That first time he called me on the phone we talked for hours. His voice was strong and confident. He was a jack of all trades. He was currently working in sales for a media franchise. He told me stories of his early life. I shared stories of mine.After that first call, we started texting and then FaceTime. We had a lot in common. The talks varied from day to day, but one thing was always consistent. There was no mistaking the chemistry that was building. One thing that shouldn’t be was forming between him and me and that was love.“Wendy you know where this is going don’t you?” he said during one long call.My heart was beating hard in my chest. “Yes,” I softly whispered.That’s when he said it. “Wendy, I love you.”“l love you too, baby.”We didn’t rush anything. We both had obligations and lives. But, eventually, FaceTime and phone calls weren’t enough.He called me at work and I could tell by the tone of his voice he was horny.“Wendy, I’m desperate to have you. Tomorrow I’m flying to Michigan and I want us to meet for real. I have a hotel booked and I want you to come and spend Valentine’s weekend with me.”I was a little overwhelmed. “ Can I think about it?” My hands were shaking.“No, baby, my flight is booked the room is paid for. All you need to say is yes.”I knew it gaziantep ofise gelen escort sounded crazy, but I said it anyway. “Okay. Yes.”“Wendy, you have no idea how much I love you.” He sounded so happy. “I am flying out tomorrow early afternoon from Chicago. I booked the room at the Four Points Suites. I’m going to rent a car and drive from the airport to Saginaw. I should be there by 6 pm. Text me when you arrive and I’ll meet you in the lobby.”My mind swirled. I needed to go shopping. I needed new panties and bras and an outfit and a wax.The next morning I got a text saying “Good morning, my heart. I’m doing some business then I’ll be going to the airport in about three hours and I can’t wait to hold you. One request since it’s Valentine’s Day today. Could you please wear red panties for me?”I sent him a picture of the sexy red-laced silk panties and matching bra I had bought last night.He responded with a drooling emoji and a bouquet of flowers. “My cock is so hard right now,” he texted.Everything went as planned. He texted when he arrived at MBS airport and again after he rented his car.“I’m leaving right now,” I texted. “Should arrive at the hotel around the same time. I’ll meet gaziantep öğrenci escort you in the lobby. I love you, handsome.”Driving to the hotel, my insecurities flooded me with doubt. I worried he wouldn’t find me sexy, or he’d find me too fat or ugly. The radio was playing love songs because it was Valentine’s Day. I sang along and started to feel better. At least I didn’t decide to ghost him.It was almost 7 pm when I arrived at the hotel.I took one last look in the mirror, applied some perfume, and carefully shimmied out of my truck. My black skirt and heels made the descent a bit awkward.The glass sliding doors opened to the lobby.********I see you first. You’re at the desk, bouquet of red roses in hand, wearing a dark blue suit coat, blue jeans, cowboy boots. I walk closer to stand next to a gorgeous waterfall atrium, feeling the calmness wash over me as I watch the fish swim lazily about.As you turn away from the desk you see me.I can’t see you as my back is turned, but other guests in the lobby notice your smile lighting up the room. An older woman nudges her husband and says, “Aww, young love.”“Wendy?”I turn, and there, looking as handsome as I imagined, you come to me give me a huge hug. oğuzeli escort Then you kiss me. I swear I hear my heart beating. I’ve never been held and kissed like that in my life.After the long very public kiss, you give me the roses and take my hand, leading me through the lobby to the elevators.Your grip is strong. I have the feeling you think I might try and run.The elevator stops on the top floor. You read the signs as we walk toward our room, your grip tightening. We stop at the last door on the left. The plaque reads “Honeymoon Suite.”You blush. “I wanted the best for you, sweetheart.”You swipe the key across the door lock and open the door. The room is glowing with soft flickering candles and rose petals are strewn across the huge king-size bed. There’s a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice waiting for us.“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love,” you whisper as we kiss again. Your tongue pokes inside my mouth and your arms hold me against your body. I feel your cock straining against your jeans, your excitement and passion rising with each heartbeat.Our lungs burning with the need for air, we break the kiss. You take the roses from me and place them on the desk. We sit together on the couch. The air between us practically sparkles with sexual energy.We make small talk as you pour one glass for us to share. “Very romantic aren’t you?” I tease.We take a sip and then you take the glass from my hand and put it on the table.“Wendy, I hope you understand how much I need you.” You lean forward and kiss me again.Your tongue pushes against my tongue, the kiss gets more passionate. Your hands slide down my back, rubbing greedily and possessively over my ass.

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