Mike and Susan were twins. They were now eighteen years old and would be graduating from High School in the spring. Mike and Susan got along reasonable well and would tell each other secrets. Susan had become interested in boys during the early High School years. She and her girl friends often talked about boys and sex. The boys also discussed sex and speculated what it would be like to have sex with girls. Mike was rather shy when it came to girls, but had learned to masturbate.

The family lived on a mostly wooded country forty acres. Mike and Susan often roamed through the woods for privacy to share their thoughts. By the time they were in High School, Susan started to be very receptive to talk about sex with Mike, although a little shy.

One day while they were sitting in a secluded spot in the woods, they got around to talk about sex again. She said her girl friends were curious about sex and some of them had already lost their virginity. She told Mike she was a virgin and expected to stay that way, although she was very curious to experience sex. She especially liked a boy named Don at school. Mike told her he had seen Don’s cock and it was big. She commented she had never seen a man’s cock as yet.

Because they were talking about sex, Mike now had a hard one bulging in his pants. He noticed Susan glance down at his crotch as he was trying to hide his embarrassment. Then he thought, maybe she would like to see his.

During the past years, she had always avoided letting him see her naked and she acted as if she had no interest in seeing him naked. But now she was curious about sex. Mike put his hand down to his crotch as her eyes followed his hand. Maybe she wanted to see his.

He rolled onto his back to unzip his jeans, then released his cock from his shorts and let it pop out in front of her. She looked a little embarrassed, but stared at it. He then slowly moved his hand up and down a couple of times. He asked if she wanted to do it. She shrank back and said no, but continued to look. She said they had better get back to the house.

After that encounter, Mike noticed Susan glanced at his crotch now and then. One evening Mike was in her room just before going to bed. Mom and Dad were away for the evening. Mike and Susan were both dressed in pajamas. The subject of sex came up and as a result his hard one was pushing out his pajamas. He was not trying to hide it this time because he thought she might like to see it again now that they had some privacy at home.

Susan said, “My girl friends have been talking about boy’s cocks. Julie said she stripped nearly naked with her boyfriend and held his cock. She got her hand all gooey. How did that happen?”

Mike then let his hard cock out the front of his pajamas. He walked up to her where she was sitting on the side of the bed.

“Would you like to hold it and see how it feels?” She was hesitant, but put her hand around it.

“Now squeeze it a little and move your hand back and forth”

This was the first time a girl had held his cock and it really turned him on. It usually took Mike a while to cum when he masturbates. Suddenly, he started cumming. It surprised him that he had cum so quick and it shocked her as the first couple of spurts hit her face and neck. She turned loose and jumped back. Later she told him she didn’t know what to expect, but had no idea it would squirt out in long spurts. She went into the hall bathroom where Mike helped her clean up. He ask if he could see her pussy. She shyly said, “No”.

The next day while Mike and Susan were walking to school, he commented about her surprise at shooting on her. She said it was interesting and she now had something to tell her girl friends.

Mike asked her, “You told me Julie allowed her boyfriend to get nearly naked with her and her hand got gooey when she felt cock. I would like to have a chance to meet her in private, too. Do you think there is a chance for me?” She said she would ask Julie.

That evening when they were walking home from school, Susan said, “Julie likes you. I told her what happened in my bedroom last night. She was curious about how far you spurted. That didn’t happen with her boyfriend. I am supposed to call her after dinner to see if her parents will let her come to our house this evening to study.”

Mike was excited to think Julie would hold his cock. Maybe she would let him feel her pussy. Susan won’t let him touch hers. Julie called Susan to say she could come over after dinner.

When Julie arrived, they told Mom and Dad they were studying for a test. The three went up to Susan’s room and shut the door. They talked about sex and Julie again told about holding her boyfriend’s cock and getting her hand all gooey. By that time, Mike had a raging hard on. He stood up, unzipped his jeans and let it stick straight out. Both girls looked at it and giggled. Susan stayed sitting on the bed while Julie moved up to take it in her hand.

Julie said, “That feels just like my boyfriend’s cock. gaziantep olgun escort bayan When will it spurt?”

Mike told Susan to get a towel so it would not mess up the floor. Susan warned Julie to not be directly in front of him. Mike told Julie to move her hand back and forth. He could feel he was about ready to cum. His knees got weak as it started spurting, several long spurts with some of it hitting the towel. Julie held on to continue moving her hand back and forth. Both girls giggled in delight as they watched Mike cum. He picked up the towel to clean himself, then zipped back up and everyone sat on the bed.

Mike looked at Julie, “My shy sister won’t let me look at or feel her pussy, maybe you will let me see yours.”

Julie smiled, “I don’t see anything wrong with that, I’ll let you see mine.”

Julie then sat on the bed to take off her jeans. Mike watched as her panties came into view. Then she slipped her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

“I have never done this in the light for my boyfriend as yet. You are the first boy to see me like this.”

Mike suggested she lie down on her back on the bed, then spread her legs for a better view. When she reclined as suggested, she put her fingers on her pussy. She spread her pussy lips for Mike to see, then inserted a finger.

His cock nearly burst through his jeans. He took it out and stood near Julie. Susan put her hand on his cock and moved it back and forth causing him to shoot several long spurts over on the bed and on to Julie’s body. Susan said they should get dressed just in case Mom or Dad knocked on the door.

Julie’s visit that night was a learning experience for Mike. He had never seen a girl’s pussy lips being spread and a finger inserted. The next day, Susan commented it was a new experience for her, too.

As the last few weeks went by before graduation, Susan and Mike often found time to be alone. Mom and Dad went out now and then leaving then alone in the house. Also, they went to the wooded area of the farm for privacy. They would talk about sex and she would jack him off.

One day when they were in the woods, Mike said, “You see my cock all the time. It’s not fair because you won’t let me see or touch your pussy. Let me play with you.” His sister agreed.

They sat in the usual grassy spot for her to take off her jeans and panties. She spread her legs the same way Julie had, then he touched her pussy lips. The boys had told him he should kiss a girl’s nipples. He moved his hand up under his sister’s blouse to feel her breasts. He took his buddies’ suggestion and kissed her nipples. She started breathing irregular.

He asked her, “Is there something wrong?

She responded, “No, nothing is wrong. Do it some more. Suck on them.”

At school, Mike had always wanted to kiss a girl, but never had the courage. He thought about kissing his sister on the lips right now, but she was his sister and never had any desire to kiss her in the past. He decided to continue kissing and sucking her nipples.

The Senior Prom was at hand. Mike dressed, then went to pick up his date. Susan was thrilled to have a date with Don for the prom. The prom was very successful and everyone had a good time. It was well after midnight when both Mike and Susan were home preparing for bed. Their mother got out of bed to welcome them home, then she went back to bed.

The house was very quite, but Mike couldn’t sleep. He got up to notice a light shining underneath his sister’s bedroom door. He lightly knock on her door. She invited him in to sit on the bed with her. They mostly whispered so that they would not wake their parents. Their parents master bedroom was downstairs while Mike and Susan had the two bedrooms upstairs. It was not likely their parents would hear them.

Mike said, “Sis, you had a date with Don tonight. Did you feel his big cock?”

“Yes, his cock is bigger than yours. He wanted to feel my pussy. I did let him feel between my legs, but I had my panties on. We kissed a lot. He wanted to do more, but I resisted. I finally jacked him off, then he brought me home.”

“We had some more sexy kisses before he walked me to the door. Don had me so sexily excited by the time he brought me home that it is difficult for me to settle down and go to sleep. I’m glad you knocked on my door.”

“My boyfriends kiss me on the mouth, but you have never kissed me. Kisses can sure be good to make us feel sexy.”

Mike had never thought about kissing his sister, but agreed. He moved his hands up under her pajama top to feel her breasts. He kissed her nipples, then moved up to her mouth. He gave her a brother sister type kiss.

She said, “No, that isn’t the way to do it. We have to part our lips and touch tongues..”

After sharing a few sexy kisses, Mike’s cock was very hard. “Sis, I agree with you. I like to kiss you like this.”

They stripped off their pajamas and hugged. gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan He continued to kiss her lips and nipples. She reached for his hard cock. Mike thought she was going to jack him off as usual.

Susan said, “Julie was telling me about the sexy thing she and her boyfriend are doing. She takes his hard cock in her mouth.”

Mike had heard about that and saw some pictures on the internet. He said, “Go ahead and do it.”

She took the head of Mike’s cock in her mouth. He knew he was going to cum fast because it felt so good. When he started cumming, she raised her head off his cock letting him shoot in the air, but some of it hit her face. She didn’t seem to mind. Mike played with her pussy.

Susan then whispered, “Something else Julie told me. Her boyfriend licks her pussy. He lies on the bottom while she is turned around and lies on top of him. He called it a six nine position.”

Mike had heard of a six nine position but never knew what it meant. He laid on his back so Susan could position herself on top of him. The light was still on and now he could see Susan’s pussy and ass at very close range. He started licking her pussy. She told him to suck on the little button, too. Mike shot another load in her mouth, but this time she kept her mouth on his cock. He continued to lick his sister’s pussy and suck on the little button. It wasn’t long before he heard Susan gasp and groan and he wondered what was the matter. Mike asked her if she was alright, but she didn’t answer right away.

When they sat up she said she wanted to explain. “I just had an orgasm, the first one I’ve had with you. When I am by myself, I play with the little button I asked you to kiss, then I have an orgasm. That little button is called a clit.”

Up until that time, Mike didn’t know girls had orgasms. He didn’t know about their little button and never heard of a clit before. She was teaching him a lot about girls. He would tell his buddies at school about a girls clit and their orgasms. But, he didn’t want to tell them he learned it from his sister.

Mike asked her, “What do you do when you are out with a boyfriend?”

“We just have tongue touching kisses, nothing else. I won’t let anyone touch my pussy except you. You are my brother and we are learning together. I know some of my girl friends are allowing their boyfriends to put their cocks in them, but I’m afraid of getting a baby. If you would get some condoms, we might try it. Both of us can then learn.”

Mike had always thought in the back of his mind that he wanted to fuck his sister or another girl, but was satisfied by letting Susan jack him off.

It was easy to get condoms. Mike was in the men’s room at the shopping center, and after inserting coins, had a supply of condoms.

It wasn’t but a few days later that Mike and Susan were alone in the house. He retrieved the condoms from their hiding place and went to Susan’s room. He showed them to her. Mike unwrapped one, took his cock out and Susan watched him roll it on. One of her girl friends had showed her one in the package, but this was the first time she had seen one on a cock.

They quickly shed their clothes and laid on the bed. They kissed several times, then laid in a six nine position to get really sexed up. Mike then turned around to move up on top of her as she laid on her back. They continued kissing while she moved one hand down to aim his cock. She was juicy but the condom was dry.

At that time, they had not heard of KY jelly. Mike continued to work back and forth going a little deeper each time. Finally, his balls were resting on his sister’s ass. This was a first time for Susan to have a cock in her and Mike’s first time, too. They were learning together.

She started bucking underneath him as he pulled back to ram forward. They both gasp and cried out as they shared their first orgasms in this manner. They laid still for awhile in the afterglow while kissing some more. He thought, sometime ago, he didn’t even want to kiss his sister, now he enjoyed their kisses and much much more.

Both Susan and Mike were going to attend the local community college in the fall. They had all summer to do odd jobs and have fun.

Susan had arranged to obtain birth control pills. As the days went by, they had learned to have sex in different positions. Mike had not dated very much because he was getting all the sex he wanted from his sister. Susan dated some, but played the field.

Susan told her brother she allowed her date to feel her breasts through her blouse while they kissed. Her date would get all sexed up and want her to get in the back seat. She refused, but would jack him off sometimes while parked in the driveway before he walked her to the door. Then she would come upstairs and get in bed with Mike if her parents were sound asleep downstairs. Mike would satisfy her sexual needs.

A family catastrophe occurred that gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan summer before college started.. Dad was killed in an auto accident. After the funeral was over, Mike asked Mom if there was enough money to survive. She assured him that dad had plenty of life insurance and the company provided a good widow’s pension. There was sufficient money for Mike and Susan to attend college.

Mike’s mom noticed that he was rarely dating. She didn’t know he was getting all the sex he wanted with his sister at home. She wanted to talk to him one afternoon. She invited him into her bedroom and shut the door so that Susan would not hear the conversation.

She said, “Son, I’ve noticed you don’t go out with the girls. I know your Dad did not talk to you about the birds and bees, so guess it is my job. Maybe you are just too shy around girls and need to learn what to do.”

Mike thought, if she only knew that he and Susan have sex in many different positions, but he couldn’t tell her that. He’ll just let her think she is teaching him.

“Son, when you date a girl, you should be a gentleman and treat her like a lady. She will like you for that and respond to your kisses with affection. However, some girls will be willing to have sex with you, but be careful. There are diseases out there and she might get pregnant. That’s what I want to teach you about. Always use a condom. Now they may be a little dry, but the girl should be able to lubricated herself.”

Mike looked quizzically at his Mom and just about laughed at her explanation.

She continued, “I assume you have never seen or felt between a girls legs before, so you will need to know a little about what to do. If you do have sex, you should know about a girls vagina.”

She tried to explain about a girls pussy and her clit. She used her hands to try showing Mike how pussy lips looked and where the hole is. She became flustered in her explanation and said, “Wait a minute and I’ll show you.”

She unzipped her jeans, moved them down over her hips and sat on the edge of the bed. She told Mike to pull them down her legs and off. Then she moved her panties down and kicked them off her feet.

She said, “I know when you were little, you and Susan took showers with me and Dad. We wanted it that way so that you and Susan would grow up to know what girls and boys looked like. I don’t mind showing you right now what is between a girls legs. Look, then take your hands and feel.”

She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Mike put his hand at Mom’s crotch to slowly feel her pussy and ass. It felt about the same as Susan’s pussy and ass, although her butt was bigger.

She continued, “Feel the little button or clit at the upper part of my vagina.”

Mike felt and rubbed it a little bit. With his experience with Susan, he was rubbing it just right to make Mom feel good. She started getting a little flushed and guided his hand to assist in massaging her clit. Evidently, she realized she was enjoying her son too much and abruptly took his hand away.

She said, “You learn fast. But wait, let me show you more. Now if you’ll look closely, you will see a tiny hole, that is where I urinate.”

I looked at her finger where she was pointing. Susan had never shown me this, so I was learning something new. I now had a question, “It looks so small, can you really pee out of that little hole?”

“Yes, it is easy. I need to pee right now so come into the bathroom and I’ll show you.” She sat on the commode and spread her legs to give Mike a view.

“Now watch.” She spread her pussy lips to give him a good view. He saw a small stream shoot out of her hole. It continued for quite a while before it dribbled to a stop. He noticed Mom was watching for his reaction as if she was enjoying herself. After she wiped herself, they went back to the bedroom to sit on the side of the bed again.

She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. “Let’s continue and I’ll show you some more. Now if you’ll put your finger back again and move it down to the lower part of my slit, you’ll find a hole. That is where you enter your cock in a girl. Go ahead and put a finger in me.”

She was wet enough for his finger to slid all the way in. “You can put two or three fingers in me.” He then shoved another finger all the way in.

“Move your fingers back and forth. Girls like their clit rubbed at the same time, so use your other hand to rub my clit.”

Mom was getting carried away with her explanation. She started groaning and moaning like Susan does when she is getting ready for an orgasm. Mom’s body started sexual spasms. It seemed as if her whole body shuddered and shook as she had an orgasm. Mom didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes as Mike continued to play with her pussy.

She finally sat up and said, “I didn’t really expect to go this far explaining about the birds and bees. Now let me show you how to roll a condom on your cock. Take it out.”

She was sitting on the side of the bed while Mike was still standing in front of her. It was already very hard because he had just watched Mom have an orgasm. She looked at it, “This is a nice big one for the girl you marry.”

She took a condom out of the night stand and showed him the best way to roll it on. Now Mike was standing in front of his Mom and had on a condom. What will she tell him to do next? She seemed to be flustered as to what to do.

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