This story originally started as my story: Seasons: Summer. The story itself has been revised and re-edited so I’m uploading it again with a new title, because the story has changed a bit from what it used to be. Also, there will be sex in every chapter, whereas Seasons didn’t have sex in every chapter. I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read the story.

# # # # # #

Chapter One

Ellie woke up to her girlfriend’s shallow, warm breath grazing the back of her neck. Her eyes fluttered open and the bright, golden light coming outside her dorm room blinded her. She narrowed her eyes permitting as little light as possible to enter her eyes. When her sight adjusted she opened them fully and gazed at her brightly-lit room.

Clothes had been thrown about everywhere. Her Playstation three had been neatly packed and put away. An empty bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup was empty and lying on the floor near the bed. The bed sheets were tossed on the floor and Ellie was naked. Her girlfriend, Ariel, had her arm draped over Ellie’s side with her hand clutching one of her breasts. As Ariel began to wake up she gently squeezed her girlfriend’s breast eliciting a tiny moan from Ellie.

“Rise and shine,” Ariel whispered still half asleep.

Ellie turned over. She was now facing her gorgeous, redheaded girlfriend. “I’m already awake,” Ellie giggled.

Ariel smiled, her eyes still closed. She puckered her lips. Ellie leaned in and kissed Ariel. Ariel’s hand traveled down Ellie’s back and came to a stop when it rested upon her rear. She gave Ellie a light squeeze.

“Last night was fun,” Ariel whispered, her lips curving upward, her eyes still closed.

Ellie kissed the tip of Ariel’s nose. “Yeah, it was,” she whispered. “Using the chocolate was a great idea.”

Ariel’s eyes finally fluttered open. Just as Ellie had done before, Ariel kept them narrowed until her vision adjusted to the bright sunlight. “Well, we needed to use it and what better way to use it than for sex?”

Ellie grinned. She ran her smooth leg across Ariel’s thigh until her groin rested against the tender flesh of her girlfriend. “I didn’t think you could possibly taste any better,” Ellie moaned. “Adding chocolate sure proved me wrong.” She giggled.

“Are you saying you’d prefer to lick me with chocolate?”

Ellie’s cheeks turned pink. She bit down on her lower lip as she slowly began grinding her pussy on Ariel’s thigh. The thoughts from the night before were cuasing arousal to steadily within Ellie as her hardened nipples proved. Her pussy was also becoming damp, of course it helped that she was rubbing her clit along her girlfriend’s thigh. “No, but adding chocolate didn’t detract from the experience.” Ellie let out a soft moan.

Ariel grinned. Seeing her girlfriend in a state of ecstasy was always a turn-on for her. “Yeah, it really didn’t.” She leaned forward pushing Ellie to her back. Ariel climbed on top of her, their breasts mashing together. Their hearts beat as one. Their warm skin meshed and Ariel slid a thigh between Ellie legs. She brought her lips to Ellie’s ear. “I enjoyed licking chocolate off of your bare skin,” she whispered seductively.

Ellie gasped. Every nerve in her body jittered causing her to shiver all over. Ellie brought her arms up and around her girlfriend and she held her as they proceeded to kiss each other passionately. Their lips smacked together. Ellie could smell the ocean breeze shampoo wafting from her silky, red hair as it fell around their heads. The feeling of Ariel’s lips against her was electric. Time had stopped, it felt like. Her hands caressed all of Ariel’s bare back and slowly made their way down to her rear. She cupped her soft, toned cheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze which elicited a moan from Ariel.

The girls parted their lips to gather a breath of air. Their eyes were locked on each other. “I love you,” Ellie whispered breathily.

Ariel planted tiny kisses all over Ariel’s face. In between each kiss she spoke.

“I-” kiss “-love-” kiss “-you-” kiss “-too-” kiss “-Ellie.”

Ariel began to grind her thigh into Ellie’s dampened pussy. Soft, gentle moans escaped Ellie’s lips. Her clit was engorged and she wanted more than just thigh grinding. She wanted to make love to her girlfriend one last time before she had to go home. She wanted to forget about everything and just stay in bed with her Ariel all summer long, cuddling her and holding her and kissing her and making love to her.

Ellie had to get ready, though. She had to finish packing. She squirmed her way out from under Ariel’s deliciously tantalizing body. She licked her lips as she stood up from her bed and gazed down at her girlfriend. Ariel lay on her back with her arms and legs spread showing off her entirely nude body.

“You are a tease,” Ellie said, running her tongue along her bottom lip.

Ariel lifted a hand to her breast bursa escort bayan and began fondling herself. “Oh, come on,” she moaned. “You can’t spare me even five minutes?” She pouted her lips and gave Ellie her best puppy dog eyes.

Ellie grinned. “Five minutes would turn into an hour with us.” Ariel’s feigned pouting evolved into a devilish grin as she sat up. “And right now I don’t have an hour.”

“Can I at least have a kiss?”

Ellie bit down on her bottom lip, a blush enveloping her cheeks. “Okay,” she whispered. She knelt forward and pressed her lips to Ariel’s. As she kissed her girlfriend, Ariel reached up, wrapped Ellie in her arms and dragged her back into bed. Ellie giggled. “What are you doing?”

“I’m making every minute count.” Ariel grinned, pinning Ellie beneath her. She pressed her lips to her girlfriend’s and then moved to her chin. She kept moving down planting soft, sensual kisses all along Ellie’s neck and collarbone. Ellie gasped and moaned. Ariel’s hands traveled up Ellie’s body slowly. They covered her soft breasts. She massaged the mounds slowly and carefully. She pulled her lips from Ellie’s skin. “Do we still have time?” She whispered lovingly.

“Yes,” Ellie gasped, giving in to temptation.

Ariel eagerly lowered her lips to Ellie’s skin and went back to kissing her. Her lips found their way to Ellie’s breasts and then to her nipples. She took one of the erect, pink nubs in her mouth and began flicking her tongue across it. Ellie threw her head back and let out a long, slow moan as goose bumps took over her body. Her breasts had become flushed and felt much heavier now that she was completely aroused. Her pussy dripped and glistened between her thighs.

“Oh, honey,” Ellie moaned. “Finger me… Please!”

Ariel’s hand slid down Ellie’s rigid skin and to the slit between her thighs. Her fingers played through the short, fine hair that had been shaped into a triangle just above Ellie’s pussy. Her trimmed nails raked over Ellie’s pubic region and she let out another soft gasp. Ariel’s finger brushed along Ellie’s clitoral hood which elicited a few quick squeals from her girlfriend. Her hand went further down and traced along her sodden vulva.

“You are wet,” Ariel noticed, grinning.

Ellie couldn’t bring herself to speak. She wanted Ariel inside of her and she wanted to feel release. Her wetness had begun to drip down her thighs. Just make love to me! The words were at the edge of her lips, but the desire was too strong and her gasps and moans were disabling her from speaking.

Ariel flattened her hand against Ellie’s damp pussy and slid it through the glistening folds. Ellie felt so warm and she quivered as Ariel rubbed her. Another long, slow moan parted from Ellie’s lips and then she finally spoke.

“Just do it already!”

Ariel giggled and caved to her girlfriend’s command. Her middle finger disappeared inside Ellie and the blonde threw her head back once again, letting out another slow moan, except this time it was louder than the previous moans. Had someone been walking by Ellie’s dorm room door, they would have heard the erotic voice of pleasure. Luckily, almost everyone had cleared out for summer break and beyond that point, Ellie didn’t really care who heard her moan. This was her last day to be with her girlfriend and she wasn’t going to let some random stranger stop her from enjoying Ariel.

Ariel took another nipple in her mouth and ran her flattened tongue across the stiff nub. Her finger easily slid between the wet folds of Ellie’s pussy as she thrust in and out of her girlfriend. Each time her hand thrust inward, her palm would rub up against Ellie’s aroused clit. Each time she made contact with the erect organ Ellie would squeal or moan.

Ellie’s fluids dripped out of her cunt and wetted Ariel’s hand. Ellie felt her stomach filling with butterflies as her orgasm was nearing. She clamped her thighs around Ariel’s hand and bucked her hips, lifting them from her bed. Ariel kept her mouth firmly planted on Ellie’s breast while trying to bring a knee forward – between her girlfriend’s tightening thighs so she could spread them apart. With Ellie’s thighs clenching around her wrist, Ariel was having a hard time fingering the aroused blonde beneath her. Ariel finally managed to spread Ellie’s legs apart and she began thrusting again, faster and with more ferocity.

“Oh, fuck,” Ellie screamed as her orgasm reached its tipping point. Ariel pulled back her head, letting Ellie’s breast plop from her lips. A red ring of glistening saliva coated Ellie’s nipple and areola. Her hips bucked and squirmed as she reached complete satisfaction. She screamed and then moaned loudly as cum spewed from her tight, pink pussy, her mind becoming hazy and then numbing. Her hips fell to the bed and she lay motionless trying to gather her strength and catch her breath.

Ellie’s body was coated in a light sheen of sweat. Her breasts, bursa bayan escort neck, and cheeks were flushed with a soft crimson. Her pussy was puffy and glistened with her fluids. Her toes curled and her eyes were closed as the pleasure was still felt in her body.

Ariel grinned, licking her hand. Ellie tasted like salty strawberries. Not a bad taste in Ariel’s mind. “Are you okay?” she asked, leaning down to cuddle with her girlfriend. She noticed Ellie’s left breast jiggling with each beat of her heart. She brought her arm across Ellie’s chest and kissed her shoulder. “I love you,” she whispered.

Ellie took in several more breaths, steadying her heart. When she felt capable of speaking, she said, “I love you, too, my beautiful goddess.” She turned her head and opened her eyes. Ariel’s red hair was still disheveled, though not nearly as bad as she thought hers was. She lifted a arm out from under Ariel’s and tucked a strand of silky red hair behind her girlfriend’s ear. “You’re too wonderful to me.”

Ariel smiled. “You’re my life, my love. You’re my everything.”

“I could spend the rest of my life with you.”

Ariel sucked in her bottom lip. Her ocean blue eyes stared directly into Ellie’s pale blue ones. A wide grin replaced her passionate smile. Ellie knew the look. It was her fantasy – their fantasy. “Play my sister?” It was less of a question and more of a statement. Ellie grinned and nodded her head.

Ariel quickly got to her knees and straddled Ellie’s abdomen. A knee lay on either side of the blonde and Ellie lifted her head to gaze as Ariel’s glistening pussy. Unlike Ellie, Ariel was completely shaven. SHe licked her lips and dropped her head back to the mattress. Ariel began crawling up toward Ellie’s head. When her wet pussy hovered over her girlfriend’s mouth, she slowly lowered her lips.

Ellie wrapped her arms around Ariel’s thighs, grabbing handfuls of the redhead’s cheeks, and lifted her lips into Ariel’s. Ariel’s wetness coated Ellie’s lips and just slowly ran them through her girlfriend, teasing her. Ariel sighed contentedly and then moaned once Ellie took some of her labia between her lips.

“Oh, God, yes,” Ariel moaned. “Eat your sister’s cunt!”

Ariel and Ellie weren’t really sisters. They first met at college as freshmen a little under two years ago. After a lot of awkward run-ins and flirting, they finally went on a date and have been together ever since. As time went on and they became closer and more intimate, they began revealing their deepest fantasies to each other. Ellie and Ariel both revealed that they had fantasies of seducing their sisters. Of course, Ariel only has two brothers and sees them only as brothers whereas Ellie has one sister… a sister she had feelings for before coming to college. Knowing it was inappropriate to act on the real feelings with her sister, she found solace in performing her fantasy with her girlfriend.

Ellie sucked at Ariel’s labia and lapped at her juices. Her lips glistened with Ariel’s sweetness and some began to drip down her cheeks. She let loose of Ariel’s lips and ran the tip of her tongue through Ariel’s sodden slit. Ariel shivered atop of Ellie and Ellie smiled. Again, she ran her tongue through Ariel’s pussy. It received the same effect.

Ariel sat sitting up on her knees with her hands on her breasts. Her was squeezing the soft mounds and pulling at her nipples. They ached for attention. Seeing Ariel play with her breasts, Ellie decided to graze her fingers up Ariel’s body until her fingertip reached the redhead’s breasts. They snaked over the curve of the plump, warm breasts and then replaced Ariel’s hands. She gave her girlfriend a few gentle squeezes before focusing more attention of Ariel’s erect nipples. Ariel threw her head back and let out a soft moan.

“Oh, sissy,” Ariel gasped. “Fuck me with your tongue!”

Elsa tightened her tongue and found Ariel’s tight, pink hole. She lifted her head slightly allowing her tongue to probe her sister’s pussy. It entered and Ariel was wet yet tight. Ariel began thrusting her hips slowly, bouncing on Ellie’s tongue as if it was a small cock. The sensation of pleasure and arousal surged through her pussy and up into her stomach. She brought a hand down to her clit and began rubbing it.

“Oh, God,” Ariel moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she said with each bounce. The combination of penetration and clitoral and nipple stimulation was becoming too much for the redhead. She was on the verge of cumming and she was ready for release.

To speed things up, Ellie slid her tongue out of Ariel’s tight cunt and back into her mouth. Ariel tasted like what a goddess would taste like, Ellie imagined. She was sweet yet just a bit salty, her favorite combination. Ariel whined at Ellie’s removal of her tongue, but was quickly gasping again as Ellie removed Ariel’s hand from her clit and then took the flushed, erect organ between her bursa merkez escort lips.

“Oh, shit, Ellie,” Ariel screamed.

Ellie sucked hard on her girlfriend’s clit. Ariel’s hands went down her body until her fingers were lost in the golden blonde hair of her girlfriend. She latched onto clumps of Ellie’s hair and pulled her face up into her cunt. Ariel quivered as her orgasm was nearing.

“Keep suck it. Key suh it!” Gasps and the need to breathe were taking over her ability to speak.

Ellie had Ariel’s clit pinned between the roof of her mouth – behind her upper teeth – and her tongue. She was quickly darting the flat of her tongue across the erect organ and not letting loose until Ariel had completely felt the bliss of her orgasm.

Ariel’s body trembled and her mouth hung open with bated breath. Much like Ellie’s body earlier, Ariel’s skin was glistening with a light sheen of sweat. Ellie was still twisting and pulling at Ariel’s reddened nipples and her chest, neck, and cheeks were flushed with a bright crimson.

When Ariel finally let out a loud, long moan Ellie had known she accomplished her job. She felt a splash of warm liquid hit her chin and run down her neck. Ariel had cum and Ellie couldn’t have been happier. She sucked a few more seconds on Ariel’s clit and then let loose. Ariel toppled over and her entire body trembled. Ellie grinned and snuggled up against her girlfriend.

Ariel’s short, shallow breaths hit Ellie’s lips. Ellie leaned her head forward and kissed Ariel with a quick peck. She knew Ariel was trying to recover so she didn’t want to have to have Ariel stop breathing just so she could kiss her. When Ariel managed to recover enough, she tightened her arms around Ellie and kissed her softly on the lips.

“I love you,” Ariel whispered.

Ellie smiled lovingly. “I love you, too.”

# # #

Ellie let out a deep sigh.

Ariel’s gentle voice flowed through the air. “Oh, it won’t be that bad.”

Ellie stood in the middle of her dorm room fully clothed. Their heated passion had left them weak and breathless earlier. They were cuddled up in each other’s arms for an additional half hour. Ellie had lost track of time and was scrambling to get all of her stuff packed away.

I haven’t seen them in almost a year. Ellie stuffed her thin, light blue sweatpants into a suitcase. “I just haven’t been home in a long time,” she replied. She kept stuffing clothes into the suitcase.

“Maybe it will do you good to see your family,” Ariel said. “After all, do you really want to go this whole summer without seeing them – without seeing your sister?”

Ellie hadn’t thought about that. She up and left last summer without as much as a good bye to her sister. She clenched her fist as she pictured her sister in her mind.

Oh, Abby…

“Maybe you’re right?” Ellie stood up, dropping the bunched up shirt she had in her hand and pulled the redhead in for a passionate kiss. Ariel’s lips were wet with lip gloss and Ellie always loved kissing her after she had just put on lip gloss. “Cherry-flavored; I like it.” Ellie grinned at Ariel as the redhead ran her fingers through her long, blonde braid.

Ellie was average height for a woman her age: twenty-one. She had long, golden blonde, frilly hair that went down to her lower back that was a mess to maintain. She enjoyed putting her hair in a French braid to keep it from going everywhere. She often times wore a plain, golden hair band in her hair to keep her bangs from falling in her eyes, though she had already packed all of her hair bands away. Her eyes were pale blue and sparkled like the sun’s light shining over a field of ice. For this reason she had often been mistaken for having icy blue eyes and after a while she learned to accept it rather than correct everyone who made that mistake. She had a slender face with a light dusting of freckles under her eyes and across the bridge of her nose. The freckles were barely noticeable to anyone who hadn’t examined Ellie’s face closely.

Ariel bit her lower lip and grinned back at Ellie. “Would you like my help, my blonde princess?”

Ellie looked at the clothes dispersed about her dorm room and nodded at Ariel. “Just put the clothes in any of the suitcases except that small one on the bed. That’s my Playstation three. Nothing but games and my PS three go in that bag.”

Ellie loved playing video games. She’d been an avid gamer since she was a little girl. Her first system was a Nintendo Sixty-Four and she played it a lot as a kid. She even got to a point where her grades began to decline in school and her mother put her on a strict gaming schedule. She was only allowed to play games after all of her homework was finished and she could only play for half hour spurts. She hated the schedule as a kid, but later learned to thank her mother for it as it helped her do well in school.

“You and your gaming, Ellie,” Ariel teased, nudging her. Ellie responded with a smirk and went back to packing.

Ariel went to the dresser drawer that came furnished with the dorm room and opened the top drawer. She pulled out a hot pink, sports bra. Ariel let it hang from her index finger as she turned to Ellie. “How come I’ve never seen you in this?”

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