Susan was the most popular girl in school. A stunning beauty of 18 with beautiful B cup tits and a slender swimmers body with a very tight ass. All the guys chased after her hoping to score with her or at least go out with her. She teased everyone in school especially the guys on the football team.

Oh how they clamored after her hoping they would be the one to take her to a school dance or the senior prom. A chance to be seen with her on a date or have one’s picture taken with her was always on every guys mind. She dated some but mostly she shut the guys down on a regular basis.

She wasn’t a bitch or even spiteful, she had other things that held her interests. Susan was the schools top swimmer and had set many local and state records. She was well on her way to the Olympics and dating just got in the way. The school’s trophy case was filled with her accomplishments and everyone cheered her on. To see this golden haired beauty swim was poetry in motion. Every motion she made seemed to be effortless and the way she cut thru the water was the envy of all the girls on her swim team.

Her coach, Joe, was in 7th heaven because of her abilities and worked closely with her to further develop and hone her skills. He was sure that she would make the Olympics and quite possibly win a medal

Susan’s parents, Kim and Scott were so very proud of this lady and never hindered her from her from the very start. Every morning and evening Susan would swim laps in the family pool until she wore out everyone watching her. As they watched her grow up they knew she would excel at this sport.

Susan loved the pool and loved swimming. Her parents often kidded her about having gills instead of lungs. Terry, her older brother by 11 months loved to swim also, but could not even hold a candle to her abilities. She often wanted to race him but usually after half a lap she was so far ahead of him he usually gave up and got out of the pool.

He would sit in the lounge chair and stare at her long after everyone else got tired. Terry was Susan’s biggest fan and he never missed a match.

Susan loved her family very much and all of them were very close. It was evident in every thing they did, from the casual way they were around the house to the very structured award dinners they attended.

While no one in the house could swim in Susan’s league, they all enjoyed the pool and were very trim because of all the swimming. Often late at night they would turn off all the lights and swim naked in the pool laughing and cavorting like a bunch of children. The open mindedness of the family never got in the way of their lives and being naked in and around the house was just a matter of fact.

Terry noticed that both Kim and Susan shaved their pussies and he always thought that their smoothness was very erotic. Scott and Terry both had nice sized cocks, nothing extraordinary, probably just a bit more than average and they noticed that Kim and Susan checked them out often.

Little did Terry know that Kim did more than just check him out, when she looked at Terry her pussy got wet and thoughts went thru her mind of fucking gaziantep manken escort bayan him like there was no tomorrow. When she got those thoughts Scott was in for the best fuck of the week. He knew when she had those thoughts, because it was on those nights that she was insatiable.

It was also on those nights that he got to fuck her ass. Oh how he loved to stick his cock in her tight bunghole. She always had a huge orgasm when they fucked that way and when her asshole clenched it squeezed Scott’s cock until he came with a force that almost made him pass out.

What Kim didn’t know is that when he was fucking Kim in the ass his mind imagined that it was Susan’s ass he was fucking.

“There at it again”

Terry said to Susan as he snuck into her room. She snickered and said,

“Tell me about it. It seems that they do this a lot lately.”

Susan moved to let Terry sit on the edge of her bed and when he turned she noticed that he had a hard on. She had seen his dick a lot, but never really hard and was instantly mesmerized by the manhood so close to her.

She wasn’t a novice about sex; she had been petted by a few guys and knew about their erections, but never really touched one or seen one before. She often masturbated with her hairbrush and imagined what it would feel like to have a real cock in her pussy, but an orgasm by her hand and hairbrush was all she had ever really got.

Terry had often come into her room especially when their parents were doing it, but this was the first time she noticed his hard on. Terry saw her looking at it and asked,

“Do you want to touch it?”

She was grateful for the fact that the light was out but was afraid that her crimson glow would illuminate the room. Her nipples got instantly hard and she felt flushed all over. Terry sensed her hesitation and said,

“Hey it’s ok, I shouldn’t have asked, but you seemed to be interested in it.”

Susan reached her hand out and grasped his cock. Terry almost fell off the bed but steadied himself. He arranged himself a bit so she could have better access to his throbbing member. This was wonderful, the most beautiful woman in school was holding on to his cock and she was gently massaging it.

“It feels real nice Terry, I never knew it could fell like this.”

The tingles in her hand seemed to spread all the way to her pussy as she felt it get wet and she suddenly wanted more. She leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock and he jumped.

“Did I hurt you?”

She was truly worried that she had done something wrong, but Terry assured her that she didn’t, he was just taken by surprise.

“Do it again” he urged.

This time aware of what was going to happen he let Susan put her mouth on the head and she gently licked it savoring the way it felt on her tongue. His precum was oozing out and she wiped it all over her lips licking it off and enjoying the flavor.

She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into it and was instantly in love with this new feeling of this hot gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan manhood invading her. Terry moved on the bed and lay down next to Susan. She liked this because she could now suck more of his cock into her mouth and then she felt his lips on her pussy. She instantly froze into an orgasm.

Susan had never before felt anything so marvelous. Terry eagerly sucked her pussy and the juices flowing from it, taking Susan to new heights she had never known.

One orgasm quickly became two and then three. Wave after wave swept over her body and she shook more violently with each one. She reached down and pushed Terry away while trying to catch her breath. He looked at her and asked,

“You ok?”

She worked her way down to his face and kissed him so deeply that he knew she was fine. She backed away and told him,

“That was awesome, I never felt anything like it before.”

” You taste wonderful sis, I could eat you for hours.”

“I don’t think I could take it that long, but any time you want to do that again, hey, your welcome.”

It was then she noticed that he was still hard, so she lay back down and took his cock into her mouth greedily sucking on it. Her mouth was so warm and tender, he loved the feeling.

Sucking on his dick made her feel wonderful and she wanted to make him feel like she just did. Terry moved his dick slowly in and out of her mouth gently fucking it until she got the idea and started bobbing her head on his cock.

She took a bit more in her mouth every time and loved the feeling of his manhood in her mouth. She picked up the pace and was thinking she was getting real good at it because he was bucking his hips in tempo with her sucking.

“I’m going to cum” he told her.

This only spurred her on to suck harder and faster. His first shot sprayed the back of her mouth and she gasped. Susan swallowed as much as she could before the second spray also shot to the back of her mouth.

It was too much and she gagged a bit and cum dribbled out of her mouth and down her cheek. Again he shot this time not so much and it coated her tongue. The flavor was wonderful. She loved this stuff and wanted more. She started sucking again hoping she could get all of his cum. He did have a bit more to offer but his orgasm was subsiding and she felt a bit disappointed that there would be no more.

She scooped the cum from her cheek, but it was not the same as having it shoot directly from a stiff cock. Terry picked her up and kissed her as passionately as she had kissed him earlier and told her that was wonderful. Susan knew right then that she was a cock sucker and always wanted to be one. Terry slipped off to his room and the thought of what happened earlier left him with the most erotic dreams he had ever had.

Scott woke up with a hard on and was frustrated to see that Kim was already up and out of bed. He couldn’t go downstairs like this and was just about to go take a cold shower when Susan bounded into the room. She was only wearing her panties gaziantep masöz escort bayan and this did little to abate his erection. Scott turned slightly so that his cock didn’t tent the covers and said,

“Good morning darling. Did you have a good night?”

“Oh daddy, it was wonderful. I had the best night ever.”

“Oh? And what did you do that made it so wonderful?”

When Susan came into the room she had seen her dad’s hard cock and she was ready for another load of cum but had to figure out how to get it out of him. Her quick wit and fast thinking went into overdrive. She wanted to swallow more cum and she was sure that if she played her cards right that her dad would give it to her.

“I had a pleasant surprise last night and got a treat.”

Scott was curious now and wondered what kind of treat his daughter had.

“What kind of treat was that honey?”

“The best kind daddy” she said with a sly grin on her face.

Susan moved closer to her dad and brushed his cock with her hand as she moved closer. Scott groaned silently as he felt her hand on his cock and then he shifted in the bed which moved the covers and revealed his hard member. She mockingly looked shocked and said,

“Oh my, what do we have here?”

Before Scott could do anything, she had her hand on his cock and was leaning over to suck it into her mouth. In an instant she had over half his dick in her mouth and she was sucking it furiously.

Scott tried to protest but he knew that this is what he wanted more than anything. Susan was in heaven, another cock in her mouth and she was sucking on it for all she was worth. Scott starting bucking into her mouth and she found that she could take every inch of him into her.

She played with his balls and felt them start to tighten. This she found out later, would mean that he was about to ejaculate. Just then Scott blew his load into her mouth. Susan sucked faster and swallowed all his cum. She was surprised to have an orgasm from this action but reveled in the feeling and kept sucking till

Scott was drained. He had just got a blowjob from his beautiful daughter and wanted her to do it again. She sat up and Scott drew her close and kissed her deeply. He probed her mouth with his tongue and could taste his cum in her mouth.

“Did you enjoy that?”

Scott was shocked as he looked at the door and saw both his wife and his son standing there with big grins on their faces. He then looked again and saw Terry’s hand in Kim’s pussy and she had her hand around his cock.

They entered the room and sat on the bed with Susan and Scott.

“When I got up this morning, Susan was sucking Terry off at the pool and I was so horny from last night that I snuck up on them and watched. Terry saw me and told me to come over and sit on his face. He sucks pussy almost as good as you. Anyway, Susan told me that they did that last night while they were listening to us fuck and that she believes that she is a true cock sucker. I told her to come up here and give you one.”

“She’s pretty good huh dad?”

Scott smiled and petted Susan’s cute ass and said,

“Yes she is, in fact she can do that anytime she wants.”

Susan smiled and bent over to take his limp cock in her mouth again.

Kim pulled Terry close to her and said,

“Fuck me in the ass son, I love it so much.”

Scott couldn’t believe his ears or eyes. His beautiful daughter with his cock in her mouth and his beautiful wife getting stuffed by his son. What could be better?

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