria’s chain onto her collar and went to the front door.

In the drive was an older Mercedes wagon with dark tinted rear windows. On the porch stood two ladies in their late sixties or early seventies. They both wore low heeled ankle boots. One had an old style natural mink. The kind with the lay down collar and cuffs four pelts wide. The other a raccoon.

“Welcome ladies. Come in out of the cold. Let me take your coats. I’m Angela.”

“I’m Edna, this is Jane.”

“Would you prefer coffee or tea?”

She led them to the kitchen.

“Is that the thing? We specifically told the lady at The Institute we wanted a blond.”

“Oh no, ladies. This is my wife Gloria. Darling, this is Edna and Jane.”

Without prompting Gloria came across to them. Her heels clicking and her chain dragging. “Welcome to our home Ladies.” She bowed low and kissed the their hands.

“Be a love and pour the ladies some coffee, Dear.” She was so proud of her Gloria.

Gloria stood quietly, her back to the kitchen counter as the ladies got acquainted. Although arranged through The Institute due diligence was required.

When they were all satisfied this wasn’t some kind of police sting operation they left Gloria to clean up and went to the bedroom.

Valeria woke to confusion. Then panic. Angela was gently shaking her and two old ladies were looking at her like she was a piece of meat.

“What the fuck?” Only with the ball gag in her mouth it came out as ‘Ghh gd fgh!”

Her wrists were bound snug at her waist. A belt was around her legs just above her knees. Another was around her ankles. A stiff leather collar was around her throat.

“How flexible are you on the price? It seems quite high.”

“Not at all, Jane. As you can see, this is a top quality piece. That’s it’s natural hair color. Feel that soft skin. Not a wrinkle, scar or tattoo. Look at those beautiful terrified blue eyes.

“Think of the years of pleasure you’ll get from it.”

Valeria began to cry.

The End

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