I was walking through the house, I don’t remember why, especially after seeing her sitting there. There at her little makeshift desk crunching numbers she sat. For who or what I didn’t really care, I just noticed her sitting there with that tight t-shirt on. She never wore bras around the house, it only made things harder to access for me, a victim of being a male, I loved tits and her’s were perfect. On her small frame, they looked even bigger than they really were. Stretching the fabric tight across them, I swear that shirt was two sizes too small and it probably was, she loved to tease me nonchalantly.

I loved that way about her, how she would sit across from me reading a book or watching tv and slightly part her legs, just enough for me to see that she had no underwear on and if I was really lucky, a glimmer light from the delicious moisture that flowed from her. It would make me hard as a rock. We would sit there waiting to see who could hold out the longest. I would make no attempt to cover up the throbbing bulge in my pants, even shifting in my seat to show it off even more while catching her out of the corner of my eye staring at it. She didn’t like to let on but she craved my cock.

In a matter of time, she was always the one who couldn’t hold out, often excusing herself to go to the kitchen or some other place in the house, usually to pull up her skirt and plunge a finger or two into her hot slit while moaning softly, the only loud noise coming from her wetness. After a minute or two I would follow after her only to stumble upon her in a moment of weakness. I could only watch her, skirt hiked up, leaning on the counter with her legs spread, fingers working herself over trying to cum. The juices had formed a small puddle on the floor, her hand glistening as it plunged in and out. After seeing that, I had to pull my cock out, it was starting to hurt straining so hard against my jeans. I stood there erect, watching this obscene display with precum dripping out of me onto the floor.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, the things this girl does to me. I walked up behind her, she didn’t even notice, lost in her own near-orgasmic world, and slid my hand around her neck Kartal Escort and squeezed gently. This was all it took as she moaned loudly and came hard. Feeling her shake as I bent her over the counter I couldn’t help but smile. Letting go of her neck, I pulled her shirt up releasing her perfect breasts with the rock hard nipples onto the cold countertop, then reached for both hands and pulled them behind her back. I held them there with one hand, the other pushing her back down onto the counter. She knew better than to resist.

I eased up behind her, my cock sliding up between her legs and over the soaking wet lips of her pussy. I slowing slid over them again and again, enjoying the wanting moans she made. She wanted it so bad but I was going to take my time physically taunting her with each slow thrust coating my cock with her juices. Reaching up with my free hand and pulling her hair to the side exposing the side of her beautiful face, I licked from her shoulders up to neck, tasting her. I craved her, every square inch. I wanted to taste every single spot on her body, a lick here, a nibble there. On occasion I would even give her a bite, not hard enough to break the skin but enough to leave a mark, often on the edge of where her clothing would lie. A casual slip would inform anyone looking that she wasn’t the formal lady she appeared to be but a nympho in nuns clothing as it were.

I made my way up her neck with my tongue, licking and nibbling along the way. Pulling on her earlobe with my teeth, listening to her moan and feeling her close her legs to trap my cock between her thighs, squeezing me as tight as she can while I slowly thrust between them. It was when I reached her lips and they parted that I spread her lower lips with my cock, the instant our tongues touched was the same instant I sunk deep inside of her. Her tight pussy milking me for all I was worth. Kissing her while I slowly went as deep into her tight wet hole as I possibly could.

I broke the kiss and stared into her eyes for what seemed like forever, I felt like I could see into her very soul. I could see her want for me on that beautiful face of hers, her mouth forming the Pendik Escort words “fuck…me…please?…”. I knew what had to be done. I closed my eyes and stood back up, I could feel her tighten as she knew what was coming.

Looking down at that perfect round ass of hers, pulling my cock out slowly and pushing back in, giving her that feeling of fullness she desired. Watching her pussy lips stretched around my cock as her pussy desperately tries to pull me back in as I pull out. She starts to lean up off the counter in eagerness, she never could hold out for long. I gathered her hair in my hand and pushed her back down forcefully and relieved her of her wait. My cock started slamming in and out of her hard, deep, and fast. My thighs slapping against her ass, my balls slapping her clit with a moist sound escaping every time.

I pounded into her like a jackhammer, all the way out to the tip and back in as deep as I could go. Her moans told me I was giving her exactly what she needed as she made little animal noises. A squeak every now and again as I slammed into her so hard I must have hit her cervix. She loved every second of it. Letting go of her hair, I slapped her across the ass hard, again and again making her cheek glow a bright red. She was helpless to do anything, my other hand still holding both of hers behind the small of her back. I had complete control over her every move.

As the pressure built inside of me, I picked up the pace and fucked her harder than I thought possible. She was going to be sore for days after this, her punishment for her wanton acts. I let go of her hands but they stay where they are and reach up, pulling her back by her shoulders so we’re both standing, her big tits now free for me to grope and squeeze. Playing with her tits, pulling on her nipples until they’re hard enough to cut diamonds. Rolling them between my fingers gently at first, then pinching and pulling, an act that would cause her great pain but now only gives her immense pleasure. I roll them harder between my fingers while still fucking her pussy for all it’s worth, I want them to be sore as well, every shirt she wears for days will scrape across Göztepe Escort them making her tingle with every step she takes, every move she makes.

She’s almost there, almost to the point of cumming so hard she loses consciousness. Her legs are shaking and her knees are weak from the fucking I’ve been giving her. I can feel her pussy pulsing on my cock. It’s when she starts to shake at the onset of her earthshattering cum that I plunge deep inside of her and she squirts her girl juice all over my balls, some making it far enough to land on my legs. Her inner thighs have streaks of our juices going down past her knees. It’s as she’s still cumming that I pull out and push against her ass, she doesn’t even notice, she’s in her own little world. My dick coated in pussy lube, there’s no resistance as I slide in deep and start fucking her earnestly. This sets her off again and I can feel every muscle in her body tense as she writhes in pleasure.

I’m so close, I can feel my cum boiling inside of me. She’s still cumming, groaning loudly as she lays on the counter pushing her ass out against me. She starts coming back to earth as she turns enough for me to see her looking at me, biting her lower lip. Her tits jiggling with every thrust. From the squeezing I feel inside of her, I can tell she’s close yet again. I slap her ass again hard, watching her close her eyes in shock and pleasure, then reach around to flick my fingers across her clit in rhythm with my cock.

I’m on the verge of unleashing my load into her, the whole point of this entire exercise. She looks surprised when I stop rubbing her clit and pull out her tight ass but quickly understands as I pull her off the counter onto her shaky legs and push her down. She finds my cock and sticks it as far into her throat as she can while simultaneously cramming 3 fingers from one hand into herself and tugging at her clit with the other as I grab the sides of her head and fuck her mouth as I stare into her beautiful face. It’s at the point we cum at the same time, I flood her mouth with my cum, puffing out her cheeks before she can swallow it all as she squirts girl cum all over her hand before dripping into a puddle on the floor.

She finishes sucking the last drop out of me before letting my now spent cock fall from her lips. We’re both soaked with sweat as I steady myself and pull her up and hug her tightly to me. Our lips meet and our eyes close as we fall deep into eachother.

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