Here is a second chapter for the story of sinning with Cyn, as always it is a complete fiction in an artificially simple world combining unreal innocence and debauchery.

No relationship to any real persons living or dead is intended.

We start now with the last few lines of Chapter one . . .


Cyn headed to the bedroom door.

“Its also high time I looked in on your brother. I think it is time for him to learn a few things about becoming a man that only a woman can teach.

At least he knows how to shave.

Maybe I’ll get him to teach you to shave — or will I tell Daddy to do it?”

Cyn closed the door on a shocked face and headed down to the basement where Devlin was working out after coming home from college. That was his job. Cyn wanted him to be strong and manly as he grew up so she supervised and coached his efforts on the weight lifting equipment.

Cyn was wearing her own exercise costume when she entered the weight room area. Her baggy basketball shorts and loose top were all she was wearing this time. She had discarded her damp panties when she cleaned up after bringing Hazel to her first orgasm, and she decided to take off her snug sports bra as well when she changed to the shortly nylon top and short basketball shorts.

“There you are Dev. Are you working out the sets I scheduled for you?”

“Pretty well, Mom, I just have these arm curls to finish before the dumbbell work. You said you wanted to check some things before I went to the new weight.”

Cyn leaned against the door jamb and watched her adopted son curl the weights one handed with his elbow resting on the small shelf beside the window.

He was thin and wiry, with his muscles standing out in profile as he strained with the weights. Cyn liked to look at his naturally bare and hairless chest as he worked. She liked smooth men over hairy ones. Bill had to wax almost daily to come to her standards of hairlessness. She also liked that Dev had nice dark prominent nipples for a boy.

“Twenty four, twenty five. OK Dev, stow those weights and come over here, I want to check your progress.”

Dev usually enjoyed this progress check when he was feeling he had done a good workout. He liked to have a physique that pleased Mom and Daddy, especially Daddy he often confessed to himself. This was the first time in a long while that Mom had wanted to do a check out before he ended.

Dev presented himself in front of Mom in the way she had taught him, feet exactly two and a half feet apart, erect with his hands clenched together, raised above his head.

Cyn took out her little cloth seamstress tape from the tiny desk in the corner. She began to measure Devlin and mark the results on her chart.

Stepping close to him she passed the tape around his chest, nipple high. Her breasts touched his chest lingeringly as she passed the tape behind him, fumbling a bit as the tape changed hands. Cyn liked the heat and slight odor of maleness coming from her son. She slid her nipples along his skin a bit before stepping back.

Cyn wondered what Dev would think, feeling her softness instead of the usual firm press of her confined breasts. Her nipples began to elongate as she thought of what she would be doing to Dev pretty soon. She marked the result carefully before measuring his waist.

Looking down, she could see a slight protruding of genetalia. She liked that in a man.

Cyn next measured Dev’s biceps and fore arms before walking around behind him to appraise the looks of his back.

She slapped his buttocks as the signal to demonstrate his flexibility and Dev promptly bent forward to touch the floor with his palms straight down between his feet.

“Hold that pose, Dev; I am going to measure your upper thighs.”

Cyn knelt down and passed her tape around one of the thighs straight and straining before her. The wide spread pose allowed her an almost perfect view up the loose shorts at Dev’s manhood, packed tightly into his athletic supporter. She was pleased to note no hair at all in the inner thighs and upper legs. Her breath blew slightly on to his skin as she laid her cheek on one buttock to reach around and measure the other upper thigh.

“Stay like that while I write this down.”

Dev wondered what his Mom wanted gaziantep özbek escort bayan now.

A few seconds he felt a small hand enter the leg of his shorts and cup the pouch holding his ‘jewels’ as the guys in sports called them.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“Just checking if you have the right kind of athletic supporter for the next series of heavier weights. Stand up and lower those shorts to half mast.”

Cyn sat back on her heels and waited for Dev to comply.

“Mom do I have to?”

Cyn slapped his right buttock smartly.

“Do as I say.”


Cyn slapped the other cheek.

“Do I get out the paddle, young man?”

Dev stood reluctantly and lowered his shorts to his knees.

“Spread those knees young man, and hold those pants with them.”

Dev was intensely aware of his Mom right behind him as his knees reluctantly spread farther apart to hold the shorts up from the floor. He knew the straps of his jock did not even cover his anus. He felt her fingers slip under the straps and lift, stretching them away from his butt. She let them snap back.

“The tension seems about right. Does this feel a bit snug; is there room for all of you?

Dev felt the fingers sliding all over the pouch feeling the outline of his balls. The hand cupped him, lifting a bit.

“What about support? Do you feel dangly or firm?”

Cyn slid her hand around his package, noticing the elongation in the part farthest from her. She traced its outline lightly.

Dev began to feel even more embarrassed as his cock began to get stiffer and thicker.

“Is your hair control up to date, young man?”

Cyn wormed her finger under the join of straps at the rear of the pouch and peered in at the balls revealed, packed together at the rear. Is your Daddy doing a good job? Stand up!”

Cyn slapped the bare buttocks for emphasis as she walked around to look at his front.

“Reach up and clench, young man.”

Cyn looked over the bare torso now completely revealed. Her nipples were stiff and she could feel them pressing on the slick inside surface of her nylon top. She stood to one side of the young Devlin and allowed her nipple to drag over his rib cage as she cupped his jock strap.

“We don’t want a hernia here, do we?”

Cyn watched the elongation under the pouch straining its way to the top, trying to slip up under the waist band. She fingered it briefly and cupped the pouch lightly.

“Devlin, I think your supporter is ok. I want to supervise you wearing it as you do the next bit of workout. Let those shorts drop.

Cyn stood back and watched her son drop his shorts and turn away, heading for the barbells, while simultaneously trying to conceal his obvious stiffie from his mom.

Cyn watched her son do the required number of reps with the new weight, satisfied at his hormonal reaction as well as the full development of his genetalia. She would do a more complete examination later with Bill, but right now she wanted to see if he was susceptible to sight arousal as well.

“Devlin I want you to do the bench work now. Do some reps with the bar at this new weight. I’ll spot you.”

As Dev settled on the bench with his head at the end and the bar bell across the supports, his mom came and stood near his head. He was intensely aware of his semi erection still filling out his pouch. Suddenly he noticed he could see up the front of Mom’s top. She had no bra!

Dev could see the tight nipples hanging down from his Mom’s titties. Her teats ready to suck.

“Oh God,” he groaned inwardly. He felt his boner squirming forward again. He just knew his tip would show under the waist band this time.

Then things got even worse as he raised the barbell and his mom took the final step forward to put her hands on the bar too.

Devlin saw straight up under his Mom’s shorts at her spread open crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties! He could see her entire open wide vulva. There it was right up there a foot from his face, open to his view.

He licked his lips and almost lost the concentration to keep lifting the bar.

“One,” said his Mom.

Dev lowered the bar. His cock strained at the band at his waist. porno videolar

“Come on, now Dev, two.”

Dev strained the new weight up again and looked again under his Mom’s pant leg.

He saw a very slightly open long slit. It ran from the tight brown opening at her rear all the way to the front. The inner edges were slightly pink and glistening. Smooth and completely hairless, it had a powerful looking mound in front.

As Dev put the weight back down on the forked rest, the worst happened. The waist band of his jockstrap lost the struggle to contain and his cock head popped up.

“Oh God, I’m sunk.” he thought.

Dev felt his mom’s hands wrap around his, keeping them on the bar.

Cyn stayed there with her legs wide spread showing Dev the space between her legs as she looked down his torso at the little mouse popping out of his jock. She liked the delicious feel of being innocently exposed to her son and she especially liked his obvious reaction.

“Young man! You keep these hands here on the bar while I take a look at that athletic supporter of yours. It seems to be at least one size too small.”

Dev rested there trying furiously to make his boner go away but the more he thought of it, the worse it got. He suddenly liked the idea of a woman, even his mother, looking at his erect cock even if it was hidden under some cloth. His cock strained fuller trying to slip farther out of its confinement when his Mom knelt beside him and looked it over.

He felt her warm breath on his belly as she leaned over to look at his tip. Her breasts dangled low under her top and he could see them swinging slightly as she hovered over his waist.

“Lift your legs,” she said briskly.

Dev raised his legs to feel his Mom swiftly strip the waist band up and off then lift the jock free from his balls and letting his cock pop free.

In all her time as a woman this was the first time Cyn had been able to look thoroughly at a naked, non threatening male.

Growing up she had known she was a bull dyke and had never really looked at either boys or men. Bill never saw her naked and she was not interested in even looking at Bill as a sexual feature in her life. She did other personal, much less intimate things to Bill.

She knelt at his side and looked him over. She took her tape and laid it along the penis, wondering how it stayed so stiff rising in the air, pointing at Dev’s chin. She went to her notebook and wrote the measurement down.

“Nice size Dev, I have dildoes that size, Mel used to prefer one like that. She liked long and slim.”

Cyn ran a finger up the straining cock from balls to tip. “I am glad we decided not to have a boy circumcised at birth. Your tip looks almost like a big clit I played with once.”

Cyn heard Devin groan as she ran her finger lightly around the tip.

She poised her fingers around the tip and pressed the loose skin down, revealing the complete head.

“Arlene was her name and she loved it when I did this to her.”

Cyn looked up at Dev’s face as he stared mesmerized at the fingers pushing the loose skin back from the head of his cock. She pulled the skin back up, pinching it closed over his cock head.

“Does this feel good, baby boy?”

She stripped the skin firmly back down, revealing the red cock head as she spoke.

“This used to drive Arlene wild.”

Cyn ran her finger around the rim of the sensitive, now almost purple mushroom shaped cock head.

She watched as a single tiny globe of clear fluid sprouted at the tiny opening at the tip of Dev’s cock. She touched her finger to it and spread the juice all over his tip so it glistened.

Devin gasped.

Cyn took her finger tip and sniffed it.

“This feels and smells just like an excited woman, Dev.”

She ran her finger tip around the slick cock head again then stroked her finger around Dev’s nostrils.

“This is what you smell like. This is what you taste like.”

With the last statement, Cyn ran her finger along Dev’s lips.

She looked back at the glistening cock head and swatted the side of the cock. She smiled as it bobbed and swayed to the side before coming back to a quivering stand in the middle.

“Maybe I will gaziantep rus escort bayan use this little thing as a punishment if you are naughty. A few slaps to the side should straighten you right up.”

Cyn snickered.

“Oops. Straighten up. I made a joke about your privates.”

Cyn smiled at Dev, “Let me make it feel better, my big baby boy.”

Cyn caressed it softly again.

“Mom please,” gasped Devin, “My balls are starting to ache.”

Cyn stopped smoothing her hand over Dev’s cock and looked down between his legs at his now bloated balls. She cuddled them up from their space between his legs in her palm.

“Nice looking balls, Dev. I see your sack is hanging loose. No hair either. I like that too.”

Cyn felt around in the loose sack and outlined the balls under the loose skin.

Does your Daddy help you with the shaving, Dev?”

Dev gasped again.

“Yes, every second day. He gets me to do his cock and balls too. An exchange, he said.”

“When he shaves you do you have a nice big erection like this?”

Dev shook his head.

“Usually I am sorta limp and half hard. Daddy strokes me the same as you do but maybe you know how better. But Daddy gets hard like this when I have to shave him. He pulls my penis around with the tip skin when he shaves me.”

“What else does he do?”

“He likes me to pull his penis straight down between his legs and milk him while he kneels on the bed. He says that all farm boys learn that way of clearing out the surplus semen. He says he will do that for me when my erections get strong enough.”

Cyn seized Dev’s cock head by the loose foreskin and began to tug it around in circles. “Does your Daddy handle your cock like this?”


“But now you are stiff. I think I should clear out your surplus semen. Do you want that, my baby boy?”

Dev lay there with his hands on the cold steel barbell and thought about the strange turn of events.

He loved the touch of a woman on his equipment much more than the feel of his Daddy, Bill.

“Yes please, Mom.” He said.

“Kneel up young man, knees wide on this bench and place your hands on the floor.”

Cyn clapped her hands as the flustered young man stood hastily with his boner pointing straight out so it rubbed slightly across her cheek. Cyn liked the incidental caress from Devin’s cock as she sniffed his arousal.

Cyn ordered Dev’s knees wider until she could easily get both hands deep between his legs. She reached through and grabbed the loose skin at the tip in a vice like grip, tugging it straight back until Dev’s balls were hanging over each side in their loose sack.

“Does your Daddy like you to do this to him?”

“Oh yes, Mom, how did you know?”

Cyn ran her finger around the still slick cock head. She transferred the slickness to Dev’s brown pucker.

“Does he touch you here too?”

“Yyes, Mom. He says he will show me how to use it later when I am fully developed.”

Cyn pressed her finger gently through the tight sphincter.

“It feels a bit like this to start. Done right I hear it feels wonderful.”

Devin cocked his hips a bit to align with the probing finger but it went away.

He felt the lightest warm breath on his wide spread rump.

“Does my little baby boy need some release? Do you want me to clear out the nasty stale semen for you?”

“Please, please soon Mom.”

Dev hung his head straight down and spread wider as a firm hand gripped his cock and began to strip the skin back and forth over the sensitive ridge of his cock head.

His Mom pointed his cock straight down and gripped it harder in her tiny fingers. It was almost painful when she jerked the skin suddenly off the sensitive head and rammed it down his shaft. Her knuckles bumped on his balls with every stroke and it was not long before the sensations built to an intolerable level.

Dev squeezed his eyes closed and gasped as he began to strobe jet after jet of semen from his cock.

Cyn cooed, “That’s right my big boy. You empty those balls. ”

She kept right on stripping the ropes of white from the cock as it jumped in her hand. She milked him thoroughly on to the towel spread between his knees as her other hand smoothed the skin of his tight butt.

When he was completely drained, she folded the towel over the puddle of semen. She gave his raised ass a tender kiss. She smoothed her hand lingeringly down to cup the hanging balls. She shook them gently.

“There there, baby boy, all empty now. Go take your shower and meet me in your bedroom in a half hour. Be properly dressed for track and field.”

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