Stan Johnson had lived a good life. At the age of 54, he was already retired from his own company. He just bought a large yacht, and was getting ready for it’s maiden voyage. He brought along his sexy 52 yr old wife, Beverly, their 2 children, Kelly 21, and Reggie, 24. Reggie and Kelly brought their dates. Reggie brought Anne Simpson, a stunning Asian American, 20 yrs old. Kelly brought her boyfriend, Jeff Farmer, 24, a semi professional bodybuilder. Also along for the ride, was Kay Johnson, Stan’s 50 yr old unmarried sister. They had all just boarded the huge yacht, and were casting off for a nice cruise, and picnic. They were all having the times of their lives, drinking, and partying. They had been out to sea for a good 4 hours, when they noticed the fast approaching storm.

Stan wasn’t very experienced at handling the new yacht, and he nervously tried to turn the boat away from the storm. It was too late, and the large waves caught the yacht, knocking it out of control. It seemed like it lasted for hours, as the boat was tossed around in the rough water. It was probably more like minutes, but suddenly they felt a huge bump, and realized that they had been washed ashore. The storm was now subsiding, and they exited the seriously damaged vessel. Stan inspected the large holes in the yacht, and realized that they were stuck there.

He helped everyone off the yacht, and they all sat on the beach, cold and shaking. Beverly held her husband tight, scared too death. He could tell by the way her nails dug into his arm. Anne was all over Reggie, also frightened. Kelly and Jeff seemed to be handling it pretty well. Kay, was crying, and Stan pulled her on the other side of him. He now held his wife, and his sister. Both women were hangint on to him tightly. “Everyone remain calm” Stan told them. He told them that they would have to make the best of it. Being overly excited wouldn’t help matters much.

They all decided to explore a bit, maybe there was gaziantep minyon escort bayan civilization somewhere on the seemingly deserted island. They stuck together, and walked as a group. They traveled quite a distance, and there was nothing in sight, that made it look like anyone lived there. “Well, maybe we should make a shelter” Stan said. They returned to the damaged yacht, and got some tools. The 3 men began cutting trees, and had the women gather up palm leaves, and whatever else they could find. They had built a rather nice shelter in a matter of hours. They could at least stay fairly dry if another storm moved through.

As nighttime approached, they all huddled together in the homemade shelter, trying to stay warm. The temperature dropped quite a bit after the sun went down. Everyone finally managed to fall asleep, and the sound of snoring filled the shelter. Reggie woke up early in the morning, and looked around. No one else was awake. He slid his hand between his girlfriend, Anne’s legs, and began rubbing her pussy as she slept. Anne woke up, and felt her boyfriend’s hand against her wet pussy. “Mmmm, yeah” she softly moaned. Reggie slid her shorts off, and spread her legs. He quietly ate her pussy, making her cum quickly. Anne’s sweet pussy was quite a beautiful site. It had dark pussy lips, and the hair was a shiny black color. It was the ultimate in Asian pussy’s. Reggie just loved the way it smelled, tasted, and felt.

He slipped out of his shorts, and quickly pulled Anne on top of him. She straddled his throbbing erection, and began lowering her pussy onto his cock. They both softly moaned as his large cock entered her tight pussy. Anne raised her shirt, and began playing with her small breasts. She had dark colored nipples, that were quite long. She pinched and pulled on her nipples as she rode Reggie’s cock. They both climaxed simultaneously, her pussy spasming nizip escort bayan around his erupting cock. He filled her sweet pussy with his hot, sticky cum. She moaned, and grunted as the hot liquid erupted deep into her pussy. “Oh baby” she moaned.

She rode him until she felt the last of his cum ooze from his large throbbing cock. She then quickly dismounted him. They kissed, and held each other closely. They both dressed, and returned to sleep. Stan awoke from an erotic dream. He couldn’t exactly remember what it was about, but it must’ve been quite good. His cock was so hard that it ached. He suddenly realized there was something moving against his erection. He figured it was his wife, and he quietly lowered his shorts, exposing his thick throbbing cock. He laid back with his eyes closed, enjoying the hand job he was receiving. He moaned softly, and reached over to fondle his wife’s breasts.

He realized that it wasn’t his wife’s tits, as his hand slid inside o the loose cotton shirt. He looked over, and saw Kay, his sister, holding and stroking his enormous erection. He dared not say a word, and just enjoyed the hand job. Kay stroked his cock up and down, squeezing the sensitive head each time it slid into her fist. He moaned, and thrust against her. His sister had large, floppy breasts. They were 38 DD, and the nipples were huge. He was playing with her nipples as she continued stroking him. Kay then slid between her brother’s legs, and began to lick the head of his cock. She held his thick erection between her large breasts. Allowing him to fuck her large tits.

Stan thrust into the warm mound of her cleavage, his cock disappearing between those beautiful breasts. She licked at his cock head as it thrust upwards. Stan moaned, and his cum erupted. He squirted it all over his sister’s breasts, and her face. She quickly, and quietly cleaned his cum up, licking every drop. He was shocked, but nurdağı escort bayan quite horny, as he thrust his cock against her, spilling the remaining drops of cum against her large white breasts. He looked around, and no one else was stirring. Kay leaned upwards and whispered into his ear. “I’ve always wanted to do it with you, and since we may not ever leave here, I decided to go for it” she whisered. Stan told her that he had always wanted her as well.

Visions of her undressing in her bedroom when they were younger, always flashed through his mind. He had masturbated many many times, while watching his sister through a hidden peephole he had made between their rooms. Now, he had just came all over her tits, and face. He really wanted to fuck her, and she felt the same way, but each realized that right now, they should be thankful, no one caught them already. Kay decided to go for a swim. She removed all of her clothing, laying it on the sandy beach. She waded out into the cool water, laying back, enjoying the sensation. Stan also made his way to the beach, and he watched as his 50 yr old sister, splashed water all over her naked body.

He was still quite aroused, and as she began walking towards the beach, he could see her totally naked body. Her pussy hair was quite thick, and very blonde. She was quite incredible, actually. He stroked his cock while watching his sister’s nude body approaching. He held his thick cock in his hand, and stroked himself furiously. Kay quietly straddled her brother, lowering her pussy onto his thick cock. They fucked for about an hour, Kay climaxed many many times. Stan moaned, and shot his cum deep inside of his sister’s extremely tight pussy. She pressed her mouth over his, and they passionately french kissed. She rode his cock, her tight pussy squeezing him excitedly, milking all of his cum from the pulsating head.

They continued kissing, and she slowly slid from him. “Mmmm, that was hot” she moaned. The 2 quickly dressed, and Stan built a fire. They huddled by the fire to keep warm. Slowly but surely, everyone started waking up. Beverly was first, and she joined Stan and Kay at the fire. “Hi, baby” she whispered. “I was beginning to worry about you” she said. “Oh, Kay and I decided to build a fire” he replied. “Mmmm, it feels nice” his wife replied.

To Be Continued…

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